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Patriots put cramp in Dolphins home weather advantage

Gassed? Cramps?

The Miami Dolphins?

One of the most galling things about Monday night's game against the New England Patriots was not that the Dolphins lost -- New England was favored. It was not that Tom Brady toyed with the Miami defense -- he has a way of doing that against many teams.

It was just that the Miami Dolphins, a team that trains and conditions in South Florida and should have some sort of weather advantage here, couldn't catch its collective breath.

Vontae Davis suffered cramps and couldn't come back in the game. Sean Smith cramped up and stayed in the game, although it seemed clear he was struggling, which is why he got beaten for a 29-yard completion by Aaron Hernandez.

Brandon Marshall suffered cramps. Defensive linemen were seen bent over between plays, clearly needing to catch their breath.

What's up with that?

Did the Dolphins fail to hydrate? Did they not take IVs at halftime? Were they not aware that New England's no-huddle offense -- which was on display in the preseason -- was going to tax their conditioning?

All these questions deserve good answers -- maybe before Sunday when the Dolphins play a 4:15 game against Houston.


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Chad Henne played really well. You can tell he is more of a leader. The offensive line(other than Jake Long)was horrible. We need help at right tackle soon! Icognito had a couple of costly penalties. Now the defense...more than horrible. No pressure at all. The linebackers were bad. The secondary was horrid, especially #27...believe its Benny Sapp. Reshad Jones was the only defender I thought played well. He was around the ball quite a bit. Good Sign. The potential is there for the dolphins, but we need to add a couple players somehow and maybe we can make the playoffs. A third corner and a right tackle are needed badly. One more thing, it would have been nice to re sign Ricky Williams to pair with Reggie Bush. He had 12 carries for 62yards. Go Rick!!

Devils, and joe are the same guy. If not, they are both morons anyway.

We could have really used Polite last night for some of those 1 yard runs!

After the sacrifice of carrying 6 receivers it was good to see that we are at least looking at alternatives to Hartline. Not blaming Hartline for the fade in the end zone, but he really isn't all that special.

Of our 5 tight ends, Fasano was actually a nice surprise.

Devil, the fade pass in the corner of the end zone is an issue, terrible call, and never should have gone to Flatline. the pass was terrible. agreed. They should have run the ball, I agree again.

But Brady's red zone TD passes were to wide open tight ends and quick out to welker in the slot. Not fades. the key is these guys get seperation.

I do not see any of our pass catchers getting ample seperation in the red zone to give us any other option but a fade pass, which sucks, because we should have a running game.

Poizen, I like the open O. But inside the 10, we need power run. Should have given it to Johnson at LEAST once!

I'd have Henne just throw to Marshall in practice simulating those jump ball situations. I'd have them do it all day! It needs alot of work!

I'll check that replay tonight. I remember seeing him on the ground in front of the end zone.

Regardless, that was time to go for it on 4th down. Settling for 3 when the other team is piling up TD's? Worst case you fail & they're stuck on the 2 & only down 1 score.

That's bad coaching! Didn't Sparano know he needed TD's not FG's? Where's his feel for the way the game is going? Did he think his defense would do what it hadn't done all game, as in, STOP the other team?

Here is some real game tape of Sean Smith last night.

Why not use Bush's attributes at the goal line? Pitch it to him and let him run to the pylon. Get him outside. I'll take my chances with Reggie in a footrace to the corner over throwing a low % fade pattern. Or running it up the middle into Wilfork and Haynesworth.

By the way, hate is a strong word, and I dont hate too many things, but I hate the fade pattern. Usually just a waste of a down. Half the time the defender has just as much chance to catch it as the WR, thru no fault of the WR or QB. Its a dumb play that is hard for even the best of the best to execute. Unless we sign Calvin Johnson, get rid of it.

Offense was improved from last yr, Henne could have so-so games the resto of the season but seems to me that his level of confidence, body language and performance suggest he may be improving.
OL still seems tentative and the fact that we did not run the ball on 4 down ahd half yard shows lack of confidence.
vernon Carey looked pretty bad at guard last night but the resto of the offense if they can keep consistency should be enough .

on the Defense side I don't recall a game in which we were so dominated by an opposing offense, Nolan Carol looked bad but the worst part for me was his body language, this team needs to seriously consider bring back Will Allen even thought they want to go young Mr. Carol was a liability similar to Jason Allen....
We need to be prepare for Houston trying to do the same next Sunday so the best way to prevent that from happening is controlling the clock.
Overall, assuming the Defense can re gain their confidence and execute, with that offense we should win 9 games.....

I agree Joe, coaching left a lot to be desired, And there should be a jump ball drill of some sort. Just wish we had guys that can get seperation so we do not have to try so many 50/50 balls.

Flatline got seperation, by a only a step, Henne threw a dart for a td while getting leveled. If we could figure out how to get these guys a step and a half seperation, holy cow we could be good!

Shaggy, you should really look in the mirror before making assinine posts. Just a thought!

Funny, how there is more than just me & Devils talking about the same pass he has trouble with.

Instead of being a girl & taking offense to everything, watch the tape and acknowledge it for yourself? Try to be useful for a change.

Best hands Fasano has ever shown. And another thing, I think Indianapolis is going to get Andrew Luck.

What the heck were the DB's going to do? As soon as Sparano seen what they were doing, he should have been rotating the guys in. Meaning ready to go the minute the ball hits the ground. Get on the field and the others get off. Nice play by Taylor inside of 2 minutes of the first half. Faking the ankle thing. Of course he really didn't fake it.

Henne played very well and against most teams that is a win. 422 yards passing, plus a couple of call backs. New England knows what Sparano plans long before Sparano knows. Keep up the good work, Phins. If we can repeat the offensive numbers for the rest of the season, I see 10 wins at least.


I am also a bit sour grapes here...

But does brady deserve the praise as much as he gets it? OR does that o-line deserve to all go to the HOF.

The 4 times we got pressure on Brady all night he missed open receivers.

Every other play he had a minimum of 7 seconds if he wanted it. Pat White wiould be a pro bowl QB with that kind of time... wait... OK not pat white, but Cleo Lemon would be!

This just in - Stephen Ross, Marc Anthony and the rest of those sleazy clowns are not football people. In fact, I am quite sure that Stephen Ross is Mr. Roper from Three's Company.

I mean I hate to be so harsh after one game but the areas of concern in personnel I mentioned were obviously up-gradable. And the coaching or lack there of should be better by now. The defensive players looked lost as if this was the first time they were playing together in a new scheme. Bellichick toasted Sparano. Bottom line end of story for me. There will be no miracle in my opinion. I think we have seen Sparanos ceiling. Great assistant but in over his head as head coach.

And the funny thing in all of this was that this was the great Bill Parcelllssssssssssss oooohhhhhhhh the great football minddddd. Yeah, this was all his idea wit this staff. Frigging putz. What a dinosaur, should be in the old folks home with Father time Dan Henning but noooooooo he's working for ESPN and having his a** kissed by a whole new set of people who can't see past the 80's!

Poizen, I think Henne struggles in the corners of the end zone. TD pass to Hartline early, notice it was over the middle. Good throw.

I don't think he has the touch to deliver precision touch passes in the corners.

Please deflate NSMB !!! We don't need that darn bubble!

Poizen at 10:32 AM


And I think we can put to rest the questions of why they haven't locked up Solai long term. He has a lot to prove and didn't help his case a lot last night allthough he was getting double teamed a lot. Defensive line is our strength? REALLY? Where were they last night?

And WTF happened to Wake? He was playing against a rookie LT who was playing OUT OF POSITION AT right tackle! And he was being man handled. WTF. That's all I have,,,,WTF.

Fox Sports has a report that the Phins are bringing in Westbrook, Thomas Clayton (patriot cast off) and two other backs for work outs today...I guess that means there is absolutely no faith in Lex. Johnson and the rest of the backs that were given absolutely no looks yesterday...

Come and knock on my door...Ross is waiting for yooooouuuu... Three's comoany tooooo

Poizen, I expected people to be hard on the team. It's been too long for fans to wait.

As much of a cheerleader as I was before the game, it didn't really surprise me. Patriots have been a better team than us for a decade. Better organization, better coaching, better system, more intelligent players. Until we do something about that, we'll never be able to beat Brady consistently.

As far as OUR team, I'm not as down on them as others. The offense is what we could never muster here, so to me it's actually better that our problem (as of now) is defense. I think it's easier to fix defense than offense (historically in Miami). I was impressed with Henne and Daboll's system. Yes, they floundered for a while there in the 2nd-3rd qtr. Yes, they left plays on the field. Yes, Daboll had some mis-calls. But that's the first game of a new system. We should expect lots of those things to get cleaned up by mid-season. That means this offense can be pretty to very good. Good enough to beat 90% of the teams in this league (maybe not the Pats, Packers, Saints or...TEXANS!!!).

Texans will be another good test. Let's see if Coaches know ANYTHING and can fix the problems. Let's see how players (DEFENSE) responds to embarrassment. Let's see if Henne/offense can keep it up.

It is what it is people, you shouldn't get too high or low about it. Anyone here think we were an upper-echelon team? Then don't get too excited because we lost to the one of the top 3 teams in the league. There's enough there to be mildly optimistic.

Joe Schmoe: Agreed. Throwing the fade is a weakness of Henne. A weakness in the coaching staff is not realizing that.

Of course we're nitpicking one throw/play call here when the big picture is the defense gave up 500+ passing yards.

I am also a bit sour grapes here...

But does brady deserve the praise as much as he gets it? OR does that o-line deserve to all go to the HOF.

The 4 times we got pressure on Brady all night he missed open receivers.

Every other play he had a minimum of 7 seconds if he wanted it. Pat White wiould be a pro bowl QB with that kind of time... wait... OK not pat white, but Cleo Lemon would be!

Posted by: Poizen | September 13, 2011 at 10:24 AM

Totally agree, and more, Brady not allways teke the better option.

Coaching point...

We dominated them the first drive, made them look out of their league. What happenend from there?

Master Belichek adjusted.
Disciple Daboll ran out of ideas.

We never once looked as good as that first drive again.

Random fact on why Sparano and should be gone yesterday. Ball on goal line. Backfield?
Paul Soliai and Lex Hilliard.

ireland has underperformed in recent drafts and FA. the 2011 draft produced no immediate help with obvious holes at TE,OL and secondary. a loss fof ireland/sparano would be addition by subtraction. we need an NFL GM and Coach.

Brady is deadly accurate. It will be tough for most teams to defend the Patriots this year. Both of the tight ends that they drafted last year, could well have been first round picks, they are strong, fast, good route runners and can catch everything.

Miami's D will look much better in the coming weeks and this loss will be in the rear view. Preparing for the no-huddle and lack of conditioning is all on the coaches, I wouldn't expect a repeat terrible performance later this week. Schaub is not Brady, and the focus will be much more on stopping the Texans run game and slowing Andre Johnson.

We should be able to move the ball, as their linebackers and secondary are questionable and they are learning a 3-4 this year. We need to learn quickly from our mistakes on offense, meaning Bush between the tackles and the 3-4 terrible fades throws by Henne.

I will predict a win against the Texans this week and then 2-1 after we handle the Browns as well.

Glass half full

Poizen... Also remember there were about 4-5 or so times we had separation and Henne threw it way to far over the WR's heads...

Not telling you anything but be gentle on Tony.

Does anyone think we could have used one of those top rated FA TE's that were available and just waiting for an offer? That could have very well been the difference in the game. Instead we took cast off budget TE's in hopes one day they will be starter material.

Ummm yeah...they dump our great FB before the season starts and Tony puts in Soliai to run it in???? Was that Tony's big idea/solution on why he cut polite? Tony...you have some essplain'n to do!

Ireland is the kind of guy that shops at Costco hoping to find something from Saks 5th Ave placed on the shelves.

Devils.... Yes, we could have used one of them if not 3-4 good FA to compete...but nooooooo, Tony liked who he had and everything he says is "fixable"

C63-AMG: Really? Really!? Are you really knocking Henne right now. First off I dont remember Henne throwing 5 balls way over people's heads. 2nd, his completion % was 61 or 62. Brady's was 66 and no one got within 10 yards of him all night.

The def gave up 500+ yards passing. And you're still picking on Henne who threw for 400+ yards. Please go back to the JV blog, come back when you learn something about football.

The coaching staff should be ashamed, in 40 years I have never seen a dolphin team so out of shape and lacking of effort. They were out coached and not prepared to play.
Shame on you, Shula would not have let this happen.

Owning up to my predictions: Everything I predicted, except for the loss, turned out to be backwards. The weakest part of our team (QB and passing) was our only strength. The Most consistant and solid part of our team (defense, specifically pass) was our downfall. Amazing.
On that note, congratulations Henne cheerleaders, you win that round. I'm not drinking the coolaid yet. Long season. I wouldn't condemn him for one game, and I'm not elevating him either. When it was on the line, and our O needed to punch back, we faltered on several occasions. Still not on the level with top O's like N.O., N.E., S.D., who can battle back and turn the tables. But we did way better than I thought. Right now I'd give the game ball to Daboll. Defense was worrisome, but I'm going to wager we'll get that stuff turned around.
One game only folks. Unfortunately we're 0-1.

Thank you DC, you got me off the ledge. But I'm still at the top of the building.


Daboll is the least of our worries. Nolan knew we would have to pressure Brady!

Thats for sure, good ole Jeff and Tony..they love cowboy rejects and they hate to take chances I the draft and FA...look at the other three teams just I our division alone...they took chanced in the Daft and FAgency. And what happened to them...Patty's 14-2 and playoffs, stinkin jets..afc champ game two years in a row... And Buffalo, looked pretty darn good too...

Talking about TE's and an overthrow or a bad call here or there right now is ridiculous.

500+ YARDS!

And Brady could spent most of the night relaxing and throwing passes from a Lazy-Boy.

Picking at the minutia of this game is like watching your house burn down and worrying whether or not you swept the basement

From PFT Power Rankings

30. Dolphins (No. 29; 0-1): Yeah, that preseason No. 29 ranking for the Dolphins was wrong. It was too high.

Garbage... I never knocked Henne in my message. I actually thought he played good. But someone said we couldn't get separation...and I was explaining we did in some instances. And yes watch the game again...at least 4-5 times he missed on a big overthrow that the better QB's in the NFL make almost every time. Like I said...I thought Henne played really well...don't read into something I didnt write, just stating the facts

Here's why Sparano is out of his league:

4th & goal from the 2. 3rd quarter. Down 21-14. Your D just made what would likely be the only play they could make to get back in the game. They had shown no ability to stop NE all game. Brady's putting up 7's at will.

Did he not realize he needs 7 points, not 3? Why kick the FG? It was meaningless. You have to have a feel for the game you're in. The feel he should have had was, we're at the 2 & may not getsthis close for awhile & points are premium. 3'd do nothing.

At worst, you back them up on the next drive & still only down 1 score. Sparano is routinely outcoached & has no feel for the flow of the game.

chan gaileys team has improved alot with less talent. we will be fighting to stay out of the cellar in our afc east div.

Some of you fans are a joke. Ready to quit after week one against the best team in the NFL. Now i see why we cant sell out the stadium

Henne is fool's gold. He has good receivers in Marshall & Bess (and Fasano actually came to play). He was playing against a bad - yes make no mistake - bad NE secondary. The guy's body language in and out of the huddle, clock mgt, mental breakdowns on the goal line (taking a sack with goal to go, poor poor touch passes all over the endzone, and a dropped pick in the end zone by the pats should be pretty good indicators that this guy is average at best and average is 8-8 in this league. Sorry if it hurts - but he is not even in the top half
of qbs in his division , let alone conf or league. News flash - Parcells ain't god - and wasn't much in picking, developing or handling qbs.

Geeeze Garbage, you are very dramatic this morn. Chill man, I was stating the facts to a particular post..I wasn't bashing Henne nor was I nit-picking the game

Some of you fans are a joke. Ready to quit after week one against the best team in the NFL. Now i see why we cant sell out the stadium

Posted by: a true Phin fan | September 13, 2011 at 11:06 AM

You must be the same guy that said the Pats were over rated when Detroit beat them in the preseason.

No we can't sell out a stadium because of the crappy product we've had on the field the last 4 years minus the lucky 2008 campaign. That's why no one bought tickets...you can't fool people for too long and some had enough, who's to judge their decisions...the economy didn't help either

At that moment, field goal was the right call IF and ONLY IF you team is playing decent defense. As far as going for it and if you don't make it they are backed up...we all saw how that played out didn't we....everyone can nit pik all they want on here but it all comes down to the fact that for THIS PARTICULAR GAME the defense SUCKED!!!!

Henne did enough to help us win last and that's all I'm asking for out of him.

He's NOT Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. If he continues to get better I'd put his ceiling at about a young Matt Hasselbeck. No better, no worse. For those crowing about how great Henne was, remember that perhaps the only team with a secondary worse than ours is the Patriots.

Of more immediate concern to me is our offensive line and our ENTIRE defense. Those two areas just happen to be where our supposed strengths lie. :smh:

It boggles the mind when you consider how much time and resources have been out into the offensive line only to see countless performances like last night's where the o-line gets no push, opens very few holes and Henne is under nearly constant pressure.

Defensively, even before fatigue set in, our guys were flat-out whiffing on tackles that would have put our offense back on the field. When they weren't missing tackles, they were confused, gassed and seemingly overmatched at every position. Not...a...good...sign...folks.

The Texans have a stout defense and the potential to make big plays. We will find out A LOT about our team in only the second week of the season.

Do I think our team is better this year..yes for sure. But we are definitely out coached. One of our biggest weak links is Sparano unfortunately

Hopefully we play well against Houston because they looked good too. If the D shows up and Henne has another good game like last night we should beat the Texans for sure.

greg z and others, Ireland has more holes to fill than Belichick. Not saying he missed too much, but really you can only expect them to be 50% right.

Here's what's making me nervous. WE NEED A CONSISTENT SYSTEM IN MIAMI. Offensively and defensively. We've been swimming (sorry for the pun) for over a decade, going from HC to HC, OC to OC, DC to DC, QB to QB, with NO consistency. How do we ever keep up with a team that's had a consistent coach/system/QB for a decade?

The answers to this problem aren't as easy as many here are saying. A new HC might not solve anything (might create new problems). I'm not saying yay or nay to a new regime, I'm saying we need to play the season out and then see where our failures lie.

C63-AMG at 11:05 AM - Agreed 100% with what you saw. Film don't lie.

I'd say 2-3 times he was a little long between the 20's(nitpicking) but he still got us to the red zone(praise). Those goalline fades need alot of work.

If he can't make that throw, it's up to the coaches to STOP calling that play!

Sorry greg, I meant to say I wasn't saying Ireland should escape blame, he shouldn't. But I think it's a larger story than just Ireland.

What is most discouraging in this is that the Dolphins knew the Pats were going no huddle and practiced for it all week. Maybe if they hadn't practiced it they would have played better? Not understanding how you would know EXACTLY what the other team is going to do and you still get toasted by it. Coaching.

And how is it that the Pats pick Solder who is a rookie RT, plug him in at RT and he beats our best defensive player all night. Yet we still can't draft one single competent o-linemen in 4 years (jury still out on Pouncey and Long was a gimme)

And for f*x sake can we give the offensive system at least 4-5 games before we criticize everything about it? Bush played fine, yes, we probably need more of a run game, but Johnson didn't play (he's still learning). Team is still gelling offensively. No we don't need Polite back for 1 freakin' play. That offense WILL beat the Jets, think about that!

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