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Patriots put cramp in Dolphins home weather advantage

Gassed? Cramps?

The Miami Dolphins?

One of the most galling things about Monday night's game against the New England Patriots was not that the Dolphins lost -- New England was favored. It was not that Tom Brady toyed with the Miami defense -- he has a way of doing that against many teams.

It was just that the Miami Dolphins, a team that trains and conditions in South Florida and should have some sort of weather advantage here, couldn't catch its collective breath.

Vontae Davis suffered cramps and couldn't come back in the game. Sean Smith cramped up and stayed in the game, although it seemed clear he was struggling, which is why he got beaten for a 29-yard completion by Aaron Hernandez.

Brandon Marshall suffered cramps. Defensive linemen were seen bent over between plays, clearly needing to catch their breath.

What's up with that?

Did the Dolphins fail to hydrate? Did they not take IVs at halftime? Were they not aware that New England's no-huddle offense -- which was on display in the preseason -- was going to tax their conditioning?

All these questions deserve good answers -- maybe before Sunday when the Dolphins play a 4:15 game against Houston.


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New year same Dolphins. The fins have replaced the Bills as the doormats of the AFC East

ok, we got stuffed, the d were outplayed and out of condition, the pats were better than us in all departments,

we r still going 11-5 this season

henne isnt franchise but he played well and will continue to do so

carey and colombo played better than i expected , incognito and trusnik cost us as much as anyone else, getting behind in the second quarter limited our options against the pats

no facts just opinion

our secondary and goal line offense remain the biggest problems

our team will pick up their play and fitness

i'm a believer and i look forward to playing the pats again this season

Let me sum up all the last 100 posts:

Sparano < 0

If you minus that Wes Welker TD. Henne had Identical numbers to Brady.

Good Job Henne, and Offense.

Defense, No so much!

Thought for sure that by now Miami would have learned to defend against tight ends.
Miami's inability to do so is a real head scratcher!

At that moment, field goal was the right call IF and ONLY IF you team is playing decent defense. As far as going for it and if you don't make it they are backed up...we all saw how that played out didn't we....everyone can nit pik all they want on here but it all comes down to the fact that for THIS PARTICULAR GAME the defense SUCKED!!!!

Posted by: Egreen | September 13, 2011 at 11:10 AM

So, long story short, Sparano should have gone for it!?!?!?!?

Facts v. safe observances v. biased opinions from ME -----

We're 0-1.
We passed for a lot of yards, and gave up record yards passing.
2-14 on 3rd down conversions.
We seldom got to Brady.
No huddle caught us off guard several key times.

Running Bush up the middle doesn't work.
We need to practice defense against the no huddle.
Daboll's offense is working.
Our offense posted a lot of yards, but failed at key moments (see 3rd down stats).
Our pass rush is still wanting.
Our run blocking needs serious work.


We're not as good as we think, and we didn't play as well as we could. Even Henne's stats are a bit over-inflated when you look at the overall picture. N.E. didn't know what to expect from our passing game, and I think we threw them a curve. I expect the Defense to step up, and find their grove. However, once folks start game-planning for our new pass success, will we have answer? I hope so, but I'm not ready to wager on it. The run game worries me. The insistance that Bush run between the tackles tripped up our offense on several occasions, and it will again unless we re-think this stubborn belief. Bush is an open field terror, but a between-the-tackles lamb. Utilize him better.

OK. I'll try to shut up until next game.

LouD @ 11:14am, biggest disappointment IMO. Sparano said they knew what to expect, they practiced it, obviously not enough. Tells me 2 things: young players that aren't smart enough yet, and coaching is teaching/getting the best out of their players. 2 big deficiencies.

Hey, Pats fan here but I just want to thank Miami for an awesome MNF game. It was a passing game showcase on both sides. People are talking about it like it was a blowout, but it really wasn't. Momentum could have shifted at any moment. And losing our center to a broken ankle is a big negative, so it's not all wine and roses for our Pats today.

If Wes doesn't make that catch....
If this....
If that...

Those are just excuses. The fact is they DID what they did and they won and we lost. They came through when they had to and won. The Jets came through when they had to and they won.

If this if that, well you can sing that tune all the way to 0-16.

Thanks Joe, that's all I was trying to say..I saw it with my eyes, I wasn't making it up lol. Wayy better Henne this year so far, I liked the energy early..and why did the team deflate? If we kept that energy up we might have won this one

I'm a long-suffering Dolphin fan and the top five defense we heard so much about just gave up the fifth most yards passing in the league history. So yea in a sense it is top five.

Dear Mike Nolan,


Thank you for your attention.

Seminole Sam @ 11:10

It's just killing you to give Henne any credit isn't it? New England consistently fields one of the top defenses every year and Henne shredded them all night!

Bush played fine, yes, we probably need more of a run game, but Johnson didn't play (he's still learning). Team is still gelling offensively.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 13, 2011 at 11:16 AM

Bush was 11 for 38. 38 yards from your star stater RB is fine? Yes, he was helpful in the passing game, but first and foremost he is our starting running back. 38 yards won't cut it ever.

Good thing we didn't really get orton...he blows lol

Dear Tony Sporano,

Do you feel like you are out of your league?

Thank you for your attention.

Fu-k you, Ross. You are tinkering with Americans entertainment.

Thays funny Tony, good post, I needed that laugh today my friend...

Oh Yeah DC definitely play the season out. But I don't see anything changing unfortunately. Sparano just doesn't have what it takes to be a head coach in this league and nothing he has done has shown me any hope that will change. It seems he will always be outcoached by the best in the league. Which is why I think he's at his ceiling. They have to win AT LEAST 9 games for Ross to even think about bringing him back. But Irleand is a jacka** and needs to go. I don't care about his drafts, he should be hitting on some players when he gets middle to upper picks every year and has picked up some decent talent through the draft. But isn't that what every GM is supposed to do. That seems to be the easier part of the job. What I'm most concerned with is his little "acorn" ideas and philosophies that are so ridiculously naive. He actually believes he's going to take other teams cast offs and turn them into stars. He saves money by doing this but then doesn't use the extra money to sign,,,you know,, actual stars! How many rejects do we sign while watching very competent players be signed by other teams? Why couldn't they sign Zack Miller and A. Bradshaw? What about a veteran safety to teach our young newbie safeties the ropes? I just don't get why Ireland is so bad in free agency and why no one says anything about it. Too many excuses made for him. This guy doesn't fit the system or this guy is a thug. Then they go to other team and produce while we sign Larry Johnson and Will Yeatmen.

Test...darn iPhone app

Dear Jeffey,

Do you feel Ahmad Bradshaw would have done better as our starting running back?

Thank you for your attention.

They got blown out in the second half, which, coincidentally, was when they were clearly gasping and getting shoved around at the line of scrimmage. All on Sparano & Co., inexcusable to be that unprepared. The Pats could plainly see Miami back on their heels, hands on knees between plays and they took full advantage of it in that second half.

Plus bostonphin the Kline was not that bad. How in the world can you say they don't run block when they don't run. We ran well in the first quarter. Why stop and let the patriots blast away.

Look, we lost. What kills fans is that we saw these things coming. Cutting Polite and not having a big back for short yardage situations. Cutting a veteran like Will Allen and not having a deeper secondary. Those two personnel mistakes cost us this game. That's the way I see it!

I'm sick of the mistakes that Sparano and Ireland make in evaluation of players. Cutting Will Allen was just plain stupid! Before he got hurt, Will Allen was called the BEST corner cover we had on the roster. He was back healthy at the end of the preseason, and we needed him to face our division, Patriot foes who use four and five WR sets. Allen's way better than Smith, and in my opinion, is even better than Davis. So we don't even need to talk about how he'd be better than Nolan Carol or Sapp. Yes, they are younger, but certainly not better!

Another roster move that was a mistake was cutting Polite. Have you ever seen another team or coaching staff that knew it couldn't run the ball in from the 1 yard line before the team even lined up? We don't trust any of our RB to punch it in, which means we don't have that guy on our roster. That's a HUGE mistake by this coaching regime. The call to thrown the fade to the short WR Hartline on 4th and 1 was a terrible call. When you have four shots from the one, you run the damn ball in there.

That our secondary was not in good physical condition is inexcusable. Cramping? Winded? Not ready for the snap? Confused and not sure who to cover? PLEASE tell me that the Miami heat and humidity didn't help the Patriots to have an advantage over the Dolphins! Tell me my eyes were lying to me!!

That we couldn't even lay a hand on Brady almost the whole game when our D-line was supposed to be our strength is sad.

The defense should be ashamed of the way it played.

Dear Nolan Carroll,

How do you feel today?
Do you feel like you should be a starter or a third stringer.

Thank you for your attention.

DC I disagree about the Jets and our offense. Our offense scored 24 points against a defense that is average at best. If that persists how are they going to play against a top 5 defense? I hope you're right but I just don't see them putting up more than 21 against the Jets and will our defense hold the Jets to under 21? Hmmmmmmm More questions, always with the questions.


Dear Benny Sapp,

How do you feel today?
Like a sap?

Thank you for your attention.


sorry I am late on this, but there is not one throw where a receiver was open and Henne threw it over their head. No offense my friend, but I think you are VERY mistaken or making something up.

That did not happen, I did watch the game all the way through.

nolan and his side kick,


Anybody think maybe we should have signed Brandon Merriweather when he was available?

I LOVE the new offense, and think it'll get better and better. Not perfect, but a HUGE improvement.

The D....I don't know what to think about that efort last night. I expected much better from our D, even against Brady.

Grading the Dolphins--

Henne A (despite fade)
WR's B (odd routes by Marshall on audibles hurt us. some nice catches by Marshall and ferocious yac)
TE's A nice game by Fasano
RB's C nice play Bush 1st Q, no goal line game
O line D 1/2 yard for TD against Pats in front of nationwide audience!? c'mon.
D line D wake manhandled. few pressures. poor tackling. nice pick by Odrick makes it D instead of F.
Linebackers C quite a few overruns, poor tackling
CB's F. flat out not good enough. Benny Sapp beaten consistently all night. Nolan Carroll joke. Smith and Davis each beaten early and often, before the cramps. Pats TE's were faster. Comical big hit attempt by Sapp on Woodhead that Woodhead laughed off
safeties D. Nice tackles by Bell. But if you give up 517, D is generous.
special teams C carpenter boomed. gave up no TD's. poor tackling, sad returns.
coaches C. Ambitious offense highly entertaining. Bush is not an everydown back, and everyone knows that except Dolphin coaching staff. Sapp has no business being on field with Tom Brady. Defensive scheme not good enough.

poizewn.............. THE HENNE HATERS ARE FEELING BAD TODAY............


R.BUSH.............OVER RATED

Tired of questions, we want answers, Now!

Well, I don't see the DOOM and GLOOM that some here see.

The way we played last night against a 14-2 team, we could easily end up 10-6 without much improvement.

But I DO hope the D improves...A LOT!

C63, you're welcome. I welcome the unbiased & realistic view point. I don't want the La La land, best case scenario, rosey picture of things.

There was some good & some bad last night. Alot of good with the QB. Some poor throws at critical times.

The real flaw was with the D & the lack of a running game. But this was the Pats. Week 1 off a short training camp. I expected some fatigue, some lapses. But, man! NE seemed in top top shape & totally in synch. We were not. we had no answers.

IMHO, you have to pin that on coaching.

Sticking with my 10 win preseason pick, too. I wonder what the D will look like against Houston? They always beat us, and they have some very entertaining film to study.

some coaches are winners they win no matter what situation they are put in. Some our losers and I think we know which one sparano is. He has no business being a HC in this league. first our offense was good and our defense sucked. Then our defense becomes good and our offense sucks. Not our offense is good again and our defense sucks. I mean can this guy only coach half of the team at once? Sparano needs to go after the season. We won’t go anywhere in our division with him as HC.

Again(and finally), we lose against the Texans there will be all Hell scathing around Here.

Hope you are tight ncfan. Defense will have to play differently and soon.

Yes Oscar, you are correct...0-2 will NOT be pretty.

All I can say is, see what happens when you DON'T hit Brady in the mouth?

I thought we were supposed to have a good defense. I also thought the defensive linemen were supposed to be our strength.

Apparently I thought wrong.

Odrick came to play, that's it. The LB's? Please. Watching Wake get schooled by a rookie playing out of position was excruciating. Don't even get me started on the secondary. 517 yards against the 'best' CB tandem in the league. Really?

The offense looked good for 10 minutes, though.

I have more faith in the D getting better, given that Nolan is the most capable coach on our staff, and they were top6 last year.

If Henne and our offense were still sputtering, that would be much worse. THAT would be the same ol', same ol'...

I love the over reaction here. Yes, the defense was pitiful but you guys really and truly believe it will be like this all year? Give me a break. This team still puts up 9 to 10 wins before it's over.

DevilsAd, I don't put much stock in the run game anymore. Even the #1 run team (Jets) have wised up and moved on to the passing game. It's silly for you and anyone else to think that a run game would have helped us score 38 points.

And that theory of "it gets Brady off the field" didn't work too well a couple years ago against Peyton and Brees. They'll just score quicker.

So yes, 38 yards + coming out of the backfield was ok for me. Would I like someone else to get another 50 yards so together you get maybe 100 yards running, sure. Don't think it would have made much of a difference in the score.

LouD, we put up 24, but should have had 35 (if we scored when within the 5 yd line). Call me naive, I think that stuff will get cleaned up by Daboll. That's 35 points NOT INCLUDING all the mis-throws, stalled drives due to penalties, etc. I don't think the Jets defense is so much better that they'll stuff us. I also don't think their offense will come anywhere CLOSE to scoring every drive pretty much like the Pats. So I see us playing the Jets very well.

Not saying I'm right here. I may just be in a state of shock and not accepting the reality. But I'm not ready to jump off the cliff just yet.

The game was not officiated well, patriot linemen holding Cam Wake. DB's holding wideouts nothing is being called. And Bush can run the ball l, he had 2 runs called back that would have gave at least 60rush yards. The outcome of the refs onesided game calling dictated Bush didn't run. Lay off the kid, if Chris Johnson, C.J Spiller, Jammal Charles can be a feature back so can Reggie. Defense needs to become bullies!

You are exactly right, the most unprofessional, unprepared, game by the defense that I ever saw. In Miami, they were passed out, no pun intended, of the ball park, I don't know if it was Brady or their offensive coordinator, that called for that quick offense, but, wow, did they have the Dolphins number. The Dolphins said they had practiced this, but, obviously not enough,the Pats took what should have been a strength of the Dolphins and beat them, ridiculed them, embarrassed them. I used to hate Brady, but after a performance like that, how could you not have respect, in fact with Welker running I was actually cheering for him to go all the way. Henne played great, I believe has turned the corner, cutting Polite a big mistake.

Truth be told Chad Henne was the best player the Dolphins had on the field yesterday. Anyone that rips him is way off base. The Miami Defense was a HUGE dissapointment. Cannot tackel, cannot cover, cannot rush the passer, Cannot win. On top of all that they seemed out of shape and were gassed by half time. I put the this squarely on Sporano's shoulders. How can a northern team come into your stadium and out condition you??? Furthermore I also question the make up of this roster. How can you have four tight ends on the roster when only one contributes yet you re-lease Will Allen and A.J. Edds both of whom would of come in handy yesterday. Furthermore we have NO running backs. Yet we did not make any effort to re-sign either Ricky or Ronnie. Armando, is it too early to start making a list of available head coaches for next year?

LV= Houston by 3.


not so convinced that Nolan is such a wizard if all of his planning, scheming, and preparation consists merely of hoping Wake "does something" to bother Brady.

You need to rewind the game Poizen.

Foret the 4 end zone jump balls. (PS, the object of that pass is to let your guy go get it in 1 on 1 coverage) WR is supposed to be well covered. Stop talking about how Brady has wide open guys. It's totally different. On those plays, big bodies get a chance to fight for the ball in the air, not watch it sail out of bounds.

Here are the "other" ones C63 may be referring to:

Marsall diving for an over throw
Hartline down the left sideline, overthrow out of bounds
Gross underthrow, out of bounds, to Gates

Those are the 3 I remember. Because we had plenty of red zone trips you may forget them & they are excusable but they DID happen.

The end zone passes are the ones he has to work on or stop calling those plays altogether. They are as effective as a spike play! LOL

DevilsAd, I don't put much stock in the run game anymore. Even the #1 run team (Jets) have wised up and moved on to the passing game. It's silly for you and anyone else to think that a run game would have helped us score 38 points.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 13, 2011 at 11:56 AM

What is silly is for you to think any team is going to win often with only 38 yards rushing, yes even in this passing league.

It is also silly for you not to see a better running game would have increased our time of possession and possibly given us one more score while eliminating one of there scores.

You are twisting words around to suggest anyone has said we would have scored 38 points by running the ball. The point is had we been able to run, we'd have scored more and they less.

The Jets are a different team, different issues, and really the no longer have any great RB's anyway, so they are not a #1 run team even if they wanted to be.

Bobbyd, I agree with you. It's not as bad as people are making it out to be. We play 3 other teams that have that kind of offense (Texans, Chargers and Eagles). And NE was the best offense out of all of them. So the team will learn. They will improve. Still might not be enough in the end, but the important thing here is our offense HAS EFFECTIVELY GOTTEN MUCH BETTER THAN LAST YEAR! And you win in the NFL by scoring TDs, that's a pretty nice silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud.

One major glaring foolishness by the coaching staff was not slowing the Pat's hurry up offense by not having a cramping player force a timeout with an injury...Smith hobbling around try to cover Hernandez was dumb

Never thought I'd say this, but Sparano's got to go. I see that now. I realize it was Belichoke and everything, but the patsies looked like they were conditioned to the heat better than the Dolphins.

We got out-coached, again. Don't promote Nolan either, his D was a passive, porous sieve last night.

Fans need to realize, first and foremost is our division. Rex has proven he can beat Belichek. Belichek has proven he owns Sparano. Until this team learns to beat our own division, at least on our home turf, we are going to be falling short of a wild card spot.

You can spin the stats any way you want to. It's real hard to spin the only stat that matters though, 1-8 at home now.

Two things: 1) Bring back Will Allen STAT (cut Carroll over Sapp)!!! 2) Do you guys have "Smart Water" back on the east coast? We have it on the west coast and that stuff is the best on the market for getting your body hydrated quickly!

ps-great game by Henne! (I know I have criticized him the past so he is due this praise)

Anyone still bashing Henne is an indiot and needs to shut up. He played one of his best games and most teams would love their QB to play as well. There will always be a few passes each game that are not ideal. So, what. He consistently held himself behind a POS line and he moved the ball up field. He and Dabol did a GREAT job last night.

When a NFL Offense gets to the 5 yard line they NEED to be able to RUN the ball into the end zone. The Offensive Line is to blame for not being able to man up and push the Defense back. Not scoring on a few of the red zone attemps last night should not be put on Henne or Dabol. The Line, the Running Backs and the Beast blew it last night in the Red Zone.

BUT after all that the Offense wasn't the true problem. The DEFENSE looked foolish. First, we need to credit Brady, he looked unreal last nigth. Threaded the ball perfectly almost every time. Second, our pass rush was bad. Teams are going to double Wake. We need more from the rest of the D-Line. We need to cover tight ends. Our linebackers and safeties were pathetic. Finally, the move to save approx. $1mill and cut Will Allen has just proven to be a big mistake. Sapp sucks and Allen is clearly a better CB. Ireland better man up and make the moves needed to swap them out NOW.

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