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Patriots put cramp in Dolphins home weather advantage

Gassed? Cramps?

The Miami Dolphins?

One of the most galling things about Monday night's game against the New England Patriots was not that the Dolphins lost -- New England was favored. It was not that Tom Brady toyed with the Miami defense -- he has a way of doing that against many teams.

It was just that the Miami Dolphins, a team that trains and conditions in South Florida and should have some sort of weather advantage here, couldn't catch its collective breath.

Vontae Davis suffered cramps and couldn't come back in the game. Sean Smith cramped up and stayed in the game, although it seemed clear he was struggling, which is why he got beaten for a 29-yard completion by Aaron Hernandez.

Brandon Marshall suffered cramps. Defensive linemen were seen bent over between plays, clearly needing to catch their breath.

What's up with that?

Did the Dolphins fail to hydrate? Did they not take IVs at halftime? Were they not aware that New England's no-huddle offense -- which was on display in the preseason -- was going to tax their conditioning?

All these questions deserve good answers -- maybe before Sunday when the Dolphins play a 4:15 game against Houston.


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Three facts that Sparano and company can't seem to understand:Checkdown Chad can't throw a fade route,so stop trying;running Bush between the tackles is futile;and,Nolan Carrol can't play corner.

Dear Mr. Ross,

Do you feel that Joe Robbie's ghost should be kicking your asss right about now?

Thank you for your attention.

Jax, I agree Sparano needs to go but I'm not going to use this games performance to base that on or knock Nolan for how the D struggled.

Tough matchup for a week 1 coming off a shortened training camep & preseason..

DA, slowing down the game (run game) isn't Henne's strong suit (if you've been watching the last 2 years). He needs to get in rhythm. You slow down the game and it gets him out of rhythm. Then he won't make the passes you'll need him to make when it counts. Maybe that's a reason to get a QB that CAN play like that. But, if you were watching last night, the Pats didn't run up the middle too much either. And the reason they do no huddle (besides befuddling the defense) is to create that RHYTHM that all good QBs have and need to get in a groove. GB doesn't run all that much. Saints probably do more than the others.

Also, since we don't have the bruiser back, maybe we should be running more off-tackle, shotgun draws, etc. like the Pats. Running i formation between the tackles is a JOKE with THIS personnel and in THIS league.

So, let me qualify. Run more, ok, fine. But don't run right up the middle for 2 yards, THAT WON'T DO ANYTHING!!! Run effectively, 4-6 yard runs. That might help. Otherwise, you're simply stifling the pass game.

Miami Dolphins are working out Brian Westbrook this morning just an FYI. Not sure what it means assuming LJ is going to be cut again. Should be interesting to see what if anything comes of this.


Sparano always gets out coached. He should have been let go last year. The only thing that saved him was the 2008 wildcat caught teams off guard. That game is long over, and Sparano has no more cards in the deck. The guy is an obvious dunce if you ask me. The players love him, but that will fade once they realize they can't win with him. He is just not smart enough to out coach the competition.

It's coming through when you need to most that wins you games. Sparanos teams have not done that. NE, NY both came through when they had to this weekend. They both did so last year. People can say if this if that forever, only the results count.

DA, you forgot to mention Sparano knows how to beat Ryan. So where does that put us? Let's see how we play the Jets before we start claiming 3rd, 4th place in the AFC East.

But overall with your comment, I agree, we have to find a way to beat our division or we'll never go anywhere. And yes, Belichick is MUCH smarter than Sparano.

Just thinking.

Didn't we hire a new "pass rush specialist" coach this year just to put more pressure on the opposing QB? Wow. Couldn't see any improvemnt watching this game.. No pass rush against Brady is a receipe for disaster.

If you can't move the ball on the ground at least 1 yard when you need to, how do you expect to win football games?

Ever notice how you run out of gas(you really don't feel like playing anymore) when the other team knows what their doing, is doing it well and you have no idea what's going on?

I'm sure everything will be better next Sunday when we meet the Texans. Right????

Dear Mr. Salguero

I have never been more proud to be a Dolphin fan as I am today.

I see what the Dolphins are doing if most fans don't.

The Dolphins are trying to repair the economy.

The Dolphins are so broken right now that Mr. Ross is going to have to hire all the umemployed peole of the U.S.A to help fix what is wrong with the Dolphins and as a by product it will help repair the economy....I couldn't be more proud as I am right now.

God bless you Mr. Ross, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano....true Americans in my book

Soiled :)

The Pats were Geniuses as much as I hate to say it think about it they had 6 o-linemen after the injury to their center Miami has one of the deepest d-line. So to keep Miami from rotating fresh bodies in run a hurry up the o-line for the pats wasnt going to get rest anyways and no neither was the Dolphins. As much as I hate to say it BB school Tony Sparano and company. Hopefully our D was conditioning and no OTA's since our D wasnt the only one that played miserably this weekend but next week will tell.


Fair enough, but I don't see Henne as the gunslinger type to be winging it all game long. That is for the Brady's and Peyton's and Rivers and Rodgers. Henne has talent, just don't think he will ever be in the same class as those guys. The flip side is if Henne throws too much, he is going to get intercepted too much.

Yeah Joe, but didn't Belichoke and the patsies have the same amount of time? They certainly seemed to be ready to play.

Advocate, agreed. It kills me to say it, but the man cannot coach. I was just blindly going along, hoping my beloved Dolphins could overcome that with talent. We saw last night what good coaching looks like, and it didn't come from Sparano.

there is "no fight" in sean smith. another wasted 2nd round pick. d.thomas will soon join him.

DA, and that's why we need a franchise QB IMO. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't Henne's fault. And if Henne plays this way all year he'll be Top 10.

But Brady is in another class totally. We need a QB that CAN make a majority of those throws Henne missed. Consistently. Then work on defense to find a system that works (that can cover TEs). We've all identified what we need on this blog, better play at the Safety position. Better nickel DBs who can cover slot receivers. And yes, to your point, if we could add SOME balance with a more effective run game, THEN we could compete.

But that's a lot of pieces we need to get ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

That's what my main point here is today. I've seen what we've done last 20 years. Seen the mistakes. It's a really hard problem and "fire everyone" might not solve anything (hasn't for the past 2 decades). We either need to stick with a Coach, or get THE Coach we need, but we can't keep changing staffs every 3-4 years, we'll never get anywhere doing that.

Don't think I'm saying definitely keep Sparano, I'm not. I'm saying be smart about it, and if you're going to dump him, make SURE the guy you get is going to be good enough to keep for more than a few years.

The problem with dolphins is coaching. Sparano should have never been retained last year but it was a lockout year so we had no choice.
Sparano should be fired during the bye week. Get an interim coach until we can bring in cowher.

DA/Jax, playing devil's advocate here (and I agree Belichick is much smarter than Sparano, much better Coach).

But does Sparano have a say in the defensive game plan? Offensive? Just an honest question. Sometimes Coaches do (like Belichick), sometimes they just control the overall strategy and deal with the team on a macro level.

Seems to be the game plan was wrong for the opponent. And Sparano said they knew what the Pats would do. So is it Sparano's fault for the defensive game plan (yes, overall, sure) or is that a responsibility of the DC?

Just trying to accurately place blame (with the understanding that it all falls on the HC in the end).

true fan are you serious? the dolphins are a 3-13 team and thats it. forget old ass brian westbrook. another has been and never will be. they need to worry about the d. watch how any good qb rips that d apart. the same is going to happen sunday. shaub and johnson are going to destroy that secondary again. another looooong day ahead for the suckphins.

How much money are we paying Soliai this year compared to what Haynesworth is making? Drafting Daniel Thomas instead of Mark Ingram. Releasing Will Allen and keeping Benny Sapp and Nolan Carroll. Cutting Lousaka Polite and A.J. Edds. Boneheaded personnel moves year after year from this incompetent front office.

Reggie Bush can do the job we fell behind and we had to pass. The man proved he can go between the tackles. He looked fresh all night so give him credit and stop being negative. Carroll and Sapp are screw ups, defense should have run a zone blitzing scheme to stop the tight ends and put pressure on Brady. I still say pays oline was holding and their DB's rapped our wideouts and no calls were made. To me that prove the Patriots preferential treatment. The fade didn't work cuz of receivers being held. But there is a lot to build on we will continue to improve and when we do the league better get ready!

We get outcoached every single game!

Good point DC, maybe I should save the vitriol for just Nolan. Daboll did an ok job, but I was speaking more to the fact that the pats seemed to be in better shape than us and more ready to play overall. Maybe that is the Head Coach's fault?

Agree with 90% of comments...let me add:

Anecdotal evidence of the the pointlessness of Sparano: As Pats missed FG near end of half, he's giving a fist pump/mini-jump WHILE, right next to him, Todd Bowles is emotionless and seems to have a look of futility....knowing we can't/won't stop Brady in the 2nd half.

So...I ask...what is the point of Sparano? His uncanny ability to keep track of stats on how many plays each player has had? If I were Ross, at 0-2 he's gone. Promote Daboll or Nolan even Bowles. Sparano will NEVER be a successful NFL HC. He's in over his head. Fist pumping @ FGs, master of stats and pseudo-Lombardi yelling don't make up for lack of strategy, weird personnel evaluation or ability to MAKE his coordinators make adjustments. He's a figure head. And, it's becoming sad.

Can someone explain to me why the offense never seem to be gassed? Seriously, I've never played the game, so I don't know why our defense is so tired and NE's offense was fine


The HC has to assume responsibility for all the coordinators. He has to know what they are doing and approve it or lead them where he wants to go. Sparano obviously does not have that ability, he doesn't have that experience. He let Pasquali flounder a whole season before dumping him. He let Bonowhatever flounder on special teams. He sat and watched while Henning called the same failing game plan week in and week out.

Sparano as failed on all levels as a leader. He knows how to fire up the troops, but sends them into the battle to die.

how come every week it seems the dolphins are never ready to play or are not prepared?

This is exactly what I have been harping on with the trifecta regime.

The owner ROSS is 100% at fault for REWARDING these clowns Soprano and Ireland. NO Preparation, NO conditioning, NO Defense and the O line sucked.

WAKE was tossed around like a rag doll by a rookie guard, YES a rag doll. Wake never adjusted.

The O line sucks and after spending a billion bucks on them... they still suck. Long is not the same and is smarting still. Incognito is a mental case and cost us big on penalties.

Dumbbell SUCKED when he wore Brown and yet the Fins hire a loser OC.

Heine was running for his life but did OK.. but I'm not hanging my hat on the robot yet.

We will be and we are what we are which is bottom feeders in the NFL. If we get lucky we come out with 6 -10 record.

For all you fans that say we need to draft LUCK... You have a better chance of getting eaten by a lion in Central park in NYC then the GM drafting LUCK.

If Ireland survives and if we get lucky to get the #1 and Luck is there... Ireland will trade the #1 away for more value picks and those Ireland ACORNS.

There is only one word for fixing this mess just as I been saying for 4 years...


Proven coach that would have prepared his team for Brady and company.

COWHER, COWHER, COWHER and a SB trophy in 2016


They are emotionally exhausted from Sparano's million words that go nowhere gibberish.

Yesterday jon gruden said i want to put 77000 diehard dolphin fans in this stadium i want to make it into the glory days?At the end of the game did you guys see tony morano give high fives to the o-line..thats a o-line coach right there!DID ANY ONE ELSE CATCH WHAT GRUDEN SAID..OTHER THAN THE S BOMB BY JAWS?

How about the pooch kickoff by Carpenter that gave the Patriots the ball at their 36 yard line. With the new rule, every kick should go deep in the ened zone. Nice strategy you Eggheads.

DA, can't really disagree to your points @ 12:47pm. Sparano does seem to fix mistakes, but always way too late. Just really not looking to waiting another 3-4 years for another Coach to find/fix the same type of mistakes (as has been the trend in Miami).

I have 2 comments to make as I have read all these blogs last night and today.

First, I know this for a fact that 75 percent of the people on this blog no absolutely nothing about football or can even catch a football.

For anyone to write about that Henne was't great last night and is going to nitpick every single throw is so absurd to me. Ah NEWS flash, I'll take him over Kyle Orton any day, and Mark Sanchez.

The Offense has a new OC and system with limited training camp idiots!! I think they did very well.

Second, to all the Sparano haters, you wanns place blame, blame Nolan!

The way NE played offense, no Def was stopping them last night.

I still am waiting to hear what happened to LARRY JOHNSON???

He should have been used and when that dude gets going look out.. Play maker potential but unknown if he was even suited up.

Anyone know?

NO!!! NOT COWHER!!!!! It took him fourteen years to win one Super Bowl!!! He had some very talented teams and never won until he got Roethlisbag.

Eschen, GREAT POINT. Also something I noticed. Carpenter is great from inside 50 yards. Sucks outside and on kickoffs.

Now that we're not the FG team, wouldn't it be better to have a kicker who can consistently kick OUT OF THE ENDZONE? I know they love Carpenter, but he's killing us on kickoffs (since our cover guys are worthless). Their avg start was like the 35 yard line. Against BRADY? That's like already the red zone for him.

I suggest getting rid of Carpenter for a kicker with a stronger leg (this isn't our main problem, but it would help IMO).

I don't want to wait another fvcking fourteen years to win again!!!!

Sparano should not be here anymore!Nolan C. is the worst corner in the league..kendall langford doesn't do squat!..beat the texans even if the game is gonna be blacked out and we have to listen to jimmy cefalo!

What's Gruden doing next year?


The reason I don't want Cowher is because I can't see him staying for 10 years. Not even 5. He has had the cush tv job for too many years now. These coaches that jump back in usually see how its much harder than they remember, they get discouraged easily and are gone in 2 or 3 years (like Gibbs). At Cowhers age, I couldn't see giving up a cush tv job to go spend 100+ hours a week being an HC again.

It's a gamble, but I'd rather find a younger, up and coming, hungry coach, with a brain. A brain being the key component.

Tony's Clip Board, also, no one's mentioning NE's defense, which gave up 24 points to a team that was bottom 5 offense in the league last year. If we scored 35, they'd be as crappy as we were last night. I wouldn't go around saying our d sucks, and not mentioning that the Pats d isn't that great either. Just their offense is much more effective.

The game was not officiated well, patriot linemen holding Cam Wake. DB's holding wideouts nothing is being called. And Bush can run the ball l, he had 2 runs called back that would have gave at least 60rush yards. The outcome of the refs onesided game calling dictated Bush didn't run. Lay off the kid, if Chris Johnson, C.J Spiller, Jammal Charles can be a feature back so can Reggie. Defense needs to become bullies! We don't need a coaching change this is football Nat a damn microwave meal this takes time. Now you so called fans can get on board or get ran the hell over. Get right you fake and bake fans real Floridians stick by our team good or bad.

Mando, I think one problem from last night that is getting completely overlooked is the fact that special teams, again sucked. No they didn't give up a big return or a blocked punt or anything like that, but the penalties it seemed like everytime possession changed. The Dolphins were constantly having to start their drives inside their own 10 yard line. And you heard Jaws and Gruden both say numerous times "that really shortens your play book". No kidding. The other thing was we kept giving New England the short field. Special Teams and Defense killed this game for us. And these problems better get fixed and fast.

Where was the "Ten Million Dollar Man" Paul Soliai last night - did he play?

Yes, the defense is kinda sucky, but on the bright side it looks like we'll manage fine without Vince Young and Orton, and we have a better QB than the Colts. And we're super deep at WR and TE.


I concur but as long as this owner and staff are here it's going to take that (hopefully not). Nobody out there that's proven leader with experience. Cowher had a great family support him and the Steelers are STILL reaping the benefits which Cowher left behind.

Would anyone else like to see Benny Sapp and Nolan Carroll join the long list of unemployed Americans today?

Where was the "Ten Million Dollar Man" Paul Soliai last night - did he play?

Posted by: Eschenpod | September 13, 2011 at 01:01 P

He's been shifted to offense. No, he didn't do too much.


Let me add some more. Belichick says to himself, I can't beat this Def on the outside. I'm going exploit the middle with 2 big fast TE's that run like WR's and do it with no huddle to make it easier. Without pressure the Dolphin personal could not handle it. The Miami def looked like the NE def when we sprung the wildcat on them. Halftime just isn't enough time to fix it.

As for the Texans this week, they don't have the personnel or QB to pull that again.


Let me add some more. Belichick says to himself, I can't beat this Def on the outside. I'm going exploit the middle with 2 big fast TE's that run like WR's and do it with no huddle to make it easier. Without pressure the Dolphin personal could not handle it. The Miami def looked like the NE def when we sprung the wildcat on them. Halftime just isn't enough time to fix it.

As for the Texans this week, they don't have the personnel or QB to pull that again.


I think we need a younger guy who can relate to players better. That's why I suggested Gruden, hell Ross can throw money at him and woo him away from ESPN. It sounds like he misses coaching.

Anyone other than the FistPumper.


Rumor had it that the players hated Gruden. Kind of cold and arrogant towards his players. At least I read that when he left Tampa.


This Dolphin defense has NEVER been able to cover any Tight End. Go all the way back to Wannstedt to find a defense here that could cover the middle and especially Tight Ends.

On one play I thought Brady might whip out his cell phone and call up Giselle, telling her to have some chillin' Margaritas ready when he gets home, before hitting a wide open Pats receiver for a score.


Yeah, but he's smart. If he's too arrogant then there are a bunch out there better than the one we have now.

Henne wasn't the problem... He had a good game, although he missed some throws. The problem is the OL, DL, and DB's. Zero pass rush, not much rushing yards, and were they even trying to cover the receivers?

The # 1 issue, is and has been Ireland!! He cuts or trades guys he should keep, he keeps guys that can't play, etc... He is the issue! The personnel is weak in some key areas, this is not Sparano, this is Ireland. Sparano isn't great either but it on Ireland for the roster.

No running game, crappy OLine, no pressure from our DLine, secondary that can't cover, coach that can't think and chew gum - don't worry - it's all fixable

I don't have a problem with Henne, I've been accused of being his apologist here. He did great, (for him) its a shame his performance was wasted.

r u guys as suicidal on here as they are on the ss.?. wooooooow!.lol

How come Patriot receivers were always wide open while Fin wideouts were covered like a wet blanket and every pass contested all night. Could it be coaching?

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