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Patriots put cramp in Dolphins home weather advantage

Gassed? Cramps?

The Miami Dolphins?

One of the most galling things about Monday night's game against the New England Patriots was not that the Dolphins lost -- New England was favored. It was not that Tom Brady toyed with the Miami defense -- he has a way of doing that against many teams.

It was just that the Miami Dolphins, a team that trains and conditions in South Florida and should have some sort of weather advantage here, couldn't catch its collective breath.

Vontae Davis suffered cramps and couldn't come back in the game. Sean Smith cramped up and stayed in the game, although it seemed clear he was struggling, which is why he got beaten for a 29-yard completion by Aaron Hernandez.

Brandon Marshall suffered cramps. Defensive linemen were seen bent over between plays, clearly needing to catch their breath.

What's up with that?

Did the Dolphins fail to hydrate? Did they not take IVs at halftime? Were they not aware that New England's no-huddle offense -- which was on display in the preseason -- was going to tax their conditioning?

All these questions deserve good answers -- maybe before Sunday when the Dolphins play a 4:15 game against Houston.


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jax,henne will build on it. he still needs work. red zone. 2 min drill, fade/touch paxxes and the accurate long ball.

The only reason I'm so damn pissed off is that its easy to beat the patsies, all you have to do is hit Brady in the mouth and he quits. The ONE thing we needed to do to beat them, we didn't do. Darn it all, where was the frickin' pass rush?

jax, they were hanging out in club liv.lol

2 watt you kill me

I officially take the words "defensive genious" away from anything that has to do with Nolan.

we're all pixxed jax but you got to enjoy life. it is too short. laugh a little.lol

Nolan is hanging out in the southbeach and making 2 mill this year whether we have the best D or the worst D. Not a bad situation.

poizen. my little rule is pixx and moan till 4 pm the next day of a loss and then move on to next sun. and the texans. the d and coaches better have the same approach.lol. your boy henne looked decent but he still needs work for the phins to run
with the big boys.

boulder, those homers on the ss are on suicide watch.lol i saw you over there.

I know, I know...but to see Brady preening in our house like that, watching Wake tossed around when he was supposed to be the shiznit, I just need a life I guess. We shoulda followed the Giants blueprint, but we don't have Strahan, Umenyiora Cofield or Tuck do we?

2 watt, yea I was over there. I'm not on suicide watch but if I was in miami I'd be hanging outside of davie demanding Sparano's resignation or I would torch myself LOL

Is Benny Sapp still on the roster?

Jax / DC,

I'm just sick of people blogging about Henne. For 2 months all we heard about this guy sucks, we need to bring in a new QB, a veteran backup, this and that. Let's trade for Orton, V. Young, McNabb, Kolb, and oh my favorite Tim Tebow.

He is the least of our worries. The guy was a 4 year starter at Michigan and walked into Dan Henning's offense and the Wildcat. Both are long gone.

Henne should get props for his improvement, but he still has a way to go.

jax.they should have looked at the detroit p/s game. and the d was brain washed to believe they were the 85' bears team.lol

"We'll get this cleaned up."

clap! clap! 1:38. lol

All I know is this, I hope Will Allen was called last night!

The right move would of been to put Will Allen at the corner and move Vontae into the slot.

The one thing is we don't really know if he is really healthy and healed. I thought for sure someone like the Giants would of picked him up.

I guess Detroit might be for real, I know our defense embarrassed themselves and me last night.

How come Patriot receivers were always wide open while Fin wideouts were covered like a wet blanket and every pass contested all night. Could it be coaching?

Posted by: Eschenpod | September 13, 2011 at 01:22 PM

We could also face the possibility that Sean Smith & Vontae Davis may be average. Just because people say they're good don't make it so. Many here, including myself, felt S. Smith was a fraud. Proof is always in the pudding. I know Carrol was the main problem last night but Davis & Smith were torched before the cramps came.

Everyone was quick to name Crowder the reason we can't cover TE's. We get Brunett. Well, guess what? He fared no better. In fact, based on the record setting night, worse.

Schematically, something was really off last night. Let's hope it's ONLY that. If not, it means this Defense is like it was last year. Over rated.

People say it's elite or close but it might all be wishful thinking. It's very good when it faces teams that aren't very good & bad when it plays the good teams.

I'm not saying any of this is true or fact, but you have to respect the possibility it is.

Yea 2 watt, Henne did really well, I hate to say it though, I would rather him suck and we win games, if that was the trade off.

I can not stand losing!

Henne is a really talented QB, I would never of thought our D would get dominated like that!

Damn! this SUCKS!

Okay- lets get one thing established. We are all pretty pissed. Like a bunch of bees that just had a rock thrown at our nest. Maybe some other stuff happened too that got on our nerves. Prett cool huh? I'm glad we cleared that up. Well, I'm gonna grab a sandwich.

Ok, I still have a couple of hours to vent spleen and then on to the Texans (whom we have never defeated) this Sunday.

Let's see what do they need to improve:
1) Somebody to pressure the QB
2) At least two guys who could cover a TE for more than 2 seconds (Will Allen is a decent CB but he's not big enough to cover a TE consistently)
3) A RT who can block somebody. Colombo looked he'd struggle to block somebody in a wheelchair.
4) A RB who can carry the load and maybe just maybe keep the ball out of the other teams hands.
5) A free safety that isn't two steps behind every play down field.
6) A coach that can get them ready to play.

It's gonna be another looooooooooong year.

That's a good rule 2 watt


We all feel your pain bro. Somehow I'm afraid these problems are going to stay unfixed.

I can't believe the neg comments about Henne. The guy had similar numbers to Brady in terms of comp/att and threw for 400+ yds. The fade to Hartline was a bad play call. Other than that put up incredible numbers and positive plays. But I guess there will always be player haters.

The real focus of our angst should be on the defense. I'm tired of discussing Henne he is clearly not the issue. Our self proclaimed best CB tandem in the league is a serous concern

"....and with the first pick of the 2012 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select...."

joe, 2 things come to mind, i read where crowder was 1 heck of a play caller on d as well as how well clemons calls the db d. both weren't there.


I've seen just as many positive posts about Henne. I think he showed us all something last night. You're right about the D, that's the problem.

Did u guys see the patsies corners jam the fins wr's in the goalline and the fins corners giving there wr's a free release ...just like dallas clark a couple of years ago..the d that gives brady trouble are the ones with bullys and thugs on them..than brady shows his true closet self!


I can tell you from playing tennis tournaments that one has to hydrate before playing or loosing fluids. Drinking a large amount of fluids prior to playing is paramount. Davis and Smith both cramped and Smith was in the game giving up a long pass play that led to a Patriot touchdown. The Dolphins should have been prepared by the coaches and trainers. They obviously were not.

This is not the 1st time Henne has sucked in the red zone. Brian Daboll should have known this. Year after year Henne continues to prove innefective when it matters most. Next time, run, run, run. Never let him throw. He starting to remind me of Romo.

I just don't get the D last night. This should be a top 5 defence and they were completely shredded last night. Was there ONE guy on defence who played good last night? Best guy I saw was Wake and he was held most of the night. But where were Starks, Merling, Langford, Dansby, Odrick and Burnett last night? There wasn't one of these guys who played well. Having ZERO rush on the QB made our secondary vulnerable. One of the strengths of the defence is the fact that Nolan has a good number of guys he can rotate in and out but the Pats just gave teams the bluepring on how to beat this defence. The hurry up, no huddle offence makes it impossible to take guys in and out of the lineup and that's going to be a big problem for this team for the rest of the season. I don't know how Nolan is going to get around that.

I also thought Jones, the safety was awful last night. He gambled and lost on the 99 yard touchdown pass to Welker. People will want to blame Sapp on the play and he was bad but Jones tried to step in front of it and wasn't close, instead of probably being smart about it and giving Sapp some help over the top. It wasn't the only time he did it in the game. A lot of the DBs were left exposed often because the safeties offered little or no help. I'll be surprised if Clemmons doesn't start the next game.

Ahhhhhhh another season over before it's even started in Miami.

Hey how did that number one CB tandem pan out last night. LMFAO.

Hows that running game working between the tackles. LMFAO.

What about that top five defense. Again, LMFAO.

Oh well, the oline played well right? RIGHT? LMFAO.

So you got some great production from your last two first round picks Odrick and Pouncey right. ROTFL.

Thanks for opening up more seats for us from the north.

Hey Roger, we won't lose enough games to keep up with the Colts or Bengals! At least I hope not.

Best Cb, except for a couple, no one is killing Henne. What most are saying is true, he struggles with the long ball & in the red zone. If we deny that, we are all blind or pretend to be just to keep our fandom.

It's called keeping it real.

I think most are happy with how he played(I am) but he is not there yet. There is NOTHING wrong with constructive criticism about his weaknesses.

At the end of the day, his sub par play has cost him all the scrutiny & pressure he's under.

I thought Odrick's pick showed pretty good hustle, Craig, but the rest of the defense, not so much.

Guys I have been driving myself crazy over the game last night. And I have come to the conclusion that maybe our dink and dunk O last year took more time. Didn't score many TD's, but it take a lot of time getting into field goal range.

So our D had more time to rest, you throw in a random no hudle and a quicker pace pass offense and wahlah d players getting tired.

The bigger question is can you fix the conditioning in five days???

I think our season hangs on Thomas becomming a power back or giving the ball to Larry Johnson. We can not use Bush like we did last night and that is by no means a knock on Bush.Should have kept Ricky.

Go Dolphins!!Someone please wake up the D. Good Job Henne.

Did the Sparano press conf happen yet? I can't wait to hear this!

Tony has to stop being Mr. Nice Guy and call people out to held accountable.

You could have Marino at QB and he still wouldn't save you from your useless and OVER RATED defense, fat out of shape players, and swiss cheese oline.






Nolan had plenty of time to rotate the D-Linemen after NE scored. For the most part, NE's drives weren't that time-consuming.

craig, the first long pass to slater was also jones fault. he bit on the play action and left vontae on his own. Clemons should start next week. Sparano should be fired during the bye week.


You've made a good point. This is sometimes what happens when you play this type of offence. This is what everybody wanted and it may mean that the deffence gets shorter and lesser breaks. Can they still perform at a high level in the heat and humidity? I guess we'll find out. But kudos to BB and company for their game plan last night because they really upped the speed of their offence and our guys couldn't keep up all night. Now this team needs to figure out how they are going to overcome that and they have another explosive offence to go up against this week in Houston. It doesn't get any easier.

the only thing getting in the way of rosas seeing how bad the dolphins are is his nose!


Who is to blame for Sean smith being in the game after a time out with a cramp? Sean smith? coaching? We gave up a TD for the most part on that play.

It would have been a better move to have Vernon Carey playing that corner spot than Sean Amith at that moment.

did that really happen?

our Head coach is an off. line coach by trade..lmao...He is about a coach as Irland is a GM... We are in trouble to win 7 games...

The sorry Jaguars win and our defense plays like the jaguars and lose. Go figure.

The Pats are unbeatable if the o-line plays like that. That is my opinion.

I have to believe our D is a lot better than what we saw, and more credit should go to the Pats o-line.

I am hoping at least.

The fins just have alot of overrated players on d...Dansby is over paid and overrated he's not a true inside linebacker...they needed a true tackling machine ala london fletcher..he plays too tall and lacks quick change of direction...they also have some young players on d who aren't that good like langford and misi..thats on ireland who's learning on the job and trying to make his resume look good even if those players aren't that good he keeps playing them and keeping them on the roster!

I don't know if the patsies would've been as 'up' for a game against the jags as they obviously were against us. But the fault lies in our coaching, as I believe we have talent that isn't being utilized or maximized.

I know we looked like gas bags last night, and the jags don't even have a QB now (if they ever did) and they took advantage by being better-conditioned. Just like the patsies did to us. The defense had better step up or it will be a long season for us fans, too.

2watt, Clemmons only started last year because he had no one to beat. He isn't that good. They wanted Clark or Rolle, failed on both. He was the only option.

I'm not sure why people are surprised the Pats O dominated or can't believe our D isn't 1 of the best. Yea, it's only week 1. Too early to tell for sure. BUT...let's look at what we do know. Same starters....same scheme....same results as last year...

Good vs. the bad
Bad vs. the good

That is TEXTBOOK over rated. Realism always trumps optimism.

At least we won't be facing that little Woodhead feller every week.

Poizen, agreed, Pats are unbeatable if they play to that level.

Craig M/Poizen, lots of criticism of the defense (obviously deservedly so). But Henne HAD TO BE Top 5 QB of the week, shouldn't he get his due here (especially from guys who defended him so much and took a lot of sh*t for it)? I thought you guys would be singing his praises all day and walking on water. Yes, we lost, but HENNE won!! I'm on board, think he was the MVP of our team yesterday.

Maybe I missed your "I told you so", but you guys do know he was the leading rusher AND passer, right? He scored 3 TDs (with 1 INT that wasn't his fault).

Isn't that impressive? I'd say so, for anyone, but definitely for Chad Henne.

Sorry...I refuse to believe our defence isn't better than what we saw last night. To me it was a classic case of Bellichick out-coaching our team and having a very well prepared game plan. I'm not even sure how you defence against what the Pats did last night. There was no pass rush because a lot of the time Brady threw from the shotgun. They were short drops and he got rid of the ball in a hurry. The fact they were hurry up for a good part of the game only added to things. I don't care what anyone says, there is talent on the defensive side of the ball and Nolan's a good dfensive coach. He didn't become dumb all of a sudden. It's a really good wakeup call for this team and this defence. Time to work hard and get ready for Houston this week andmake ammends for a dismal performance against the Pats.

Looks like you did miss it DC, look back a couple of pages re my Henne posts.

Bring back Will Allen. Get rid of Richie "always holding" Incognito. Get rid of CARROLL. And run the ball when its 4th and 1 from the half yard line. If you cant get a half of a yard and your in the NFL then you suck. If your going to throw a jump ball, throw it to your 6'3 wideout. Not your 5'8 or whatever hartline is.

This is my analysis of the game. offense i give them B. the running game lacked, mostly in part because WE HAD TO PASS so thats why i didnt go down to a C for offense. on Defense i give them a D. could not get off the field on third down. The reason i give them a D is because im giving the play calling an F. play calling was the problem we left 11 points on the field for sure which would of put the game at 38-35 meaning we could of kicked a field goal instead of throwing an INT. In the red zone we WANTED to have Henne go to marshal for a td..tried that TWICE didnt work. We did not try to run it in. because we got STUFFED ONCE...either way we need to say larry johnson run between incognito and long OR swing Bush to the outside you nkow those line backers were going to stay in the middle cuz they were worried about the draw. Call a PA rollout. Play calling on offense in the red zone wasted two possessions we go ta field goal out of one of them but we should of had 2 td's. DEFENSIVELY Brady was going to get 350 and 2 tds no matter what the reason we gave him more was because we are down by ONE td and we feel that we have to take advantage and go for a safety or something like if that is really going to happne..they are at the 1 yard line. Play your regular defense, at this point miami did finally force them to punt 2 or 3 times in the 2nd half so its not like we couldnt stop them. so that 99yd bomb to welker should of never happened. Our greatest strength one our defense is our DEPTH and patriots to that DEPTH advantage out of the game. KUDOS TO THEM..but we all know when facing brees, brady, manning, rodgers, they all like to do no huddlge there is no reason to NOT BE PREPARED FOR THAT. No excuse good thing is A LOT WILL BE LEARNED AND BE PREPARED FOR... this is a good thing what the coaching staff has to make sure now is that the offense doesnt feelt let down by the defense and start to slack it. they need to make sure the off. stays where its at. They need to make sure our defense knows what to do when they are doing no huddle. ALSO WHERE IS THE BLEEPING BUMB AND RUN you can not let a reciever just run out to the flat run up to him and push him. I was really disapointed that we did not do any bump and run on any receivers or tightends those tight ends are fast we need to bump them play 2 deep safety EVERY DOWN! bump and run at the line give our defense line wehter we use 3 or 4 men we give them .5 to 1 second longer if we bump and run...and i SAW NO BUMP AND RUN from our defense. We need to be better prepared. madison and surtain were great against the patriots because they were good at bump and running if Davis and Smith are good they can bump and run. Make receivers end up in a different part of the field that brady expects them and buys more time to put pressure on brady..THIS IS SOMETHING EASY TO ADJUST TOO..all we have to do is do it. So someone please find a way to get this message to Soprano! THANK YOU

Maybe we can get a couple of picks against Shaub, otherwise look out for Andre Johnson Sunday...

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