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Patriots put cramp in Dolphins home weather advantage

Gassed? Cramps?

The Miami Dolphins?

One of the most galling things about Monday night's game against the New England Patriots was not that the Dolphins lost -- New England was favored. It was not that Tom Brady toyed with the Miami defense -- he has a way of doing that against many teams.

It was just that the Miami Dolphins, a team that trains and conditions in South Florida and should have some sort of weather advantage here, couldn't catch its collective breath.

Vontae Davis suffered cramps and couldn't come back in the game. Sean Smith cramped up and stayed in the game, although it seemed clear he was struggling, which is why he got beaten for a 29-yard completion by Aaron Hernandez.

Brandon Marshall suffered cramps. Defensive linemen were seen bent over between plays, clearly needing to catch their breath.

What's up with that?

Did the Dolphins fail to hydrate? Did they not take IVs at halftime? Were they not aware that New England's no-huddle offense -- which was on display in the preseason -- was going to tax their conditioning?

All these questions deserve good answers -- maybe before Sunday when the Dolphins play a 4:15 game against Houston.


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The worst part is with this coaching staff they will be more focus this week cause there comming off a lost and probaly will win...but then this coaching staff lays a egg after a win during the winning week and the rollercoaster begins!

Passing yards

1. Tom Brady NE 517
2. Cam Newton CAR 422
3. Drew Brees NO 419
4. Chad Henne MIA 416
5. Tony Romo DAL 342

Brady only one to win.

There comes a time when there's nothing much left to say. It should be plain enough for even the cheerleaders and Kookaide drinkers by now.

I had Nate Solder as my pick at 15 for the drafts we all posted here.

In Wakes defense, Solder was HOLDING on for dear life about 50/50.

The big picture, it looks like Brady has the stud LT to finish out his career with(sigh).

As for the defensive failure you don't need to point fingers. You can confidently indict the whole crew, top to bottom.

1. They obviously weren't conditioned well enough to play against an offensive game plan they were EXPECTING.

2. Nolan tried to pressure Brady(as he should) and decided that going Man to Man would be the best way to go. Hindsight is bullshyt, but it turns out Brady countered and our secondary couldn't execute(in addition to being gassed/cramped).

3. The front seven didn't show up. For whatever reasons or combinations of reasons. Poor tackling, getting man handled and especially the linebackers being out of postions and whiffing on tackles. Dansby and Burnett whiffed on some plays that are to painful to go back and watch. In a week attempt at making excuses for them, I will say that a majority of Dansby and Burnetts problems were the result of some wicked play action by Brady.

As far as the offense goes, I'm optimistic. We still have the same problems with RT, TE, RB. But our biggest question coming in was Henne. I think he's answered the critics and "Nutted Up". That gives me some optimism.

It's only one game, but when you look at Henne's play(pre season too)in Dabolls new offense, we're light years ahead of Danosaur HenningS R&R express.


No 'I told you sos' from me. The team lost and that's more important than being right (contrary to what other's would have you believe). No question Henne was the best player on the field last night for the Dolphins and that in itself has to be encouraging. But we need to see it on a more regular basis. Poizen and myself and others said last year that Henne is a better QB than he was allowed to show last year and before. A lot of it we blamed on Henning and his conservative approach. I think people have to admit that under Daboll the offence is a lot more wide open and Henne looks a lot more confident. There's also a ton of guys on here who strongly criticized the hiring of Daboll simply because the Browns offence was dead last in 2010. It's funny we're not hearing from those guys today either.

Lastly, to my stalker out there, your boy Ocho Cinco had a nice night last night with his non-impactful 1 catch for 14 yards. Brady throws for 517 yards and Ocho gets 14 of them. Big signing!! And Haynesworth was obviously a huge difference maker in a 38-24 game.

Incognito used to get in fights with the rams cause he got beat alot ...now he's not fighting but holding when he gets beat!

Cleveland's O wasn't dead last, it was 31st. One behind us.

I watched the highlights on NFL.com. ITs 100% Pats/Brady highlights. Not one single highlight of the fins.

I said it before that I think the FO has screwed up the whole running game this season. I wanted Brown kept as a THIRD back and I was fine with Bush and Thomas (even though I wanted Ryan Williams or Leshoure. Yes I know they are both out for the year). I'm totally fine with this new more wide open approach to the offence. It's exciting to watch and I'm happy to see Henne having some success and generally looking happier on the field. However, at some point you have to be able to run the ball and I think it was very telling that they didn't feel they had the personnel to run it in from the half yard line. Is that something that Thomas can do? We don't yet. I certainly would have used Johnson in that role last night or at least made it look like he was going to run it in. That was a lousy play call and lousy execution. It certainly changed the game. The team needs to figure this out going forward because none of us feel Bush is the guy to be doing that job.

Solder was getting help by the guards and the refs by letting him get away with mugging wake!

It looked like Wake got schooled, to me.

Schooled by an out-of-position rookie. Ouch.

Let's not make excuses. Solder owned Wake. Losers whine about officiating.

NE > Mia on every level.

Still waiting to see Henne complete more than 1 out of 10 long balls. Didn't have one yesterday. Henne can get by with out the stupid fade pattern, but at some point he needs to show the long ball, otherwise....defenses will pummel him.

The patsies only had SIX offensive linemen active. When we put Koppen out, we should have taken advantage. We need a kill instinct on this D.

Ive been a Phins fan all my life and I live and die with them on Sundays (Mondays too).
That being said, although I hated watching Brady have his way with our defense, you have to respect the dude. He's good, what else can you say? Even when our defense is playing up to par, he still finds a way to make plays. He has a great O-line that gives him time to throw, and when the play is there, he makes the throw. Thats what good QB's do. Henne on the other hand, looked good, but he didnt make the "throw" when he had the window for big plays (consistently). Brady makes the "throw" 95% of the time. Thats what great, not good, QB's do.
So although Miami got carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey, dont bash them too harshly. Its just what Tom Brady does when he's clicking with the offense. Not too many teams can stop it either.
Step away from the ledge people, we will win enough games to this year to squeek into the playoff's. 9-7 may cut it. 10-6 for sure.

I still predict we start 0-2 though......

I'm actually proud of my fellow fans today. Many of you recognize that the problem last night was the line, both sides of the ball. Our O line and D line got absolutely manhandled and humiliated.

Does the Fins facility have a *weight room* that, per chance, our O line and D line players might want to check out from time to time?

CraigM/Poizen/Jax, I don't mind telling people you told them so. Good call on Henne.

But that was a good stat also from dave s. Top 5 passers, and only 1 of them won. Tells me it takes a whole team to win a game (not just one side of the ball).

I agree Craig, our defense is NOT as bad as they looked. Their embarrassed right now. Pride alone should dictate that they'll play better against Houston. I feel bad for Shaub, he could fall victim to a full-on press.

I'm not saying the sky is falling or anything, but when you give up the most passing yards in franchise history, you have a problem. No shyte.

Reggie Bush -- The ex-Saint had a few exciting moments against New England, but nothing we haven't seen before. His 11 carries for 38 yards rushing won't change anyone's mind about his potential to fill the role of Miami's lead running back -- just not happening -- and his nine catches for 56 yards and one touchdown weren't difference-making on this night. After watching his replacement in New Orleans, Darren Sproles, explode on the scene for the Saints in Thursday night's opener at Green Bay, Bush didn't exactly hold serve with his prime time showing.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/don_banks/09/13/fresh.starts/index.html#ixzz1XrQ4TyNN

Fins 38,

Don't leave out the best CB tandem in the league.

Solder did hold wake a lot and only got called once or twice... Not an excuse at all but it's dirty play...we should have countered with dirty on him but we didn't.. We just sat back and ate it

But what I really hate is that everytime somebody plays Miami, a record is broken, a personal best is achieved, or a milestone is reached.

Am I the only one tht notices that???


The defence was embarrassed last night and you could tell it was bothering guys like Dansby and Wake on the sidelines last night. The sign of a good defence is that they can have pride, wipe the slate clean and make ammends. We'll have to see if these guys can do that. Let's also remember that the Steelers defence was manhandled by the Ravens on the weekend too. I would expect they will be back with a vengeance on Sunday against the Seahawks. You're right, Schaub might be in for a tough game Sunday.

Anyone know if Larry Johnson was activated for the game last night? I got in late and had the game recorded so I fast forward through BS talk and commercials..I didn't hear if he was...

Reggie was a mistake. He would have been fine as a luxury complimentary player, but not a lead back and not at his price.

Still needing TE, RB, RG, RT, Safeties linebackers and a kick returner.

WR? Still its Marshall and Bess, the others have yet to make headlines.

Odinseye, I agree with everything you said. The best thing that came out of last nights game was Henne's progress. He was hurried, harassed and hit all night and still made some amazing throws. If I were Daboll I would have him throw 100 touch passes a day until he gets better because that in and of itself hurt him last night. He missed a few that would have helped. But again, I was impressed.
I am more frustrated with the O line, RB and secondary issues that we all knew existed but the FO did nothing about. to put so much stock in rookies at all those positions was ridiculous. Thomas, Gates, Clay and Pouncey(lesser extent) were useless last night. The FO could have made a few acquisitions to help this team immensely and it refused to do so.
Lastly, this D is vastly overrated. They are a slow group up front and can't cover the middle and top of the field. They have nobody to cover the TE and slot receiver. They aren't a playmaking group, that's the biggest problem. Teams can't sustain 10 play drives all night. There has to be a couple of game changing plays in there to be successful. Wake is the only one and when he is handled, especially One on one, it will be a long night.
In closing, the biggest problems that exist are all the same afflictions from past two years. Other than QB, which is a work in progress but showing good signs, they have the same problems. To think that 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th round draft picks are going to solve the problems is asinine. We all saw that last night.

Here's my play on that 4th and one foot:

Bring in Larry Johnson and set him on Henne's left side, Reggie on the right.

Snap, PLAY ACTION to Bush (who fakes a leap onto the pile), Johnson stays back to block and Fasano rolls out into the flat.

Fasano should be wide open for the easy score.

...but we get a high risk, low reward corner route where the window is microscopic and Henne over throws it by a few feet.


Vegas was right
PFT was right
Peter King was right
ESPN was right

Impressive? Game over w/6+ min left. 2 long drives during that time that padded Henne's stats at least 100 yards. NE was playin soft.

Any qb who throws 50 x's will be around 400yds specially when you aint running. Some achievement!

Newton had more yards & better completion % on less attempts. Y'all talking about praising a 4 year QB for something a rook can do!

I said it earlier: Sean Smith is a p u s s y.

We need to re-sign Will Allen ASAP and bench Smith.

No excuses, but I would like to see who will be the one to run successfully at those 2 beasts.

Starting Over In Style ...

• Plaxico Burress -- You can't really talk career renaissance this season without starting the discussion with Burress, who is attempting to re-trace the Michael Vick post-prison comeback of the past two years. That's obviously a high bar of expectation to meet, but Burress is off to an impactful start to his Jets career, catching a 26-yard fourth-quarter touchdown pass that helped boost New York to a comeback of its own. Burress had four catches for 72 yards and that score -- all in the second half -- in the Jets' 27-24 conquest of Dallas on Sunday night, his first regular season game since serving a 20-month sentence for illegal gun possession.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/don_banks/09/13/fresh.starts/index.html#ixzz1XrS9UPfT

We always pass on the good guys and take the wrong guys.

Incognito used to get in fights with the rams cause he got beat alot ...now he's not fighting but holding when he gets beat!

Posted by: BLACKECEROTE | September 13, 2011 at 02:41 PM

Cognito was facing two of the best DT's in Wilfork and Haynesworth. but, who cares about perspective.

We had what....7 holding calls last night?


Cognito was facing two of the best DT's in Wilfork and Haynesworth. but, who cares about perspective.

Posted by: odinseye | September 13, 2011 at 03:09 PM

Two days ago you were laughing at washed up Haynesworth. Today you say he is the best. What a fool, gobble, gobble, gobble.






Great. Who left the damn door open? Flies and jests fans came in!!

odinseye joins DyingBreed in the GOFF (Gang of FlipFloppers)

You guys are total jokers, change your tune to make yourselves right. Revisionist historians.

What turkeys! Gobble, gobble, gobble, LOL.

Justin, I usually agree with you but Pouncy was not good last night. He's a rookie so will cut some slack but from the middle out to RT tackle were just killing Henne and the running game. Pressure up the gut all night. Again, he was ok for a rook, but certainly not good.

Do you guys remember the pizza hut commercial after Hagler stomped Hearns? They showed Marvin smling, eating a big ol' slice of pizza and the announcer asked him what he thought Hearns was eating tonight?
Hagler looked at the camera, laughed and said,: "Probably soup". That's us right now and I don't like it.

I want a badass defense!!

I for one am glad this took place in week one...this will cause every player & coach to look in the mirror and re-evalaute who they are.
As Clint Eastwood famously says:

"A man needs to know his limitations"

The mark of a great man is learning from his mistakes...lets hope all 53 of our players lick their emotional wounds and get back up on that proverbial horse.


Dude, don't put odin in company with breed. odin don't flip-flop, he's always for the Dolphins.

Hey Craig M, thought me and Alby was getting cut?

Shut ya mouth fool! Stick to whatcya know, not whatcya don't!

In the second half the Patriots were blowing by the Dolphins like they were standing still, which they practically were. The pass rush was downright sorry and their coverage was gimpy and two steps behind everything. The Patriots were clearly in far better game shape than Miami was, no question about it, and it showed big-time in the 2nd half. There's nothing to analyze or dissect and it doesn't take a boatload of "insider" knowledge to see the obvious; the better-prepared team ran roughshod over the tired, weary one. It was a sad, pitiful, awful display, if Sparano can't get his team ready for N.E. on opening weekend, what makes anyone think he'll have them ready any other time?

Yes, 'a man has got to know his limitations' but I hope this doesn't limit us to the bottom of the AFC East, where we are right now.

As great a Coach as he is, Belichick is the greatest Game planner Football has ever seen.

Posted by: odinseye | September 13, 2011 at 03:09 PM

Two days ago you were laughing at washed up Haynesworth. Today you say he is the best. What a fool, gobble, gobble, gobble.

Posted by: LOL | September 13, 2011 at 03:10 PM

Duh, I was to high on meth to remember!

Blog hit troll can't harp on Henne's performance so he's making stuff up, how cute.

You NEVER heard me laughing at Haynes you lying piece of Roden shyt-LOL!

Shouldn't you be Hover - rounding it up to score some more meth?

BTW, Henne? I told ya so, didn't I-ROTFLMAO. Henne just keeps getting better and you, you're still P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C, How you like me now?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Valhalla Be-atch!!!!

lousaka forgive them!!!... make soliail an improvised fb was ridiculous... dolphs were deep inside pats territory 6 times in the game (counting the last poss. that ended in an intrception) score just 24 points... they failed to score a td twice being inside the 5 yard line (1 fg and t.o. in downs) that´s 11 points less... inside the 5 you have to run the ball!!! and you need a fb!!.... beyond this massive tuth, we have to accept the dolphs were handled in both lines, i mean henne barely had time and brady could had taken a nap before had made his throw.... just saying

Nobody liked the Hagler reference, darn.

I believe, without Belichick, NE's victories would be halved.

We'll know alot more this time next week.
If the Texans light it up against our defense and we fall to 0-2, this blog will literally be on fire with rage.

And the Man continues to be in good health. Darn it.

hey oscar, I know somebody who knows somebody in Boston that may be able to take care of your little problem...

Me and Sean Smith be the best cb tandem in the league.

Dear Fans,


Buy your "Suck for Luck" t-shirts right now available everywhere!



P.S. Buy your Houston Oilers tickets today before they sell-out!


Ours, NH, ours.

Right on brother- we the best - lemme axe you sumpin, u ever seen a better tandem than last night?

No matter how well Henne played, he can't throw a catch-able long ball.

Game over.

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