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Patriots put cramp in Dolphins home weather advantage

Gassed? Cramps?

The Miami Dolphins?

One of the most galling things about Monday night's game against the New England Patriots was not that the Dolphins lost -- New England was favored. It was not that Tom Brady toyed with the Miami defense -- he has a way of doing that against many teams.

It was just that the Miami Dolphins, a team that trains and conditions in South Florida and should have some sort of weather advantage here, couldn't catch its collective breath.

Vontae Davis suffered cramps and couldn't come back in the game. Sean Smith cramped up and stayed in the game, although it seemed clear he was struggling, which is why he got beaten for a 29-yard completion by Aaron Hernandez.

Brandon Marshall suffered cramps. Defensive linemen were seen bent over between plays, clearly needing to catch their breath.

What's up with that?

Did the Dolphins fail to hydrate? Did they not take IVs at halftime? Were they not aware that New England's no-huddle offense -- which was on display in the preseason -- was going to tax their conditioning?

All these questions deserve good answers -- maybe before Sunday when the Dolphins play a 4:15 game against Houston.


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Wow. Crackin' on Vontae, how about Sean? He's the problem. Him and Jones.

We got outclassed, out coached & out played by a better team. Period. It's not all that surprising.

If this same kind of result happens next week, Ross will start to put his finger closer to Sparano's "eject" seat button.

Read a few late posts and have to make one comment. If you are in here today talking about what Henne needs to improve on you are completely clueless. COMPLETELY CLUELESS.

I'm not saying Henne is a pro bowler and I'm not saying he's turned any corner. I'm saying in a game where the only good thing to talk about was the play of our QB you have to be a complete ignorant fool to pick apart his play.

That is it, there's no excuse. There are so many things that went wrong and the one thing that went right you want to pick apart? STUPID. If you want to point to a couple of overthrows and act as if that was some kind of difference in the game or act as if that's what we should be concerned with today you are incredibly moronic.

That means you watched the game and picked a few bad throws to judge by as if the goal is to get Henne to make every throw on the money. NO QB DOES THAT! Brady gets close but did you also notice how he has no pressure and stands back there like a statue? He has time to go through all of his reads and come back to his first read before our defense even gets 2 feet away from him! Henne is running around half the game trying to avoid sacks after a 3 step drop!

Please stop commenting on football if you have never played and don't know what you're talking about, you look foolish.

Hey LouD,

Don't worry we've been carrying the Henne flag, but the concensus seems to be the defense has some questions to answer.

I can't remember the last Dolphins regular season home game I was at that they won. I think I missed the one from last year even though I am a season ticket holder. Must have been some time in 2009!! Damn!

consensus, sorry doh!

I know JAX I just can't believe there is even ONE person in here that is criticizing him today.


Good for you! We need more season ticket holders

Everyone keeps saying Nolan is one of the most creative defensive minds in football. I didn't see anything creative yesterday unless 4 man rush and giving brady time to shave his face before he throws is considered being creative.

Miami will go 1-7 this year at home again. The only victory will be against the DENVER BRONCOS. Only reason Fins will win is the Broncos will get confused when the fans start cheering for TEBOW!

Nobody liked the Hagler reference, darn.

Posted by: JaxDolphin | September 13, 2011 at 03:24 PM

Sorry Jax. I thought it was great.

I'm just still a little stunned over the defenced.


You know how some people are...you can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time lol

Imagine if the fins didn't play in the afc east vs. those greedy teams like the bills in the 90's and jets and pats now..and why do the fins always play a division rival on monday night why not give us a team we don't play alot not a team that has a great coach that knows us so well.no more monday night football i haTE IT!

Nobody liked the Hagler reference, darn.

Posted by: JaxDolphin | September 13, 2011 at 03:24 PM

Sorry Jax. I thought it was great.

I'm just still a little stunned over the defenced.
Posted by: odinseye | September 13, 2011 at 03:51 PM

Whew! I thought all that skull-sweat was wasted lol. I guess only us old guys remember great boxing.

Yeah well winning home games apparently isn't Sparanos strong suit. So eiher he turns it around and wins at least 5 home games this season or Ross will fire him. And the next coach better be a coach. I don't care what anyone says I'm sick of bringing in assistants, I want a coach who actually coached at the NFL level. Cowher, Fisher, Gruden, etc. I don't want to hear their stats or why they won when they won. They won, they were competent, they made good decisions on player acquisitions and cuts. We need some f***ing credibility back in Miami, this is getting pathetic. Wandestadt,Saban,Cameron,Sparano,,,,,WTF?!!!! Who's next, the equipment manager for the Steelers because he was around a good team like the rest of these dolts? Enough is enough, Tony turns it around or we bring in a credible coach.

If this same kind of result happens next week, Ross will start to put his finger closer to Sparano's "eject" seat button.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | September 13, 2011 at 03:38 PM

So what you're saying is, SpOrano's not on the hot seat, he's on the "Inspector Gadget" seat?


I was really PO'd about three pages ago lol, but I'm starting to calm down and look forward to next week now. Nolan better earn his pay this week damn it.


LouD I'm with you on replacing Sparano, he cannot coach. Wonder what Fisher is doing?

Yeah well winning home games apparently isn't Sparanos strong suit. So eiher he turns it around and wins at least 5 home games this season or Ross will fire him


No way Fins win 5 home games. Not going to happen. They very well may be favored only in one of them and could end up going 1-7 at home.


I swear I saw him having a snack on one dropback before one of those TD's.

Loud, calling people ignorant & stupid makes you what? Feel like a man? Somehow smarter?

FYI, it makes you ignorant & stupid too.

If you ever played football, like your post suggests, you'd know the biggest throws a QB makes are in the red zone! Right?

If you watched last night, that's primarily where Henne struggled, right? We settled for 3 points out of 7 when down by 7 & came up empty another time trying to get the game back to 7.

Certainly, you should be able to put 2 & 2 together & figure out how important that was, RIGHT? Constructive criticism never hurt anybody, except you, apparently.


Well, the average weight of our front 7 is 240, while the average weight of the Patsies O line is 390. How are we supposed to get any pressure? Another way Belecheck has outsmarted the league, which is never commented on--after all, football people are not rocket scientists--is HE USES OFFENSIVE LINEMEN AS HIS DEFENSIVE TACKLES!! Please try to pay attention. It would not be that hard to emulate. Get a couple of 390 pound monsters and play them at tackle in a 4-3 scheme. Then the other team cannot run and you even get sacks UP THE MIDDLE when your 400 pound nose tackle CRUSHES the QB. Pretty simple, really. The days of 215 pound defensive ends like J. Taylor having any effectiveness are long gone. This is not 1986.

Always supported Sparano until now. It was made painfully obvious to me and about a hundred million people last night what good coaching looks like. Hint: it was the OTHER team's coach.

We need to do a nationwide search of 400 pound men, put a helmet on them, and that's our defensive tackles.

So what you're saying is, SpOrano's not on the hot seat, he's on the "Inspector Gadget" seat?

Posted by: odinseye | September 13, 2011 at 03:59 PM

I guess you can say that, YES.

I just figured it out! No wonder Jake Long was so happy with the offensive line play. He was saying how they were really going to be a great line and were doing some great things in practice. YEAH, unfortunately for Jake he thought they were going up against an elite defensive line and he was wrong. I mean the defense can fix itself a little but how do you not get any pressure on the QB going up against two rookies on the right side of their o-line?! This isn't going to get any easier, the o-lines we are going to face have more experience then the Pats did. So now the offensive line comes out after playing against these chumps for 5 weeks and are overwhelmed. A whole new experience for them apparently.

And the fact that Chad Henne was our leading rusher last night speaks VOLUMES about this front offices inability to field a FULL competent team at one time. They fix one thing and let another area go to s**T! And still can't fix the o-line.

I don't care anymore. I'm so sick of wasting my time and money on these guys and now know how Pats fans felt in the 80's. That's why you give up on your team, a decade of incompetence and wasted sundays. Thanks Bill for the latest round of incompetence, next!

Just like evry other losing team that can't get out of their own way. The fans lose interest and stop going to games. I have seen the light and don't blame one person for staying home. Black out all of the games, who gives a s**t.


odin was jk with you.

Jax, I know.


Step away from the keyboard. Place your hands on the refrigerator handle. Open the fridge, get out ice. Proceed to bar area, get out Scotch (preferably single malt), pour two fingers in shot glass. Look at ice, place on knuckles you barked on the wall. Drink Scotch, neat. Repeat as needed.

Dave Wannstedt, who y'all ran out of town, never got embarrassed by the Pats game after game, beat them half the time, and usually went 11-5 using a 185 pound QB named Fiedler.

not coming on here to be critical of henne... overall i thought he did better...

what i would like to see this offense do is GET UP TO THE LINE AND RUN THE FRIGGIN PLAY

it's not as bad as those chad pennington snoozefest two drives per quarter but my goodness why does it take so long to... *huddle up; *get the play in; *get up to the line; *get the play off

the defense can absolutely get set; get subs in; make adjustments; sniff out the play... please please if anyone is listening work on this

i literally couldn't watch because of this

and how many delay of games did we get?

Ireland keeps Carroll and cuts Will Allen to save 1 million against the cap (which we aren't even spending up to!) We could have used Will Allen last night!

Fins give Franchise tag to an average DT. What a waste of $$$ and cap room.

Fins sign Dallas RT who is washed up and now they can't cut him cause his contract is guaranteed.

Fins don't resign Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams cause they sign Reggie Bush who is injury prone and can't run between the tackles. Ricky looked good Sunday in Baltimore.

Fins don't have a FB and have to play our DT in that position, can't punch ball into end zone from 2 yard line.




We are the laughing stock of the NFL. Seriously. And now we were embarrassed on MNF.


You didn't give Sparano any love, well he sucks too.

I'm waiting for Jeff ireland's retort to IrelandSucks.

Based on his history, it should be midly entertaining!

Can't fault Henne: he wasn't one of the guys all hunched over gasping for air as if they'd never experienced hurry-up football before. You'd think that "run a hurry-up style offense and throw to Welker a lot" was some kind of new twist no one had ever conceived of before. At the half, the Pats clearly took note of the winded Dolphins and they adjusted accordingly. Then they demolished an utterly gassed defense like it was nothing. It reminded me of a NCAA "cupcake" game, where Alabama or Ohio State or a similar team plays a BS first half against Toledo or Appalachian State or someone inferior then pulls away quickly in the 3rd quarter.

Now we'll have to listen to a week's worth of total loser-talk. "We'll get 'em next time, it's only one game, we need to make a few tweaks, Brady makes many defenses look terrible" and etc. This is Sparano's fourth season here and all I saw last night was a more disappointing version of the 2009-2010 teams. A lifeless bunch with no identity featuring a mess of overrated talent that can't hang with the big guns, run by a coaching staff that can't hang either. Seeing how far this once-proud franchise has fallen is too depressing for words.

When is his press conference?


Excellent post about the nit picking.

I think it's just sour grapes moreso than a lack of football knowledge............Ha Ha, just kidding. The ignoramuses would have brought in Pee Wee Herman to play QB their so freaking clueless.

They had no problems cutting Henne after one and then two seasons starting. They would have you believe that THEY know how to evaluate a QB, totally disregarding all they saw him in was HenningS pathetic offense.

They had no problem condeming him as total garbage. After a nice pre season instead of admiting he looked better, they condemned him because it was pre season. Now that he looked sharp against a perrenial playoff team? All they can do is nitpick.

I love the cluelessness, it's starting to become amusing. Their next fallback position is that the Pats secondary sucks(more deep analysis-LOL). The same secondary that cut Brandon Merriweather and makes the playoffs every year, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Their also mostly the same ones that denounced Daboll, again totally disregarding the roster he was working with and the Rookie QB McCoy.

I'm not saying there might not have been better OC's out there to choose from, but from the second Daboll was hired I was posting how it would be addition by subtraction. So far Daboll is exceeding even my biased and jaded expectations-LOL.

Ultimately, now the trolls are in a conundrum. They touted the D all off season and castigated Henne. Their new fallback position: They have to admit they were wrong one way or the other right? NOPE! All these dumbshyts can do now is NITPICK-ROTFLMAO!

I'm taking your advice as much as I can and think you should too, my new motto: IGNORE THE IGNORANCE!!!!

Sparano's conference, I don't expect one from Jeffy.

Ireland is correct here, except we must note that we've been embarrassed o MNF the last 4 times.

Aquablues, at the end of the day, it was a 14 point loss. It wasn't that bad! It doesn't fall on Henne.

If the D had made even a couple of stops in the 2nd half & we scored td's from 6 feet away, it's a tie game.

It's not like the Pats really stopped us that much either. We moved the ball at will until we got to close to that darned endzone LOL

my new motto: IGNORE THE IGNORANCE!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | September 13, 2011 at 04:20 PM

cool, so you will be ignoring yourself now

Joe I played football for 15 years. I played QB for the last 8 years of that experience. So where you look at stat sheets or watch the game while throwing back a few and proclaim that Henne couldn't do this or couldn't do that, I watch the game from an educated point of view. I can see as well as any other person who ever played the game, especially anyone who played the QB position, that when your WRs can't get open in the end zone and you have no running game and your o-line is porous, it seriously hampers your ability to convert red zone passes.

You can look with your eyes all you want but you're not seeing the game the way that I am. That is all.

And calling people ignorant and stupid,,,,nah doesn't make me a man,, ,just makes me right. I guess you were one of the people who chose to ignore the horrid play of the rest of the team while focusing on Chads 'inferior' game? Is that why you're so mad and specifically pointed me out to berate me? I didn't point any persons name out so I'm not sure why you're taking such offense. I didn't call anyone stupid (said IT,IT,IT,IT,IT was stupid to point out the one thing that went right in the game) and ignorant is not a bad word. It means someone who isn't informed but you know that.

So where's all of the hostility coming from man? Were we having a conversation or was I simply posting an opinion on something? And should you be that upset over my opinion or should you read it, agree or disagree, and simply comment without making assumptions and accusations about my personality even though we have never even met one time in our lives? You're a weird guy ace.

Why would Cowher or Gruden want to coach in Miami, where we get 60,000 fans, 25,000 of them are for the other team, and it's dead silent. To me, that was another embarrassing aspect of the nationally televised game--the silence. Compare that to games in Cleveland, Pitt, Green Bay, anywhere else.

If you watched last night, that's primarily where Henne struggled, right? We settled for 3 points out of 7 when down by 7 & came up empty another time trying to get the game back to 7.

osted by: Joe Schmoe | September 13, 2011 at 04:03 PM

Everybody knows Henne has to keep improving, that's not an issue. You call it stuggling in the Red zone, but I saw a PHUCKING PERFECT RED ZONE TD STRIKE to Hartline. Pin Point accuracy at it's FINEST, perfect zip and PERFECT TOUCH! I also saw a sweet phucking read in the RED ZONE where he kept his cool and made a TOTALLY EXCELLENT decision by tucking the BALL AWAY and JAMMING it in the END ZONE!

The big question here really is, when everybody and their brother knows Henne has a long way to go, on a night when Henne lights it the FVCK UP giving us hope, on a night when the D LITERALLY choked, puked, wheezed, gagged and gave up a win, the question is:

Why are you here nitpicking the one and ONLY bright spot in a forgetable game?

Could it be because the ONE SINGLE bright spots name is HENNE?

Yeah, cry me a river Brother................

Understand the game I know, that's rich. Once again, never met me, have you? I used to be able to thread a tire on the run from 30 yards out. I understand the game VERY well. I was a good QB. My playbook was 243 pages long and each page had at least 3 audibles that went along with our formation we were in. I had that book memorized! I had a short career in college and had my left collar bone broken and right knee cap twisted to the back of my leg on the same play. Why, because my RG didn't remember the cadence and didn't get the correct jump off the snap, DT CAME through and destroyed me. Never played again. Took me over a year to recover fully while trying to finish my degree. I understand the game all too well. If you don't want to take my points or listen to me that's your choice. But don't ever question my ability to see a game properly. I do know what I'm talking about and if you knew me you would find that out really quickly.

Sorry if I offended you for any reason. I'm fired up too you know! Do you think it's easy for me having played the game to sit and watch this coach cluelessly "lead" our team? I'm throwing s**t through my walls man I want to be out there so bad. I'm working on a large construction project for a law firm up here and I've been talking on the computer abvout this all day! I'm going to be doing this all night now. Becauseeeeeeeee I'm fired up! But I never said anything about you and was actually referring to someone who wrote a two line crap opinion about Henne that made no sense at all. It was a name that I said I wouldn't read but did anyway, a name I've never seen. But it wasn't your name unless your posting under multiple names so I don't know why all the hostility directed right at me.

Someone said it was not play calling but it only takes one bad play call to completely change the outcome of the game.4TH DOWN 1/2 yard to go,thats 18 inches people, im thinking henne should bark out the play to the pats, we r gonna slam it down your throat straight up the middle, stop us if u can.Game is on the line, we throw a weak fade to hartline of all the recievers we have. Chicken crap, NOT Dolphin Football.Why would you not keep Polite on the team, was he injured? Just does not make sense at all. Well, time to move on, and hope we learned.Go Miami!

Joe Schmoe: And if the Dolphins had been able to keep up, maybe it's a seven point game, or even possibly a three point game. Then you're one miscue or great play away from pulling out a win. No offense but saying "it was only a 2TD loss" is loser talk, exactly the sort of thing this organization has been wallowing in for way too long. It wouldn't be so discouraging if, at the end of the game, guys were still throwing themselves around trying to make things happen. But what I saw was a whipped, beaten bunch that just wanted to get it over with already and in week one that's a bad, bad sign.

I've been following this bunch for forty years and it's frustrating to watch this mediocrity set in and become the norm. It never seems to change and it's hard to shake the feeling that we'll soon be enduring yet another tear-down and re-building period under yet another new coach. It didn't used to be this way, no, it didn't used to be this way at all.

odinseye said it perfectly for me, that was all I was getting at. But once again I wouyld like to point out that I called NO ONE stupid. Just didn't happen. And I'm done with this conversation. I'm not here to have a pi**ing match with someone on the computer.

This is crazy for most of you to go off like this. I mean I enjoyed the game for the most part. Our offense was doing some great things, and the D let me down big time. If the D plays better we will be good and we will see the Pats again. Now we shouldnt be to mad about the lost hell its N.E. or did yall forget they only lost like 3 games last year. Okay enough said they will beat almost every team every sunday, as much as I hate to believe it, but when they are moving the ball like that its no way any team can stop them.
Henne thank you for not losing the game.
Tony WTF you still didnt fix that little 1 yard rush from preseason come on man.
D I dont have any words for the D.
Overall the phins look better just hope this offense keeps improving.
Go Phins


why no nit-picky complaining about Fasano?

The td to Hartline in the middle of the end zone be credited to Daboll. Ever since Henning arrived we've shied away from passes in the middle, preferring to concentrate on the corners (see second attempt to Hartline).

It could be because that bright spot is an illusion. Henne has often played well between the twenties but then chokes slime in the red zone. Henne has always made some great throws. He just never seems to make them when they count most. Never. Henne looks like a better QB than Sanchez to my eyes, but dang Sanchez often comes through when it counts most, that is the one glaring difference.

I get the feeling this team doesn't hit hard enough in practice, so they think they are much better than they are. Just guessing on that. Also, Tony saying someone was outstanding or tremendous means squat. He is FOS. What's scary is he probably believes himself.

Fair to say, its only one game. Fair to say a new offense and new line is going to need more time. We have plenty of more chances. We need to be 2-2 at a minimum at the bye, or the whack Tony chant is going to be roaring.

Thnx MRMiami, rational minds are needed right now. I have been anything but.

And I'm usually pretty positive people! I was just expecting a lot more from our defense. They looked disinterested. There was no fire or urgency and it looked like they were over thinking every thing trying to be too perfect. Micromanaging coach leads to micromanaging players?

it was just a 8-8 team losing vs a 13-3 team.
Showed good things on offense, despite subpar OL and no goal-line runner.
Defense just as usual: bad vs good teams, good vs bad teams. Both CBs are overrated, no depth behind them and still no decent FS

my new motto: IGNORE THE IGNORANCE!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | September 13, 2011 at 04:20 PM

cool, so you will be ignoring yourself now

Posted by: LOL | September 13, 2011 at 04:23 PM

No, but I will be totally ignoring YOU and not replying to YOUR ignorant posts-Dohh(DAMMIT, I just did it again!)

Silly Wabbitt Tricks are for Trolls ;)

Just skimmed the transcript, sounds even more clueless than last year.

Reading over the post-game quotes, it seemed like all the offensive players were like, "we did ok, but we need to do better". All the defensive players said was "Brady is good", or "we have to look at the tape to see what went wrong".

PSSST, defense, I'll let you in on what went wrong without looking at the tape: Tom Brady set a record for passing yards against your franchise's defense. That's what went wrong. Jeez this ain't rocket science.

Was Bradys best game in NE franchise history. So who is getting better and who is getting worse?

Guys TRUST ME on this one:

the FINS need to LOSE as many games as they can..................

1. that would get rid of the 2 MORONS Neal and Bob...I mean jeff/tony

2. Face it or not you need a TOP PICK 5, to get a TOP NOTCH QB...........suck for LUCK


or need one for GRUDEN???

I'll go ahead and say I told you so to our trolls, we didn't hit Brady in the mouth, yes like I said we needed to, and it cost us the game.

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