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Roster cuts: How Moore views his status (with video)

The Dolphins, like all NFL teams, will trim their rosters to 53 players by 6 p.m. Saturday. Obviously, that will not be the end of the roster rattling, as most teams then will pick up players waived by others in order to piece together the strongest roster possible.

The Dolphins have already cut players. I reported yesterday they cut Dedrick Epps, Gerald Alexander, and John Matthews. Today they have already cut six more players but so far reached only a couple of those -- the informed part is import because when the players find out, the media begins to find out.. One of those informed he has been cut is No. 4 QB Kevin O'Connell.

None of those cuts are surprises. None hurt.

The ones that would hurt include solid playres such as Marlon Moore, or Nolan Carroll or Larry Johnson or Will Allen -- players that have value but are caught in a numbers game. I don't know that any of the above mentioned players are either cut or sticking. When I know, you'll know.

All of them are waiting for news and hoping they never get a phone call from the team. No call means nothing's happened and so you're not cut.

Moore is especially intriguing to me because I believe he is easily among Miami's best 53 players but still might not make the team for several reasons: The Dolphins might only keep five wide receivers and the fifth wide receiver has to be a fine special teams player. Roberto Wallace has a role on the team because he's a very good special teams player thus he could win the fifth receiver job.

I believe Moore will play in the NFL this season regardless of whether he's cut or not. Someone else will pick him up if he is. My only hope is the Dolphins recognize he's coming on and somehow make room for him.

I talked to Moore after Thursday's preseason finale about the looming roster decisions and how he thought it would affect him. Here is that conversation



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Yeah I'm not sure about adding a guy like Marlon Moore. I think with Marshall, Bess, Hartline, Gates and Wallace the position is pretty well covered. Not sure where Moore fits into that mix. Ideally we could trade him for something of more need. I think I'd rather see guys like Carroll and Allen on the team over Moore. I see CB as more of a need position on this team than WR.

Armando, like I said yesterday, it would be a huge mistake to cut Moore. He will be a playmaker in this league, hopefully with the Dolphins. Let's not make the same mistake we did with Anthony Armstrong. We have 6 very good WRs on our roster, 5 still learning and improving and one established veteran. This league, as you know Armando, is now a passing league, you never have too many WRs. I also like Ryan Baker, but how does he stick if we don't trade one of our def.linemen like Merling? It's the deepest unit on our roster. Too bad, cause Baker is another guy who's improving. We might be forced to cut some of these improved players to add depth to our o-line. Unless we want to keep some of these stiffs like Jerry, Berger, etc...It would make sense to sign Shaun O'Hara.

Cooz, From last post

Good call on Carey seems signing his old College teamate McKinney (UM) might have been a problem. Those two would have closed down more than one $5.99 all you can eat chinese buffet, LOL!

i tend to agree with you craig but i'd rather go with 2 TE and 6 WR over 3 TE and 5 WR. i really don't wanna see 2 TE set anymore. we dis that nearly every 1st and 2nd down last year. more 3 and 4 wide this season please!! so6WR makes more sense.

Hey Mando,

Do you see the Fins making a surprise trade (i.e. Devone Bess or Brian Hartline) in order to keep both Roberto Wallace and Moore?

Also, in your opinion, how much is Merling worth in trade value (i.e 3rd round draft pick)?

Finally, since O'Connell was cut, does that mean Devlin made the team as our 3rd QB? I liked what I saw from him, although it was a few reps...

Never heard of Rare Earth? Maybe you were born abroad or under 35. They were a major band, first Motown all white band to have some hits.

We must keep 6 Wide for the first 2-3 weeks , and later try to trade B. Marshall for a 1st. or 2nd, round...the rest of the wide out are very talented to make some noise inthe NFL.


I'm not in favour of keeping 3 TE's either. But I have questions about our secondary yet and I think we will need guys like Allen, Sapp and Carroll at some point. Guys want to say this is a passing league and I agree. So if that's the case we're going to need as many able bodied CBs as we can through out there against teams like the Pats and Texans. We're stronger at the WR position than at the CB position. To me Moore is a duplication of some of the guys we already have on the roster. I'd rather see guys like Wallace and Gates play more and develop.

Wow Mando, thought you said Edds (not Epps) yesterday. Didn't really understand that simply because he was hurt in camp last year and shortened camp this year.

But maybe I read it wrong?

Sapp csn go, the guy is just awful in coverage, really bad. Just watch him, he can't cover anybody. He is a one dimensional player.

cocoajoe, it's EPPS that got cut, not EDDS. EDDS isn't going anywhere. He will be a starter someday for the Dolphins. You watch.

Yeah, #1 got it but I thought Mando said Edds yesterday.

Marshall is like a TO player, talented but a constant distraction. He makes QB's feel obligated to throw to him more than the others. You trade Marshall and all the other receivers will be better together, the ball will get spread around better.

The Dolphins would be foolish to trade Marshall now that he's finally getting some chemistry with Henne. The other guys are good but still learning. When Marshall is at his best, he's top 5 in the league. Trading him at this point wouldn't make any sense. Let's wait and see. An underachieving 2011 I'd consider it. But not now.

Scott, what's Sapp's one dimension?

Look at this guy. They throw to Brandon because he is light years ahead of any receiver we have.

Don't pay any close attention to Armando because, on occassions, he seems, well, you know, I mean, distracted.

Sapp plays the run well, not the pass. On his previous team he gave up 70% of the passes thrown at him. Just watch him in coverage and you'll see.

Guys, all Marshall wants is to win. Give him the ball on a regular basis and have the team win and he'll be a model citizen. Watch...

The guy is a bit misunderstood. He wants to win SO badly when things don't go as planned he lets his emotions get away from him.

...Scott. I understand this is a forum for opinions. So I will respect yours. But are you serious? Before last season. Brandon Marshall was a top 5 reciever in this league. He remains a matchup nightmere. And is one of the very few recievers in this league that gives the quarterback the wiggle room to turn a poorly thrown ball into a reception. No way would our team be better without him. I agree that spreading the ball around is crucial to playing efficient offensive football. Isn't it in the best interest of our Offense, an Chad Henne to find ways to get Marshall the ball? This team needs playmakers, we do not need to get rid of them

they need to make room for a talent like marlon moore one way or another. i don't often agree with mando but i'm on board with him this time that moore is definitely among the 53 best on this team.

People have been saying for years now that the Dolphins can't keep a defense honest, can't stretch the secondary. My answer to that is put Gates on one side and Moore on the other. That's SPEED. Have guys like Marshall and/or Bess for the short stuff and Bush coming out of the backfield and I garantee you defenses will be stretched. That will be extremely difficult to defend. The only thing we can hope for is Henne being able to hit an open WR. If he can do that, the Dolphins will make the playoffs. The defense is pretty good, we're one impact free safety player away from being a top 3 defense in the league. But it's good enough to give us a few wins. We'll see.

See you guys later. I'm out. We'll see who gets the axe today.


Your response is totally logical, and my post was kind of illogical. I just think Marshall demands too much attention from his own team as well. Without him we end up having more weapons, with him the other receivers disappear to a certain extent. Marshall gets inside the QB's head if he is not getting enough passes his way, just like TO. QB's don't need that added burden. If we could get 2 second round picks for him, I'd do it now that we have plenty of good WRs. Plus he is always going to be a walking time bomb. He'll slip up at the worst possible time.

Hartline needs to go, keep moore. It doesnt matter about henne, if he even makes it through this season he wont be there next season.

jets already cut 16 players last night but none of any consequence.

last nights cuts were matthews, alexander and epps.

Michah Johnson cut in KC> Couldn't cut it here and obviously couldn't cut it in KC. Tough to stick in this league.

don't understand the micah johnson thing. when he played in preseason last year all he did was make tackles behind the line of scrimmage and he was cut.


Agreed. That guy should have been a contributor on a team somewhere. Don't get it.

Jalem Parmelee chopped in Baltimore too, another ex 'Phin.

And now this other guy says we need to get rid of Hartline. Armando, where do you pick up these knowledgeable Fans?

titans cut mcquistan. there's a surprise.

Roster cuts are always a tricky thing when balancing out need vs. potential like the Fins have with some of these players. I happen to agree with Montreal Fin about Baker being the odd man out on a very deep DL rotation. I don`t think there will be a very big interest in Merling on the trade block. He came into the League with the rep of being a bit of a slacker and was coming off a hernia operation as well,(I wanted DE Calais Campbell from the U that year) add that to having compiled all of 2.5 sacks in 4 Seasons and don`t see were he nets anything higher than a 6th rounder in a trade, if that, we got McDaniel for a 7 from the Jags. The only guys up front with any value would be Starks, Langford and Soliai which I think are off limmits in trade speculation.

The tricky thing in these cut downs will be at WR & DB, do we keep 6 WR`s or not with Moore still being an interesting prospect given he possess the only real legit vertical speed outside of Gates who`s just a rookie. The game is about the pass as some have stated and I would be inclined to keep 6. At DB Nolan Carroll has seriously underwhelmed this Summer. In our 1st Pre-Season game the Falcons isolated Julio Jones on him and it was all Carroll could do to keep up getting smoked in play after play but he`s still young can we affored to keep him?? Remember he was active on game day last year so he no longer is eligable for the PS.

Do we cut him and keep W.Allen to run the slot and back up at the 2 CB spots sacrificing youth for a proven Vet, although an injury prone one as well. Me I`d keep W.Allen and Benny Sapp, some will say Sapp is a liability and maybe so but has shown up more on game day than Carroll. Here comes the pick were I know some will blast me but I would cut Hillard not so much for LJ who I keep anyway and cross my fingers he has a rebirth of sorts ala Cedric Benson in Cin. but because I keep Polite at FB with Bush, LJ, Thomas at RB. I also keep only Fasano at TE with Clay the H-Back dropping Mustrad, Shular and ripping thru the waiver wire for a vet TE. I also entertain trading maybe Starks if the right player fell at TE but again it would have to be someone of equal value at TE that we get from him at DE. Some interesting desicions for TS in the next hours for sure!!

...Scott. I agree with you on a few fronts. Like you mentioned. We must spread the ball around much better then last year. In the games where Henne played his best. Marshall had plenty of catches, but others were involved as well. To many times last year we fell into the trap of targeting the same recievers. Leaving other playmaker standing alone with their ding a lings in their hands.

Good offensive coordinators, and quarterbacks utilize all of the weapons at their diposal. If these guys can make the roster, why not use them? Henne has to spread the ball around just to keep defenses more honest. Not to dificult to prepare, or defend when you know the ball will only go to a few players.

As far as Marshall being a disruptor. He was obviously frustrated with the offense last year. If the offense has success, we will have a quiet content BM. If we do not, and the offense looks like the JV unit from last year. Marshalls voice will probably be heard. At this point this would be the least of the teams problems.


Trade Marlon Moore? No one will give anything for a player youre forced to cut anyway. Hartline, a former starter, played played the final preseason game. Though its not written in stone, the line of thinking suggest to me the "possibilty" Hartline could have been "showcased" as possible "tradebait".

It also shows me the possibility of keeping 6 wr's on the 53 only to deal Hartline later. Same as what happened to Camarillo last year. What happened to Camarillo last season could very well be our clue.

But no way does a team trade anything for Moore feeling confident he could be outright released or there's chance of poaching him from our PS. I think he's far too value to risk in any of those two scenarios.

graig cooper released by the eagles- for the U fans.

so mando, henne still suck? what say u? got stance or do you want to chime in with the mob later? lol

fasano WILL BE CUT .....................

fasano WILL BE CUT .....................

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Hope you dont confuse my 2:44PM post with attempting to get rid of Hartline. Just think Moore's far too valuable(upside) to risk losing.

I like Hartline, but I still dont see him as a primary threat of making any pro bowls anytime soon either. Hartline may always be a very good nfl quality wr, but, his "upside" will always be limited. He may always have greater value along side a great #1wr.

However, so would 31 other starting #2wr's. Im just suggesting keeping Moore offers flexibility of getting value for Hartline. Of the two, I believe Moore has far greater potential to being a #1wr than Hartline. A wr core with Hartline as it's #1wr is probably a wr core of very limited overall quality.



I didn't say we would be ABLE to trade him. I was only suggesting I'd rather see that than us just giving him away.

I actually think we have a problem. Some may say it's a good problem to have, but I'm not sure how we make everyone fit when you look at Allen, Culver, Carroll, Moore, Baker, Hiiliard and Polite. Some guys are going to get chopped here and I think Ireland is going to get second-guessed (what else is new). My only point when talking about Moore was that maybe there was a team out there who had depth at say CB or OL, who might be looking for a receiver. I don't think there's anything unrealistic about that.

..Fin4Life. Anyone that posts here with any regularity knows I'm a unapologetic Montana Grizzly Homer. I'm starting to think that it would make sense for the Phins to cut Lex. For whatever reasons he has not been able to gain the trust of Sparano. Even this preseason his reps have been limited. The signing of Johnson was a clear sign that Hilliard has still failed to impress. The #3 even #2 job was there for him to grab, he hasn't done this.

Obviously, I want to see Hilliard stay a Phin. But if his duties are going to be limited to sprinting down the field for touchbacks, and being the outside protector on the punt team. I would rather see him cut loose, just so he could get an opportunity somewhere else.


There's NO WAY we should trade Brandon Marshall. Playmakers like him are rare in this league and when you get one, you don't give him up.

His attitude will be much better this year, and he will be a MAJOR part of our new explosive offense. I just hope the OL gets better.


Sammy Morris out in New England and Faulk on PUP list. It's going to be be interesting to see if the Pats are going to be able to run the ball effectively with the kids and Green-Ellis. Somehow we've got to exploit this week 1 and get in Brady's face all game.

Michah Johnson cut in KC> Couldn't cut it here and obviously couldn't cut it in KC. Tough to stick in this league.

Posted by: Craig M | September 03, 2011 at 02:30 PM


I never liked that guy-Dooh!

Hot sauce please(to go with my Crow)!

Everyone says Marshall had such a bad year in 2010. I have to disagree. The guy had over 1000 yards, was injured and out a game or two, had to deal with the Henning/Henne debacle. I think the guy was exactly as advertised.


I think you're right about Hilliard. I just hope he doesn't end up in New England and come back and haunt us.



Don't be stirring it up...LOL.



Do you remember the Grizzlies playing Georgia Southern in the I-AA playoffs years ago?


Highly doubtful that Hartline is going anywhere. I'm not sure why guys are do down on this guy. Nobody is saying he's a number one receiver but he's shown himself to be a good safety valve for Henne at key points in a game. I don't get the hate for this guy.

It wasn't you I was referring to, DB. Read up. You have a point.


I would lose ZERO sleep over Hilliard, Polite, or Carroll getting cut.

1. Polite: The true fb position has become a nearly extinct species anyway. In a year or two the position will become petrified rock.

2. Hilliard: Has had a nice 2 year run of making the team on primarily st's prowess alone. We need more from the rb roster spot than that.

3. Carroll: The sudden emergence of udfa Jimmy Wilson has made the status this former "draft pick" truly obsolete. Clearly he didnt step it up to the next level and Wilson's showing far more upside and versatility.

4. Allen: Could become a cap casualty. $1.5 million maybe too much to pay a player who didnt beat out Benny Sapp for the nickel position. This maybe his fate.

Culver and Baker arent going anywhere. I would be surprised if either of these two arent on the 53.

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