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Roster cuts: How Moore views his status (with video)

The Dolphins, like all NFL teams, will trim their rosters to 53 players by 6 p.m. Saturday. Obviously, that will not be the end of the roster rattling, as most teams then will pick up players waived by others in order to piece together the strongest roster possible.

The Dolphins have already cut players. I reported yesterday they cut Dedrick Epps, Gerald Alexander, and John Matthews. Today they have already cut six more players but so far reached only a couple of those -- the informed part is import because when the players find out, the media begins to find out.. One of those informed he has been cut is No. 4 QB Kevin O'Connell.

None of those cuts are surprises. None hurt.

The ones that would hurt include solid playres such as Marlon Moore, or Nolan Carroll or Larry Johnson or Will Allen -- players that have value but are caught in a numbers game. I don't know that any of the above mentioned players are either cut or sticking. When I know, you'll know.

All of them are waiting for news and hoping they never get a phone call from the team. No call means nothing's happened and so you're not cut.

Moore is especially intriguing to me because I believe he is easily among Miami's best 53 players but still might not make the team for several reasons: The Dolphins might only keep five wide receivers and the fifth wide receiver has to be a fine special teams player. Roberto Wallace has a role on the team because he's a very good special teams player thus he could win the fifth receiver job.

I believe Moore will play in the NFL this season regardless of whether he's cut or not. Someone else will pick him up if he is. My only hope is the Dolphins recognize he's coming on and somehow make room for him.

I talked to Moore after Thursday's preseason finale about the looming roster decisions and how he thought it would affect him. Here is that conversation



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BRONCOS cut ORTON today.....wow!!!

Greg Orton WR, that is.....never heard of him...LOL.

He had bulging Biceps but he was cramped.

Hey ALoco-

How you doin'?

You have to keep Marlon Moore. If speed is truly important to this regime than you keep him. No way all 5 receivers remain healthy the entire season. Marlon Moore will step right in and fill the void nicely. I love this guys heart and can see him destined for greatness.

So your telling us that hartline is better than moore? Oscar carnosa?


I'll make a friendly bet with you that Carroll and Allen make it and Culver gets chopped. I'd worry about Baker too but this regime likes to have a lot of guys on the team at the DL spot.

Chris in the 623,

Anyone saying Marshall had a bad 2010 should consider an awful lot of pro wr's would have like to have Marshall's so-called bad season.

There's NO WAY we should trade Brandon Marshall. Playmakers like him are rare in this league and when you get one, you don't give him up.

His attitude will be much better this year, and he will be a MAJOR part of our new explosive offense.

Posted by: finsfan72 | September 03, 2011 at 02:55 PM

Two questions
1. How many td's did Marshall score last year? He had more dropped passes than tds. His YAC was nothing special. He was not a top 5 receiver last year.

2. How do you know his attitude will be better? If Henne is hitting Bess and Bush and Gates is Marshall going to start pouting? I think Marshall is the type that needs to have the most receptions on the team or he will start acting up. He needs lots of attention.

See DB, 77.

last year hartline was 14th amond 63 receivers in the fewest dropped passes. he's not flashy but he's a good possession receiver like bess.
he averaged a little over 14 yards a reception in 2010 with 615 total yards. considering how bad this offense was last year he may be able to have a 1,000 yd year in 2011.

Dolphin 77, I'm telling you that at this stage of the game Hartline is better than Moore. Speed isn't everything guys. Wes Welker isn't the fastest guys in the league but he's one of the most effective. Hartline fills a role on this team that very likely Moore couldn't. I'm talking about a guy that consistently runs good routes, catches most of what's thrown his way and knows how to get underneath the defence. Moore is just potential right now.

let's face it, we have crappy players in fasano and hartline .............. cut both and give HENNE their money then add 6 million to make him a qb WHO'S WORTH 10 MILLION A YEAR .

Fin4Life...Yes, The National Championship Game? Georgia Southern had Adrian Peterson(the Bears).. That was a good game. The Griz had tons of opportunites in that game. They just fell way to far behind early.Penlties in the 4th quarter killed our chances.

Auburn getting beat by Utah State....

if they cut baker who will take his place. he fills a very important role as a reserve player on the defensive line. he just goes along quietly and does his job.

I think if I was Ireland I'd be pouring over teams like GB, Atlanta, San Diego, New Orleans and others for their cuts. These teams just seem to consistently have better depth than we do and there's no way they can keep all these guys on their roster. There's got to be some good adds out there somewhere.

madden would keep spitler just because he played with blood all over his face on thursday and wouldn't come out of the game.

ALoco, you are a weapons-grade version of ignorant. Fasano and Hartline are both good, solid players at their position.


2 things:

1. Hartline's ceiling is as a #2 wr. We have a boatload of them now. Moore has #1wr potential. It's a lot easier to find a #2wr in the nfl than a #1wr. Cutting Moore or PS'ing him could be a huge mistake.

Im not ripping Hartline, just stating the truth about what he really is. Does it make sense to keep a guy who has #2wr ceiling over a guy who has #1wr quality ceiling?

2. Culver is the #1 backup at ss to Bell and he's cheap. There's zero reason to cut him. Why create a problem that doesnt exist?


Hartline is a scrappy player. Last year was his second season on a team in total disarray. I think he has solid #2 receiver potential and plenty more upside. He gets open a lot, he just isn't getting the ball thrown is way all the time. You see Henne has been busy looking for Brandon or Bess.


Phinsfan 72....My post @3:10 was directed for you....Were you at the game?


1.You are correct, BM was not a top 5 receiver last year, his TD total especially was disappointing. Keep in mind our offense as a whole was a disaster last year.

2.I do think he needs to lead the team in receiving - he's a TOP 5 receiver. If he doesn't lead the team something's BAD wrong. And I think he WILL lead the team in receiving, like he showed against Tampa Bay. He's a BEAST!

one of the biggest problems with marshall last year was that fred flinstone didn't know how to effectively use him in the offense. if you watched how miami under daboll's offense has been sending him on slants over the middle and hitting him in stride and how they allow henne to throw the ball up in his direction to allow him to make a play you can see that daboll is light years ahead of the man from bedrock.


Trippin and jamming are very good for your development............ALONE IN YOUR BASEMENT-LOL.

I never could play while trippin. It would go good until something captures my attention(and something ALWAYS did while trippin) and there goes the flow.

Next time just try a couple of Norcos and a stiff shot of Bourban or two-LOL!

Good Luck!!!!


ALoco, step away from the keyboard, learn to use caps release, take a basic course in English - and most important of all, try watching some football. Do all that and in three years or so you might aspire to the status of village idiot, which would be a colossal improvement on your current condition of drooling idiocy.

what about jake long, y bell, chris clemons, vontae davis, randy starks, karlos dansby, and kevin burnett.

Judging Hartline after only two years on a team with serious issues with the oline, qb, oc, is premature. For all the reasons Henne struggled last year, that impacts receivers like Hartline too. Imagine your second year in the NFL being a WR on the 2010 fins? That is torture!

Ha!, you're stirring the pot. I'll help you.(any Season tickets?).


I used to live in Savannah, went to school at Georgia Southern. I can't remember if I was at that particular game, but I used to go to all the home games.

In I-AA they had a 16 team playoff, and I got to see a lot of playoff games, even Championship games in our home stadium. Georgia Southern won about 5 championships back then.

...Odin. Thanks for the advice. I wish I had few Norcos(about 10) so I could chill....See you fine folks later.

THE ONLY PLAYER WHO I CONSIDER A SOLID PLAYER IS WAKE , THE REST ARE JUST SALSA ............................ ...............................

once players are cut today how long does a team need to wait for them to clear waivers before making a claim?

Seems some dolfans get far too personally affectionate with players than the nfl business itself bears clearance for.

Geesh people, sometimes you have to go "upside over experience" especially when youre simply loaded at a position. We have at least 4 wr's on the roster that would be good #2 wr's.

Hartline's never going to set the league on fire with his limited ability though he does have value. Just dont know how many times one can say Moore has #1wr potential while Hartline does not, before you guys will begin to listen with your heads instead of your hearts.

Many dolfans are anti-improvement because they get too heart invested into certain players, but I do believe it isnt intentional. Guys Hartline wont be a pro bowler anytime soon. A guy with #1wr potential will always be more valuable than a guy whose upside is maxed out at #2wr potential. It's just the nfl business side of things.



if hartline is let go or traded it won't be because of moore; more likely due to wallace coming on as well as he did. although moore did improve and i would hate to see him go wallace is the guy who would probably be the heir apparent to hartline's spot. don't you think?

The following QB's will fail to win the super bowl again this year:
Philip Rivers
Matt Schaub
Michael Vick
Kyle Orton
Jay Cutler
Matt Ryan
Joe Flacco
Josh Freeman
Matt Hasselback
Donovan McNabb

How does one write off a receiver like Hartline in his second year when he was on a severely troubled offense? One has to give a player a chance to develop and not expect every player to be at peak form in year 2.


Give it a rest will ya. You probably said the same thing about Wes Welker when he played here. He was never a number one receiver and still isn't. There's plenty of room on this team for Hartline. It has nothing to do with getting too attached to a guy. It's about a guy filling a role on this team and for the most part Hartline does a good job with that role. On top of all that he has a fan in Sparano. So you can play fanstasy football all you want but at this stage Hartline is a keeper.

Yes, them and about 21 others...




I say keep both Moore and Wallace. Wallace as depth behind Marshall and Moore as speed depth behind Gates.


Highly doubtful that Hartline is going anywhere. I'm not sure why guys are do down on this guy. Nobody is saying he's a number one receiver but he's shown himself to be a good safety valve for Henne at key points in a game. I don't get the hate for this guy.

Craig M | September 03, 2011 at 03:01 PM

In all honesty neither do I the kid gets picked Rd.4 behind P.Turner who is supposed to be the answer at WR with Hartline a S.T. player at best and beats Turner out at WR! He had some timely drops last year but I atribute it to the Sophmore slump (Guys with successful rookie campaigns who aren`t as focused in year 2) I would however like to see the developement of R.Wallace pushed because the thought of him and Marshall outside with Bess and Gates inside in a 4 WR set is intriguing and alot of the Hartline talk centers around possibilities like the example I just gave you.

DB, could be on to something because I was pretty shocked to see Hartline out there on Thursday night as well and outside of Marshall and Bess he is the only one of the group that could maybe net something in a trade for some help on the OL or even ar TE. It is withn the realm of possibility especially if they want to tap Moore`s potential. I think if we were to make a trade our best options would be Starks and Hartline in the market both have been solid and we can replace them from within, again pure speculation but intriguing non the less.

Why do so many Dolphins fans dislike Hartline? We're talking about a fourth round pick that has produced 74 catches for over 1,100 yards and five touchdowns in two seasons despite playing with a quarterback who has struggled. He also led Miami's receivers (those with at least 10 receptions) in yards per reception last year, averaging 14.3 yards per catch. His stats would have been even better if Henne connects with him on some of those deep balls that Hartline was open on.


I knew it was a matter of time before your frustration kicked in(OCD). LOL....



Listen, a white Boy doesn't necessarily have to be slower than a black Boy. How about that!


And I love to know who annointed Marlon Moore a 'potential number one' wide receiver all of a sudden. We haven't seen any of that in games. He had a golden opportunity to shine in the last game and came away with what?....22 yards or so? Come on!! Where do you come up with this stuff? I like Moore but don't forget this is a guy who wasn't drafted by anybody just a couple of years ago and now you've got him becoming a future number one wide receiver.

I honestly think you're on Armando's payroll to drum up hits for this site....

Hartline has trade value (for a guard or tackle perhaps).
I'd rather he make the team though.


The bigger trouble last year was the oline, OC, and a rattled Henne, not Hartline who Henne missed several times when he was wide open.


Curious why BM is a disappointment despite the ((troubled offense)), but Hartline is not?

I'm hungry as hell. I will prepare some Spaghetti Carbonara.


I'm with you on this one. Not sure where the Hartline hate is coming from.

fin4life, I'd also like to see Wallace developed further.


Hartline isnt even an "upper echelon" #2 wr. Making him a "middle of the pack" at best #2. Why the hell do some dolfans fall insanely in love with slightly better than average players at thier positions?

Im far from saying Hartline's total crapola. Just suggesting we're in a position because we are so well stocked in our #2 wr options. That Hartline could be dealt in a scenario that helps us even more at another position.

We cant trade Moore because just offering his name in trade will suggest to other teams they will be able to get him waiver wire or PS poaching for free. I guarrantee waiving or PS'ing Moore will huant us even more as dolfans in the near future to come.

That's the scenario Im presenting for "over-affectionate ninnies here. LOL...


How do you know Hartline is not disappointed? Because he doesn't throw the football away and try to tear jerk the fans with his BPD nonsense? Hartline has dignity.


I also meant to say, I also liked your post at 3:30pm. A lot of good points made.


You just made my personal "timeout" roster today. In my brain youve just been sent to your room! LOL...


Really think you are the one not looking at Hartline objectively. Ask yourself this, how many second year receivers would have shined on last years fins team? He did pretty well under very difficult circumstances, especially for only a second year player.

Now I am not saying he is future HOF'r, I am saying it is too soon to write off his future potential or claim he will never be better than he is now. Plenty of pro bowlers and HOF'rs needed a few years to really show what they can do.




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