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Roster cuts: How Moore views his status (with video)

The Dolphins, like all NFL teams, will trim their rosters to 53 players by 6 p.m. Saturday. Obviously, that will not be the end of the roster rattling, as most teams then will pick up players waived by others in order to piece together the strongest roster possible.

The Dolphins have already cut players. I reported yesterday they cut Dedrick Epps, Gerald Alexander, and John Matthews. Today they have already cut six more players but so far reached only a couple of those -- the informed part is import because when the players find out, the media begins to find out.. One of those informed he has been cut is No. 4 QB Kevin O'Connell.

None of those cuts are surprises. None hurt.

The ones that would hurt include solid playres such as Marlon Moore, or Nolan Carroll or Larry Johnson or Will Allen -- players that have value but are caught in a numbers game. I don't know that any of the above mentioned players are either cut or sticking. When I know, you'll know.

All of them are waiting for news and hoping they never get a phone call from the team. No call means nothing's happened and so you're not cut.

Moore is especially intriguing to me because I believe he is easily among Miami's best 53 players but still might not make the team for several reasons: The Dolphins might only keep five wide receivers and the fifth wide receiver has to be a fine special teams player. Roberto Wallace has a role on the team because he's a very good special teams player thus he could win the fifth receiver job.

I believe Moore will play in the NFL this season regardless of whether he's cut or not. Someone else will pick him up if he is. My only hope is the Dolphins recognize he's coming on and somehow make room for him.

I talked to Moore after Thursday's preseason finale about the looming roster decisions and how he thought it would affect him. Here is that conversation



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The Pats just chopped Brandon Merriweather today. I'd be looking long and hard at adding him to provide some depth at safety.

Leading your team in yards per catch in your second year I see as an optimistic sign, not a sign to say well he has peaked and will never be any better.

The judges are judging as we write, so we will know soon enough what they think.

I went to the buffet, but I'm still hungry...

If you took Hartline off this team you would miss him from the offence. I guy who shows up every week to play hard can play on my team any time. You don't always get that from Marshall.

I think Daboll just wanted to see Hartline out of the slot for future use in the 4 wide sets.

Marshall and Gates on the outside, Bess and Hartline in the slots. Just my opinion.

Hartline has improved a lot in not just getting separation but CREATING separation. It's not easily coached, but Hartline is quitely "getting it".

I don't think there's a question, Hartline sticks.


I don't know if any of you agree but a RB group of Bush-Thomas-Johnson-Clay seems really fragile.
I raised the issue the other night that Henne could end up breaking the record for pass attempts in a season.
That being the case we need all the wr's we can get.

DB, could be on to something because I was pretty shocked to see Hartline out there on Thursday night as well and outside of Marshall and Bess he is the only one of the group that could maybe net something in a trade for some help on the OL or even ar TE. It is withn the realm of possibility especially if they want to tap Moore`s potential. I think if we were to make a trade our best options would be Starks and Hartline in the market both have been solid and we can replace them from within, again pure speculation but intriguing non the less.

Posted by: fin4life | September 03, 2011 at 03:30 PM


Seems youre the only one seeing exactly what Im talking about. Hartline represents opportunity to help the team most in other problem areas, such as oline like you stated. Who's going to offer anything of value whom they're already eprcieving we'll have to part with for free anyway?

Dealing Hartline wont weaken the #2wr spot on our roster. We've seen that we have very viable options here even if we went Hartline-less.

Just too many dolfans are over-affectionate and wrongly percieve this means being "DOWN" on Hartline and thinking he's crap. Im far from that line of thinking. I just see the opportunity to improve the overall quality of the roster. Seems youre getting it too.


Don't know why you are so against Hartline. He doesn't drop as many passes percentage wise as Marshall did, and Hartline has been open deep several times and Henne has either not seen him or made a bad pass. Had Henne connected on one or two of them, everyone suddenly would be much higher on Hartline.

I'm betting they keep him and he has a good season this year.

Where is the cuts?

Hartline's NOT going anywhere...forget about it!

Brandon Merriweather is interesting.

What fills your panza is COH. No doubt about it.


If we could trade Hartline for a starting RT, I'd be all in on that, but don't think it's going to happen. If it does, YAH!


I assure you I have no 'affection' for Hartline. Interesting choice of words on your part there.

If we trade every player that doesn't make the pro bowl in his second year we will never build a team. Now you are lauding Moore who had done far far less than Hartline last year.

I don't think the coaching staff are as dumb as some of you seem to think. They see these players day in and day out. Hartline led the team in yards per catch last year, they aren't going to dump him for Moore.


Think about it this way, lets play GM.....

Lets see now, we have too many WR's. We need to cut at least one. Who should it be? Hmmm, lets think carefully. Got it! I know! Lets cut the receiver who had the most yards per catch last year!

Doesn't make much sense when you look at it that way.

Hopefully Ireland is waiting until the last second to see what falls from the trees. That or maybe working out a trade scenario for another o-lineman.

He would have to make additional cuts to bring in someone on a trade.

Keeping my fingers tightly crossed.


Again, Im not down on Hartline. I just see we have other options to Hartline without downgrading the efficiency of the #2 wr position. We have interchangeable parts even if we were minus the Hartline factor.

I just hate to see us make the same mistake with Moore that was made with Anthony Armstrong. In 2010 I would have taken Armstrong's performance over Hartline's any day.

Why do some fans become so overly emotionally invested with average to slightly above average players in Miami is far above my comprehension. The greatest deficit to that line of thinking is becoming seriously anti-progress and being to bling to see it.

Im a fan too, just want to see us maximize our opportunity to field the best team possible. Sometimes that means breaking tradition with those overly affectionate ties.

when i was younger i met a woman by the name of amber shellac. we spent the night together and the next morning i woke up all sticky.


Finally some sense on here!

Listen, I'd be all in favour of trading Hartline for a RT too but we all know that's not going to happen. So what we do is we end up giving up a guy like Hartline for some else's reserve. Doesn't sound great.

I'm not saying he's Welker but did anybody think Welker would take off the way he did after he left the Dolphins? I don't remember too many people complaining that we had given away a 100 catch a year Pro Bowler at the time.

I'd also think long and hard about Merriweather. Only problem is does this guy have to go through waivers or his he free to sign with who he wants?

Yeah, there some women that wet the bed. Stay away from them!

I think there is a waiver order, like Denver gets second choice on waivers, etc. Not sure where we stand, probably middle of the pack.

A new RT would be sweet, huh?

I hope the Fins take a good look at the following available players cut by their respective teams today:

Tyrrell Sutton, RB, Carolina
Tavare Gooden, ILB, Ravens
Brandon Meriweather, S, Patriots

I would definitely try my best to make room for Meriweather and Gooden.


Merriweather is a four year vet, drafted back in 2007. I was under the impression that four years and over would be free to sign where they want. Did Bellichik just help this team?

Had we kept Jason Taylor last season we never would have seen the type numbers Wake had the potential to put up. The fo was blasted for that one.

However, I do like the JT resigning this year as insurance to Misi's pass rush development. Misi's still a work in progress in this department.

JT's probably a 1yr deal here right now. So Misi will be out of here within the next year or two if he doesnt become more of a pass rush force on the rolb side. The fo wont continue to pay two players to do one man's job. So theres something in the future for the affectionates to be concerned about! LOL...

I think the waiver wire order is the same as this years draft order, but I'm not positive.

you are correct. the team with the worst record has first shot, then the 2nd worst and so on. players with 4 or less accrued seasons go through waivers. players with 6 or more automatically become free agents and are free to sign with anyone they wish.

sorry, craig M is correct about the free agency part. it is four or more years.


That's you guys Hartline argument? A totally different case!

The greatest headscratcher about the Welker scenario is they traded Chris Chambers then decided to get rid of "CLEARLY" the best wr left on the roster.


Shawn Nelson and Brandon merriweather should be on our radar.

The Dolphins front office need to find out if either Chris Clemons or Rashad Jones is the answer at the free safety position. Both are getting more and more reps and both are getting more and more comfortable. Highly unlikely the Dolphins would get Merriweather. If we're going to pick up any players that have been cut from other teams, chances are it's going to be offensive linemen. Or maybe tight ends. That's it. No thanks on Merriweather. I'll pass.

Why do some fans become so overly emotionally invested with average to slightly above average players in Miami is far above my comprehension. The greatest deficit to that line of thinking is becoming seriously anti-progress and being to bling to see it.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 03, 2011 at 03:55 PM

I would have responded sooner but I was busy wiping my eyes and nose with kleenex.

My point is this...how do you KNOW Hartline has peaked? You write like you have some magic crystal ball and just happen to know Hartline will only be ordinary and nothing more.

I don't have a crystal ball. Just saying I believe Hartline has more upside than what we've seen and its too soon to just jettison him without giving him a little more time. Not many #1 receivers would have looked like it on last years team.

Now if the FO doesn't feel that he has more upside and they let trade him, I will concede they have seen enough of him to know best. I won't even cry.

Dr. Cleaver,
you're barking up the wrong tree here. i happen to be a big fan of gabby hays.

I guess i was wrong about vets. I thought every cut had to clear waivers.

I stand corrected.

It`s not a matter of trading a player with Pro Bowl potential but in taking an area of strength on the team and using it to fortify other areas of need. I thought it interesting that somebody dropped Wes Weker`s name as players we have traded in the past for one simple reason. In 07 when Speilman made that trade the Pats added Moss as the #1 and in reality signed Donte Stallworth as the #2 but Stallworth sputtered and Welker got the nod.

Everybody saw how that Pats line up tore up the NFL with Moss and Welker in there conventional set with Wes`s possesion skills complimenting Moss`s game perfectly. With Ben Watson working the seem with absolutely no rushing threat from Muroney, Morris or Faulk. You analyze our team and outside of the obvious of not having Brady under center we have very comparable talent every were else. We could have better runners if LJ shows up and in Gates we have a vertical threat in the making with an equal possesion guy in Bess and potential accross the board in Wallace, we don`t have a TE or RT and depth on the OL should be a concern if you remember last Season as well.

If a player came up in dicussions on the OL at either RG or RT then we need to listen and can survive trading Hartline. I just want proper compensation for him and remember with the Welker Pick we took Henne 07 with the jury out on this his make or break year but we did get a Q.B. for a player that wasn`t going to win us the S.B. and is now well into his 30`s. It`s all speculation but if it were my call Hartline and Starks would be on the block for OL or TE help again something of equal value don`t trade them for the sake of reaching on some player but for the right compensation I`d do it and twice on Sunday!!!

We need depth behind Carey and Colombo. That's the most pressing need right now. Second on the list would be adding depth behind Fasano. I can see some new players coming in from either a trade or cut(s)at those specific positions. I don't see any other major changes at any other position. Highly unlikely we pick up a defensive player. Chances are it will be an offensive lineman or a tight end with a bit of speed.

Hell, I never had to pick anything in my Life(except Girls). I guess I'm a lucky MF.

AL you're loco, Fasano ain't goin' nowhere, as they say up here.

He's the only thing faintly resembling a TE that we have.

They are torturing us, the FO is.

We need to sign Brandon Meriweather...

I"m tired of this team wasting low picks and waiting for Safeties to develop.. Thre's a bad @ss SAfety available right now.. go grab him!! WE needa a killer in the defensive back area, that would play like hawk out there..

That's all this team needs defensively... a hawk out there that will not be afraid of making those nasty hits or going after the balls...

me tinks, more than anything they have some tough decisions to make at certain positions this year that they haven't had to make in the past.

I'd say it makes more sense to trade one of our dliners for an oliner. Marshall, Bess and Hartline are still the most proven and experienced WR's on our roster. We are deeper with valuable dliners than valuable wr's


that only means one thing... Jeff Ireland is doing a good job...

YES- sign Merriweather. But I am curious...why is he even available. Hmmmmm

pats also released receiver/returner brandon tate.

One last thought on Hartlie....just saying....if he really is so ordinary, we can't expect to get a great olineman for him. we could possibly make an even swap with one dliner for one oliner that would give us a better player.

Brandon Merriweather?

Usually when Belichik cuts a guy you dont hear about him having great success anywhere else. When Belichik cuts'em you can pretty much stick a fork in them because theyre done!

Belichik just has a knack of picking up players other idiots thought were done! Please stay away from the Belichik dumpster. QB O'Connell's already been cut. When Belichik says theyre done, theyre done! LOL...

Did anyone ever think that perhaps Welker's numbers have anything to do with a guy named Tom Brady?? What was Moss'numbers with Oakland before he went to the Pats? It's all about the Quarterback folks. How did Branch do in Seattle after leaving the Pats? Remember when we had a guy named Dan Marino? He made someone like Oronde Gadsden look good, and I would bet anything my 92 year old Irish grandfather can run faster than him. When you have a Hall of Famer QB, WR's suddently become dangerous. Welker is good, but please. I wish NE would trade him to middle of the pack team without a Tom Brady and we'd see how really good he is. Not taking anything away from him but c'mon. There's only one Tom Brady and it certainly doesn't do any harm to have him as your QB.

Anyway, gotta run again. Later guys. Hopefully some news on the horizon.

Yeah, you're right, Dr. We Fans just become impatient.

apparently, and i was unaware of this as i don't follow the pats, merriweather is referred to as "a lightning rod of contraversy" and has been that way for the four years he's been with the pats. they also said he has been up and down the depth charts despite being to the pro bowl twice.

How about we stick to only one fullback. Clay would be perfect as a fb / te

i would agree with that assessment.


Welker was already playing great when he was a fin. Belichek marveled how he tore them up. One of the more perplexing moves this franchise has made.

Meriweather was cut because he had issues with the law earlier this year, and has been a distraction to the team ever since he was picked by the Patsies...

WE can always offer him a deal with incetives if he cna behave off the field... :)

Who cares if he's had issues with the law.. How many DBs in the Fins roster are better than Meriweather? please list them...


As a UM lifer I loved Meriweather coming out of the U but in the NFL he has been very mediocre in pass coverege and even less adapt at calling the D signals for the Pats, something he was given every chance of doing when Rodney Harrison retired. He is a monster in run support but Clemmons is as well and Jones clearly has great potential. Many other needs to address before looking for a Safety we would have to give starter money.

Perplexing is not the word, my friend Scott.

Meriweather has yet to prove he can become better than Meriweather. The guys a ss, Bell and Culver are fine for now.

Plus Meriweather has yet to show his talent ability is worth the trouble he brings with it. If it were so he would still be a Patriot.


Odd report on Merriweather. I could live with controversy if he was a solid player, but up and down the depth chart? That doesn't sound good.

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