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Roster cuts: How Moore views his status (with video)

The Dolphins, like all NFL teams, will trim their rosters to 53 players by 6 p.m. Saturday. Obviously, that will not be the end of the roster rattling, as most teams then will pick up players waived by others in order to piece together the strongest roster possible.

The Dolphins have already cut players. I reported yesterday they cut Dedrick Epps, Gerald Alexander, and John Matthews. Today they have already cut six more players but so far reached only a couple of those -- the informed part is import because when the players find out, the media begins to find out.. One of those informed he has been cut is No. 4 QB Kevin O'Connell.

None of those cuts are surprises. None hurt.

The ones that would hurt include solid playres such as Marlon Moore, or Nolan Carroll or Larry Johnson or Will Allen -- players that have value but are caught in a numbers game. I don't know that any of the above mentioned players are either cut or sticking. When I know, you'll know.

All of them are waiting for news and hoping they never get a phone call from the team. No call means nothing's happened and so you're not cut.

Moore is especially intriguing to me because I believe he is easily among Miami's best 53 players but still might not make the team for several reasons: The Dolphins might only keep five wide receivers and the fifth wide receiver has to be a fine special teams player. Roberto Wallace has a role on the team because he's a very good special teams player thus he could win the fifth receiver job.

I believe Moore will play in the NFL this season regardless of whether he's cut or not. Someone else will pick him up if he is. My only hope is the Dolphins recognize he's coming on and somehow make room for him.

I talked to Moore after Thursday's preseason finale about the looming roster decisions and how he thought it would affect him. Here is that conversation



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well, off to diner with the family. guess i'll have to catch the news later.

Bengals release TE John Nalbone. Where have we heard that before? LOL....

Wait a minute....... maybe we should resign Nalbone? LOL....

Nalbone's ceiling seems to be able to make a team's final cut! LOL...


Welker was already playing great when he was a fin. Belichek marveled how he tore them up. One of the more perplexing moves this franchise has made.

Scott | September 03, 2011 at 04:29 PM

Not entirely true, in Saban`s 2nd year as Coach (2006) Olindo Mare was injured and Welker handled Kick offs and F.G.`s for a game in Foxboro converting one F.G. from around 40 yards and Belichik loving flex players liked him and his potential as a slot W.R. but Welker never made the Offensive splash in Miami he would make in N.E. I remember that trade and everybody including the NFL Network folks thought Miami had picked N.E.`s pocket for a #2 draft pick.

In 05/06 under Saban the featured W.R.`s on our roster were Marty Booker, Chambers and T.E. Randy McMicheal, Welker was a 3rd and in alot of cases 4th option and his 06 season was mediocre # wise as was the case with most of our W.R.`s with the Culpepper debacle in full swing. If you were to ask Belichik in private I`d bet he`d tell you that the Welker deal panned out past his wildest dreams and nightmares for us Dolphans.

Just did a little research on Merriweather. He's been fined for excessive hits, and had a shooting incident (he was cleared). Sounds like a good old UM thug. Two straight Pro Bowls says a lot about him. I say give him a try.

Imagine Jimmy Wilson and Merriweather in the secondary.

Now THAT would put the fear of God in receivers.

Cotton pickin minute, Xerox Johnson, Listerine Johnson, how extrordinarily witty....................

Blog Hit Troll is on fire.

Do any of our safeties have 12 INT's over the last 4 years? Or our corners for that matter?

Another thing about Welker he was originally signed to S.D.`s practice squad as a S.T. player Saban signed him from there he gets on the field in 06 and nets us a 2nd Rd. pick for the 08 draft. I`d say we got our money`s worth especially if Henne can do something this Season.

Welker was a pure st's player here in Miami before becoming a situational wr. IMO, everytime used as a situational wr he preformed well.

Also IMO, when Chambers was traded, Welker may have been the best wr on our roster. But dumb hc after Saban, Cam-moron, fell so deeply in love with Ginn before ever seeing play an nfl down. Traded Welker too.

Then we ended up in a scenario with a 9th overall rookie wr(Ginn) who had never played an nfl down, without a vet wr to teach him the nfl ropes to boot. It also ushered in the emergence of Camarillo, whom himself was remembered for only one 0-16 preventing play.

Our wr unit was in complete shambles when this fo arrived. We've come a long ways in now being in a situation to percievably get rid of a wr who could once upon a time maybe start at the #1 wr position. LOL...


I didn't have to ask Belichek. He said as much in an interview, heard it with my own ears.

You guys have short memories, Welker was already a crazy slot receiver when he was here.

Imagine Jimmy Wilson and Merriweather in the secondary.

Now THAT would put the fear of God in receivers.

finsfan72 | September 03, 2011 at 04:46 PM

Yeah!! Especially if there allowed to carry fire arms on the field, LMFAO!! Seriously thought the gun incident with Merriweather was during his Jr. Season when he was defending himself and a teamate who`s name I forget from burglars in there South Miami home in the notorious S.Miami creek area off of US1 AND S.W. 57 avenue, trust me you don`t want to go walking around in there.

No way you're convincing me that Belichick and their FO didn't know what they were getting in Wesler. Spielman, in letting him away? Hmm..

Jimmy Wilson, starting this year, will have receivers and balls flying by him.

Armando, again, where do you pick up all of these very ignorant about Football People?

Let's see.

I think Moore will be better than Hartline. Like to see a 4 wide set with Marshall, Bess, Gates and Moore with Bush in the backfield. Also, they need to bring back Larry Johnson.

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