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The curious case of Reggie Bush

Some things puzzle me about the Dolphins. The defense's regression puzzles. The continued inability to win at home puzzles. And the team's use of Reggie Bush puzzles.

On several levels now.

It puzzles that the Dolphins look at Bush -- a 6-foot and 205-pounder -- and somehow believe him to be an inside running threat. Bush proved long ago in New Orleans he wasn't that. He's proven this year he isn't a dude that will run through 300-pound defensive linemen or create his own hole where there is no hole.

Yet the Dolphins have through three games repeatedly asked him to run between the tackles. They did it less last week as there were attempts to use Bush on pitches. But if this were my team, he would never be asked to stick his facemask in the A-gap.

The guy needs to be out in space. It is obvious to anyone with eyes. Yet, it hasn't happened enough.

Interestingly, the Dolphins agree Bush is better outside, in space, where he can use his speed and agility to escape defenders.

“Well, we got to get him in some space," coach Tony Sparano said. "I think that’s important.  I think that trying to get Reggie touches early is important.  We didn’t do … we did do a good job of getting him the ball early in the ball game the other day. Unfortunately, his first carry was the second play of the game and it was a penalty. He did catch a ball out of the backfield.  But we got to get him involved a little bit earlier, try to get him going a little earlier that way. It’s just you’re trying to get him going, trying to get Brandon (Marshall) going, you’re trying to get some things going that way. You don’t want to get caught in that mode too many times where you’re trying to feed players particularly.  That’s a bad thing for the quarterback...I get to yell at the quarterback go back there and play. If the read takes him then the read takes him there or any of those types of things. We can do a better job of getting Reggie in space. I think that’s important.”

Yes, it is important. I think it is also important to use Bush in situations where his presence is a matchup problem for the defense. In that regard, it's puzzles me why the Dolphins don't use Bush is a base formation and then motion him out wide to the slot or elsewhere.

This forces the defense to cover Bush with a linebacker or strong safety out in space. That is a mismatch problem for the defense. It makes sense to use. And the Dolphins practiced this tons in the preseason. It was evident to anyone who attended the open practices.

They apparently continue to practice it since workouts have closed to all outside eyes. But the puzzling thing is they don't use it in games.

And that puzzles Bush as well.

“We do it a lot at practice," Bush said. "It just hasn’t been called in the game. It’s going to come."

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is in charge of calling the plays. He is scheduled to speak to the media today and my guess is he'll be asked why he's not calling those plays.

"I know he’s going to make those calls, I will be spread out wide there. I’ve done a little bit, but as much as obviously in my past so like I said, we do it all the time in practice, it just hasn’t shown in the game yet.”

Like I said: Puzzling.


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the fact that Ireland saw Bush as a between the tackles runner is a sufficient reason to fire him right away

Well, it's time to jump back on the Wagon.

Yeah, Go Team, we can beat the Chargers, Rah, Rah!

Of course to do that, I have to jump off the Wagon!

Bottom's Up!!!!

Ireland never said he saw Bush as a between the tackles runner; that was Sparano who said that. Ireland drafted Thomas as our inside runner.

Sparano is guilty of gross mismanagement.

I don't understant why Daboll doesn't use Bush similar to the way Martz used Faulk in St. Louis. Bush is nowhere near the type of runner Faulk was, but from what I remember of his USC days, he was pretty adept at receiving out of the backfield - screen passes, underneath stuff, the occasional wheel route. Why not stick Thomas and Faulk in the backfield and give the defense something to think about, especially if you send Faulk in motion?

I don't know how you guys take this lying down. I'm a Life Long Dolphins Fan and this crap has got me in a serious FUNK!

I hate my House. I hate my Truck and Car. I hate the Local Liquor store. When the Dolphins lose, I hate life!

I'm not even married but I wish I was, just so I could hate my Wife!

Yeah, you think it's Sooooooooo FUNNY! Yeah, it's all fun and games until somebody gets FIRED!

Now let's get on a roll here, beat the Chargers and even up our record.

(PS: It's going to take more than a Bagel and a Coffee chaser to start believing THAT.)

That Zapped dude sure seems to have some common sense.

Do I still have Hope? Sure. But very little.

Sparano needs to go. Why keep talking about getting Bush in some open spaces but never call the plays? Just seems idiotic to me. Is he keeping this a secret and waiting for the right time to unleash his weapons? Really? Used to like sparano at afirst, but each game/year that passes I lose all respect for him as a coach. He just doesnt get it. Cut ties with sparano and ireland and get a real front office who doesnt look for every ex cowboy player as a solution to our problems. All these players got cut for a reason, but they end up starting on the fins.

So Carrol is still working with the first team?

Why am I not surprised. Merry Christmas Mr. Rivers, we're sending you an early gift this year!

Lets see, Carroll consistently torched for three straight weeks.

Ah, Wilson gets his debut with and Int and gives up the game winner.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, if we can't choose the guy that made the most good plays, can't we at least choose the guy that made the less amount of bad plays?

Carrol over Wilson? Only in Miami(big sigh).

Dear Mr. Salguero

"we did do a good job of getting him the ball early in the ball game the other day."

After Daboll called Bush's # on the second play of the game did coach Sparano do a fistpump for achieving his goal ?

I like to have coffe in the morning, so when I made a pot of coffee I did a fistpump....but then the oldlady called a penalty on me when I spilled some coffee on the floor.

I'll watch some film to try and correct these coffee spills in the future....its fixable

Soiled :)

Talk is cheap....start winning

That odinseye dude sure seems to have some common sense.

We are mis-using Bush completly, I think he was over rated coming in and sproles was a cheaper better alternative. But how we are not using him on a bubble screen or pitch plays is beyond me.

Especially with the aggressive pass rush we see every week. All D's know we are swiss cheese with our line, so use the over pursuit against them...

WOW, 3 years in a row, one of the worst lines in the league... Sparono former O-line coach. How does that work again?

What puzzles me is how this administration has managed the OL. Case in point, the nepotistic handing over the RT position to Colombo who, even with constant baby sitting by Garner and Fasono, grades out as among the worst pass blockers in the league. This approach reduces our offense to 10 players and the RT still constantly gets beat. It is a firing offense.

We don't need another 3rd down back. That's what Bush was brought here for, right? It should be pretty apparent to everybody that Bush is on the trading block! The regime is throwing in the towel after 3 games.

I'm really starting to have second thoughts about watching another Dolphins game this season.

"The defense's regression puzzles."

1. Our linemen, although good are not applying pressure. I would guess the same lack of conditioning that plagued our corners against N.E. I'm also wondering if Bryan Cox has been causing this unit to regress.

2. Our starting corners have been either injured or out of shape.

3. C-R-O-W-D-E-R! When Crowder and Dansby was in our defense was stout. Particularly our run defense. Burnett (another Dallas retread) is a big drop off to Crowder. Good job Ireland.

"And the team's use of Reggie Bush puzzles."

Now you know why Brian Daboll's offense was worse than ours last year. He simply can't see the forest through the trees.

1. Thomas should be the primary running back with Bush spelling him on third downs.

2. In the red zone. We need high percentage plays. IE; Throw to tight end over the middle, run it up the middle w/ Thomas, have wide receivers cross each other in the middle of the field, hit Bess on a hitch, have the QB curl around to the left or right with an option to pass, fake hand-off up the middle and dump it over the top, etc.

Not freaking fades or sideline throws!

Man that odineye dude sure was boozed out. Put a cap on the bottle bro!


thanks for starting the morning off with a laugh.....

armando, why does anything puzzle you from the clueless ireland and clueless spazano.
they don't belong anywhere near the nfl...
they sux

All we do is sign other teams rejects and players who are past their prime in the hope they will turn it around playing for Sparano.
This guys are just happy to be cashing a paycheck...case in point is Johnson. He was officially on the roster and got paid serious $$ and never carried the ball once.
Does anyone really believe that Slayton is going to contribute to our running game?

Such high hopes being dashed so early....I'm beginning to believe this franchise is never going to regain its glory days again.

The Channing Crowder talk is going to make me puke!

He may be a better fit, he may even be better than Burnett outright.

The point is he stinks, is a waste of space and ultimately useless.

If Channing is the best we got, I'd go with Trusnik first!

ahhhh. just what the reeling chargers need,
a dose of spazano and the dolphins.lol
0-4 here it comes.
spazano will be sent packing to ne where he belongs.

They should have more 2 back sets with Thomas and Bush. You can hand off to either or put Bush in motion.

That is what they need to do.

Man that Aloco/Oscar/Zapped guy was so huffed out, he didn't even know he was talking to himself-LOL.

Put a cap on the tube of glue Bro.

Hey odinseye

See if your neighbor can stop by to help you screw the cap back on.


Hey Blog Hit Troll,

Being 0-3 keeps you pretty busy I see ;)

See if your neighbor still has the personal protection order out on you.


They should have more 2 back sets with Thomas and Bush. You can hand off to either or put Bush in motion.

That is what they need to do.

Posted by: TONY'S CLIP BOARD | September 29, 2011 at 08:49 AM

If they did that, they'd score more TDs and Tony Morono wouldn't be able to fist-pump after FGs...and we know how much the man loves to fist-pump FGs. Hence, you won't see many Thomas-Bush pairings.

rb between the t's huh.these 2 blockheads would have used marino as a nt.lol

Why Blug Hot Trill not no nothink bout feetball?

Hi odinseye. hey that rhymes!

Sparano Jr handles the balls

Ha ha ha

listen. hear that?
someone is honing up the axe.

Ireland like cheese whiz sammich

Ha ha ha I so funny

Everybody Dulfin stink like dookie

Not Cat Tigers they no poo in trailer

Ha Ha Ha I slay me

I git to wok now so my taxes pay for everyone welfare droogs and buuze

Wait, I no pay taxes on work I do at Rainbow room.

Ha ha ha if you kow what i mean Ha ha ha

Hi odinseye. hey that rhymes!

Where's the cap?


We're misusing Bush, misusing Reshad Jones (his entire coaching staff at Georgia says he's a strong safety), misused Marlon Moore last year by not giving him more chances to get in the game, misused Marshall last year as a decoy, misused Henne last 2 years by handcuffing him and not allowing him to open up the offense.

Are we seeing a trend here?

Thanks to Odin for trying to keep my hopes up!

slaton is 5' 9" and 209 lbs and can run it between the tackles.

Wait, now I big city policemen

I have skinny blow up doll with big pineapples, if you know what I mean, Ha Ha Ha

I tell you she from Hawaii but stamp say she made in china

Ha Ha Ha, not that theres anythink wrong wiffa dat, Heh, heh

Yea DC, all true.

Epic Disaster...

the only thing worse than being a dolphin fan is being a Red Sox fan right now... LOL!!!!!

My guess is that they promised Bush he'd be "the man" without regard to what he could actually do or how he might best be used.

steve slaton is 5' 9" 209lbs and he can run between the tackles.

Hey EVERYBODY I New York poleezeman from Zimbabwe. I coming to Miami for vacation and feetball game.

I fly into airport and need ride to stadium.

Is there public transportation in Miami?

(Is there no end to my magnificent humor? I think next I will be lady that have mishap in grocery store. That always get big laugh)

I am killing it.....Ha Ha Ha

Follow me to isle 7 at the Cricle K boys where i put on pee show.

Don't miss me at register where i do my grand finale, Heh, heh

(I so naughty)Ha Ha

We paid a guy $5 million to be a starting running back. A starting running back should be able to run through the tackles.

They want him to do the job that he's being paid to do... but not what actually does.

Bush is a very good player, but he's a backup scat-back. Like a Mark Higgs. His salary is causing them to use him wrong. :)

That's fake Zappa-Loca @ 9;05

Why armando not do somethink about imposter. aemando must be faking me.

Yes, curious and most puzzling.

Shut up Real Zappa-Loca

I am smart you are dumb I tell armando on you now

Ha Ha Ha me so funny

some of the play calls from dabol are very strange. Putting bush as reciever or throwing to him out of the back field would have been a great call in the last game with 45 seconds left on the clock. We had a time out. Those 4 play calls were terrible. Daboll will be out of a job just like sparano and Ireland after this year.

Wow! It looks like SOMEBODY(ahem)is using multiple sign in names and really ruining the blog for everyone else.

Go figure?

Daboll's calling the plays but I'm fairly sure it's Sparano telling him to run Bush up the middle. But whatever the case, I hope Ireland & Sparano are gone soon. And the sooner the better.

the team has no offensive line. if they had a line that could block on running plays they would be able to run anyone between the tackles. danny woodhead runs between the tackles. the point is: the offensive line has to make their blocks to give the back a hole. even a big back needs a hole to run thru.
hell, i'd run deon lewis between the tackles if i had a decent o-line. the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. if you can get a back thru the line to the 2nd level it's up to him to make the lb's miss. whether bush runs between the tackles or catches the ball in open space he still has a chance to get lit up. give him a hole to run thru and watch him make people miss. he has that ability.
look at the video on youtube of slaton with the texans. watch how he runs the ball between the tackles. nobody on the d-line touches him. there are huge holes on every play. you're not going to get that every time but that is what the line is supposed to do. the back knows where the hole is supposed to be before the ball is snapped and he runs towards the hole. the problem is this o-line couldn't create a hole in a paper bag.

Bush is not being used properly because our caches are idiots,we hire an OC whose offense was worse than ours and now it shows,but its all in Sparanos reenge factor lose games as quickly as possible ,get fired and leave town with a nice big severance pkg

Mondo, your the one whos puzzling dude. Theres no puzzle, Sparano is not a head coach. Ireland is not a General Manager. The Dolphins are not a good team for lack of talent. Why is this so puzzling?
And now I see the Dolphins have clamed Steve Salton off the wavier wire. More puzzles? More attempts to turn trash into gold. Man, this team is pitiful.

I have to agree with Devil'sAdvocate that a GM's job is more than picking good players. But, in essence, this is Ireland's 1st year as GM(as you know who handled all that before). In contrast to the latter, Ireland seems to be installing a more balanced offensive System. I think he should be given the chance to finish what he's trying to do. My opinion.

Oh Thank Odin we signed another running back ! ! ! Because if there's anything we need it's more RB's and field goals. That's right Tony keep running the ball and we'll run your ass right out of town. Your already a dead man walking, you just didn't have the balls to walk away last year when you were humiliated.

SpOrano will be on point this week.

He realized keeping Fasano in to block for Colombo was a bad move. He knows it has hurt the passing game.

To keep things real he's finally got it figured out.

He's benching Thomas and Bush in favor of Igor at tailback. This way, Igor can block for Colombo out of the backfield and Fasano can run some routes.

There's more than one way to Fist Pump a cat!

Line up in the shotgun with Thomas to Henne's right, Bush in the slot left & Bess lined up to Henne's left.

Let bush run slants against LB'ers or nickel DB's. He'll probably attract a double team & then let Bess swing out under neath.

Stevens used to move Mcduffie into the backfield & move the RB out wide quite a bit with some success.

Find some way to get Bush in a mismatch. Letting him try to run between the tackles is a mismatch alright....for the opposing defense.

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