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The curious case of Reggie Bush

Some things puzzle me about the Dolphins. The defense's regression puzzles. The continued inability to win at home puzzles. And the team's use of Reggie Bush puzzles.

On several levels now.

It puzzles that the Dolphins look at Bush -- a 6-foot and 205-pounder -- and somehow believe him to be an inside running threat. Bush proved long ago in New Orleans he wasn't that. He's proven this year he isn't a dude that will run through 300-pound defensive linemen or create his own hole where there is no hole.

Yet the Dolphins have through three games repeatedly asked him to run between the tackles. They did it less last week as there were attempts to use Bush on pitches. But if this were my team, he would never be asked to stick his facemask in the A-gap.

The guy needs to be out in space. It is obvious to anyone with eyes. Yet, it hasn't happened enough.

Interestingly, the Dolphins agree Bush is better outside, in space, where he can use his speed and agility to escape defenders.

“Well, we got to get him in some space," coach Tony Sparano said. "I think that’s important.  I think that trying to get Reggie touches early is important.  We didn’t do … we did do a good job of getting him the ball early in the ball game the other day. Unfortunately, his first carry was the second play of the game and it was a penalty. He did catch a ball out of the backfield.  But we got to get him involved a little bit earlier, try to get him going a little earlier that way. It’s just you’re trying to get him going, trying to get Brandon (Marshall) going, you’re trying to get some things going that way. You don’t want to get caught in that mode too many times where you’re trying to feed players particularly.  That’s a bad thing for the quarterback...I get to yell at the quarterback go back there and play. If the read takes him then the read takes him there or any of those types of things. We can do a better job of getting Reggie in space. I think that’s important.”

Yes, it is important. I think it is also important to use Bush in situations where his presence is a matchup problem for the defense. In that regard, it's puzzles me why the Dolphins don't use Bush is a base formation and then motion him out wide to the slot or elsewhere.

This forces the defense to cover Bush with a linebacker or strong safety out in space. That is a mismatch problem for the defense. It makes sense to use. And the Dolphins practiced this tons in the preseason. It was evident to anyone who attended the open practices.

They apparently continue to practice it since workouts have closed to all outside eyes. But the puzzling thing is they don't use it in games.

And that puzzles Bush as well.

“We do it a lot at practice," Bush said. "It just hasn’t been called in the game. It’s going to come."

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is in charge of calling the plays. He is scheduled to speak to the media today and my guess is he'll be asked why he's not calling those plays.

"I know he’s going to make those calls, I will be spread out wide there. I’ve done a little bit, but as much as obviously in my past so like I said, we do it all the time in practice, it just hasn’t shown in the game yet.”

Like I said: Puzzling.


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Odins-eye.... You learn to hate your wife regardless of how the dolphins perform..... Dolphins lose to the Pats.... I hate my wife..... Dolphins win the SUPER BOWL!!!!...... I hate my wife...... Dolphins open OTA's.... I hate my wife...... See?! This also applies to the performance of the Canes, Heat, Marlins, and that hockey team I've heard rumors that we have

I love Henne, love him dearly. You can't pin any of this on him. Marshall dropped the pass. Henne is my new Hottie.

I sometimes wonder like somebody did above, are there Secret Plays that TS and Daboll will unleash for the Big Game? When, the Big Game?

Phin Phinatic headline from last night:

"Clueless in Miami?"

Phin Phinatic headline from 10 minutes ago:

"Sparano defending play of Dolphins Columbo"

Need anyone say more?

They are practicing with Bush in the offense and somehow he spends the game on the bench??? Sounds Familiar to Wanstash years. I think our Coach Dunderhead is intervening in the game day play calling. Case in point, the offense seems to be different than the pre-season use of Bush. Sounds like a hard headed coach (DUNDERHEAD) refuses to look at his players around him and be creative. SHULA would have turned Bush into the next NAT MOORE (A SPEEDY RUNNING BACK OUT OF FLORIDA)

Team Ranking Overall Rushing Passing
Offense 12th 129.7 (7th) 258.0 (13th)
Defense 30th 104.7 (16th) 311.0 (30th)

Three weeks into the season with Dabolls new offense and we're 12th overall. We're also ranked 21st in the Red Zone.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

I hear you Mando--I'm equally confused as to why Daboll can't use Bush's talents wisely.After all,Daboll was the O coordinator at Cleveland last year.Oh,wait a minute,THAT'S the problem!!

In our first pre-season game Bush had some nice runs up the middle with good blocking and lots of short passes for nice gains. Now it's runs up the middle with poor blocking and no more passes.


Our coach and or GM seems to want to prove how smart they are despite logic screaming they should do something else.

NOTHING PUZZLING ABOUT THIS, when stupidity strikes it affects all in involved. hezeinga (giving that contract to parcells) to ross (harbaugh situation) to ireland (pick one - but choosing TWO o-linemen over QBs in drafts) to sparano (fist pumping fg's, cutting players and resigning them). It's simply stupidity, it's not puzzling. I can almost appreciate wannst-spielman era now, AT LEAST THEY MADE MOVES (even though stupid too). Ireland/sparano WON'T EVEN PULL THE TRIGGER ON OBVIOUS DECISIONS TO A FAN'S EYES!!!

Let me translate that long rambling paragraph in Armando's blog where TS was apparently asked if he is trying to get Reggie Bush in space.


Daboll is working with the O-line that Ireland and SpOrano assembled for him. You know the one that features Carey(a turnstile out of position)and Colombo(straight up turnstyle).

He's also working with the ABSOLUTE worst QB to have ever donned an NFL uniform.

Yet, despite this and right off the bat, Daboll has this offense at no. 12 overall? 7th rushing and 13th passing?

Wait a minute RALPH. I'm missing your point above. Oh yeah, he coached in Cleveland, THAT's the problem.

Hmmmmmmmmm, worst O-line to have ever existed, worst QB to have ever played the game........

Hmmmmmmmmm, 12th overall, 7th rushing and 13th passing.............

Hmmmmmmmmmm, here at Dolphins In Depth I guess you CAN have it BOTH WAYS!

How about we hire a coach who can communicate in the kings english. I am getting tired of hearing how smart Coach Dunderhead is with his "D's and Doe's" white guy ebonics. With the combined brain power of Wanstead aka Wanstash, Saban aka Satan, Sporano aka Dunderhead they got a 70 on their SAT verbal part.

They need to move Carey back to RT, plug a body in at RG, and get on with this thing. Our defense needs help in the form of a clock-burning offense, and that doesn't mean run Bush between the tackles, it means get first downs and keep the chains moving anyway you can. We have speed & quickness in the slot and out of the backfield with Bush & Bess, a good between the tackles runner in Thomas and some guys that can really stretch the field...so what's the problem?

I get the impression that our attack offense only attacks when we're behind, otherwise it goes into Bill Parcells mode. I don't believe that Daboll really gets to pull all the offensive strings, all of the time. I wish I knew for sure.

I would like to see them come out with the foot on the gas and never let up. Pull a trick from the Patriots book, wait until you've got the mismatches you want and then go no-huddle. Don't let them substitute, make them make a mistake or call a timeout.

Unleash Henne, make him be the man or determine that he can't be. We're 0-3 for chrissakes, we need to open it up and see what we've got!

if we cant understand what sparano is trying to say(mumbo-jumbo), how can the players???? he cant express one coherent thought. he is more combative than his team in recently saying he isnt afraid of getting his "pink slip".

most sense i've heard in a long time. move carey back to right tackle. carey can't play guard. moving him to guard was and is a mistake. he should be at tackle and they need to find someone they can put at right guard. that would get columbo out of the lineup and give the fans some sense that this coaching staff actually knows what the hell they are doing.

#12 offense? What sucker believes that?

-24 pts vs. the worst nfl Defense in a blowout
-29 points total the last 2 weeks

Yea, some #12 offense. Didn't we learn with the Defense last year? Stats R 4 LOSERS

Seems it's more important to protect a cowboy's reject (Colombo) than win games

i'm not sure why sparano feels a need to "sugarcoat" bad performances???? the fans arent as stupid as the regime thinks! we know a dysfunctional mess when we see it.

Crowder was awesome and atleast he understood how to play defense

I don't know, and don't get it. I almost feel that Ireland and Sporano believe in what they want to do so much, that when it does not work, they think the harder they try they can get it to work. Stubborn.

I mean it is kinda trying to convince the world that crap doesnt stink.

To prove it they keep pushing out more crap hoping the next one doesnt stink, then they push so hard after just eating so that the crap does not fester to got out that one turd that actually may not stink. they then get a hernia from pushing to hard.

Then the next crap stinks again, then the process starts over.

There has got to be a point when you realize crap does stink! If not your FIRED!

Poizen, I think Breed or DC said, the 2008 season gave false hope & belief that they knew how to do things. Made them believe we were better than we were. I think they were right.

It gave Ireland, Sparano & Parcells the belief that they could quickly rush & push these complete position overhauls quickly. It hasn't worked since.

I think we're seeing the results of that now. OL every year, DB's 1 year, RB's, WR's....we've tried to change them all in 1 offseason & expect to win. We haven't.

It's just not working.

When the head coach of a professional sports team tells the press 'He has no answers', 'I'm baffled', well, its time to go. Especially when he continues to perform that way. Plain and simple.

I don't feel like we take what the defense gives. I think we get into 'go-to' situations and then feel obligated to force the play to the 'go-to' guys, but guess where all the coverage is. duh.

Joe I agree with that, That was the one time ever I was not fooled by our record.

I think the game against Baltimore was the far more telling story of that season than the 16 games before it!

Seriously, how can there be triple coverage on Marshall and no one else is open? Are they ALL in pass protection?

Puzzling? No not puzzling at all. The head coach is in charge of these "little details". If they are practicing doing something and then never use it they are wasting valuable practice time practicing plays they DON'T &%$^$#$%$%$#$ USE! i SWEAR TO EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY,,,,, calm down,,calm down.

Okay , this coach is incompetent, this coach needs to be replaced now before he does anymore damage to these young impressionable players. If Daboll isn't calling plays that have been practiced and would obviously give us an advantage then the coach should IMMEDIATELY recognize this and demand a change. This guy is clueless.

When it comes to the point that Nobody else gets it either, Poizen, then that's a sure sign of short circuit in a Bulb.(We Cubans call it "un pase a tierra severo").

Devils, I refuse to listen to or read transcripts of his pressers this year.

After 3 years, I've read enough of the "You know, those types of things, I think that, I really do, in that way, we're making, you know, progress" statements.

You need to understand gibberish to decipher what they hell he's saying.

At the end of the day, he is at best, an oline coach. Not good at maxzimizing talent, putting players in position to succeed. Not good at clock management.

I will say, I have never seen another coach so on top of practice reps & mental errors. In that way, you know, he's 2nd to none.

Boy, what a Mess!!

Here's what scares me about Henne the most. It's not the inconsistency, overthrows, or red zone troubles as much because that can get better with experience and practice. It's this;

“It’s all about execution. We have the plays,” Henne said. “Whether we need to study more in there or [do] more things down there, we just got to execute. Execute our game plan,” Henne said. “If it’s there, take it. We got to be aggressive down there and make plays,"

No that wasn't a quote from Sparano, that was Henne, who apparently is some sort of Sparano clone now who even talks like Sparano. What's with all of the "in there down there" bulls**t? Is he seriously so easily influenced that he can't even retain his own vernacular? It's scary because that is the classic sign of a follower. Leaders keep their own personality while followers take on the personality of who they are following. Scary.

Good article mando, indeed it is puzzling.
So is this:

Well it doesn't puzzle me Armando they are stupid, you should know that by now but i guess you can't write a column and say that, otherwise they will never talk to you again. As soon as these guys leave we become instantly better. I have been a fan for over 40 years and I think Tony's coaching job this year is worse then Cam in 2007. However we still have 13 games left there is still time for him to win the crowd!

oscar,it's only gonna get messier.lol

scott in delaware, don't hold your breath, this season WILL be a train wreck of immense proportions. The sooner everyone accepts that the sooner we can move back out into the world on Sundays and actually enjoy ourselves.


oh boy poizen,after reading your post a have to go take a dump.lol

You guys remind me of a mob rallying and getting ready to lynch some witches(Sparano & Ireland)in Salem. Joe Schmoe is walking around with the torch in his hands and Poizen is expressing his feelings to the mob.

what about the pitch forks.?lol

Aw cant forget about thoughs!

Well, didnt Sparono just have double hernia surgury?

Seems like the story fits. :)

Maybe he has to stay in and pass block a bit too much due to a lousy o-line!

Why am I carrying a torch? Is it supposed to be dark?

Guys can anyone explain to me why the reporters in Miami have to tip toe around questions to the coaches? Why they can't or aren't allowed to ask the tough questions and hold this staff accountable for it's many obvious blunders?

You wouldn't believe the things the reporters are asking Rex here in NY about the teams "problems" and they're 2-1. We're 0-3 and the reporters don't seem to give the coach or anyone else any crap for it? What's the difference here and can anyone explain.

IMO after 3 years the kid gloves should be off. We should be seeing results by now and we're not. The fans are angry and the media should be as well because the product on the field also effects their jobs. At least the ones covering the Dolphins. Time to ask the tough questions, damn the consequences.

What about an end around or double end around play with Bush? C'mon, our bloggers are more creative than Daboll. Also Henne is still holding the ball too long. Henne is staring down receivers as usual. Just because he has had a slight improvement overall in his normally bad play does not mean he is suddenly a good QB. If he was a good QB, we'd be scoring in from the red zone. Sparano is trying to save his job by constantly stating how good he thinks Henne is playing. You know we are in DeeP sh*t when we can't even rely upon our field goal kicker to make easy attempts. Scary, really scary where this team is headed.

Had not read your complete Post, Poizen.LOL!

The only plausible explanation for this entire debacle of a season is the Dolphins have unilaterally planned to throw this season away to secure the top pick in the draft. Ross and Ireland decided this was the way to go in early in the offseason.

Here's proof:

They re-signed Sparano to either be the fall guy or to keep his job even if they get the #1 over all pick.

The Bush signing was to put some fans in the seats, but for the most part the Dolphins have failed to use him correctly.

The Dolphins have spent almost no money on free agents that could have helped this team win right away. TE anyone?

The coaches have put their players in the worst possible situation to succeed. They even decided to keep a QB that has a track record for inconsistent to below average play. Note: They also failed to give him an extension. Carroll? Jones? in the secondary? Really?

Ross stated he wants to bring back the days of Dan Marino. Only a franchise QB will do. He plans to draft one in 2012.

Ross attends Stanford game to see Luck in person under the guise of wanting to interview Harbaugh. Chances are, that meeting between two Michigan men was to find out about Luck's off field attributes.

It all adds up. It's an inside job. Ross and Ireland have committed to it. Andrew Luck and the 1st pick in the draft. That's what the Dolphins are playing for.

Mark my words, the dolphins go 1-15 this year and will obtain the top pick in the draft.

Matt, please tell me the 1 win is against the Jets!

Matt now convince 53 professional athletes to purposely throw games in which they trained their entire lives to win. How are they banking on a 1-15 season by adding talent to a defense that was #6 in the league last year? Is Ross smart enough that he knew the defense would regress even though they have more talent? These conspiracies crack me up.

Were not going no doggone 1-15. So Matt go kill ya self! 3 and 13 sounds better with 2 wins against thoughs stinken Jets!

And I just want to remind people that Andrew Luck hasn't played one down in the NFL yet. Hell he hasn't even finished his college season yet in which he could have a career ending injury. So you're going to go 1-15 somehow on purpose and lose even more paying customers and millions of dollars because there's a 50/50 chance that we could get a great college qb who may be the next Ryan Leaf. okay.

Like it or not, it cannot be denied that more and more fans are starting to mention and wish for "suck for luck." Truly sad state of affairs from top to bottom with this "team." I'm not sure if I can WASTE another Sunday waiting on this bunch to resemble a respectable franchise. I sure would not pay for it and I can see that many others feel exactly the same. When Ross finally gets tired of the team bleeding income from lack of ticket sales, then drastic changes will most likely come about and evidently not until then.

I don't wanna suck for Luck. I wanna suck enough to get Sparano & Ireland fired.

If that means we land Luck in the process, it's a win - win all around.


Some flaws in there, Matt from Brooklyn. What guarantee do we have that we will land Luck? Other Teams might go 1-15 also. Besides, who is 100% sure that A. Luck might turn out to be a Franchise QB and, moreover, one QB does not make a Team exception Peyton Manning. Look how good a Coach Jim Harbaugh is turning out to be and Ross went there to get him. Besides what I pointed above, who knows, you might be right.


we all realize sparano should have been fired. instead he was rewarded and granted a 2 year extension. our biggest problem is ross is tight with ireland who is the architect of this mess.

willingly turn yourself , your team, and your employees into laughstocks of the NFL to secure a player, a qb at that who might need time to develope.i dont know about that. defense is a huge letdown tho. thomas reminds me of fred taylor pre- injuries.

Planet of the Apes runs our team.

Once again Dol-fans go eat a dick! You guys suck.

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