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The curious case of Reggie Bush

Some things puzzle me about the Dolphins. The defense's regression puzzles. The continued inability to win at home puzzles. And the team's use of Reggie Bush puzzles.

On several levels now.

It puzzles that the Dolphins look at Bush -- a 6-foot and 205-pounder -- and somehow believe him to be an inside running threat. Bush proved long ago in New Orleans he wasn't that. He's proven this year he isn't a dude that will run through 300-pound defensive linemen or create his own hole where there is no hole.

Yet the Dolphins have through three games repeatedly asked him to run between the tackles. They did it less last week as there were attempts to use Bush on pitches. But if this were my team, he would never be asked to stick his facemask in the A-gap.

The guy needs to be out in space. It is obvious to anyone with eyes. Yet, it hasn't happened enough.

Interestingly, the Dolphins agree Bush is better outside, in space, where he can use his speed and agility to escape defenders.

“Well, we got to get him in some space," coach Tony Sparano said. "I think that’s important.  I think that trying to get Reggie touches early is important.  We didn’t do … we did do a good job of getting him the ball early in the ball game the other day. Unfortunately, his first carry was the second play of the game and it was a penalty. He did catch a ball out of the backfield.  But we got to get him involved a little bit earlier, try to get him going a little earlier that way. It’s just you’re trying to get him going, trying to get Brandon (Marshall) going, you’re trying to get some things going that way. You don’t want to get caught in that mode too many times where you’re trying to feed players particularly.  That’s a bad thing for the quarterback...I get to yell at the quarterback go back there and play. If the read takes him then the read takes him there or any of those types of things. We can do a better job of getting Reggie in space. I think that’s important.”

Yes, it is important. I think it is also important to use Bush in situations where his presence is a matchup problem for the defense. In that regard, it's puzzles me why the Dolphins don't use Bush is a base formation and then motion him out wide to the slot or elsewhere.

This forces the defense to cover Bush with a linebacker or strong safety out in space. That is a mismatch problem for the defense. It makes sense to use. And the Dolphins practiced this tons in the preseason. It was evident to anyone who attended the open practices.

They apparently continue to practice it since workouts have closed to all outside eyes. But the puzzling thing is they don't use it in games.

And that puzzles Bush as well.

“We do it a lot at practice," Bush said. "It just hasn’t been called in the game. It’s going to come."

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is in charge of calling the plays. He is scheduled to speak to the media today and my guess is he'll be asked why he's not calling those plays.

"I know he’s going to make those calls, I will be spread out wide there. I’ve done a little bit, but as much as obviously in my past so like I said, we do it all the time in practice, it just hasn’t shown in the game yet.”

Like I said: Puzzling.


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It's becoming clearer what's going on with this team. Ross does not want to spend any more money than necessary on players nor coaches, that pretty much says it all. The team picked up Marshall and Bush to just try and keep what fan base they had left. The season is being thrown for draft position. Make a list of all the retread pickups Miami has been acquiring and compare them with what all was available for that position (coaches included) and you will see that they have been dumpster diving, for real. They are clearly blowing this season intentionally so no need to get so pissed off anymore. Remember, it's a business first so "suck for luck" is definately a viable option.

Okay experiment time. Lets take a close look at this game and see if the coaches take advantage of mismatches or if they just blindly follow an already in place game plan or offensive philosophy instead of making adjustments.

Defensively for the Chargers

1.Their starting SS is hurt which means a reserve will be playing in his place. The Dolphins SHOULD be getting a lot of favorable matchups for Fasano. Fasano should have at least 5 catches in this game. If nothing else Henne should be able to outsmart the SS and look him off enough to get his wr's one on one. Will he?

2. Their defensive line is crap. The coaches should know this and we should see a heavy dose of run plays for Thomas which will set up some nice play action passes to take advantage of the SS AND,,,,,,,

3. Their CB who is a reserve taking Jammers spot. Our rooks are getting picked on with Davis out.Will the coaches have enough foresight to do the same to San Diego? Will Henne take advantage of the mismatches in the secondary?

Nobody cares about the best player on a winless team except bloggers here.

The Dolphins, nor it's QB, are being talked about anywhere, unless it's as a punchline to a joke.

YAY our winless QB is better than the rest of the bums. Let's give him a raise to make him feel appreciated.

Offensively for the Chargers

1. Rivers has thrown 6 interceptions in 3 games against bad defenses. Will our defense put their money where their mouth is and get a turnover or two? And will the coaching staff play another vanilla defensive scheme or will they have some mix zone and man coverage's to try and confuse Rivers into making a mistake?

2. Antonio Gates is hurt and Randy McMichael will most likely be playing for him. We get toasted by TEs regularly but this should be a matchup that Bell and Burnett win all day, will they?

These are the 5 things the Dolphins need to take advantage of Sunday as already stated by other sources with a little ad lib from me. I want to see if the coaches will have the team ready for these instances.

Henne will be the next Wes Welker...........go to another team next year and be awesome

I'm not completely for or against Henne, but Welker was just an average player on our team too.

crickets in here today,,,,,chirp, chirp. Where are all of the regs? Has the boycott reached the blog now?

Ohio Dolfan you're not the only one who has suggested that. Kordell Stewart, Gruden, and Jaworski have all said the same thing so you're not alone.

I hope I'm wrong......I hope success happens for him here or nowhere else

That sounds mean, but sick of getting the short end of the stick.

Great posts by the way Phins78, I've been reading all of them, just haven't commented much today

Welker wasn't an average player here. He was 1 of the, if not, the best offensive player.

Welker was not considered that great when he was here, compared to how he plays now.

I know much of that has to do with the QB he has and the team he is on too

Joe I don't know about that. Everyone was saying he was too small. I mean he did well and made good catches but no one was upset when they traded him except that stalker fan of his. I don't mean no one as much as just on average, of course some people were upset. But I remember hearing even people around the league question his strength and wonder if he would hold up for more than a few years. The Pats gave him a scheme and a qb.

Thanks Ohio

Don't get me wrong Joe, I liked him a lot when he was here and was sad to see him go............I'm just saying it hurt even more when he blew up for the patriots and became a super star receiver for them

I actually thought he was very good when we was here. Came out of nowhere as an undrafted guy & just had a knack of making plays. Tough hard working player.

Week in week out, he was the only consistent performer. Great special teams player as well slot receiver.

I was sad to see him go but I was happy to trade him for picks considering the state of the roster.

Tom Brady (heard of him?) just as recently as yesterday on PFT was saying how much he admired Welker's play as far back as to when he was a Dolphin. Even Belichek commented how he admired how Wes as a fin beat them on plays time an again.

I've seen a few times now on the blog that Welker was nothing special when he was here. Not true. He was already a dynamo.

phins78 and ohio. I agree with you both about Henne. If we let him go he will be real good for someone.

Here is the truth, If this ship does not get going right soon, this coaching staff is gone. A new coach most likley will not keep Henne anyway, just because they like to start with "their" guy. It happens all the time.

Also the fact that crap rolls down hill it seems, and Henne is at the bottom of the hill. you can preach it takes 11 players to be good in a red zone situation, not just one meaning not just a QB. Red Zone success does not fall simply one one mans shoulders. Nor does Red Zone failures.

Because the QB touches the ball the most, the anger is usually directed at them, even though he may not get as much time in the pocket. Or hit s a receiver in the hhands and they drop it, hands it to a running back and they fumble, no one is open. All in all most come after the QB.

Truth is, Henne needs some luck now. He is not the most talented QB in the league, but he does have the talent to be top 10 minimum. But there does need to be a system in place and a confidence level to work with what skills he does have. I believe that to be many.

After all of that, I guess my point is, you will never talk the detractors away from their feelings, you just need to hope Henne gets the breaks the other guys are getting and success comes his way, he has earned it.

Oh, and that Brandon Marshall gives 100% effort and catches the damn ball. :)

In talking to reporters today, Brady gushed about Welker.

“He’s just a great player,” Brady said. “And he’s been that way since the day he got here. He had a great game last week, an individual effort that made some incredible plays. He always seems to do that. In Miami he did the same thing.


anyone that says Welker was nothing much here is crazy.

We did not use him as well as the Pats system does, but that guy was a lot like OJ McDuffie, a 1st down machine when we needed it.

Welker was a HUGE mistake, by the phins.

although Joe did make a good point, our roster was in rough shape and picks looked real important at the time.

Who knew we had the only guys that had no clue how to use those pics. :)

Agreed Poizen,

Even though your post will probably get some "stop loving Henne!" comments from people one here, you made some good points

I don't see Sanchez as better than Henne, but his team plays well and they are winning......Sanchez would be on the bench or cut by our team by now, lol.....the other players wouldn't have made enough plays to make him look good

I will once again say that I loved Welker and I also thought he was a great player.

I was simply saying he really started getting national attention of how great he is after he started getting major catches and yards for the stinking Patriots

On another note, I do not see a problem with giving Slaton a chance.

He had an incredible rookie season, then struggled, why? who knows...

the point is what is the harm taking a chance on a guy like that if your 0-3? If you find something you resign him early so he is inexpensive and you have a solid roster player.

If he sucks, he goes and joins LJ and tiki, and we move on.

Welker was the most dynamic part of our offense when he was here. But Camoron was too full of his own damn self to figure out how to use him.

What a carousel of clowns we have filing through our front orifice.

We continue to play to not lose against teams that play to win. What a boring, stagnant, frustratingly outdated, antiquated approach to the game.

I wonder if we will ever be significant again.


Welker was a fine player. He was no dynamo in Miami and didn't have Brady throwing to him which is why he got better in New England. He was not doing the same things down here and not because of any limitations he may have had. It is Miami's piss poor teams that have hampered great players. It is Miamis piss poor coaches that have turned great players into mediocre ones. Welker is not immune to this. He was okay when he was here but if he was as good as he is now there is no way Miami would have traded him. He had very decent numbers and what some in the described as a limited ceiling because of his size. Bellichick, unlike any coach Miami has had since Shula, put him in the right situations to be very successful.

So I disagree with the notion that he was "doing the same things in Miami". Don't ever remember him having a 15 catch 175 yard performance in Miami or even having an average of 10 catches a game over any stretch. Once again, great player, bad team. But he wasn't showing the greatness he exhibits now because of the team around him.

What puzzles me, is why we signed Bush in the first place; he's a bust.

I am perplexed. I don't understand what's going on. Who are we dealing with here? Talk, talk, talk. Noise, noise, noise. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Can't win one goddamned game here or there. They bring free agents. Rejects? And they expect to win this way? Who are these people? They are lost and they are blind. They'll never find their way. Big name players for what? They do less than anybody else and make more money than anybody else. Coaches don't have answers, they just talk. Where is this team going from here? Do we have a football team in Miami any more? I feel like running away in despair.

xerxesblack, join the club, we've been running for weeks! Grab your running shoes and mp3 and meet us on the street.


I still believe that this team can go to the Super Bowl.

I'm happy for Welker that he was cast off and picked up by a champ & contender. I wished the same for ZT, who wasn't as lucky.

We all knew and wondered about the non moves ect.. regarding this team while questioning to death alot of the moves made during this last offseason. Like fans in other NFL Cities we quickly jumped on the bandwaogn and started drinking the Kool Aid after the CBA got settled and Football was back on. In all frankness though I can mention a bunch of regular posters on here including myself who gave up the vote of confidence but questioned the FO and Ireland regarding his additions this past summer.

I read an article like the one Mando put up the other day regarding Ross and his very Leon Hess, Hugh Culverhouse penny pinching agenda and I can see the argument but there were moves that I wondered aloud on here about and now out right question. I prefered the signing of A.Bradshaw and D.Sproles who are both durable over a trade for Bush or even DeAngelo Williams who himself has finished one out of 5 Seasons, that move was about money, I get it but here is MY CURIOUS CASE ABOUT BUSH!!

We trade a young prospect like Amaya at a position of need(safety) who was already one of our better ST's players along with draft picks for really what amounts to a role player with a host of injuries through out his career and extend him at an averege of $5.5 per season. The Saints sign Sproles (SAME PLAYER MINUS THE INJURIES!) who's ripping it up for them at an averege of $4.5 per, HUHHH!! That isn't on Ross but Ireland completely!! This organization isn't snake bit but run by incompetent people from the owner on down to his FO!!

Ireland continues to do the mind blowing by signing another often injured Bush type player in Slaton while cutting a good comodity in Baker when in reality what he needs is a short yardage back, somebody get that idiot Polite's cell number!! Mando if you read this you also questioned Ross about the TE, OL ect... but I ask you if the 4.5 per averege K.Boss got from Oak. wasn't better than extending Fasano for 12 Mil over 3 years or how about droping Crowder (had to be done) to replace him with often injured K.Burnett with Barrett Rudd on the market, it's time to question these moves because there not all about money!!!

So I disagree with the notion that he was "doing the same things in Miami". Don't ever remember him having a 15 catch 175 yard performance in Miami or even having an average of 10 catches a game over any stretch.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 29, 2011 at 01:27 PM

I think you are going overboard with your standards here. So you are saying he wasn't a first ballot pro bowler in Miami. No, but he played great in his role, and I do mean great. You may disagree, but Brady and Belichek have both said he played great in his days in Miami.

Hey...whatever happen to that stud of a TE we poached from the Pats...Yeatman.

Is he ready to contribute?

I know that Welker played well enough here that an ignorant fan like myself could see what a huge mistake it was to cut him loose and let him end up in our own division. With the Pats, no less.

I didn't have to see him play a single down with the Pats to know we'd regret that move.


Henne is not the problem for the Miami Dolphins and I am fine with him being our QB. I think he would make a great QB given appropriate coaching and a slew of weapons used correctly. The people claiming Henne sucks and is to blame are flat out wrong.

However, after seeing this video of Luck delivers a smackdown I am perfectly fine with the Dolphins selecting this guy to compete or replace Henne. If Henne wins the competition, we can use this guy at OLB.

So... lets get Rob Ryan for headcoach and I will support Luck as our first pick.

It didn't include the link so here it is: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=7034307&categoryid=2564308

anyway, who cares...ancient history.

That was 2 failed coaching staffs ago.

I drafted McFadden, Bush, Deangelo Williams & Sproles to my FF team.
Well McFadden is my points STUD (along with Calvin Johnson)
...followed by SPROLES
with Bush & Williams taking (it) up the rear.

Ireland seems to NEVER get VALUE in the free agency market.
He overpays for under-performers (Dansby was good last year, but avg thus far in 2011).

Why did we cut Johnson & bring in Slayton? What is the difference between the two?

I hope 3-13 is good enough to land QB:A.Luck,
2 wins against the jets and 1 win against the cowboys. I'll settle with 2-14, one victory over the jets and an upset victory over the Cowboys.

Bring in coach Rob Ryan draft Luck and "let's get this thang goin!". GO DOLPHINS


The Chemtrailed Fish gave up 5 sacks against the Browns

Not easy practicing under the Toxic, Chemical sprayed Milky skies of South Florida

Too bad the dummies do not realize global economic collapse is almost completed and the New World Order is spraying the skies w Chemtrails again like crazy.

(3) Giant Chemtrails y-day afternoon in South Florida @ about 2:00 PM

Could be seen clearly for miles


"It's pretty safe to say at this point that people have run out of anything new or interesting to say."

Fascinating observation. Thanks for comment.

why do you think they are chemtrails and not just standard exhaust/water vapor trails from regular commercial jets?

Its worse than I thought in here.....

The "I miss Welker" talk has already started.....

We don't usually see that talk till NOV or DEC around these parts....


You beat me to it......lol

paul g....that's why Cowher has guts as a coach.
I for one hope we land him on Jan. 4th when the season ends.

Sparano says all kind of stuff during the week, but on game day it's the same crap, different week. Predictable and conservative until it is time to bring in the FG kicker. Woo Hoo !!!

Please fire Tony, please! SOON.

I'll take the blame kris.........I was actually just using Welker as a comparison to the Henne situation..........

That lead to the many Welker comments

So anyway.........How about a surprise win against the Chargers? I'm just fan enough to be stupid enough to build up some hope :)

Why is this so puzzling Sean Payton said, Bush can not run between the tackles so he was expendable for Mark Ingram as usual another team has the last laugh on the Fins. Plus the Saints signed Darren Sproles for a lot less money. Now who do you trust Sparano or Payton?
Advantage Payton


I'm with you...I am am not only dumb enough to believe they can beat the chargers.....i think they can win every game.....

then around the middle of the 2nd quarter.....i kinda wake up.....

I hear ya Devil. Not saying Welker isn't great. Belichick also said the Dolphins have a great defense before the Monday night game. Welker was a very good player in Miami that is now a great player in New England. That's my only point. It seemed like people were saying he was putting up the same numbers here and should never have been traded. At the time people were applauding the Dolphins for what they got in return, not lambasting them for trading Wes.

Ha, that's funny Kris, we have Similar Sunday rituals you and me!

Hey zzzzzzzz go check my posts today. I was trying to start up a bunch of different discussions including breaking down the game this week but no one wanted in. I agree, the blog today is boring.

Phins78 did have the entire breakdown for the game, and a nice one too.

I wonder if our coaching staff has done that yet?

Hey people who are bored if you're not going to add to anything I posted, game plan, coaching errors etc. then instead of saying no ones talking about anything in here (which is worse than what we're actually talking about!:) then start up a discussion. We're all in here out of boredom!

for my 2 cents......

Welker was very average when he played in miami.....you kinda hoped he would turn into that old Bears reciever...the one who made all those catches over the middle despite getting a concussion every other week.....

Welker was no superstar in Miami.....maybe it was the system....maybe it was the coaching staff.....maybe Belicheat had a vision to change the NFLs passing game.....and Welker was the man to do it....

In any case....unless you have/had a direct bllodline to Welker....i doubt most on here thought twice about the trade......

of course NOW.....hindsight is 20/20.....for many.....

TS and company have never used players as it's intended. Reggie stretches the field by being open and a little dump pass. Really Thomas is the superior back, but when has TS ever used a player were there supposed to be, Carey comes to mind. I'm tired of all this stuff. Hopefully, by the bye week he's gone. I'd have more confidence in this organization if they did. Ross is the worst owner bar none.

Phins 78....

I think reality is setting in.....if we lose sunday it will 0-4 with a full 15 and a half days until our next game.....a Monday Nighter against the jets...and a possible 0-5 staring us in the face.....

Its tough times man......

paul g,

the dude who goes on ABUT CHINAMAN COWER/////::::: IS PROBABLY ALOCO..........THE BLOG'S RISIDINT GINIUS''''''''

we dont need luck..........i repeat no luck for the fins.........ttrent richardson in the first robert griffin in the second upshaw/rainey 3/4

If we get to 0-4....Ross HAS to bring in a new coach to bring some enthusiasim and buzz to this team.....

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