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The curious case of Reggie Bush

Some things puzzle me about the Dolphins. The defense's regression puzzles. The continued inability to win at home puzzles. And the team's use of Reggie Bush puzzles.

On several levels now.

It puzzles that the Dolphins look at Bush -- a 6-foot and 205-pounder -- and somehow believe him to be an inside running threat. Bush proved long ago in New Orleans he wasn't that. He's proven this year he isn't a dude that will run through 300-pound defensive linemen or create his own hole where there is no hole.

Yet the Dolphins have through three games repeatedly asked him to run between the tackles. They did it less last week as there were attempts to use Bush on pitches. But if this were my team, he would never be asked to stick his facemask in the A-gap.

The guy needs to be out in space. It is obvious to anyone with eyes. Yet, it hasn't happened enough.

Interestingly, the Dolphins agree Bush is better outside, in space, where he can use his speed and agility to escape defenders.

“Well, we got to get him in some space," coach Tony Sparano said. "I think that’s important.  I think that trying to get Reggie touches early is important.  We didn’t do … we did do a good job of getting him the ball early in the ball game the other day. Unfortunately, his first carry was the second play of the game and it was a penalty. He did catch a ball out of the backfield.  But we got to get him involved a little bit earlier, try to get him going a little earlier that way. It’s just you’re trying to get him going, trying to get Brandon (Marshall) going, you’re trying to get some things going that way. You don’t want to get caught in that mode too many times where you’re trying to feed players particularly.  That’s a bad thing for the quarterback...I get to yell at the quarterback go back there and play. If the read takes him then the read takes him there or any of those types of things. We can do a better job of getting Reggie in space. I think that’s important.”

Yes, it is important. I think it is also important to use Bush in situations where his presence is a matchup problem for the defense. In that regard, it's puzzles me why the Dolphins don't use Bush is a base formation and then motion him out wide to the slot or elsewhere.

This forces the defense to cover Bush with a linebacker or strong safety out in space. That is a mismatch problem for the defense. It makes sense to use. And the Dolphins practiced this tons in the preseason. It was evident to anyone who attended the open practices.

They apparently continue to practice it since workouts have closed to all outside eyes. But the puzzling thing is they don't use it in games.

And that puzzles Bush as well.

“We do it a lot at practice," Bush said. "It just hasn’t been called in the game. It’s going to come."

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is in charge of calling the plays. He is scheduled to speak to the media today and my guess is he'll be asked why he's not calling those plays.

"I know he’s going to make those calls, I will be spread out wide there. I’ve done a little bit, but as much as obviously in my past so like I said, we do it all the time in practice, it just hasn’t shown in the game yet.”

Like I said: Puzzling.


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Seahawks shopping Aaron Curry. Yes? He was a top 10 pick. Can't be worst then Burwett

BRB.........Debo has to take care of some business.

I think I will to too!

NOBODY KNOWS THE TROUBLES...................

The Dolphins are a ship with no sails and a fist pumping screaming blind man as a captain help us Baby Jesus!

Odinseye....you've lost your mind dude. I feel your pain. After week 2 Sparano said he was EXCITED to get on the road because he "sees his team more, and has more of their attention". Should have been fired immediately for that comment! Can anyone IMAGINE Belechick saying that???

Now I read Tony saying, in classic 4th grade speak....we need to get him out there more, use him a little different...

REALLY TONY....the light went on for you and Daboll in week 4 as to how to use Bush???!!!???

It really is as if he's TRYING to get fired...crying out for Ross to can him.

If we lose in SD, without using our TE's nearly as much as winning teams do, without putting our best players in their proper positions, without using the clock effectively, without creating any fumbles, without stopping anyone on third down...

then Sparano must go NOW....with Ireland and Daboll AND Nolan to follow at the end of the year. Bring in Dungy at any cost...PLEASE!!!

hey guys I just design a new dolphins logo, i guess now is as good time as any to change, check it put and tell me what you think, just type on facebook NEW MIAMI DOLPHINS LOGO ...there is also an expalnation of the changes I made...look for the MIAMI DOLPHINS CHAMPIONS on the sunburst behind the dolphin...if you like it, click on it...tnx!

Oline is a RT away from being great... I'd go with Carey and try out Jerry again at RG

moving Carey inside might have worked out great if he had atleast been replaced with an upgrade at the position Colombo actually does worse damage

Nothing left to say. This team sux worse than I ever thought possible. Now Thomas dinged up again. Hey, at the RB position it's gonna happen. That's why we have Ricky and Ronnie to go to, oh wait, they both wanted to stay but we were too good and didn't need them. Shockey wanted to come, but we were too good at the posistion and didn't need him. We can have Bush and Polite in back field and at time motion Bush out for serious match up problems. Oh wait, we were too good and didn't need Polite. And Nolan basically admits to leaving our best LB on the sideline in game winning situation cause he didn't think about it and he's not in that package. R U frikkin kidding me? Ireland's moves are VERY questionable, but if u think about it we had the talent on the field (well, on the sideline) to easily beat Houston and Cleveland and could easily be 2 and 1 with decent coaching. It's difficult to judge just how good or bad the talent is when the strategy is so disorganized and flawed. Slaton will suck. Trust me. Seen almost every game. For some reason (probably the injuries) he's been slow and timid after a good rookie year. Henne is not the problem, but I would take Luck i a heartbeat if we continue to suck this bad, which we probably will. I love football and will remain a Miami fan unfortunately, but this crap is unwatchable!!! Oh, and it's not the owner's fault UNLESS we find out it's his penny pitching that is forcing Ireland to stay away from some of the free agents (Shockey to name one) that wanted to come here.

aivan (@ 12:57am)

Funny you should happen to mention that...

That's exactly will happen for the 2012 season...


How else does a sales guy divert attention from the reality that he didn't pursue Zack Miller and other valuable free agents in 2011?

With a cosmetic makeover...of course.

...and judging from Mr. Ross's taste in
'non-football entertainment'

C H E E S Y !!!

Maybe the new uniforms will be designed by Gloria Estefan with sequins and shiny flipper earrings....gosh this management has their heads up where the sun don't shine... I cannot wait any longer for the firings...

Jonny, you are right on with your assessments.. You said Henne isn't the problem..now I agree whole also adding this...he is part of the problem because he has been constantly folding in the red zone and when the game is on the line. I'm not bashing Henne ok, i really did wish he would be our answer, but again last week with the game on the line...two timeouts, 4 fresh downs to go, and we get three straight incompletions and a INT. QB's live for situations like that but I've never seen Henne pull through with much success in that regard. Did we have some drops in the game from some WR's yes...so not all henne's problems were him. But 9 times out of 10 a QB like Brady, Breese, Rivers, etc.. Win the game bottom line. I know our problems with this team run deep, very deep, but Henne is definitely "part " of the problem. We need a compete overhaul from the GM down guys...

0 and 3, Worse then I thought it would be, But Hey, We got the Chargers and Jets Next., How diffucult can that be?

Can't belive it.Coach has lost control of what he should be in control of,O.C and D.C,he is supposed to bring it all together and he has FAILED miserably so far.I,I don't know how to say it any ,er,nicer.Bills fan that I know are LAUGHING at the whole front office of our team.Maybe I am wrong to defend the F.O?I do but it's tongue in cheek.What the F do we do? Will always be a fin fan but I'm tired,so,so t...i...r...e...d.

New Orleans has a habit of dumping bad running backs on the Dolphins. They did it with Ricky Williams and we found out why very soon. Ricky was a good running back but his brain was fried. He soon was doing a walkabout while the team faltered. Now we got Bush. Didn't the country finally get rid of a Bush. Now the Dolphins have to get rid of one too.

Armando is Yeah!

Ross will not cut ties with Ireland because he recruited for Carl Peterson. Most likely the next personnel boss for the Dolphins. However Sparano needs to go after the San Diego game. There is no excuse for not getting Bush more involved in the passing game. Sparano continues to be to conservative; trying to sit on a 3 point lead in Cleveland;running the ball in the Dolphins next to last drive. Moreover playing a guy like Colombo and other stupid game time decisions; Sapp and many more should warrant Sparano to be fired ASAP; the bye week is the time.

"we got to get him in space". Then do it and stop whinning about it. Sparano is using Bush wrong, he knows it, you know it, I know it, the entire Dolphin kingdom knows it, hell, even Ross knows it. NOW DO IT.

“Well, we got to get him in some space," coach Tony Sparano said. "I think that’s important.

Just saying...ROSS: Be a friend of u.s. fans!

Sorry kids, the team is being forced to admit that Thomas still has a bad hammy. He's rushed for 200 yards in 2 games with a bad hammy. Dude's a beast. Rest him now and let him get healthy for use when it matters in the future.

My name is Bill Parcells. I am fat.

Sparano needs to go - who else could totally not understand how to use Bush or how to win?

In the NFL neither coaches or players last for long if they don't produce. I was thrilled with Daboll game calling in the Patsie game...but I got to tell you my high school "O" coordinator could have done better (we went 1 & 11 my senior year). So you can imagine what I think of his play calling and usage of players and packages. I understand that with an under performing offensive line the Offense isn't going anywhere. But the usage of Bush is a no brainer...you got a 6' 200lb back and a 6'1" 225lb back and you gonna pick the little guy to go off tackle..."C'ome on man!"
We need BIG, AGGRESSIVE OFFENSIVE LINEMEN...Mr. Ross if you are listening...BIG AGGRESSIVE OFFENSIVE LINEMEN...then Henne will have enough time to throw and Thomas holes that he can run through...and the results will be W W W W instead of L L L L L ... C'ome on maaann!!!

Reggie Bush was a bust in New Orleans and Miami went after this guy. Sprouls was sitting there but no we trade for Bush and The Saints pick up Sprouls (sp) and he's a whiner. We let Williams and Brown hit the streets and then go after larry Johnson (washed up) and a never will be from Houston. What a winner big mouth Ross is spewing hot air about being agressive but not signing anyone of value in the off season. Hello! I am tired of being a fan of a toilet bowl team. We're not the Lions and Bengals of the NFL... Thanks so much.

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