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Source: Dolphins '100 percent' not firing Sparano now

The Dolphins are 0-3 and they're in disbelief.

They cannot believe they are 0-3. They cannot believe they got there by losing to the Cleveland Browns today, 17-16.

But despite being in last place in the AFC East and one of only two teams standing at 0-3 as of this moment, the club is not planning on firing coach Tony Sparano right now.

I asked a source if there are changes planned in that regard this week. "No, nothing," was the response.

I asked for clarification. Are you 100 percent, I asked.

"One hundred percent," was the emphatic answer.

Sparano, for his part, told me he also has not been told of any change or planned change.

Obviously, folks can sleep on their thoughts overnight. Obviously, we are operating in the span of one hour after a loss and people can change their mind. But that's how things are at the moment as the Dolphins just left Cleveland Browns Stadium.


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...I mentioned this earlier today. But I think it is worth re-visiting. I said this week that with Jimmy Wilson we will get some good some bad.. We saw that today. Not a total suprise that he gave up that TD. It wasn't poor coverage in fact the throw was great. McCoy made a play. Wilson didn't..Almost, a finger tip away. But almost doesn't cut it. Remember Wilson is learning on the fly he is playing a position that he saw limited time at last year, and because he hasn't played much corner in 3 years he has some learning to do. It says a lot about what the Phins think about his potential leaving him alone in man coverage late in a critical game. Sadly that potential didn't live up to the expectations, and it burned us. Wilson will get better but don't expect him to be anything more than a corner that is better off in dime-nickel situations until he figures out the position a little more.

The next two games look like potential losses.

At what point do they give Matt Moore the opportunity to show his stuff?

I've never been convinced that Henne could be a franchise QB.

seriously, the problem starts with the qb. get a good one, and miami can improve going forward. the morons in the front office who did not replace henne after last year sealed the team's fate. as for sparano, there is really nothing else to say; the man played for the field goal, pumped his fist, and lost. he will be fired soon, and fade into obscurity from whence he came.

Posted by: austin | September 26, 2011 at 12:21 AM

Blog Hit Troll, that's a good start. Not really-LOL! You're going to have to do a lot better than that.............................

Armanda's cousin starts off blaming the QB.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, the one bright spot on the team? Well, if we need to get rid of the ONLY bright spot, this team won't be relevent fo at least 3 to 4 years.

Mandy, I predict you and your opinions will die a slow death, very similar to that of your IRRELEVENT Dolphins Blog!

Good luck with the Male Fran Drescher gig on the RADIO!

The Henne haters are at it again. They jumped on the bandwagon after one game and then jump off again.

We could have gotten Brady Quinn like the fools wanted. We could have paid $63 million of Kevin Kolb like the fools wanted. We could have gotten... it seems Brady Quinn isn't good enough to get on the field and Kevin Kolb isn't an improvement over Henne either.

Henne is not the problem. No QB in the league could play well behind this line. A rookie QB - now the fools all want Luck and think he will lead us to the promised land - will not make one difference to this team.

We need a coach and we need a GM. We need playmakers on both sides of the ball. We need an offensive and defensive line. We need to know how to use the players we have. We need a coach who is pissed after seeing this fiasco not one who says he saw some improvement and thinks the guys want to win.

We need Rob Ryan. The fools will, of course, toss out the brand names and think Cowher, or Fisher, or Gruden would be the answer. They are wrong. We need Rob Ryan. The fools will say, oh no, not another assistant coach - they suck and have failed. The fools don't know football or history. We need Rob Ryan.

I think Sparano's chance of being the next HC for New Haven Community College just diminished after this loss.

Someone once said...

"For each rookie you start,
you will lose you at least one game because of them..."

I think that quote was from Parcells !!!!!

Keep Ireland! Keep the losing tradition alive!

"The next two games look like potential loses"

Geeeez ya think? How about the next 13 games?

Regarding the red zone impotence: do you blame it on the play call or execution or both?

I blame it on coaching. The philosophy of the Dolphins is, no worries, we can always kick a field goal. When your coach celebrates a field goal as a matter of routine like Sparano does, it shows no conviction, no guts, and no glory.

....You can complain all you want about Henne. Yes he has his shortcomings. Yes he stinks in the redzone. Yes he goes limp at the end of games..I get it. I wish that the players on this team that have more skill at their positions playes with the same heart that Henne has shown these 3 games. I know that this is a rah-rah-blah-blah post. And Henne can play with all the desire in the world if we lose it doesn't matter. The guy is out there getting pummled. And all he gets is he is a bum..I that is your feeling fine. It comes with the territory of playing quarterback. But he has no chance, this offensive line has given him nothing to help him. So to those who want a change, or think him a total incompetant. Don't worry I give the over under at 2 games beore he gets drilled, and you all get your wish. Then we will see just how great this team can be.

Coos, LOL re Vick! I don't want to see any QB get hurt! But your post was funny!

Who is in first place in the A.F.C.East???????

Reggie looked great today! Glad he's your problem!

Darryl, I think Wilson can make BIG plays if coached right. The kid has guts, to shoulder the blame for a loss that he was outplayed on, that's a man! McCoy threw the perfect pass!

DD, I hear what you're saying about Henne, but guess what? Rothlesberger, Romo, and Vick are getting pummeled too. Yep, this OLine stinks and I can't stand it - but Henne has got to learn how to win. The three QBs mentioned above know how to do that in clutch situations. Henne has progressed nicely - but when the pressure is on, he falls back to his checkdown mode all too often. Defense knows this. I haven't quit on Henne yet, but he's got to keep progressing through the season. If he falls back to Bad Henne next week, well then...he's just perpetuated his reputation as being inconsistent.

Odin my friend, your on a roll on trolls! LOL!

Worst pick up ever by Miami~~Reggie Bush! There is a reason N.O.dumped his arse!

..Redsky. The problem with Wilson. Or should I say this team. Is that the team is short on depth at cornerback. So that is where he has to play now. I think the Phins have him in the wrong position. At saftey Wilson can make plays in support. His style is aggresive And I think at corner he is forced to play more conservative..until he figures out how to play the position at this level.

Tough. Smart. Disciplined.

I bring back Parcells' mantra for rebuilding this team only to show that they've failed on all three.

Miami has been on the way down since that cancer put on the #19 jersey~~~Wake up, he is another T.O.~~~~~~~~~~~`

...cosmodo. I agree with you. Henne needs to play better. Of the quarterbacks you mentioned above. Henne is not in the class of those 3. He needs, the team needs to protect him in order to have any chance. This is just the fact. But even with Romo and Vick..Those teams are going nowhere if their protection problems continue. Both are already injured and leave their teams at huge disadvantages. Ben is lucky enough to play on a team that is very good. So when he plays poorly the team can usually overcome his play beacuse they are more complete then most.

Hey Buffalo.. You say BM is another TO...well that's fine with me...TO is second to Jerry Rice in most WR categories....

Darryl D, stay with me, you're in MT, it's later in FL! Yes, Henne is getting pummeled, sacked 5 times, knocked down 8 and had to run ( for his life, and yds ) too often. He did a great job running! The Oline is like a screen door on a submarine! Henne is much improved over last year! The man has earned my respect

Okay first of all for anyone who actually thinks Sparano is not at fault your wrong! He is at best a .500 win% coach. He has not been able to motivate his players to play better than .500. That brings me to another point we are not the Dolphins anymore, we are the Cowboys 2.0. Stop bringing in Cowboy players that couldn't even make it in Dallas. We don't want the rejects we want top flight talent. Guess why we suck? Because those ex Cowboys we have signed suck! And I like Henne as a person, but he is not now nor will he ever be a top tier quarterback. He is way to inconsistent and makes too many poor throws.He has 1 good game for every 3 bad games. Sorry Chad you aren't a starter, but would keep you as a 2nd string. And finally Reggie Bush, well what can you say New Orleans was right about you all along, but way to convince this stupid front office otherwise into believing you are an every down back. You are not. You are a specialty player at best. You should be returning punts and kickoffs. I haven't seen a SB since I was 4 and looks like I may not see another while I'm alive and that is just sad.

..redsky. What's up? I agree. I'm amazed at how anyone can have the guts to play quarterback in the NFL..You have to be so mentally tough to be able to absorb all of the required knowledge just to comprehend the offense. Then play at a speed that we cannot truly appreciate. Add the constant beating, knowing that you are going to get crushed almost every time you drop back but still have to stand in there and make an accurate throw. Add the pressure of knowing that the expectations of the franchise, city, and fanbase and it becomes clear why there are very few true elite quarterbacks that can sustain a high level for more then a few seasons.

DarrylD, without a doubt, you are one of the most intelligent and non-discouraging posters on this blog! Your positive attitude to ALL posters is commendable! Thank you!

Hey C63 AMG~~~~What has won? How many teams have dumped him?

C63, Jerry Rice is in a category all his own!

Redsky...Thanks bro.. Gotta roll. Going on a trip tommorow. Fishing the Canyon Of The Giants tommorow. Up on the Missouri River. This spot is where the largest trout I have ever seen(in a river) habitat. It is a brutal hike short but steep and full of Bears that are migrating into lower elevations this time of year to eat spawning trout and whatever they eat to sustain themselves beore hibernation...Not a lot of people there. It's a 6 and a half hour drive. So I have a long day tommorow. Then off to Missoula to fish the Blackfoot on Wednesday, and Thursday..Got a buddy that has a drift boat for that trip

You guy's have been busting my balls for 4 years, It's my turn now!

Forgive me for going off topic...but
I had to re-post this because It's freaking hilarious...

Michael Vick rants:
"I'm not a dog...I'm a Quarterback..."

From the NFL's website:

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback suffered a broken right hand during Sunday's 29-16 loss to the New York Giants and afterward vented about what he believes is unfair treatment by game officials.

"I think more precautions should be taken when I'm inside the pocket," Vick said. "You look at all the replays, I'm on the ground every time. It's unfortunate for myself, it's unfortunate for my team..."
"At some point, something catastrophic is going to happen, and today, I broke my hand..."

"I don't know why I don't get the 15-yard flags like everybody else does," he said. "Hey, I'm not going to complain about it. I'm just going to make everyone aware of it."
Somewhere up in heaven, right now,...
There are 50 Dogs humping fire hydrants !

Henne is the problem...wet blanket of a leader, no guts in crunch time. How do you go 4 and out with the game on the line??? Nothing has changed from last year...nothing!!! Everybody's gut feeling was correct about Henne...he sucks and deserves nothing at this point. Sparano needs to go to Moore to save his job or they all go down together.

My toilet has better turds in it than this team has coaches.

Well, I see the Air-breathers are at 0 and 3....., Hummmmmm, who was it that said the fins would be 3 and 13?????, And at this point I dont think thats gonna happen...., Fisty and Ireland need to be jettisoned like poop from the toilet......

Ahhh, Cuban is off duty! Speak my friend and I shall answer!

For all the "suck for luck" crap, you guys realize he is a red-shirt junior? So he doesn't feel right coming out, he won't.

Gonna be a long, kick in the nuts, ulcer producing, hair-pulling out, gouge yr eyes out season. I wish Charlie Brown would slap the b**** Lucy!

Whats up Red, Wish we could be talking about a win, But what can you do??

Another day, another loss.

I expected very little from this team before the season started. The Bifecta blew the QB competition thing and put nearly every egg in the Henne basket and now we are 0-3.

Not all Henne's fault and I do believe I see improvement in the lad. He seems a bit lighter and faster and a couple of times he has done things I thought Henne was incapable of...like start to run, look up and throw a strike for a first down.

I fear that some of Henne's running success leads to delusions of granduer... When he took off running for the endzone and literally ran into DT Phil Taylor that was wild. I couldn't believe he thought he would get to the endzone from that far out.

Henne has done things better than in the past but is essntially the same guy, overthrows and underthrows many recievers, seems to become more erratic in the pressure situations like end game and red zone trips.

In the NFL it is ALL about W's and L's and the combo of Ireland/Sparano/Henne are NOT pulling them off. Maybe Ross is ok as he believes the "Suck for LucK" situation can pull us out of the fire...(It sure could help a ton IMHO).

C Pouncey and RB Daniel Thomas look like they can play. Pouncey may end up doing Probowls next to his brother. Thomas is showing power but I wonder how long he can last with his physical style. The Earl Cambell/Eddie George types tend to flame out much more quickly in today's NFL.

Hey how about that Odrick pick! Sean Smith! Good thing Parcells drilled home that planet theory stating you have to have huge guys with giant physical characteristics...In this Passing League style NFL, great quickness and movement skills still mean a ton.

The team is sort of where I thought they would be as much as I want them to make me a liar of my thoughts. I don't believe the Fins will win many this year as if that is a news flash. I say I am a realist some will say just being negative...meh, u say tomato, I say tomato.

We will trudge ahead and hope for good things to start happening although that may not be until 2012.


Hey CM,

Good to see you still chum these waters from time to time mang.

It's already a long season and I will bet it will be one we just have to bear the brunt on.

I dunno whassup with the DEF? They were going to be top 5-7????...whappen.

I gotta bail as work calls early.


I can't do anything Cuban, I could motivate the team if they let me. But they won't, and they have no clue how to motivate these guys!

The Team is not built to compete against the Pats and Jets(And Buffalo aperently), Thats the problem, It all comes down to "Who bought the grocerys", Parcells, Ireland, First off what has Parcells won the last 20 years??, Second Ireland cant pick his nose correctly let alone talent, this team has B and C type players, They might be able to compete in the NFC west Division but thats about it.....

Id hate to be on the team playing the Pats next week.....

Our team is not built to compete against anyone Cuban! I hope they beat someone and it's not just a lucky game!

I'm baffled

Monday presser:
Armondo - coach have you heard the phrase suck for luck that fans of various losing teams are using?
Sparano: are you referring to that college guy that everybody wants they're team to draft?
Armando: Yes
Coach: you play to win the games!! Hello...?
Armando: well do you think a turnaround is possible and a playoff run?
Sparano: playoffs!!!!? Playoffs!!!!? Are you kidding me?
Armando: well what happened yesterday?
Sparano: they were who we thought they were, and we let em off the hook!

We must, "Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions!" it's the only way to win!

Sky, Afried this team with Hollywood Ross needs more then a new GM And HC, I Hope and pray that he sells the team..

It means never give up! Russell Crowe, Robin Hood!

The chargers were pretty lucky against KC. Rivers extremely sloppy (2INT). Maybe the Phins could... nah, they'll just try to get into FG reach and fistpump...

Yeah Cuban, sell the team, don't move it though!

Agree, Gotta Go, Have a Phintastic Day..........

If they can't beat Cleveland they will have a difficult time beating SD, at home! Then the Jets, I hope they do, but the odds are against them. Sad to say, our Dolphins are Flounders!

I'm out!

oooooooooooooooooooooh,my head,sad so sad.

Strategy is clear....they are going after a single win and then lock in the no1 pick. Andrew Luck would look good in a Fins uniform. Just need to get rid of the FO, otherwise I'm sure they're going to spend the pick on another offensive lineman.....

The Defense needs to pursue, follow up, and tackle. Just as importantly, Carpenter, the Kicker, needs to stop thinking of himself as some kind of rock star, get a haircut, and concentrate on what he's paid to do.

Maybe we can bring back Jim Bates...he did pretty good after Wannstache was poop canned.

I disagress with not firing Sparano(dark eyes). The Dolphin Franchise cant stand another 1-15 season, if they win one game. No one now will go to a games. I wont go for any reason. And Mr Ross, its only going to get worse. So keep Sparano and the fish can get into the "draft Luck sweepstakes". But what if Luck wont sign with the Dolphins? I wouldnt.
Mr Ross, you had a chance last off season, now your screwed, the seasons a bust, your coach is a bust along with his GM, Ireland. You gotta start all over.

To me this all comes down to QB play....Yes, Henne well at times..but he did not get in the end zone but once. Yes, the defense should have stopped Cleveland on the last drive. But, then the Dolphins had the ball at midfield with 45 seconds and a time out and could even come close to making yardage. Good QBs get their team in the endzone. Good QBs make up for bad situations by pulling their team through in the end. It is not that Henne is a bad QB..he is just not good enough.

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