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Source: Dolphins '100 percent' not firing Sparano now

The Dolphins are 0-3 and they're in disbelief.

They cannot believe they are 0-3. They cannot believe they got there by losing to the Cleveland Browns today, 17-16.

But despite being in last place in the AFC East and one of only two teams standing at 0-3 as of this moment, the club is not planning on firing coach Tony Sparano right now.

I asked a source if there are changes planned in that regard this week. "No, nothing," was the response.

I asked for clarification. Are you 100 percent, I asked.

"One hundred percent," was the emphatic answer.

Sparano, for his part, told me he also has not been told of any change or planned change.

Obviously, folks can sleep on their thoughts overnight. Obviously, we are operating in the span of one hour after a loss and people can change their mind. But that's how things are at the moment as the Dolphins just left Cleveland Browns Stadium.


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This team is a disgrace and getting worse. Fire the coach now and stop blaming Henne for lousy coaching.The change should have been made after last season. And please bring in a big name proven coach like Bill Cower and not another clown like Wannstedt or Cameron.

I would love to coach this football team....I couldn't do any worse AND I'm out of a job AND totally available!!!

Idiot! The Dolphin's owner is an idiot, plain and simple, period, end of story. Sparano should have been replaced last year, and there was no need to replace him with a big name coach. A simple "commander" type will suffice. The Dolphins are a carbon-copy of the Heat on this issue. All the Heat needed/need is a General Patton type to get the best out of the troops. Well, admittedly, there is one other difference though: Sparano is an outright idiot with his play-calling. And I don't want to hear that he doesn't call the plays! He's the head coach; he can override anything he disagrees with. Please, get rid of him already. The fans deserve much better than this.

When will they stop trying to go to Marshall in the end zone or the red zone. He does not get open down there. Go to someone else like the Tight end or Hartline.
Koa Mizzi- Officially a bust.
Please use Bush properly catching the ball out of the backfield and running outside.
The Offensive Line stinks. Spend another 50 million and keep Long and Pouncey.
Daniel Thomas looks like the real deal. Finally, the Dolphins select a good running back since they drafted Benny Malone.

The loses are only a positive. We will be in the leader in the LUCK sweepstakes, bring in Cowher who can do some long needed house cleaning and next year will be fun again.

Miami Dolphins fans should press Ross to do something radical to change this team, we as fans have the power, for the next home game, fans who have tickets should stay out of the stadium for the first quarter of the game, what will Ross think about that. is teh onl;y way we have as fanns to demponstrate our inconformance of how the team is performing. give it a tought Dolphans! is worth it!

To the front office of the FINS - even a relatively uninformed fan will tell you this - if a team cuts a player it means that player is just not that good or he is at the end of his football career i.e. Reggie Bush - only had one 100 yard rushing game in his career - if a player has been cut from two or more teams he is not good enough for the NFL. Mr. Ross - you became rich by knowing if you want to make money you have to spend money - since this team seems to be just a money making project for you spend some of that money you have stashed away and pay for some quality players - maybe then you can start turning a profit on this team but judging by comments above you will continue to lose money and the team will continue to be an embarressment to themselves and the fans. If you talk to your other fat cat rich team owners they will tell you to win you need to spend money on good players. Dust off that check book and get this team personnel that can get the job done or sell the team to someone who will. Im just saying......you are clueless dude - the buck stops at your desk.

There are only a few players to shoulder the blame. Marshall has dropped 3 TD's(in the endzone), and Carpenter has missed 3 FG's. The D needs to tighen up,yes, but they aren't the main problem. The team has potenial! Two loses with 13 points left on the field! That is where the real problem lies! Carpenter makes that FG yesterday and we win. Coaches don't throw, catch, run, or kick. Blame Sparano for bad clock management, or for not looking for another kicker.

Don Shula,

Are your steak restaurants making enough money yet, so you can buy the fins??


Suck For Luck, Suck For Luck, Suck For Luck


Hey guys, man, i went to bed at 830 and woke up at 3 and there were like 8 more pages, i couldnt gothrough them all but anyway heres another 2 cents
The stache, resigned mid season, Jim bates took over, won there last 6 games, and then hired that idiot Saban. and soon...
so we could again fire TS and JI mid season because they like players are not living up to there contract, so then promote Nolan aas temp coach, this is him interview for another teams HC job. He wont be with the team next year. Hennes last year ya say? yup his last year with miami, just like brown and williams. If we do end up with the first pick, well so be it, if we can get Luck, ok good i guess, obviously we need another Vet QB recently let go by another team to mentor him, or just throw him right in? well if manning, flacco and ryan can do it, then its on the job training, if luck is that type of QB and runs a pro system then it should be a good transition. Also since long is playing hurt again, or still, the new temp coach needs to shut him down and let him heal properly, what is he playing for? why is he protecting a QB that wont be there next year? Give long an extension and shut him down. ( i dont se this happening, and he will still be hurting next year) why is it that us fans know what needs to happen, but what ends up happening isworse andsets the team back some more?? Ross wants to bring in fans and a fun atmosphere right? well a halfway decent team would do that, antoher thing, i bet if we still lost these games but scored 30 points or more a game, it would be a different tune. the offense would be exciting to see and can score almost at will, but the D stinks like they do now, instead, I knew that they needed to score a TD instead of that last FG to hold themback or like it happened, I knew they were going to score a TD and win the game. sure nuff thats what happened its 1 point but a loss is a loss and they even had there own chance to convert 4th down (seems like they never stop a 4th down conversion of another team (pats) )
Its 2007 allover again. I record the games and start watching from the start about 2 hours in, if they fall behind by 2 TD's i fast forward to the end because i know they wont catch up. looks like ill have more time on sundays this year, and when playoffs start, ill root against the winner of the afc east. ironic huh? the bills first, the phins last, phins are the new bills!!!

Well...this is bad news. Hope he and Ireland will resign first.
I don't see the Dolphins winning more that 4 games this season.
My main concern is if they going to select the best available QB in 2012 draft. The Colts prove that without a decent QB a football team is almost nothing.

Sparano said he got rid of Ricky & Ronnie because he was "tired of seeing the offense crawl down the field" It doesn't matter if they crawl or fly down the field, settling for FG's instead of TD's, is getting old & UNACCEPTABLE! He needs to be fired, what will they gai by keeping him???


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