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Source: Dolphins '100 percent' not firing Sparano now

The Dolphins are 0-3 and they're in disbelief.

They cannot believe they are 0-3. They cannot believe they got there by losing to the Cleveland Browns today, 17-16.

But despite being in last place in the AFC East and one of only two teams standing at 0-3 as of this moment, the club is not planning on firing coach Tony Sparano right now.

I asked a source if there are changes planned in that regard this week. "No, nothing," was the response.

I asked for clarification. Are you 100 percent, I asked.

"One hundred percent," was the emphatic answer.

Sparano, for his part, told me he also has not been told of any change or planned change.

Obviously, folks can sleep on their thoughts overnight. Obviously, we are operating in the span of one hour after a loss and people can change their mind. But that's how things are at the moment as the Dolphins just left Cleveland Browns Stadium.


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Shyt, we may be stuck with sparano and ireland for five more years.......dont go feelin sorry for the cards...this team deserves all of that support on its own!!!!

The Jags have Blaine Gabbert.
They don't need Luck.

they got rid of Ricky and Ronnie to bring in Reggie...really? They should have kept one of them..Thomas will be a good running back but it sure would have been nice to have someone to compliment him.....FIRE SOPRANO!!!

Heres a prediction

at least 5000 will still care if miami plays at home come week 7 win/lose

the other 25000 will be screaming LETS GO TEBLOW


Armando no sirves, brode, no sirves. Ojala que se te caiga el rabbo!!!!!!!!!!

Superphin I feel your pain brother!

Garo Von Mare

Are you freaking serious?
You have no clue about fottball.
Have you ever put on a helmet.
This year is over, but if we get Lucky, the next ten will be great!

Guys, I like Cowher more than Gruden, but as I said before, these guys have nice fat contracts with very little work. Do you think they're going to give that up to put in long hours training, coaching, watching film, dealing with owners and GMs, public scrutiny, media criticism...etc. Rob Ryan will, why because he's dying to be a HC anywhere! Here, we'd have the added drama that not only would he like to beat his brother Rex, but he'd like to beat him to the superbowl! Besides, Cowher and Gruden already got their rings! Like JJ when he came to the Dolphins, he wasn't hungry!

Fire Sparano, the piece of crap. And make him sue to get his money. This guy is a breach of contract. What a bum. If he was a man he would resign.

Bill Cowher.

They are also 100 percent not going to beat the Chargers. See, I can do it too.

Don't see the point in keeping Sparano. A win next week is suddenly going to make everything all fine and dandy? Puh-lease. They'll just have to fire him a week later, that's all.

Clay: 0 Yards
Wallace: 0 Yards
Moore: 0 Yards

If Sparano and Ireland were Samurai, they would have already fallen on their swords!!!


At least we have our health and dignity, we just dont have a very good football team again this year....
No-one cirlces the fish bowls like the miami dolphins *lmao* ....but really sad laughs!!!


They can't win at home, and now it seems they can't win on the road either. What's left?

Maybe refusing to fire Sparano is part of some plan to win the Suck For Luck sweepstakes. Nah, that can't be right, this regime's never had a plan for anything since they got here.

Is is just me..or is NFL saturated with real crappy teams this year?

Only reason to fire him is he picked the wrong qb to ride, but then again that was a Parcells pick. Take out Henne and insert a servicable NFL QB and the things would be much different over the past couple years. Henne is really bad

This goes back to when big Bill Parcels came to town to rebuild. Got paid big money to play golf and sit in the air conditioned booth. his legacy is wht you see now.


What the F....
you think Mando is wrong?
He is right on!
The fins are a mess, stop being a stupid homer


Okay Jeff Ireland, stop tweeting!!!

Henne is like that girl you see from a distance that looks to have all the bells and whistles and then you get up close and realize that what you thought were bells and whistles are warts and moles

Henne can be every bit as good as Damon Huard ever was, all he needs is another few seasons to master the intricacies of the Mildcat offense, like the five yard third-down-dump and the coverage sack. Seven FG's = three TD's, that fact is at the heart of the Mildcat philosophy. There's no bigger thrill in sports than watching a FG split those uprights, no wonder coach Sparano gets so excited after his Dolphins score another trey. Fins up!

Say again, "blackout".
Get used to it.
Cannot believe I and others continue to endure this facade.
Most of my friends and fellow workers have already moved on.
Waiting all off-season long for what, this....

I don't think firing Sparano mid-season will accomlish anything. It's disturbing to read that there are fans clamoring for us to tank it the rest of the season jsut to draft Luck. It won't happen-not with 13 games left. This isn't Madden football. There are 53 players who hve a career and contracts to play for. It just doesn't happen. You can have ateam quit on a coach-as the fins did with Cameron-but they weren't trying to lose.
This isn't a defense of Sparano. I've been dosapointed with the coaching staff this season, Unless Sparano gets 10 wins or makes the playoffs, I think he should be let go (barring some unforseen rash of injuries to all the key players giving him a legit excuse). But to fire right now is just non-sensical.
I think Sparano will be fired this season however (either by week 8 or end of season) and I'm not confident th eownership will bring in the right people. I have a bad feeling carl peterson will have a future role with this organisation. That's a scary thought. And as for future coaches, I'll pass on Cowher thanks.

Rob Ryan for Fins headcoach

Posted by: The One

You, sir, are Nucking Futs!!!! I want a proven coach, not a retread D coordinator. What, WHAT makes you believe this guy is a good head coach prospect? Please give me your reasons in numbered order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, Jeff you and parcels made a shitload of money screwing the fins. Now just get the F...out of miami.

j lo wasn't happy up in her luxury owners box---even the champagne wasn't top shelf like she usually has. She demands changes.

Defensively speaking, these 2011 Dolphins truly wake the echoes of the great Olivadotti squads of the late 1980's. Hopefully the Cowboys waive some guys off their practice squad this week so we can shore up that unit even more. Is Bobby Carpenter still available? I know that Tuna thinks quite highly of the lad. Maybe he's exactly what we're missing.


Unless we get 10 wins? I hope you don't see us going 10-3 from here on out. Believe this: Sparano AND Ireland are not the guys. We will be in rebuild mode soon and at least have some hope for a competitive team.

How could this happen with the two best CB's in the NFL? Right--------?

redsky | September 25, 2011 at 07:31 PM

Well said.

How could this happen with the two best CB's in the NFL? Right--------?

Posted by: blindref

hahhahahhahahhahahah!111 We all know who is the best TALKER IN THE NFL right now. Davis, here's a clue: Shut your mouth!

100% check your spelling morons. I almost hurt myself trying to read some of your post.
Oh yeah, this team sucks.
I will be at the game next week in SD, I have a feeling SD will be favoured by 9 or more. I will be talking the points, Miami gets a win or makes it close.


You are an idiot, so take the stooges with you!
People who love the fins have no money or time to waste on this crap!!!!!

I firmly believe that, given five more years, Henne will emerge as a fine Mildcat QB, capable of leading the Fins to a TD and FOUR FGs per game instead of the customary three. Would have been enough to win today. All he needs is more time to get comfortable back there. You don't want to make any rash, impulsive moves at this stage of the season, if we can reel off thirteen in a row we're right back in it.

favored. Who caught it?


Take SD MINUS the points. This is truly a BAD team we have right now, or do the last 3 outings not have made you a believer in our mediocrity.

Revival of wildcat with Turddy Azwippe and Jock Skidmark in the place of Brown and Williams.

It's not sparanos fault. He can Only Coaxh who he is given. He works 24 hrs a day. Players letting each other down

well i personally hope they keep him all season. we need to lose as many as possible and whos better at losing than him. cowher and luck and u will see a full stadium again next year

13M NT, pro bowl DE, active sack leader, 40M MLB, 1st rnd DE/DT and how
many sacks?
What is missing?
Please tell me.

quote from henne, you have to go out there with a confident attitude and believe you are going to win. we will find out what type of team we are. well if you don't know what type of team you are by now you are a fu#king idiot.

Unless we get 10 wins? I hope you don't see us going 10-3 from here on out. Believe this: Sparano AND Ireland are not the guys. We will be in rebuild mode soon and at least have some hope for a competitive team.

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan |

I'm not saying we WILL get 10 wins. I'm saying that is what is needed for Sparano to save his job.

DevilsA, thanks!

the fins are really bad!!!!!!
but they have some pieces that will help the next regime.

I still believe with a couple of adjustments this team can go to the Super Bowl.

Bills came back from 0-21 to beat the Pats. We couldn't get 8 little yards to kick a field goal when it counted.

The team lacks heart. And brains.

The Bills are in sole possession of first place and we are in sole possession of last place.

Rebuilding is not supposed to be a permanent state.

The bad news is that we suck the good news is that we arent the worst team in the league. Like I said before Cowher and Gruden are the wrong answer (Remember Jimmy Johnson?). My upfront runner is Rob Ryan followed by FL gators coach Will Muschamp (has both nfl and college coaching experiance)

Carpenter needs to go. We need a kicker who can consistently nail those seventy-yarders, Henne can't carry the offense all by himself. 14 FGs = six TDs.

I think Marino at 50 can make deer eyed henne look like a fool.

I don't think we are bad enough to get Andrew Luck but Landry Jones is a different story.

they should have interviewed hugh jackson.


10 wins? Stop smoking crack!!!!!!!

Why Not?, everyone and I mean everyone sucks....fire everyone

Hey guys remember when we couldn’t win in December?

Im not Upset really, I knew it, I predicted it, we were blow the game due to the lack of scoring TDs, No schemes for the redzone, No Bush in the slot, no bush as a check down, no nothing, one more boring game expecting a crapy no big play defense to win it, When was the last time this defense took an INT and took to the house, or a fumble, whatever.
The flags against us work against us, last week vs texans holding on Gates, no TD, today horsecollar on Gates, No td etc..

i disagree bk, we just lost to the CLEVELAND BROWNS without hillis,lol

Yes we! are bad enough to get LUCXK!!!!

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