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Source: Dolphins '100 percent' not firing Sparano now

The Dolphins are 0-3 and they're in disbelief.

They cannot believe they are 0-3. They cannot believe they got there by losing to the Cleveland Browns today, 17-16.

But despite being in last place in the AFC East and one of only two teams standing at 0-3 as of this moment, the club is not planning on firing coach Tony Sparano right now.

I asked a source if there are changes planned in that regard this week. "No, nothing," was the response.

I asked for clarification. Are you 100 percent, I asked.

"One hundred percent," was the emphatic answer.

Sparano, for his part, told me he also has not been told of any change or planned change.

Obviously, folks can sleep on their thoughts overnight. Obviously, we are operating in the span of one hour after a loss and people can change their mind. But that's how things are at the moment as the Dolphins just left Cleveland Browns Stadium.


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yeah, now they can't win in sep, oct, nov, or jan either!

13M NT, pro bowl DE, active sack leader, 40M MLB, 1st rnd DE/DT and how
many sacks?
What is missing?
Please tell me.

Posted by: Moneyman13 | September 25, 2011 at 07:56 PM

Great questions. This was supposed to be the strength of our team and it has been the most disapointing, by far. Not one of these players have made a truly impactful play this season. The closest one was taylor last week against the Texans but even then, a clear shot at the qb like he had should have dislodged the ball.
Our D had plenty of opportunities to close out the Browns today and they failed mightily. Wake played better but still not good enough. Soliai looks ok on some plays but is way too inconsistent. Odrick was nowhere to be found today. Starks made some nice plays as did Langford but there teamates gave no support to take advantage of their strong play. Burnett has been a disapointment and Misi is struggling.

Stop all the glass is half full crap, we lost to the freaking browns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Unless my memory is farther gone than I think, Dan Marino was the 5th QB taken. The fins do not need the1st pick, they need a talent evaluator to make the correct pick. Not sure who that is but I am sure he/she is not currently employed by Mr. Ross.

It's obvious who wants a job. Henne, D. Thomas, Hartline, Bess, Wake, Pouncey, But its also obvious who does not.

Brandon Marshall is a Punk aSS loser. Who specializes in dropping td passes and complaining.

the only thing that makes me happy is we have a shot at the next Dan marino.

I agree with SI's Don Banks:

Two more fumbles for Reggie Bush despite touching the ball just 12 times, and I can't imagine he's doing anything but effectively moth-balling himself in Miami. Dolphins' rookie running back Daniel Thomas (95 yards on 23 carries) is quickly making Bush all but irrelevant.

we traded for bush and paid him more than free agent sproles. unreal how bad this franchise is

By the way, I think the panthers missed Luck but found gold in Newton.
Who would have thought.

Agree but would like to keep Long.
This time we might already have an RB, something Dan never had.

Miami White fish.

I never understood all the people saying Odrick is, and I quote, "a Beast". What he is begins with a B and ends with a T. BUST, just like so many other picks and FA acquisitions. There are too many to name. Lastly, I didn't see the game today, but with all the sacks this Oline gave up, how can anyone say Pouncey is a stud. Isn't the center supposed make protection calls? Isn't he supposed to block someone? I don't get it. He's not pat white, but he is far from a stud.

Quite obvious to anyone who watched the first three games. We are good enough to beat anyone, But favored to beat ourselves. Bummed.

From Armandos Twitter:

Actual quote from Chad Henne press conference today: "I know one thing about these guys, they're not going to stop quitting."

Henne is starting to speak like Sparano. Bad sign.

Fist pump to the left! Fist pump to the right! Fists up! Field goal, field goal, rah rah rah!

It's just been announced: Sparano has hired Tom Dempsey as a special kicking consultant. A few 63 yard FGs could be the difference between 0-16 and 2-14!!

glory days,

Read my post carefully please. I didn't write we WILL get 10 wins; I wrote that Sparano needs 10 wins or playoff appearnce to save his job. Starting 0-3 certainly makes that a daunting task

@ moneyman, Sorry, left out long. He is a gamer as well.

We wasted an entire season because Stephen Ross didn't want to end up looking like a total fool for missing out on Harbaugh. Once news of Sparano's contract extension broke, we all knew this season was over. Oh well, blackout's are coming, seats will be empty, and hopefully the fish go 0-16 as to maybe have a shot at Luck and once again rebuilding this joke of a franchise.

It's obvious who wants a job. Henne, D. Thomas, Hartline, Bess, Wake, Pouncey, But its also obvious who does not.

Brandon Marshall is a Punk aSS loser. Who specializes in dropping td passes and complaining.

Posted by: shaggy | September 25, 2011 at 08:07 PM

Agreed. Brandon Marshall is starting to become a real problem. It's one thing to blow two red zone passes in successive weeks but the whining, commentary, penalties and general demeanor are getting old. He needs to shut it and make some plays.

I think we need a new philosophy change. I have to admit I was so excited when we got Marshall last year but over a year later I wonder what we could have gained if we didn't trade for him and we kept our two second rounders.

My suggestions:

Name Rob Ryan new head coach
Let Solia go to FA not worth the $ he wants.
Resign Langford
Re-work the OL again :(
Get rid of SS Bell. Its time for a younger crew that can grow and mold together ala the young days of Jimmy Johnson in Mia (remember the draft with JT and Zach we need talent evaluators).

Draft: we won't win the Luck sweepstakes (we are not that Lucky lol)

QB- Landry Jones
new FS switch R.Jones to SS, draft new RT and RG. Look into receiving TE and a new ILB

Dolphins suck dick.

Oh well, on to San Diego. Any suggestions?

Cleveland 5 sacks
Miami 0 sacks

There is no way to spin this. We did not play well enough on either side of the ball to beat Cleveland. And they were without their star running back. And this was a must win desperation game against a team we should have beaten, so we thought.

First some said well we can't be upset by losing to NE, they are great. Well Buffalo beat them today.

Then some said well Houston is a playoff team. I see. And their point? Shouldn't we be too by now?

Don't mess with Las Vegas. The final spread was 1.5. They nailed it, again.

The players gave up on morano already..If they don't fire him soon this will be 1&15 again...Like when they kept cameron the whole year..The one thing i will tell this new coach is get rid of Brandon Marshall this guy is a team cancer..He's shows no fight in the endzone for passes he wants the ball to hit his belly and doen't attack it..Just ask a bronco fan and he'll tell you this guy is only good between the 20's how can he be the highest paid WR in the league and not be able to get quick TD's from him.

Did i do that?

I am a Red Sox fan so I am used to this type of pain. Trust me. It never goes away, but you learn how to deal with it. Alcohol and pharmaceuticals help. Not really sure what the answer is. Playmakers and a more dynamic coaching style maybe. This is not the NCAA, you can't play small-ball all of the time. Henne can throw the ball a country mile, but you never know which zip code it's going to land in. Thomas looks great. I thought Marshall was a great pick up but he has turned out to be a non-contributor, and Reggie Bush for Williams and Brown? Really? Although this Thomas kid looks great.

You guys campaigning for Nolan need to get a grip. His defense cost us two of three games. The D was supposed to be awesome. .................................It sucks. Henne was supposed to suck...........he is awesome, considering the crappy line he has.

Miss me yet?

Quite obvious to anyone who watched the first three games. We are good enough to beat anyone, But favored to beat ourselves. Bummed.

Posted by: shaggy | September 25, 2011 at 08:16 PM

Nice post. Couldn't agree more. The psyche of this team is very troubling. The question is who is to blame? Players or coaches?

Is sorryano gone yet?

Is sorryano gone yet?

Posted by: oristela | September 25, 2011 at 08:26 PM


Yeah Mike Nolan doesn't deserve to be the coach for the rest of the year ...He's been a flop for us ..Where are the exotic blitzes?I say give it to Karl Dorrel!

What makes the "suck for luck' crowd believe these boneheads would have the intelligence to draft Luck in the first place?

The best thing that could happen is 0-16, get Andrew Luck and start from scratch. Somehow though, this team will screw up that plan by going 3-13. !!!

The worst thing you could have done for Henne is get this crazy dude Marshall..He's a QB killer ..I bet Henne can't wait to go to the 49ER's next year!

Don't mess with Las Vegas. The final spread was 1.5. They nailed it, again.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 25, 2011 at 08:23 PM

Spoken like a true insider, I don't bet for obvious reasons. But, if anybody watches how certain plays, or calls go. You would know. How about an over under on cam wake holding calls?

No more Eye-talians!

Why is my team looking like the rejects of the Cowboys? Can we not find other rejects from other team? Please fire Sporano and make Brian Cox the interim coach. At least he can bring some change we desperately need.

Posted by: SWFL_NoBlackoutsHere_Fan

No blackouts, huh. We'll see about that.

Call it a wrap this season guys. Don't even attend a game until they get their s**t together. Tired of this coach. He gets rid of Welker, Brown, Williams, Taylor, etc. Does this guy(coach) really want this team to move forward?

I have been a Dolphin Fan since 1968 and I don't believe I can stay the coarse with this team much longer.We know our needs but sit on our hands when there is free agents available and wait for teams to cut there trash to be signed at a "Need Position"! GM needs to be cut lose NOW! We have a coach that is in over his head and admit's he doesn't know what to do. After 40 plus years I am discussed with this team it's lack of basic football knowledge!I am sticking around in the hopes they will be doing some serious house cleaning by the end of this year, that's all there seems to be left to look forward to!

Theres no way Miami wins 7 games this year. Theres no way Tony and Jeff can keep there jobs. One way or the other, Miami will hire jeff fisher who produced great teams and never won a SB, or Cower. I would prefer Cower,but i think fisher has the hunger for that elusive trophy, and thats what Miami needs. But it has to be these 2 choices, not a list of candidates, not a roony rule black guy to interview who knows he wont get the job... not Nolan, whos defense isnt doing anything this year. Parcells set this team back 10 years, but just think if we didnt get pennington, we couldve been done with this experiment and be on with another coach by now, as with luck, i dont pay attention to college, supposedly he is the best qb available, thats all fine and dandy, thats now, what about come draft time, will he stay healthy? is he producing good numbers now? anyway, cant wait till next season and i like to root for teams that play the bills, jets and pats. Also whoever the coach is needs to push for 3 home games in a row at 1pm! screw the crowd, they will come, but its only one side of the stadium that is hot as hell with that sun beating down on you. and they can go inside to cool off Im 33 and i hope to see the dolphins win a SBin my lifetime, i really dont remember them playing in the SB in 84, i was only 6 or 7

henne cannot get it done in the redzone period. Anybody tell me when he won a game for us, like we saw mccoy do. A beutiful TOUCH pass. OH yea he is working on that, and play action,and reading defences, and not starring down receivers on and on.HE SUX AND BLOWS, ALL THE SPIN IN THE WORLD WILL NOT CHANGE THAT.And yes tony is way over his head, I would be fired if I performed at workwith his level of incompetence

God this team sucks so bad. Time to change the name of this blog. Any suggestions?

0-5 next! Sweet!

Don't fire sparano! We need to keep him to ensure we lock up the andrew luck sweepstakes! Chad henne ran into at least 2 sacks today and had a decent day until the game was on the line. 0 for 4 with a pick. Does any of this sound familiar?!? He's not the answer and he's not in the same league as Luck. Let's just sink the ship this year and clean house and start anew next year.

Heart or not Henne is a loser. 6 times in 3 games inside the 10, 9 points. QBs don't earn there money between the 20 yard lines folks.! We have the 4th best qb and coach in our own division. Not a good sign. Fans shouldn't support this team until they show the desire and will to win and put a winning product on the field.

daryl..Yeah they should hire Fisher...But you know they gonna go for the bigger name and than it's gonna backfire like Jimmy Johnson!

We're going backwards people! We get rid of Williams and Brown for Bush...WTF is that I said when I first heard this now I was proven correct!

Mando, yeah let's change it to.... Rob Ryan for HC !

Is it time to fire Sparano, or should we wait it out?

Can't believe the stupid personnel decisions are still coming. Fire Ireland, fire Sporano tomorrow morning FIRST THING!!! Talk to Michael Lombardi about the GM position, go on a tactful mission and get Jeff Fischer. There are way too many problems with this team now and its unfixable right now. We still need a franchise QB. The O-line is still a mess. They overpaid for Solia's and Dansby's services. The cornerback position as well as weak safety position need to be addressed also. We still need a monster defense tackle. We need a bad ass inside linebacker. And the list goes on and on and on. This is going to be a disaster to say the least. Thanks Ireland, you moron.

Why start with the HC and not the GM?
I am all for making Bryan Cox the HC and letting JT do his job.

It's time to fire that sunglass wearing, fist pumping, field goal loving, gutless terd of a coach!!!!!

The Fins don't have a pure tackling machine inside linebacker..Every team has one we have 2 stiffs in the middle they need a guy thats gonna get 175 tackles and make the simple plays on D!

someone said sparano's wife was on the fins sideline during the game. thats a first in the NFL. tony's lost it.

Left out "interim" for HC for this season.

Don't worry, this is worse than the
Cameron team. Luck will be wearing aqua this time next year.

Come on now! Those of you whom are saying Henne is awesome and all that crapp need to wake up! Did Henne improve some..yes I give him that. Same ole same ole in the red zone. Sure we did have some drops...but also Henne cannot finish, he's sporadic at best. He is not the answer period. This is year 4, if Henne was anything special he would not be throwing INT's and stalling drives when the game is on the line.

There will always be a position on the cheer team for sparano. It is a more appropriate role for him anyways, he wont be able to burn all our timeouts in the 3rd quarter that way

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