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Source: Dolphins '100 percent' not firing Sparano now

The Dolphins are 0-3 and they're in disbelief.

They cannot believe they are 0-3. They cannot believe they got there by losing to the Cleveland Browns today, 17-16.

But despite being in last place in the AFC East and one of only two teams standing at 0-3 as of this moment, the club is not planning on firing coach Tony Sparano right now.

I asked a source if there are changes planned in that regard this week. "No, nothing," was the response.

I asked for clarification. Are you 100 percent, I asked.

"One hundred percent," was the emphatic answer.

Sparano, for his part, told me he also has not been told of any change or planned change.

Obviously, folks can sleep on their thoughts overnight. Obviously, we are operating in the span of one hour after a loss and people can change their mind. But that's how things are at the moment as the Dolphins just left Cleveland Browns Stadium.


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They let one gat away today against a team that is not very good. The Bush fumble in the red zone, going for a field goal at the 33 instead of going for it it was 4th and 6 very makeable.
The defense does not play smart the offsides by Taylor was a killer and the coverage breakdowns by the corners and the safties has been going on since the season started. Sean Smith seems lost out there he is in his 3rd year at least Wilson is only a rookie he did have an INT something Smith can't do.

How's that Bourbon, Armando?

Word to the wise, that is an imposter Armando on those last few posts on this blog. Ignore them.

DB, see my comment above.

Here's what a real coach would do:
Realize that D. Thomas is the every down back. R. Bush is the 3rd down backfield option.

Hartline and Bess are the main receivers. Marshall needs to be targeted and moved around to create mismatches.

Fix the freakin' non-existent pass rush. I mean, zero pressure in each of the first 3 games. The blitzes are for the most part ineffective.

Stop calling plays that are timing throws or fades that Henne STILL can't make. He can make good throws on slants, outs, seam routes, etc. Focus on those, and maybe a screen pass every once in a while.

Until the coaching staff realizes their problems, which are they believe their own press, they are reactionary, and want to save face, this team is hosed.

I built those damn Super Bowl teams, Wilson. You were down there to get drunk and work on your golf game.


At the end of the day, if this is all Ireland's fault, the public none admission of by Sparano seals his own fate. Ireland's shown him once this offseason that the one thing he is pretty damn good at is knifing his hc in the back.



Fire sparano!! not ireland.. but bring in a new QB. the head coach should be getting p@##@ off for the offense scoring field goals, not get excited... doesn't this guy read our blogs... WE HATE IT WHEN YOU CELEBRATE THOSE D@mn! FIELD GOALS!!! GET ON SOMEONE'S FACE AND REQUEST ANSWERS!!!

I'm tired of the national media saying, "Henne is good, but not good enough..." I wonder how many 4th Qtr games he has won? NONE?

Any comments from Sparanos postgame?

We really need regime change down here. And sexier players.

DB, how you feelin' tonight?


I dont know about any of you but Ive accepted we're the league's worst team. Acceptance is the first step to the cure.

I no longer have heartache because I no longer expect to see the Dolphins win. For me now its even more shocking if they do win!

Still, DB, if Sparano is throwing Games, which I believe he is, in Real Space he is accountable before the Law.

I am starting to lean towards the "suck for luck" crowd.

When Sparano goes, we need a hunk of a coach

Hey Jill can I have dibs after you take a shower?


I wont go as far to say Sparano is "throwing games". But if miraculously if he is, it further discounts Armando's theory Sparano's a good hc.

Somebody impersonating me in the last comment. Either you guys are very drunk and angry or this stuff I'm writing is coming too close to your skin.

Agreed, DB. Lets get a hunk in there.

This imposter really sucks. Must be happy-hour.


Get to the head of the short yellow bus. I only posted LOL in response to a post Oscar directed me to read that he posted.

Also once at the head of the short yellow bus. If near a window please wear your safety helmet!

So when does everyone think will be the Dolphins first win?

I am guessing Week 10 @ Kansas City.


I dont know about any of you but Ive accepted we're the league's worst team. Acceptance is the first step to the cure.

I no longer have heartache because I no longer expect to see the Dolphins win. For me now its even more shocking if they do win!

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 25, 2011 at 09:35 PM

Minnesota may take the cake on tht one. As bad as it is in Dolfanland, things are pretty brutal in Minnesota. Terrible losses two weeks in a row. Rick Spielman continues to kill another franchise...

Sorry.. Week 9 I mean.

sean, i doubt we'll get a win this season. 0-16 unless we get Fisher in here, and that's doubtful.

So when does everyone think will be the Dolphins first win?

I am guessing Week 10 @ Kansas City.

Posted by: sean | September 25, 2011 at 09:40 PM


Armando, you are responsible for this Blog and you, most of all, know my style of writing. You HAVE to take some action with these shenanigans going on in here tonight.

We need a new gm and coach a gm that is
willing to get real playmakers and not play dummies so far i think we keep brandon marshall and thomas

On to San Diego. Any thoughts?

Someone loves me. They are impostering me now. I guess boredom is a disease.


I think we should cut Jimmy Wilson now. The kid admitted he blew the game, and here's a dolphin first, he knew "EXACTLY" what he did wrong. Usually our players are still unsure of exactly what they did wrong.

Yeah we gotta cut that Jimmy Wilson guy before he screws up and makes a game winning pick 6 in the wanning minutes. He could single handedly cost of Andrew Luck.

Cut Jimmy Wilson now!

Yeah, Tony, resign.

I'm switching to the Lingerie League.

Go Tampa Breeze!!

Call me stupid. But I am as realistic as a fan can be. I figured us for 8-8 this year with maybe a 2 game spread on either side. I saw them at camp. I saw the improvement during the preseason. I also saw all of the predictions that we would be terrible and simply didn't believe it. I am pretty shocked that all the "experts" who usually are only good at blowing hot air hit this nail on the head. This is a flawed football team. Talent on offense that doesn't jell. Talent on a defense that is suddenly impotent in every way. I have been patient with this FO. I am one of the few dozen season ticket holders, so I put my money where my mouth is with my support. I hate to say this, but this whole organization seems lost. It's really time to blow it up. I just wonder what a new regime would do with what would amount to a hodge podge talent base. Lots of big decisions looming in the next 6 months. Hopefully this team finally makes the right ones.

We should cut every player that could potentially cost us the Andrew Luck pick.

That should be a very short waiver wire list!

Why is it Sparano is always the last one to realize what everyone sees in an instant? Reggie Bush is not an every down back.

11 carries, 24 yards, 2.2 average. And last week was just about the same.

Sean Payton had the guy for years and figured out how to use him, but Tony thinks he knows better even when all facts say otherwise.

ETOH and anger do not mix well.

Andrew F,

You saw the Dolphins at camp and thought they had improved?

Did it ever occur to you that you were watching awful Dolphins playing against awful Dolphins?

End what we see. Fire them all and start over. Only way forward.

Only 2011 drafted rookies making a difference right now are Poncey, Thomas, and Wilson.

Las Vegas has Dolphins about -8.5.

We will be 0-7. Might beat KC but after that I don't see another victory, Andrew Luck here we come

Jimmy Wilson didn't lose the game, he was man enough to take the blame! He's going to be a great player! Read J Goodman's Miami Herald article, he nails it!

Hey PHINFANS I said it that the PHINS were going to loose against The browns, this team don't buy into TS philosophy don't buy into his system, TS has lost his former team confidence that's right his former team!! It's time right now for dumb a s s. Ross to fire TS JI Let's be real this team ain't going to no playoffs or a wildcard, So the team has no reason to play hard for 60 minutes ok yes they getting paid to play hard on every play, but right now this team is not going to play hard for TS It's over!! So that's why Dumb
A s s Ross needs to drop the axe! I seen at midseason HC gets fired and a interim coach comes in rally the troops and play better, because the new coach motivates them and will buy into this new coach idea and philosophy and system, so if Ross don't fire TS like yesterday that we will end up maybe. I don't know 4 and 13!!! But let's look at the bright side we might get Andrew Luck ... If we get a new new coaching staff that is! Plus if we get Bill Cowher than he will draft the best QB available, trade some players that right now are overrated or they have value and just replace them with extra draft picks, but who knows it's just my opinion!!
This team is in shambles and bot looking any better than last year, it's actually worst.

But, I stated this before. Who is going to fire Ross?

I could lead this team to a Super Bowl.

Gates is seeming to more and more of a wasted pick. If you were that sure Hartline wasnt the answer then they should have traded him before the season began and let Gates play his way into experience.

Another example of how indecisive this regime is. If not 100% sure you need to oust Hartline. Dont waste a 5th rd pick on Gates. There were still Te's sitting there in that rd.


My daddy said I am better.

Can't believe they are 0-3?????? It was obvious prior to the season that this team was poorly put together. They will be 2-9 after the thanksgiving loss to Dallas ...... he will be fired during that long week (I predicted that prior to the season). I was accused of 'negativity'.... No I was a realist! I am not a football expert and it was obvious that this team was in trouble. Start clearing the deck asap. Poor personel decisios prove the incompetence of theFO. The continued ol disaster prove the incompetence of the HC (his sprcialty is OL). the players look like they are waiting for the next shoe to drop. 'dead man walking'....IMO the team has started to quit. In a few weeks, they will be totally laying down. This is so sad. Another year wasted. I know hindsight is 20/20, but wished Sparano would have been fired in January and the rebuilding would have restartef. IMO, bring on Fisher. No room for another Fat Slob Ryan!

I'm scalping my tickets to the Broncos game. Gotta pay off some child support.

If in position to draft Andrew Luck, hc's and top oc's will be salivating to come here and straighten out this mess.

Andrew F,

We share your pain. The last 20+ years have been frustrating to put it mildly. And the last 10 just nightmmarish, when you consider the disasters that were Wannstedt/Spielman, Saban's saga, Cameron's collapse, and a half interested Parcell's.
All I can say is that it isn't as bad as it seems. I still think we'll finish around 7-9, maybe 8-8, despite some of the doom and gloom being spewed on tonight's blog. But the 0-3 start effectively kills our playoff chances, as well as Sparano's chances to remain as coach at season's end.
What really scares me most, however, is that I fear Ross will give the keys to Peterson. And if that is the case, I will seriously consider abandoning football. You can only take so much...

You guys looking for a coach?

Don Shula would be begging to massage Steven Ross' balls to come back and coach Andrew Luck!

I also stated this before. Dysfunction is coming FROM THE VERY TOP.

Don Shula would be begging to massage Steven Ross' balls to come back and coach Andrew Luck!

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 25, 2011 at 09:58 PM

Yes, i would.

Don't make me waste my Time and repeat things. If you are not serious about this, just get out.

So much for being glad to be on the road. Ireland will never work in the NFL agian after this season.

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