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Texans lead Dolphins 6-3 to start second quarter

It is a battle of field goals so far.

That's good for the Dolphins because the Texans have dominated this game so far. They drove inside Miami's 20-yard line twice in the first quarter.

They had a 40 yard punt return by Jacoby Jones.

And still they're only down, 6-3.

The live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there now.


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Now that's the Henne we all love!

W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geesh we find so many new ways to lose a game. Its the only thing this team finds imagination in doing!

Pop Quiz. Which of the following is likely to happen next:

1. Peace in the middle east?
2. Next passing of Haley's comet?
3. Henne throwing a TD pass from the redzone?

Not Hennes fault

Henne-interception on the goal line-just what we expect

Why are starting on our 10 for every possesion 1st 2 games??

Why don't we play the quarterback we had on Monday night? Why are they playing that guy from last season?

WHy the hell did i pick up Henne for my fantasy team. Thanks Dying Breed!

Why would anyone go to these home games?

Joseph and the texans half time show for the INT...

Shocking Henne hit again...

TE ... what a surprise?

Don't worry guys. I got more fist-pump's left in me!


this is the end of this regime, gentlemen.

On colombo he let williams hit his arm as he went to throw

2 plays-TD-on the run

Of course!

Not gonna say anything.

nahh never his fault hahahahhahaha

Henne sucks. He holds the ball too long.

Our RT sucks!

Things could spiral out of 'control' quick here, if they ever were in control

This sucks.......

Been watching for 15 minutes and I've seen more commercials than football!!!!!!!

I'm starting to think the Patriots ran prevent the whole game.

It would be easy to blame Colombo for allowing Williams get in on henne on that tipped pass. And I do.

But ...

Is it news to the Dolphins Colombo cannot block Williams one-on-one? Is that news to them?

Why doesn't he get help?

Oline can't give henne time to complete a quick pass? can we sign O'hara shift pouncey to RG and move Carey back to RT?

Apparently our defensive coaches did not have ANY answers for the secondary all week.

You guys suck!

Gotta hand it to that O line oriented HC we have--he's a keeper!

Henne learned from Mr Fist pump who learned from Obama that nothing is thier fault...

Nick Saban is laughing is butt off in some dive bar in Alabama right now.

why would they sign columbo? it makes absolutely no sense.

I dont know if I get more frustrated with watching the fins play bad or with the mo's crying and bi tching all day long about ridiculous stuff on this blog

So what game does Sparano get fired? Before the bye?

I so wanna be optimistic and motivated ... but seriously!

I posted in the last blog we find way to help Texans score 10pts. The punt return led to 3pts and the pick just led to 7pts.

I just didnt expect it to happen so early so there could be more to come!

Quick drop in and I'm gone. Only thought of the day. This regimes inability to build a competent offensive line should be the only reason Ross needs to fire them. Absolutely pathetic to watch QBs all over the league with all time to pass and watch our QBs constantly rushed and scrambling. It was the first thing they said they were going to fix and the o-line has been worse every year. I've seen enough, time to change GM and coach. That is all.

well, henne needs to step up into the pocket...

Sorry I missed you last week...

Signed 2009/2010 Chad Henne

I don't even think I'm upset...I mean, what did we actually do during the offseason to improve the team? Bush and a C?

Their o-line is a disgrace. Coaching equally as pathetic.

Great news, dudes! Ross just gave me a 3-year extension!!! Isn't that great?!

Armando this O line needs serious work!! Colombo is just not working at RT.

i have never seen a deader nfl stadium

Remember when Houston got ridiculed for picking Mario Williams over Reggie Bush and Vince Young

bring in--who?

jon gruden?

cowher--a glorified motivational speaker?

We have thoroughly earned our last placed afc east position. We have a strangle hold on it!

Miss me yet?

Armando, Can't watch the game here in NJ, was that INT Henne's fault or the line/receiver?

O yes, congratulations to coach Saban on his string of wins over high school teams this year.

Seriously, did any of you really think we were going to beat the Texans? We are to the Texans what the Bills of the 70s were to us. I'll bet the Texans coaches are on the sidelines already prepping for next week's game.

lol NY G good one

Really.... I mean REALLY... Did anyone REALLY think that the fins are any different then the fins of the past two seasons...


Just asking.

35 yr fan... this is bad people... real bad. another year of this, maybe a couple more years as I am sure sparano wont be fired.

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