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Texans lead Dolphins 6-3 to start second quarter

It is a battle of field goals so far.

That's good for the Dolphins because the Texans have dominated this game so far. They drove inside Miami's 20-yard line twice in the first quarter.

They had a 40 yard punt return by Jacoby Jones.

And still they're only down, 6-3.

The live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there now.


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so they had 3 chances and only attempted to go into the endzone once.....

so sad

I know, right?

Posted by: Kim Kardashian | September 18, 2011 at 05:09 PM

You're so hot!

Just when we showed life...... FFFFFF!!!

Booooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooo

Left handed FP. Ever try that?

this a total coaching debacle....why wait to fire sparano

Awful pass attempt on the run, awful block

Blocked-why didn't Henne run it in

What happens in the freakin redzone?



FG blocked all he had to do was chip it up cmon man

JJ Watt ... ugh! They say he has a high motor, which means "athletic white guy"

I was just thinking about something. Why don't NFL teams put a 7 foot basketball type player on the team just to block extra points?

Couldnt even get the fistpump. Im beyond explanations for this team. We always find new ways to suck!

and blocked =/

Interesting difference between Dolphins and Pats:

Last week when Vontae went out of the game, Brady went right after Carroll.

Now Joseph is out for Texans, Jason Allen is in, and the Dolphins don't go after him at all.

Drives me crazy!

Austin is right. Give team to OC. Fire tS and JI today

how many games are we gonna win??? 3 games out of the lead already

Special teams again - thought Henne could have ran it in

"Though we suck, we will suck together."

Sparano's pre-game speech

Forget that he's Jason Allen and he's not good, he's a backup and therefore not as good as the starter.

You're so hot!

Posted by: Marc | September 18, 2011 at 05:10 PM


So if we lose do we keep Tony or fire him middle season

Miami does not want to win this game. When Carpenter gets a chip shot blocked you KNOW we're in trouble.

At least the defense got a little rest.

Blew it. Chance to get in this game and make a statement. WTH?

Thomas is working-so they put in Johnson-Henne can walk in-but throws out of bounds-we need 15 yards so they run it-who are paying these guys and why?

Carpenter sucks

"Though we suck, we will suck together."

Sparano's pre-game speech

Posted by: Angry Elf | September 18, 2011 at 05:12 PM

Hey, who leaked my speech?!

Are we on the clock yet. I think i can start house hunting in south florida

aight so were firing this regime and hiring either cowher or gruden to run the show and drafting andrew luck next year

Funny, these two teams are not that different.

Will ALlen great tackle!

They don't go after him because Sparano is so detail and game plan oriented that he has trouble deviating. He is an assistant coach at best. Has no clue how to adjust to situations in game. He's in over his head.

Kim I've seen the video you have no bush!!!

Even in getting better we seem to get worse!


Who makes the play calls on offense?

Sparano or Daboll?

Cause this is the same crappy red zone offense we've seen for years even though there is a new OC.

sooo glad allens back

Kim I've seen the video you have no bush!!!

Posted by: grrreatdane | September 18, 2011 at 05:15 PM

Well i used to, ya know?

Monster punt.

Kim I've seen the video you have no bush!!!

Posted by: grrreatdane | September 18, 2011 at 05:15 PM

HAHA...Boring video, but, I'd still beat it up!

Daboll calls offense. Nolan calls defense.

Glad to see Will Allen back out there.

Every team in the AFC East will be 2-0, The fins will be 0-2

*counting money on the sideline*

Damn, this team sucks!

Sparano has to line an extra olineman next to Columbo and the right side still sucks. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

and sparano makes the personnel decisions...

I miss Jim Jensen

Is it me or do we get worse every game? We need Mike Shula as HC. Just look what he has done with Cam Newton as his QB Coach. This is really getting ridiculous. Fix the defense and offense suxx then fix offense and defense suxx what happens when both sux? 1-15 and cam camoron all over again. ouch omg!

This game is giving me grey hairs.

Sparano is getting the "O" Pumped up on the side line... So look for a Fist pumping moment.

Something else ive noticed is receivers making tough catches all over the nfl this week. Why do our receivers always need perfect throws? Learn to f***ing catch a ball.

J Allen vs the beast...No brainer...Gates is fast and still got overthrown!

Yeay! Pass interference offense ... leggo!

Definitely in over his head, but even the detail oriented criticism seems generous... seriously, he may just be focusing on completely irrelevant details because thats all he knows.

I think it's pretty obvious the Dolphins need points on this possession. And, really, they need a TD.

Closer than I thought...

By the way your hot naked please record some more!!!

Another upcoming chunk yardage redzone failure!

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