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Texans lead Dolphins 6-3 to start second quarter

It is a battle of field goals so far.

That's good for the Dolphins because the Texans have dominated this game so far. They drove inside Miami's 20-yard line twice in the first quarter.

They had a 40 yard punt return by Jacoby Jones.

And still they're only down, 6-3.

The live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there now.


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Wow where the hell was this Thomas during preseason

Here we go down the field into the red zone where we settle for a blocked field goal.

Gates will be good for TE patriots next year

Mike Pouncey is doing some awesome work up the middle. he's the truth.


Where are all the DT is a bust people? Running well in his first nfl action. hmmmmm

Have to catch it

don't get better than that brandon. if it hits the hands you gotta catch it. wtf?

By the way your hot naked please record some more!!!

Posted by: grrreatdane | September 18, 2011 at 05:19 PM

Sure. Just open up that wallet, big boy.

Thomas looking nice!! Why Bush not returning punts???

He is running with pasion

I'm liking what I see in this game from thimas

lol, what did I just say?

wheres all the henne haters to knock that pass?


Armando, want to make more excuses for Marshall?

Great drop Marshall - wait that is Henne's fault for hitting him in stride in the hands

2 perfect long passes by Henne! Can't believe Marshall dropped that!!

Will Marchell and Henne EVER connect in the EZ?

Deflected again now let's block that fg

Field goal ATTEMPT coming soon.

same as last year Henne has many many passes batted down, Oh no I forgot its not his fault dum dums

Anotherdefection. WTG OL/Head Coach

Another FP attempt coming

Armando is an English major, not an athlete

Even DC$ stinks...AWESOME!


If I'm gonna open up the wallet I wanna be on said video

He missed it this can't get any better

My god.

I knew it, another blown redzone opportunity. Chunk yardage means ZERO in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!


This red zone failure goes all to Marshall

What the heck?

Lmao at carpenter

WTF Carpenter?! The guy's killin me.


missed FG W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jocksniffers should not be aloud to write or broadcast sports without the input of an athlete

Time for a new fg kicker

If I'm gonna open up the wallet I wanna be on said video

Posted by: grrreatdane | September 18, 2011 at 05:23 PM

I'll split it with you...The $ and video, LOL

Just let Henne throw the ball all game he's been on the money with his throws so far... I cannot believe I am saying this but it seems like Henne is the least of our teams problems and daniel thomas looks really good so far...


Carpenter SUCKS

They all stink

henne gets passes blocked because he stares down his receivers

Bloody awful

Two in a row??????

Bk, I don't make excuses for anyone. Only my dog.

How the F*&K do you miss 2 field goals in a row, from inside the redzone?

"we will suck together."

Coach Sparano

carpenter is not mentally ready to play

Blackout's are coming guys. Get ready.

Wow. Can we stop blaming individuals for this team losing, this is a collective suck.

Miami is a terrible red zone team. And Carpenter hasn't been any good since the final few games last season.

They've left a ton of points on the field so far this season. You can't win that way.

Carpenter is 1st pick insurance. Can't pay him too much.

Those TD's r 2 hard to come by for Marshall to drop them...

The end is near for Sporeanus!

Carpenter SUCKS

Posted by: nydolfan19 | September 18, 2011 at 05:24 PM

there it is....amazing.

Hennes red zone stats for the past 29 games:

0 - 29, with 21 deflected passes.

Earlier, we run Thomas on 3 and 15? Why aren't the Henning bashers out giving it to Dabol?

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