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Texans lead Dolphins 6-3 to start second quarter

It is a battle of field goals so far.

That's good for the Dolphins because the Texans have dominated this game so far. They drove inside Miami's 20-yard line twice in the first quarter.

They had a 40 yard punt return by Jacoby Jones.

And still they're only down, 6-3.

The live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there now.


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Wow, if we lose Carpenters ability to put little points on the board we are completely screwed.

I think we may actually be looking at a team that's vying for the top pick in next year's draft. I'll bet we pick a placeholder with the top pick.

They better go for it Carpenter doesn't have it Today

Carpenter is this games Fasano (momentum killer)

It's reported that the FIST PUMP will need Xrays at half time.

marshall has to catch the pass if it hit you in the hands. unbelievable and now carpenter can't kick? c'mon, no fistpumping either? this is getting lame.

I knew I'd get your attention

armando, what do you make of this?

exactly right Austin thats one of many reasons, he trhows flat passes not much arc to it whole league knows it from tape

if they lose and still keep the fo in tact we are screwed fellow fans. We dont need a qb we need about 40 other players and a new FO

Hey dummmy, pass wouldn't have been deflected if Marshall caught the pass. The same exact pass I just watched a rookie wr catch in the endzone from Smith.

LMAO AUSTIN... really how does that work? what is henne supposed to do? look in a different direction when he throws it to a Wr. cmon man

All the d. Thomas was a wasted piCk posters need to STFU. Dude is a beast!

Deadbolt brain farts when he gets in the red zone.

Kim are You answering on marc's sn? If so I'll do the split 50/50

Another week, another player to fire.

point is, we shouldn't be kicking field goals.

The One i agree a lot of his throws seem on the money hes put a couple of his passes right where only his guy can get them. the oline is protecting him long enough at times and that drop by marshall was heart breaking

VD on AJ's back and still got burned...

mike shula for head coach asap.

Andre Johnson makes the catch. Brandon Marshall drops the ball. Our reality! Why?


coach time. what the hell we will get a number one pick and draft a kicker

If we dont get chunk yardage plays all the way to the endzone we're still going to struggle to score. We're fvucking killing ourselves.

Now Carpenter cant even kick chip shots. Like I posted in the last blog, evry week a different unit comes out of nowhere to contribute to a loss.

Thats a huge coaching issue folks. All 3 units are never on the same page in formula for victory play. Sparano must go!

hey chase...keep laughing..do you see brady get 3 passes deflected in a half? common, man

...Carpenter is doing this team a favor..Seriously. If we cannot find ways to score TD's. We shouldn't get to be bailed out by FG's every time. The coaches need to figure out a way to get the freekin ball in the endzone..

Labrigada you want us to give Daboll crap for one play because we give Henning crap for 3 years of incompetence? Do people actually think before they post?

So what game is Spomoron finally fired?

Griese to Warfield-Johnson makes a catch-is Wallace not playing again?

TS started the FIST PUMP but the pass was caught not an INT.

Andre Johnson is the best WR in the NFL. Period.

Megatron second.
Fitzgerald third.
Marshall is in the conversation for top 5, too, but it's not close after the top 3.

If I'm gonna open up the wallet I wanna be on said video

Posted by: grrreatdane | September 18, 2011 at 05:23 PM

I'll split it with you...The $ and video, LOL

Posted by: Marc | September 18, 2011 at 05:24 PM

Keep dreaming boys. I don't even do the guy i'm with now. This is a chocolate-only zone.

Unstoppable!! Where the f is the pash rush!!

Also, Sean smith is a better CB than Davis. Most times QB's don't even go after smith.

He does, 100%

Man, I am starting to feel desperation. Really.


We stole their stupid song!

We actually don't look terrible

never happens to even half the QBs


Got it, only you can complain here.

Messages being edited by someone

Jets & Bufallo won.

Patriots, will.


We have to catch the passes from Henne he cannot do it all now

Austin Brady has had two passes deflected in the first half, I'm watching the game. But you're right, it's not 3.

NE 17 SD 7

We desperately need a turnover


Ugly game. Off leaves 10 points on the field and d can't pressure qb

Well... this one is going to be over at halftime. The Dolphins could easily be leading this game. Instead, they're going to be getting blown out at halftime.


Andre Johnson has more family and friends in the stadium than dolphins fans! LOL...

The Dolphins need a turnover badly. They need to steal back momentum.

Maybe the problem with our pass rush is they play our O-line everyday at practice....

Sporeanus gets it in week 9! By then the Dolphins will be 1 and 8 they will manage win against the practice squad on the bye week.

Hey dummmy, pass wouldn't have been deflected if Marshall caught the pass. The same exact pass I just watched a rookie wr catch in the endzone from Smith.

Posted by: LouD | September 18, 2011 at 05:26 PM

LouD. what Marshall can't miss a catch? Is there a WR in the league that catches every ball? Geez I wish some people would think before they post.

empty stadium what ajoke

TS bobblehead

Thanks captain obvious...armando

At least VD can tackle! Neither him nor SEAN SMITH can cover this year (or last for SMITH)

Marshall keeps dropping easy TD passes won't be in my top 5 mando

Will the last guy leaving please shut off the lights. LOL...

without doubt. Vontae is one of the best tackling corners in the NFL

I thought the biggest improvement comes between game 1 and 2

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