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Texans lead Dolphins 6-3 to start second quarter

It is a battle of field goals so far.

That's good for the Dolphins because the Texans have dominated this game so far. They drove inside Miami's 20-yard line twice in the first quarter.

They had a 40 yard punt return by Jacoby Jones.

And still they're only down, 6-3.

The live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there now.


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This game should be 16-9. What a joke!

MIllons and millons make the catch Marshall ball was in his hands. period

And of the 16, only 9 are the defense's fault

Itz like this damb offence is allergic to the endzone man...this is very frustrating


No 3rd qtr post

relax people. we still have a half left. positive: looks like we got us a running back. we are just getting bad breaks is all. i still feel good about this game. we are right there

Im now predicting 8-8 on the year and thats gratuitous!

We want suck good enough to get Andrew Luck. But we will suck bad enough to be far out of the playoff picture.

Bank on it!

Wouldbe surpried if they win more than 3

I can't see this game, but this could be a good thing, for what I have been reading tells me the Phins are f##$%^ the game

yEAH I saw and listened to Donkeydorf $uccKK on Sanchez's dickTracy all game long. According to Donkeydorf the interceptions were well disguised coverages that were impossible to read, but the touchdown throws were perfectly placed passes that only Sanchez can throw. Never mind that tthe one by Holmes was all Holmes, "you know what m sayin holmes"!

We NEED to win this game....

Last year's sixth ranked defense will soon be this year's 32nd ranked defense. Where is the secondary? Why can't the def-line put pressure on QBs? Why in the hell did we overpay big time for Paul Solia? The def-line is getting short of breath by the second quarter. The same issues last year are still present this year except now instead of getting 3 points in the red zone, we come out with ZERO points. Man, I'm so enraged right now!!! This is a result of an incompetent general manager failing to bring in quality talent both from the draft and free agency and piss poor coaching from a bunch of no-names. Now New England is 2-0, Jets are 2-0, buffalo is 2-0, and we are last in our division with zero wins (and at home)!! Thank god this will be Sporano and Ireland's demise.

G , not sure which game you are watching bro...can't be this one

The mismatch is Marshall on his DB...Henne should be throwing it up to him until the Texans tripple team him

nice play by marshall to score.

IRELAND BETTER BE GONE!!!! he is hopefully the first to go he is NOT a GM. CANT PICK PLAYERS IN THE DRAFT NOR FREE AGENCY!!!! he cuts people then brings them back HE JUST DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING!!! NONE OF THEM KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!!ROSS YOU BETTER BE READING THIS STUFF ,,IF YOU FIRE EVERYONE AND KEEP IRELAND WE WILL HAVE THE SAME CRAP NEXT YEAR!!! get gruden or COWER!!!! and let them do everything SOMEONE WITH EXPERIENCE!!!!!! I mean I feel bad for sparono but he is suppose to be a o line coach what is he doing. This is a disgrace what this organization has become!!!!!

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