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How other teams scored from red zone 41 times Sunday

The Dolphins had three red zone trips on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. They scored one touchdown and settled for two field goals.

So drives that could have been maximized for three touchdowns, 21 points, resulted in only 13 points.

That is a big deal when one considers this game was decided by one point.

So, again, why are the Dolphins not maximizing? Why are they not cashing in?

I've stopped looking to the Dolphins for answers.

I'm looking elsewhere -- like the rest of the NFL. And in the NFL on Sunday the rest of the league scored 41 red zone touchdowns.

Of those 41 touchdowns, 13 were scored when quarterbacks hooked up with wide receivers for the six-pointers. Quarterbacks found their tight ends for 11 of those 41 red zone touchdowns. And quarterbacks connected with running back for three red zone passing touchdowns.

All told, of the 41 red zone touchdowns scored by teams not named the Miami Dolphins or Cleveland Browns, 27 came via the pass. So teams that got into the end zone once they reached the red zone did it by passing 65 percent of the time.

The running scores?

Running backs scored on runs nine times. Quarterbacks had touchdown runs five times.

So what does all this mean?

It's quite clear, really.

The most important player in the red zone is the quarterback. On Sunday, the quarterback threw a touchdown or scored himself 32 of the 41 red zone successes teams had. The wide receiver is obviously the next most productive player for teams in the red zone and the tight end is not very far behind him.

But here's the problem: The players manning those positions for the Dolphins are not delivering in the red zone.

Yesterday, for example, quarterback Chad Henne completed 65.5 percent of his passes for the game. But inside the red zone he completed only 2 of 5 passes for a 40 percent completion rate. He also broke a team red zone rule by taking a sack. (Obviously, that may or may not have been something he could have avoided.)

Brandon Marshall had four catches for 43 yards yesterday, which by the way is not very good at all. Anyway, Marshall was worse in the red zone. He was unable to beat one-on-one coverage from Joe Haden and his lone red zone pass went incomplete.

That pass, by the way, was catchable. Yes, it would have been an outstanding catch, but those are the kind of catches big-time receivers are supposed to deliver. Marshall did not. And don't take my word for it. The pictures, sent in by this blog's rising screen grab specialist Justin Reardon, show the play in all its inglorious outcome:

Marshall redzone1 
Above Marshall has practically no separation, but the ball is headed right to his hands. It's a good throw.

Marshall redzone2 
Now the ball is in Marshall's hands. Joe Haden is still trying to bat it in the air, but it's too late. The DBs only hope now is batting it from Marshall's grasp or having Marshall drop it.

Marshall redzone3 
Well, Haden can stop hoping to bat it from Marshall's grasp because it's in the guy's hands. Now he has to hope Marshall simply drops the ball.

Marshall redzone4 
And that is exactly what happens. As Haden whiffs, Marshall has let the ball go through his hands. Incomplete. No touchdown.

Davone Bess was targetted once in the red zone. He wasn't really open. Anthony Fasano was targetted once in the red zone. Nothing.

Fasano is of particular interest to me. The tight end, you see, is supposed to make his money in the red zone. He needs to be a presence there and that point is made in the stats I related above. Tight ends are supposed to be major red zone weapons.

Fasano is not. Hmmm, this is more evidence the Dolphins need that upgrade at tight end the team still refuses to do.

Finally, I'd say the Dolphins might think of using their RBs more as weapons in the red zone. Their red zone success Sunday came on a screen pass to Daniel Thomas that turned into a 10-yard score. Thomas also carried three times in the red zone for 8 yards. The running plays yielded modest return, but what about using the RBs as receiving weapons?

Isn't Reggie Bush supposed to be this big mismatch with linebackers whenever he's on the field? Why not use him?

Obviously, I'm not a coach and do not pretend to be one. But I have eyes. And what Miami has been doing so far doesn't equal necessarily what the rest of the league is doing.

The positions that are producing the big red zone success elsewhere aren't doing that in Miami. That's a problem.

On many levels.


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Phins78, good post & good discussion today.

The play from the Browns game is a microcasm of our problems. Remember the sideline throw to Hartline? He was open by 2 yards too.

Hartline had to almost come to a complete stop to jump & catch it, giving the defender a chance to tackle him. Big play yes? Could it have been bigger? You bet. It should have been a TD if thrown better.

These are plays that lose games. We settled for a fg there. We can knock Marshall for the 3 TD drops & we do. He deserves it too. But Henne has had at least 3 TD throws he wasn't able to connect on too.

Difference in that throw to Hartline & the one to Massoqui was, touch. The fact that Mccoy with half a season experience can make it & Henne with 3 full years can't, is disheartening.

The reason we aren't scoring TD's, is at least PARTLY due to the fact that, Henne has no touch in the red area.

And are you nuts, do you really thin anyone will stop posting?! :) They'll just start talking about food again!

Posted by: 3rd grade


Many of us (at least myself) are tired of the same old crap for last decade. Has there ever been such apathy for the START of the season? Has it ever been this bad after only 3 games? Worst paid attendance in TWO DECADES for the second game of the season?!

It has never been THIS bad. People still cared when we went 1-15. I have a feeling there is a lot more apathy now then before.

If you want to feel good on Sundays, I recommend you root for whomever is playing the Jets or Patriots. I can't depend on our Dolphins to ruin their seasons, but perhaps some other NFL teams will.

DC, The 2nd down play was a set play easily, and our receiver ran the route out of bounds.

the other 3 I can not say the same, I did not see anyone open at all,

On 4th down Marshall being a #1 could have made a play on that ball. It was high and he was the tallest guy out there, he did not make an effort. I saw the replays, it was a catchable ball to me, and the announcers I had on direct TV.

I think the Bess incompletion was a short route where Bess could not creat seperation, ball was there, but it would not have gotten much.

I will say, Henne was going to get destroyed on all those plays if he held the ball longer. We had a TO, why a screen or a delay run was not tried I have no idea.

Hey Mando, how about an article in the paper of how this team has alienated the fans and has transformed from one of the proudest franchises in the NFL to the laughing stock?

Joe absolutely. And that's why I wouldn't mind Palmer coming in. I want to see a veteran QB with this offense to show us how it should be done. I'm not saying Palmer is Brady but he's certainly proved that he can make all the throws. I think it would open a lot of peoples eyes about Chads limitations.

Sparano is 'defiant'? Hey, here's a word...DENIAL.

He talks about addressing personnel issues?

I think it might be time to revisit that mirror.

And Ross is a knucklehead for mishandling the Harbaugh deal.

What a debacle. Season over.

I will be Very Happy to be the new Marlins manager. I can't stop waiting to go down and said Hello to those SOB'S is Miami and make some pesos I'M very good to me I would like to fix that F##$%$^ team I'm very happy to be F#$%^free and with the new baseball building I'm very Happy.Did I said I was very good to me

If we get a new QB will the "D" play better?

Brandon Marshall made the NFL top 100 players,... he is not even one of the top 20 players on this bad Phins team !!!

I would love to have Carson come here also. then you would all see that the QB is not to blame,

With this line and his mobility, no chance anything productive comes from Palmer.

The veteran QB isnt going to make our prima dona reciever start catching balls, stop running playground routes, and quit getting childish penalties. It also isnt going to fix the right side of the offensive line, or do anything to correct the former #6 defense that now cant stop a nosebleed. But feel free to think the QB is going to fix all of that.

Speaking of limitations, you guys must have short memories about Palmer's abilities. I rememeber last year, and the year before including the season ender and 1st playoff game against the Jets. Not exactly inspiring.

Did Carson play not much different than Henne last year. I only saw a few of his games and he looked terrible to me.

Poizen, just Brees & Brady? Either you aint looking or you don't wanna see other QB's making those throws. MANY qb's, not all of them elite, make those routine throws every week.

Brady, Brees, Eli & Peyton, Rivers, Vick, Schaub, Rohtlesberger, Flacco, Ryan. Hell, even Sanchez throws a NICE deep ball.

Honestly, I can remember 1 deep ball Henne threw SPOT ON, where the receiver didn't have to adjust & that was to Ginn over Revis on Monday night. At the time, the big shock was that Ginn actually caught it.

Now the surprise is, Henne hasn't been able to do it since his 1st career start. We already know we disagree, let's leave it at that.

We can disagrree, that is fine.

I have somehow seem Henne throw those balls on the money, as mentioned with gates, and a drop by Marshall in the Pats game.

I did not want to waste time mentioning all QB's. You brought up Brees, others Brady.

so those are who I listed. Every QB you listed have also missed deep passes especially under pressure when they do not get a ton of time.

So as you said, we will agree to disagree.

Some observations:

1) During the pre-season I saw in Daniel Thomas a big running back with strength, some shiftiness, pretty good speed, and the unquestioned ability to run over people and do what good running backs are supposed to do - make something out of nothing. The only weakness I saw in Thomas was some indecision in goal line situations.

Yet, I then read Armando's blog about what a poor, indecisive runner Thomas is, and I begin to question my "lying eyes."

Of course, the regular season has borne out my initial positive evaluation of Thomas.

Frankly, though, because of how clearly wrong Armando was, I will never take any of his future statements without a grain of salt.

It pains me to say this, but it's the truth.

2) The Washington Redskins look alot better in their yellow pants, rather than the white pants they used to wear, like when Riggins ran for a 43-yd. game-winning TD in Super Bowl XVIII and broke my heart. DAMN YOU, KIM BOKAMPER! JUMP!!! JUMP FOR THAT BATTED BALL!!!! IF YOU JUMP AND SCORE THAT TD, WE LIKELY WOULD HAVE WON!!! Sure, we would have been outgained two to one in total yardage, but WE WOULD HAVE WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!!

3) Nobody talks about the Bills in these discussion boards. There's no hatred towards them like there is towards the Jets and Patriots. Don't you people remember how Marv Levy and Jim Kelly used to wipe the floor with us on a semi-regular basis? GET YOUR HATE GOING!!

4) I really love Olivia Wilde's looks. I am always challenged by her piercing Oriental/Slavic beauty and intelligence.

5) Am I the only one who gets thirsty after defecation? I mention this to people, and it seems so foreign to them. Nobody else needs a drink of water after they make a poop?

6) The new linebacker for the Dolphins, Burnett, is the skinniest looking inside linebacker I've ever seen.

Whoops. I, of course, was referring to Super Bowl XVII.

Really, 2watt? Well...

A new coach is inevitable. The names that have been thrown around so far include; Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher, etc.

Here are some names that haven't been thrown out there yet but could be when the time comes.

Andy Reid - Philly is ready to dump him if they don't make a deep run in the playoffs which is looking unlikely given the holes in the roster.

Mike Sherman - His Packer teams were 59-43 during his tenure. Granted he inherited Brett Favre but he's also gotten Texas A&M back into the top 25 and boasts a couple guys who will be playing on Sundays.

Urban Meyer - why not? All he does is win. What? You were thinking maybe Randy Shannon?

Chip Kelly (HC @ Oregon) - guaranteed that if he was the Dolphins HC that NOBODY would be able to wear them down during a game. That'd never happen again.

When I was at Miami High there was a future 2nd stringer TE of UM by the name of Larry Lapointe. Not pretentious at all and we used to exchange barbs(although he was 1/2 foot taller than me).


Henne stands out the most because once again, I don't care how many mistakes everyone made, with 40 seconds left and one timeout, Henne failed like he ALWAYS does in the clutch. Not sometimes, always.

by: DevilsAdvocate | September 27, 2011 at 10:08 AM

You twist every single circumstance into an anti Henne tirade. It's simply getting old, borish and mostly just plain wrong.

The ONE and ONLY legitimate point you've made since games end, is that Henne, with the game on the line should have at least got us into field goal range.

Other than that, your twisting and wrong about Henne ALWAYS failing.

First off, MARSHALL basically guarateed Henne's failure and Miami's loss by dropping two of the three TD passes. AT least two of them cost us wins, you know, the word you accuse G of not having a grasp on, WINS. Henne made THOSE throws to WIN the games, uh, SOMEBODY has to catch them, no? LOL-Sheesh Dude ;p

Also, You say Henne hasn't improved in the RED ZONE? Well, he has hit on 6 TD's in three games. If Marshall catches JUST THE ONES he dropped in the RND ZONE, that would make 9, HELLO? I THREE GAMES C'mon man!

Is it really that Henne hasn't improved in the red zone, or is it more like the -line and receivers have regressed this year? I mean 9 red zone TD's **THROWS** in 3 games ain't all that bad.

Henne should have and hs to take the next step and get us in fiel goal position or the end zone in those situations. Having said that though, despite choosing to blind on certain issues and not others, you can draw educated conclusions from more tan just thefinal score.

Besides Bush's crucial fumble, besides Thomas's critical fumble the week before and despite Marshall's atrocious play so far this season, the defense has proven to be totally inept as well. On the go ahead drive alone the defense converted 3 firs downs for the Browns and gave u another automatic one. That's 4first downs the GAVE Colt to take the lead!

Henne can hve no excuses for not getting us in range at the end of them, but how much overall blame can you honestly put on ANY ONE PLAYER?

You're either:

1. Extremely biased against Henne becaused h torched T-Bow and pointed out the fact that T-Bow is just not NFL mterial

2. You're just trolling to get blog hits.

3. You're just being ignorant.

For the record, from reading your posts, I know you're not ignorant. That leaves you two choices..............;p

That's an interesting point about the TE. And I agree that Fasano as our #1 just isn't good enough. BUT, I would also say that if you look at the TE TD's from other games, usually the TE scores as a 2nd or 3rd target, from a QB who has time to go through the progressions. I'm not sure Henne always has that luxury w/ the human open door we have playing Right Tackle. Henne was constantly under pressure Sunday, and in the first 2 games, which hurts especially in the Red Zone, where a lot of scores come from good protection, and guys like TE's getting open when their route cuts off

oscar, google it, it was like pine tar.

I know, 2 watt, I know.

i dont know how many of you remember randy cross but he was a premier O-lineman in his day and now a t.v. analyst. he said the dolphins arent "built" to compete in their division. they arent built the "right way". i totally agree! we have alot of players but no team chemistry;no ballers. ireland/sparano have to exit so i can have my dolphins back!!!!!!!!!!


Its because Fred Biletnikoff use to put large amount of Stickum on his hands. Like a boxer putting bricks in his gloves.

I am not blaming Henne, I'm just making the observation. When the offense changes & the results don't, you have to look at the common factor & that's the QB.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | September 27, 2011 at 10:12 AM

Ok then, um the O-line being even worse than last year isn't a common factor?

Ah, how about Marshall dropping more passes than last year, ESPECIALY in the END ZONE?

No Tight End, save for one catch isn't a common factor?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and what you see is the QB being the "COMMON PROBLEM"?

My money says you haven't played much or coached any footbal(outsde of Madden, of course)-LOL?

Lets review.........New offense, Henne shows improvement across the board. O-line worse than ever, Marshall's dropping more than ever, Fasano is as invsible as ever.

Hmmmmmmmmm.........EUREKA, it has to be the QB!

ROTFLMAO! The only thing worse than being 0-3 is.........well........I'll be polite by just saying: This BLOG-LOL!


I see Henne is a very touchy subject with you. I have pointed out over and over that yes much of the team has been making mistakes, that is not arguable. Read Cote's article today on Henne not ready to be a hero and he hits the nail on the head of what I am saying.

You call me a troll about every ten days so I'm used to that. As far as Tebow goes, I have no idea where you are coming from. I am not a fan of college ball, never watch it, and there is nothing about Tebow that has ever interested me in any way.

The difference is, I make a comment about Henne, and everyone else brings up where everyone else failed. Fine, I have conceded time and again that there are many team failures beyond Henne. On numerous occasions I have commented on Marshall, the overrated D(it was not #6 overall last year, it was #6 in rushing yardage, one stat), and I've slammed the coaching.

The thing is, EVERYONE here agrees this is Henne's make or break season, so I am trying to isolate the moments that give us a glimpse as to him as a performer above and beyond the team as a whole. Repeating myself, yes the TEAM made numerous mistakes Sunday, but the TEAM did have us in position to win. Colt McCoy made clutch throws on a clutch drive to get the go ahead score, Henne didn't. On that final drive once he again failed in the clutch. Incomplete, Incomplete, Incomplete, Int.

We have seen countless times other QB's with less experience on often even less talented teams make clutch plays to seize a win, yet Henne appears to be incapable of that. He is the Anti-Clutch of NFL QB's. He had a golden opportunity Sunday, 4 tries to make a play, he goes 0 for 4 with the game on the line. Winning QB's find a way to make something happen in that situation, regardless of the play called. I am now convinced he is never the QB I'd want on my team come playoff time.

How about our WR putting some Stickum on?

the db's too oscar.lol

This blog proves that losing is a cancer just as much as winning can be the greatest healer.

I think we are all just exausted with building up hope and then having to choke down dissappointment.

We need our first win really bad, even as fans. I hear a lot of people saying "suck for luck" that cracks me up.

I wonder how many people wanted their team to end up last so they could get Ryan Leaf??? Nothing is for sure in this league!!! (JaMarcus Russell -Raiders)

All I'm saying that if we start wishing for losses we could end up in a very bad place as a fan base.

But if we legitimately lose I will welcome the high draft pick :)

Odinseye, Fasano isn't invisible. He's easy to find on the field. He's the 6th offensive linemen on most plays. Because of Sparano and Irelands insistence that Colombo play right tackle, (even though everyone who has eyes can see he is a turnstile), Fasano has had to help block in a max set a little over 60% of the time. That number should be down near 30%.

Thanks Tony! Thanks Jeff! Sorry Colombo, you're just not good enough.

henne has been blessed with a strong arm and is a good prototype of a nfl qb size-wise. the problem as i see it is that he has been programmed improperly;an over-emphasis on"thinking"and not making mistakes. he isnt playing instinctive and hasnt developed a "chemistry" with his receivers. often they arent simply, not on the same page. its frustrating for the offense and even the fans to see it play-out time and again in games. audibles,along with a wink and a nod get many nfl QB's an open receiver. sometimes you have to throw a receiver open. i'm also wondering about daboll's playcalling at the end of the game. most teams have a particular playset that can get you 15-20 yds to get that FG to WIN THE GAME! this team isnt "built right".

Devils advocate I usually like most of your posts, you're a good writer in here, but for the love of God if you keep using Greg Cote as a source of football knowledge I'm going to ruin my keyboard because I will puke all over it! :) Have you ever seen the video of Cote trying to throw a football? Hilarious. The guy was the projectionist in school and now he's evaluating football players? C'mon man anyone but Cote.

Phins78, lets not exaggerate. That article came out last night and thought it was right on the money. So I have been referring to one Cote article for one day only. Haven't seen Cote throw a football, but his opinion or comment is no more or less relevant than any blogger here. I simply thought he had it right there.

Phins/kris/Poizen, good observations.

Mando, it would be interesting to get some info on that last 45 sec drive.

From what I'm hearing from other observations, and the ones I made, I think Daboll had some bad plays called in that set. Not ONE crossing pattern. No button-hook WR routes (i.e. HIGH PERCENTAGE passing routes) called.

I mean, sure, Henne can improvise, but he needs someone to be open (as well as have enough time) in order to do that. If everyone was covered, and he can't take a sack, he's just gotta throw to any read he makes and hope.

Hopefully the game will be replayed and maybe we can go back and see what the field looked like when Henne threw those passes.

If it's on Daboll, I'm not THAT upset. This is a new system, these wrinkles were bound to come up, this was our 1st 2-min drill when it really mattered.

Unfortunately, excuses won't matter at the end of the Season, as heads will definitely roll (if they haven't already by then).


Fair enough, I pose a question or two.

1. Was it wise for some to have too much confidence in Daboll's ability? He only has one year OC experience and he finished last.

2. 2008, 2009, 2011 we have started 0-3. We have more weapons than last year, a better center than last year. We changed OC's and while the offense looks different, the results are the same. Maybe more of this falls on the HC's shoulders far more than any of us realize?

Who the Hell is this guy, Randy Cross, to state "we are not build the right way". Is he one of us diehards and very knowledgeable Fans.Please clarify, Man, as we here don't understand you.

I'll tell you something Devils advocate. IMO Greg Cotes opinion IS less relevant because a lot of people in here only follow the Dolphins. Cote has to follow all sports as he is not strictly a Dolphins beat writer. I would say there are at least 8 people in here with better knowledge of the Dolphins and football in general. And don't sell yourself short, just because you don't work for a newspaper doesn't mean you aren't more knowledgeable than the people who do. I would rather read a debate between you and Craig or Poizen then to read one of his articles. I wish I had the time to site the many instances that Cote wrote something completely nonsensical and got his butt handed to him by the bloggers.

In the end I was kidding a little and I'm sure you caught on to that. But my opinion about Cotes football IQ or lack there of is based on a mountain of evidence. And he's just now jumping on the Henne is garbage in the red zone band wagon, we've been talking about this for two years while he's been a staunch supporter.

Yeah, please don't forget Marshall's absolutely retarded panalty. He's lucky he didn't get ejected! Personality disorder my a ss, that boy's a Tarded!

In addition to costing us the game by dropping AOTHER TD, his penalty was timely and critical.

But ah, yeah, it's OBVIOUSLY the QB play.

I mean lack of defense and the defense MAKING the game winning drive for the browns.....pssssssft, that's a non issue-LOL.

Only here at Mando's blog-ROTFLMAO ;P

Totally agree with Scott. In often overlooked news, Marshall should be benched or perhaps even cut. Pay attention if you don't get what I'm saying. Marshall is the problem.

I've sometimes wondered, did BP suck us into believing we have good personnel when we really don't? Can't buy it. Mike Pouncey might not be his brother Maurice now, but he's getting there, and fast.

In the period of time that Sparano & Ireland have been operating as coach and GM, the fins have replaced the DC, OC, and the special teams coach.

The results have not changed.

Those boys are running out of fingers to point.

But hey, let's stir the pot some more by talking about bringing in Carson Palmer...you just can't have too many scapegoats.

41 out of how many trips? mando tell the truth league ave is 45% TDs in red zone

Now the surprise is, Henne hasn't been able to do it since his 1st career start. We already know we disagree, let's leave it at that.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | September 27, 2011 at 11:45 AM

Of course the TD bomb to Hartline against the pats wa horrible and doesn't even count anyways.....right-LOL!

Oh Brother ;)

Has Chad Henne ever lead the Dolphins to a 4th quarter comeback? Please someone refresh my memory cause I'm shooting blanks!

Maybe more of this falls on the HC's shoulders far more than any of us realize?

100%. How does a #6 defense that added talent drop to dead last? coaching

How does a RB that is a 3rd down back get used as the primary eventhough there is a back up with 4.9 yds per carry (as opposed to Bushs 2.9) sitting on the bench in crunch time? Coaching

How does one of the best kickers in the league become one of the worst in one offseason?

How does Colombo get to start at RT?

How do our rookies and young players on offense get constantly over looked while we keep playing the players that are losing?

Why are we still taking bad time outs?

Why do the players look confused half of the time?

Why are we running the ball 3 times in a row and playing for a FG when we could ice the game with a td. Even though the coach said himself that he changed the philosophy?

My God I could go on for pages with how bad the coaching is and yet there are still some reporters out there saying Tonys a good coach caught in a bad situation. He causes 90% of these situations on his own!

Polite, Matt Roth, Sapp, all players we could use. What about Satele?! The guy is ripping it up a center in Oakland now and made a key block down the field for a win against the Jets!


1. Wasn't wise to have confidence in Daboll at all. I personally was very down on him. UNTIL, the Preseason. When I saw the aggressive nature of the offense, relying more on passing, chunk plays downfield, I was pleasantly surprised. I think he made Henne better, and for the most part, his system CAN win with the right personnel. I just think it takes time to perfect ANY system.

2. Yes, we have better personnel offensively, but they're still all getting used to each other. Any time you change a line it takes time to gel. This is the 4th year with a different line, and they STILL aren't all that good. So yes, I blame that squarely on the HC (as that's his specialty, so we're told). And add a new system, and that puts them even farther back. Before the Season all experts noted teams with new OCs, QBs, HCs would be at a disadvantage because there was no OTAs and a truncated free agency/training camp. I think had we had the full offseason, we'd be much further progressed offensively than we are.

Ultimately, though, the GM/HC need a unified game plan. They need total buy-in from their players. They need to understand their personnel and play to their strengths. Why ANY fade pass is called in the red zone is beyond me, Henne has proven incapable of making that throw. So why still call it? OC might be new, but HC has seen it again and again, he needs to step in and tell the OC not to do that.

But I agree. This mostly rests on Sparano. In '08, it was Parcells that got guys to play. Got them out of the training room. Scared them into not making mistakes. Sparano is lovable and respected, but not feared. There's a difference. I think the micromanaging doesn't encourage playing on emotion and will. It makes these players think too much, and when they think they make more mistakes.

I'm kind of interested in seeing how the team reacts if Sparano is fired mid-season. Like the Cowboys 2 years ago. They played better. Bills too, played better under Fewell (didn't win all that much, but improved). I'd really like to see that. I think we're rotting from the top down. No personnel moves (other than getting an elite QB like Brees or Rodgers) will fix the team IMO. We need a new GM and a new HC.

Perhaps Mr. Cross meant we have not chosen the right players for our Philosophy? Please explain what the right players would be for us.

If it is true that Marshall has uttered one whisper about not getting the ball enough, this team cancer should be cut immediately. This crybaby's insistence on being targeted *too much* has totally ducked up the Fins offense by causing Henne to nearly forget about Bess and the others. We are looking to Marshall *WAY TOO MUCH*

Phins78, it's all good. Not sure how knowledgeable any of us are really, but some of us like to spout our opinions more forcefully than others :) Hey, I'll tell you this, I have no fear of changing my mind either. I was too quick to judge Thomas in the preseason and now I'm thinking he may turn out to be one of the better picks they've made. Got a good feeling about what I've seen so far.

We, need clarification, Mr. Cross.

Lastly from me for now and I'll probably get killed for this. Bear in mind that I know Cameron was in over his head as a coach but think about this. When Cameron and Mueller were in charge for the 1-15 season the first thing they said was they were going to build a smaller team with speed because that's where they believed the NFL was heading. Everyone remember that? They wanted SMART, ATHLETIC, QUICK, players so the Dolphins could move into the new phase of the NFL well.

And look what's going on. These guys came in and changed the whole philosophy. Big, slow, dumb, plodding dinosaurs lumbering around the field who can't keep up. They recognized their error and tried to draft and sign speed this season. They got Reggie Bush and use him as an every down back instead of wr threat and 3rd down back. They drafted Clyde Gates and don't use him because of his route running. So basically we're still the same old big slow team we've been since Parcells took over.

As much as Cameron sucked as a coach he was right about the style of offense every team was going to run. He was able to see the future and was trying to make Miami competitive in that way. Who would of thunk it?!

Still waiting.....

"And, with the first overall pick...the Miami Dolphins select...a Defensive Lineman!"

Can't have enough of those...can you?

Yeah Thomas is STRONGGGGGG. WOW, I had my doubts as well but if this is what he's doing in his 1st two games I can't wait to see what happens when he starts "getting it". Unfortunately the longer Tony and Jeff are around him the more time they have to turn him into an over worried player who loses his ability to play on instincts and instead starts relying on these ridiculous stats Tony keeps. "ummmm he's had about 65 plays and by my count we should sit him next week for the first half because typically over time running backs wear out after 600 plays in a season and we want to keep him fresh for......" blah blah BLAH! Just freaking play the hot hand already and stop worrying about every little detail you putz.

Phins, the problem with Cameron is he didn't get buy-in from the team. They disrespected him, they didn't trust him, they didn't fear him. Not sure if you read that one post Mando had, about an incident on the bus, guys playing cards (or dominoes or whatever), and he tried to stop it, or got on a veteran for something (forgot who it was). Anyway, he was basically blasted by many players, told to get out of their face, and pretty much ignored.

Nothing happened to any player (no fine, no punishment) and that's pretty much how he lost control of the team.

So, maybe he had the right plans for the future, he was never going to get buy-in because he didn't have the respect of the veterans.


........... to your point, A lot of people are wishing we still had Ginn, and he came from the Cameron/Mueller era

Hmm...I wonder how much pizza, popcorn, and beer the Dolphin's coaching staff comsume when they're "breaking down film" of other teams and themselves?

Surely, they're not actually looking for weakness that can be exploited or mistakes that can be fixed! That would just take away from the whole cinema experience!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Do you think Brandon Marshals wife stabbed him because she wasn't getting enough touchs and everytime she made pass at him he just dropped the ball ?

I see similarities

Soiled :)

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