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How other teams scored from red zone 41 times Sunday

The Dolphins had three red zone trips on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. They scored one touchdown and settled for two field goals.

So drives that could have been maximized for three touchdowns, 21 points, resulted in only 13 points.

That is a big deal when one considers this game was decided by one point.

So, again, why are the Dolphins not maximizing? Why are they not cashing in?

I've stopped looking to the Dolphins for answers.

I'm looking elsewhere -- like the rest of the NFL. And in the NFL on Sunday the rest of the league scored 41 red zone touchdowns.

Of those 41 touchdowns, 13 were scored when quarterbacks hooked up with wide receivers for the six-pointers. Quarterbacks found their tight ends for 11 of those 41 red zone touchdowns. And quarterbacks connected with running back for three red zone passing touchdowns.

All told, of the 41 red zone touchdowns scored by teams not named the Miami Dolphins or Cleveland Browns, 27 came via the pass. So teams that got into the end zone once they reached the red zone did it by passing 65 percent of the time.

The running scores?

Running backs scored on runs nine times. Quarterbacks had touchdown runs five times.

So what does all this mean?

It's quite clear, really.

The most important player in the red zone is the quarterback. On Sunday, the quarterback threw a touchdown or scored himself 32 of the 41 red zone successes teams had. The wide receiver is obviously the next most productive player for teams in the red zone and the tight end is not very far behind him.

But here's the problem: The players manning those positions for the Dolphins are not delivering in the red zone.

Yesterday, for example, quarterback Chad Henne completed 65.5 percent of his passes for the game. But inside the red zone he completed only 2 of 5 passes for a 40 percent completion rate. He also broke a team red zone rule by taking a sack. (Obviously, that may or may not have been something he could have avoided.)

Brandon Marshall had four catches for 43 yards yesterday, which by the way is not very good at all. Anyway, Marshall was worse in the red zone. He was unable to beat one-on-one coverage from Joe Haden and his lone red zone pass went incomplete.

That pass, by the way, was catchable. Yes, it would have been an outstanding catch, but those are the kind of catches big-time receivers are supposed to deliver. Marshall did not. And don't take my word for it. The pictures, sent in by this blog's rising screen grab specialist Justin Reardon, show the play in all its inglorious outcome:

Marshall redzone1 
Above Marshall has practically no separation, but the ball is headed right to his hands. It's a good throw.

Marshall redzone2 
Now the ball is in Marshall's hands. Joe Haden is still trying to bat it in the air, but it's too late. The DBs only hope now is batting it from Marshall's grasp or having Marshall drop it.

Marshall redzone3 
Well, Haden can stop hoping to bat it from Marshall's grasp because it's in the guy's hands. Now he has to hope Marshall simply drops the ball.

Marshall redzone4 
And that is exactly what happens. As Haden whiffs, Marshall has let the ball go through his hands. Incomplete. No touchdown.

Davone Bess was targetted once in the red zone. He wasn't really open. Anthony Fasano was targetted once in the red zone. Nothing.

Fasano is of particular interest to me. The tight end, you see, is supposed to make his money in the red zone. He needs to be a presence there and that point is made in the stats I related above. Tight ends are supposed to be major red zone weapons.

Fasano is not. Hmmm, this is more evidence the Dolphins need that upgrade at tight end the team still refuses to do.

Finally, I'd say the Dolphins might think of using their RBs more as weapons in the red zone. Their red zone success Sunday came on a screen pass to Daniel Thomas that turned into a 10-yard score. Thomas also carried three times in the red zone for 8 yards. The running plays yielded modest return, but what about using the RBs as receiving weapons?

Isn't Reggie Bush supposed to be this big mismatch with linebackers whenever he's on the field? Why not use him?

Obviously, I'm not a coach and do not pretend to be one. But I have eyes. And what Miami has been doing so far doesn't equal necessarily what the rest of the league is doing.

The positions that are producing the big red zone success elsewhere aren't doing that in Miami. That's a problem.

On many levels.


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Phins, don't say I'm smart, some troll will accuse me of using your screenname to boost myself up.

I'm a moron who somehow graduated from UVa (I cheated). Oops, there I go boosting myself again. I mean I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks (Anacostia, Washington, D.C.).

I'm going Poizen. Haven't gotten my tix yet so don't know where I'm sitting yet.

But I'm hoping not to get to see the fist pump live and in the flesh. By that time we'll be 1-5, 0-6 and looking like a lingerie football team, not an NFL team.

Guys not to get off the comic subject but over here on the "Left" coast (San Jose to be exact) There's a big buzz about the Raiders, If we were hoping for a win here I dont know, They are a pretty good team. Seen them all 3 games. they can play some ball., They might just be the surprise team of the year., McFadden is a beast. Just saying.

Good luck with the liver disease thing. You guys might want to slow a bit, having seen people close up die from alcohol related deaths I will tell you there is nothing fun or dignified about it. Debilitating pain is all you have to look forward too. Not against drinking responsibly but alcoholism is a death sentence. It's definitely not something to glorify. Just be careful guys, I'm sure you all have people who love and cherish you, don't put them through that hell. Later everyone, be good.

Odin, you are making yourself look like a fool. More so than usual. You can't outwit me. You can make up things you think I say & lie about them to try to make me look like a liar. Shame on you. Tsk tsk, have you no manners?

Holy bejesus! Your rambling nonsense. Who the hell is even reading your mularky? I haven't been. I lied twice? Caught red handed? Holy Christ!

You believe yourself, don't you? At first I thought it was all theatrical. But, you really believe what you're saying? You're an attn wh*re!

For your sake, please stop. I'll tell you one thing. You spam & destroy a blog like no other. TAKE A BOW. At least you didn't screw up with their, there & they're today. That's your 1 positive, 1 gold star! although, the day is still young.


Damn Mando!!!

You have a hidden agenda against marshall or somethin*lol*

Everytime you show pics, it always seems to involve him dropping a couldve been touchdown???!!!

Poizen, I mentioned Marshalls drops twice today. You have heard me rant on the online, no te's, drops. I even said Henne has improved.

Apparently odin hasn't read those. But, I digress.

I am not saying he is to blame for being 0-3, but I think his lack of touch is a reason we stink the red zone. Not putting it all on him, but some of it, yes.

Giants game? Up to my neighbor if he wants to sell the tickets. Why sit in the cold & watch a stinker? Won't know for a week or two yet.

Dear Dolphin Fans,
Fins up! I know many of you are disappointed with the 0-3 start, but there are still 13 games left. With the way Future NFL HOF candidate Chad Henne is playing, it is quite possible we could go 13-3 and get top seed in the playoffs. Even New England lost to Buffalo and no one saw that coming (especially since they barely beat us). At this point in the season, you could say that the only teams better then us are the New England Patriots, the Houston Texans, and the Cleveland Browns. The rest of the NFL better watch out! I want to thank everyone for support of our team, and remember to get your Denver Broncos tickets --- they are going fast!



FP, I was watching that Raiders/Jets game, OMG.

I never thought Jason Campbell would look like a Pro QB. He had some very nice throws.

And McFadden, forget about it. The guy's gonna abuse us like a drunk stepfather. They're slowest guy can beat Clyde in a race, giving him 10 yards.

Their defense is pretty good too. Their corners make ours look like Tecmo Bowl vs. Madden.

Have I illustrated our deficiency in enough similes for you? I've already chalked that up as a loss. Only thing we have going for us is it's a 1pm game. And maybe there'll be a catastrophic event and the game can't be played.

Now I will remind you morons what I told you before the year began:

1. That Bush would be useless was predictable. Career 4.0 average, very few TDs, longest play, ever, is 31 yards (not a TD). He's a very below average running back. Speed? Where? He has NEVER had a breakaway TD. Slow Ronnie Brown has about 4 of them in his career.

2. Brandon Marshall is a terrible cancer on this team.

3. Jason Taylor "" "" "". We lose.

But I'm hoping not to get to see the fist pump live and in the flesh. By that time we'll be 1-5, 0-6 and looking like a lingerie football team, not an NFL team.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 27, 2011 at 04:40 PM

DC, If only they looked that good.

also dc doldick remains a moron

I have a QUESTION for those who continue to bring up the "drops"....

Is Henne the 1st QB to have a reciever drop a pass in the End Zone....

After those "3" passes were "dropped"....did Henne and the offence at any point get the ball back....AND...if they did.....did we go down the feild and score......

As I recall....these "drops"...happened with more oppertunities.....

It seems that some get pigeon-holed around one thing when it comes to Henne.....

Henne is a ROOKIE.....really it was year 2.....

Henne was Handcuffed by Henning.....Quotes from Henning and Sporano themselves say otherwise.....

Henne has only playd 28.25 to the 6th POWER games.....ITS YEAR 4 .....deal with it......and you guys say sporano is numbers crazy....

Marshall dropped the ball....well next time.....throw it to someone else.....

Lets all admit that Henne as improved.....but lets stop talking about...."if only"....and discuss what is....0-3....and ZERO last second TD drops......

Alright Joe, DC is def going, so I will prob buy tiks. It would be cool to tailgate together, even if with Paper bags on our heads.

:) I am out for the night have a good one all.

Dear Jeff Ireland & Stephen Ross,

Thank you for destroying the team I love.

LOL, DC, The game against the Raiders at 1 pm is in dec., Temp. at game time?, Around 78 degrees if I remember the Miami Weather, Not only that but the team looked horrible against New Eng.Phiscally wise, A lot of cramping going on(Sounds like my wife every Night)(But thats a different blog) Just saying the conditioning coach who ever that is is just as guilty as the rest of the coaches,GM,Owner,ETC,ETC., Will you see where Iam going with this post.


We always seem to play the Raiders tough....that should be one we can get....imo....

The commitment to excellence has not applied to this team for a long while now, and I don’t see any signs of it coming back soon. They may dump Sparano and get someone else, but the results will be the same. I have been a Dolphins fan since I was a young kid in the early 70’s. I could always count on a Shula coached team being competitive and striving for a shot at the Superbowl. I feel the team lost that commitment and is now interested more in making a profit than winning. If they could go 0-16 (or 1-15) and not bleed red ink all over their bottom line, I am sure they would. At present, they may make some changes to try and salvage a 5-13 season, and may try to go 8-8 next year feeling that should be good enough to lure the faithful back, but they are no longer the franchise of the 70’s, 80’s, and into the 90’s.

Until this ownership changes, or their desire to put a quality team on the field materializes, I feel it only brings me pain to continue to root for this team. I agree with the fans saying to stop going to home games, stop buying their merchandise, and stop supporting them in any way. Hopefully this sends a clear message to the ownership to either change now, or get the hell out of football!!!

Well Said Mike.

I'm out.....gotta catch a flight......feel free to answer those questions.....

Red Zone problems??....here is a direct quote from Bess:

"For the most part, just communication. Whether it's the receivers--on my behalf, not getting a ... signal, messing up a play that could have potentially been a touchdown, or whether it's the quarterback not giving the signal out and the line not understanding what the protection is. And these are errors that we are causing on ourselves. It's not even the defense. It starts with us."

Bess went on to mention that the errors may stem from discipline issues and perhaps not enough time spent in the meeting rooms.


What strikes me is the mention of "discipline issues" and "lack of prep time in meeting rooms"

This clearly falls on Sparano, and to a lesser degree Henne.

Folks, were in for a long three months.

Dear Jeff Ireland & Stephen Ross,

Thank you for destroying the team I love.

Lets not get too dramatic. Before Ross came the team was no juggernaut. People were fed up with Huzienga and the majority welcomed the new owner with open arms. I said be carefiul what you wish for but whatever. Before Ireland the team was 1-15 and only two or three players remain from 5 years ago. So the team is actually better than it was as sad as that is too say. Lets not forget 1-15, Saban, and Wanny.

Fire,fire, fire, fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire.

Tony Sparano.

Guys, Look at it this way. Next year we'll be playing teams under 500%, Just like in "08" When they went 11 and 5.Fist Pump City Baby.

"08" When we were the best of the worst.


"Those who refuse change will deal with there own Mediocrity"
Albert Eienstien dec 1918

The last time we started a season 0-3 we had a QB named NoodleArm.
We invented a new offensed called the BACKDOOR wildcat so we could backdoor all of the other teams rather than play them like men. That started a 2yr horror show that made all of us look like homos.

Steve Slaton is available.. MMmhhmm, go get him, Ireland!!!

drop someone we both know is not producing and send a message to the entire team!!!!


These are the 0-3 QB's right now:
Henne, Cassell, Bradford, Collins & McNabb

Slaton was a great RB in college.
People forget that he was outrushed by his QB a guy name Pat White.

Look at the difference:

The Houston TExans' offence is averaging 30 pts per game, and they cut Steve Slaton to promote some other player because they're having red zone woes.. :)

Dear Sparano,
It's all about the attitude, and asking for more; don't settle for less... and start hating field goals.... make a show every time Carpenter makes a FG, and get into someone else's face...

Price, The Fins were 0-2 when they introduced Backdoor football to New England, Please get your Nagative facts correct.LOL

I agree with you TJ, a new logo, new coach and QB would do more to bring positive change and a new outlook to the loyal fan base - then celebs and orange carpet. The new logo should be updated like so many of the old AFL teams have updated their image - the Broncos won 2 Superbowls after their update (pure coincidence of course), the Bills, the Patriots all have better looking helmets and uniform colors than the cartoonish dolphin with an old helmet on and Howard Johnson colors. A real dolphin is the fastest, sleekest, smartest mammal in the ocean. A team that resembles the real life inspiration for their name and brand would be an improvement.

i figured it out... It's all because we lost Channing Crowder

Women don't seem to go into a relationship with me. I have a LOT of common sense and, frankly, they don't.

"most of them don't", should've said. You generalize in Internet, you're in Trouble.

My sister has a lot of common sense. Much more than I do.

Addressing The Palmer To Fins Speculation wow where is Armando to talk about this this team sucks and they should fire all from top to bottom MR. ROSS SALE THE TEAMS PLEASE

worst franchise in nfl. cant wait till january when we can clean house

Where is Mando? No new blogs/stories etc.. Maybe Ross had him whacked for trying to ask him too many questions...Mando is gonna turn up floating like a square grouper just off of star island... You still with us Mando? If you are not floating in the inter- coastal please tell us whats the happs in Dolphin Land today?

Dfins006, Houston released Slaton because they have Foster and Tate...both of them can carry a team in the RB department..they are all set at RB

Lorta...do you like swisschard?

Refresh Please...darn iPhone app...

Roger good is an idiot. Guess he didn't know Ronnie Brown ran a 4.3 @ the combine.

yes slaton is awful, fumbles every other carry

I have to keep on searching.

It's going to be a long, unpleasant bye week for some. It may even be a Bye week at 0-4.


Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Taylor has spoken (again).
Never afraid of ruffling feathers, the 37-year-old Dolphins defender took to the airwaves this week to publicly compare the last two quarterbacks he's played with.
"I think Chad (Henne) has grown immensely since I left here a year ago," Taylor told NBC Miami. "I saw a kid in New York -- Mark Sanchez -- that is young. I don't think he's as talented as Chad Henne."

Mando your Man Crush JT disagree's with you on Henne. JT thinks Henne is better than the QB that led his team to two consecutive AFC Championship games.

Apparently a Pro Bowling Hall of Famer thinks that given the right support, Henne CAN get it done.

I think I'll go with the Hall of Famer on this one.

Reggie should admit to himself he is a slot wr, he is faster, stronger than welker, he can be the deep threat, use him as wr in slot and deep, pr and kr and miami has a weapon. Just let thomas and hilliard be the rbs between the tackles

Henne ? Sanchez ?

The fan above left out part two of the Jason Taylor quote, so here it be:

Taylor is in his third stint with the Dolphins, and after playing with the Jets last year he has a good perspective on both Sanchez and Henne. However, his answer is more about who his teammate of the moment is than a candid assessment of the quarterbacks’ talents. Taylor made that much clear last year, when he was with the Jets and he was asked the same question.

“I know who I’m going to pick, and it’s my quarterback here,” Taylor said. “I’ve always been one of those guys that rides or dies with his quarterback. Sanchez is my guy, and I better not hear anybody say anything bad about him.”

fans that don't post both sides of the story (see @ 10:26) are as in denial as tony sparano.


JT - born to lose

kc miami game nov 6 could be for andrew luck, we better lose that game

Luck? Forget it. We won't get him. The next coach will take a QB in the top 5 though.

Now the team is playing 'to save Tony's job', that is the first sign the end is near. River's is going to throw for 9000 yards against us. How can they stay positive on the bye week at 0-4?

forget it ? why? we are awful and 0-3. worst coach in nfl. so yes we have a solid shot at number one pick

With this offensive line Miami is 7th in the league in rushing.

Team Leaders:

Daniel Thomas..41..202..4.9....0
Chad Henne.....14..111..7.9....1

Not bad for a Rookie and a Robot.

At the current pace, Henne is on par for:

Chad Henne....572...323...4457...21....10

Astounding projection! WTF is going on? Why can't these guys win a game?

After three losses and time to review, I think it's MAINLY the defense.

The O-line play is unacceptable. The penalties are unacceptable. The disappearing TE, dropped passes, untimely fumbles, none of that helps. Carpenter could realistically be blamed for two losses. Even Henne with 45 seconds and a time out lays an egg!

Still, despite all of the above contributing, I think it's mainly on the defense.

I hold the coaches accountable across the board, but not 100%. The TEAM has to be on the same page and execute. We were in all three games. The D steps up at any time and we win two for sure, possibly three.

We have problems everywhere obviously, but if I have to point a finger, I'm pointing it at the defense!

Colts Bengals Jags will finish worse than us. We will at least win some garbage time games at the end of the season when our opponents have already locked up their playoff spot. We'll win 4 games somehow.

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