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How other teams scored from red zone 41 times Sunday

The Dolphins had three red zone trips on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. They scored one touchdown and settled for two field goals.

So drives that could have been maximized for three touchdowns, 21 points, resulted in only 13 points.

That is a big deal when one considers this game was decided by one point.

So, again, why are the Dolphins not maximizing? Why are they not cashing in?

I've stopped looking to the Dolphins for answers.

I'm looking elsewhere -- like the rest of the NFL. And in the NFL on Sunday the rest of the league scored 41 red zone touchdowns.

Of those 41 touchdowns, 13 were scored when quarterbacks hooked up with wide receivers for the six-pointers. Quarterbacks found their tight ends for 11 of those 41 red zone touchdowns. And quarterbacks connected with running back for three red zone passing touchdowns.

All told, of the 41 red zone touchdowns scored by teams not named the Miami Dolphins or Cleveland Browns, 27 came via the pass. So teams that got into the end zone once they reached the red zone did it by passing 65 percent of the time.

The running scores?

Running backs scored on runs nine times. Quarterbacks had touchdown runs five times.

So what does all this mean?

It's quite clear, really.

The most important player in the red zone is the quarterback. On Sunday, the quarterback threw a touchdown or scored himself 32 of the 41 red zone successes teams had. The wide receiver is obviously the next most productive player for teams in the red zone and the tight end is not very far behind him.

But here's the problem: The players manning those positions for the Dolphins are not delivering in the red zone.

Yesterday, for example, quarterback Chad Henne completed 65.5 percent of his passes for the game. But inside the red zone he completed only 2 of 5 passes for a 40 percent completion rate. He also broke a team red zone rule by taking a sack. (Obviously, that may or may not have been something he could have avoided.)

Brandon Marshall had four catches for 43 yards yesterday, which by the way is not very good at all. Anyway, Marshall was worse in the red zone. He was unable to beat one-on-one coverage from Joe Haden and his lone red zone pass went incomplete.

That pass, by the way, was catchable. Yes, it would have been an outstanding catch, but those are the kind of catches big-time receivers are supposed to deliver. Marshall did not. And don't take my word for it. The pictures, sent in by this blog's rising screen grab specialist Justin Reardon, show the play in all its inglorious outcome:

Marshall redzone1 
Above Marshall has practically no separation, but the ball is headed right to his hands. It's a good throw.

Marshall redzone2 
Now the ball is in Marshall's hands. Joe Haden is still trying to bat it in the air, but it's too late. The DBs only hope now is batting it from Marshall's grasp or having Marshall drop it.

Marshall redzone3 
Well, Haden can stop hoping to bat it from Marshall's grasp because it's in the guy's hands. Now he has to hope Marshall simply drops the ball.

Marshall redzone4 
And that is exactly what happens. As Haden whiffs, Marshall has let the ball go through his hands. Incomplete. No touchdown.

Davone Bess was targetted once in the red zone. He wasn't really open. Anthony Fasano was targetted once in the red zone. Nothing.

Fasano is of particular interest to me. The tight end, you see, is supposed to make his money in the red zone. He needs to be a presence there and that point is made in the stats I related above. Tight ends are supposed to be major red zone weapons.

Fasano is not. Hmmm, this is more evidence the Dolphins need that upgrade at tight end the team still refuses to do.

Finally, I'd say the Dolphins might think of using their RBs more as weapons in the red zone. Their red zone success Sunday came on a screen pass to Daniel Thomas that turned into a 10-yard score. Thomas also carried three times in the red zone for 8 yards. The running plays yielded modest return, but what about using the RBs as receiving weapons?

Isn't Reggie Bush supposed to be this big mismatch with linebackers whenever he's on the field? Why not use him?

Obviously, I'm not a coach and do not pretend to be one. But I have eyes. And what Miami has been doing so far doesn't equal necessarily what the rest of the league is doing.

The positions that are producing the big red zone success elsewhere aren't doing that in Miami. That's a problem.

On many levels.


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I like Wilson and Starks. The rest of the D is average to crappy. I don't really think the head coach knows what he is doing.

“I know who I’m going to pick, and it’s my quarterback here,” Taylor said. “I’ve always been one of those guys that rides or dies with his quarterback. Sanchez is my guy, and I better not hear anybody say anything bad about him.”

Posted by: so there | September 27, 2011 at 10:35 PM

Taylor supported his teammate, that's what players do.

However, at no time did Taylor ever say he thought Sanchez was more talented than a corn on Rex Ryan toe.

He did ACTUALLY say: Henne is the more TALENTED of the two AND that he IMPROVED IMMENSELY from a year ago, you know, when he made his initial comment.

Nice try at being a revisionist, but ah, try AGAIN.

jt also thought miami was a better team. so his opinion is kind of like used toilet paper. but if you get a rise out of it, stroke it.

Troll, stick around. If no real posters are out there I'll scholl your sorry @zz.

So there So Duh is right. Your trying to revise and change the subject.

Nice post So Duh

So there,

Those guys toasted you man.

They're pretty funny and their right too.

sorry fella, my @zz ain't for you. try the rainbow lounge, i think you'll find what yer lookin fer there.

I have to agree. JT was sticking up for a team member in one instance. In the other he was just being honest in his assessments of their talents.

It's no big secret, the Jets D carries Sanchez.

Odin's right, I'll go with the Hall of Famer as well.

No offense So there, but you missed the boat on this one.

Yeah man, that SO Yeah guy has a point, nailed it. Have to agree with him all the way.

Tony morano didn't want to be back ...that's why he's doing a crappy coaching job this year...Mike Nolan didn't want to be back ...that's why he's doing a bad coaching job..did u see him in the cowboys game eating during the game...that's why tony's son is on the team 2 give him a job ..also the special teams coach is still hear cause he's a friend of his ..TE's coach Dan Campbell another old friend ..Karl Dorrell is now the QB's coach cause he didn't want to coach the Marshall nut..remember when Maginni came here 2 visit..it was to get coaching jobs 4 his friends Bryan Cox and Brian Daboll cause they were gonna be without a job and he got them one ..cause everyone knew tony didn't want 2 be here no more...so the moral to the story is ...we have to still be patient cause this team will be very diffrent next year..all these coaches and some players are here 4 one year rental!

Yeah I guess maybe JT don't know squat. Why else would he want to finish is career on this sorry asss team when he coulda played another year for a contender. Not too bright that dude.

well now that folks have come to their senses, i can leave y'all to your own. your gettin it.

Marc Columbo another guy that tony gave a job this year too..cause he wasn't gonna play no more..one last nfl paycheck for a friend and turnstyle!

Think about it, If miami does get the #1 draft pick they will not draft Luck just look what these bozo's have done in the past, they love Henne He will around for a long time so buy lots of wine so you and the fins will have company in the cellar.

The Dolphins most definitely have a good shot at the #1 pick in 2012, top five for sure. KC, Denver, Jacksonville, Carolina, Minnesota, St. Louis, Indy, Cleveland, Cincy, maybe Chicago & Washington: all real, real bad teams. Yet I could totally see Miami losing to any one of them at any time. Which one of those teams is noticeably worse off than Miami right now?

B Marshall is much more of a hindrance than help, that cannot be denied. We'd be much better without him, the ball would be passed around more instead of being forced to him when he is not wanting to battle enough for the ball. The man is in his own world and plays the game on HIS own terms, he is a very self-centered bratt for being a grown man in age.

I wonder how we move Jimmy Wilson to either safety position?

He's 5-11 185-Dooh!

I don't care, just keep throwing stuff against the wall, see if anything sticks.

PS: Colombo is great, I saw the tape-ROTFLMAO!

If 32 teams scored 41 times from the red zone, the NFL average for this week is 1.2 times a game.

Nice stats Armando, according to you Henne is well above average. Add in Marshalls drops and he's a Pro Bowler.


I couldn't keep Polite as much as I wanted to. We had to make room for 4 TE's that we never plan on using.

No wonder Bellicheat says stats are for losers!

PS: I think I've just about worked my way through being a Hopeful Homer and into being just another Pathetic Phin Phan!

I'll know better where I'm at when the shock wears off. Well, the shock and the booze. After the last decade I thought this would start getting easier at some point. It hasn't. This year seems like the worst of many.

I apologize to everyone here on the blog for my performance over the past three weeks.

However, I'm just going to blame the Coaches, special teams, the Offense and the defense.

As Mick Jagger once sang: I'm Shattered!!!!

I'm having my 19th FREAKING nervous breakdown and all you can think about is pancakes?

THAT's IT!!!!

I don't even know what I'm gonna do, but it ain't gonna be GOOD!


Less than a minute into his news conference Monday, he was asked if he was worried about his job. "I don't know anything about that," he answered. "I'm getting ready for the San Diego Chargers." After Sunday's game at San Diego, the Dolphins will have a bye week before visiting the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. Many fans and NFL talking heads have speculated that Sparano could be fired during the bye week, assuming a loss at San Diego (2-1). The Dolphins have never fired a coach during the season. ... For the record, owner Stephen Ross said Monday, through a team spokesman, that he had no comment on Sparano's job security.

The Palm Beach Post

Pancakes to all Dolphin grieving fans!


Season is over.
Ross knew that months ago!
Guess what his plan is?

the Luck bowl comes down to the fins, chiefs and colts. If I were Ross, I would have private meetings with our star players like marshall, long, carpenter, dansby, davis, bess and say your job is guaranteed if you help me sink fatsono, idiotland and this season.
O and 16 gaurantees a decade of gretness!!!!!!!!
For all yuo Henne lovers, he is not Marino 2.o.
Name me one NfL coach or team that would take Henne over Luck right now!
Ooops I forgot Ireland and soprano would but thank god their days are numbered.

Our star players?

Season is over. Suck for Luck!!!!!

You are right HAhahaa, what star players?
but carpenter missing those FGs and Long being bullied by a rookie last week and marshall drops.
Someone is pulling the strings.
Trust me they probably aproached henne to tank but he's to dumb to realize he is a carreer backup and should tank the the sason for a huge payout.
If henne becomes a superstar, I will give up the the love of my life, being a surgeon.

Maybe the Fins can...

1. Let Henne throw up and the down the field. When he gets into the redzone let Matt Moore take over.


2. Blow up a B-I-G poster of Kyle Orton's face and place it over Henne's head. That way, M-A-Y-B-E Marshall we hold on to the football for a much needed td.


3. Let Reggie B. play qb, call his own number and rumble up the field for a score.

LOL! Really FinFans, we gotta keep laughing.

the players keep confirming the TRUTH. davone bess said in an interview that the team isn't "paying attention" in team meetings and it is causing confusion among members of the team with signals. reggie bush said in another interview that too many mistakes are being made in practice and they should stay until they get it right but they don't. they leave the practice field with the mistakes intact.
now, if that's not poor coaching, leadership, etc. i don't know what is.
tony sparano was criticized by players like ricky williams for micromanaging the team and "nitpicking" or being too detail-oriented. coaches and veteran players this year went to tony and told him to "take it easy" on the guys during practices and he agreed to do it. now it's showing up in the games. sparano allowed the team to tell him what they want to do instead of tony telling the team what he wants out of them. it is a mistake on his part but it is also a mistake on the part of the other coaches and veteran players who made the request. you don't get better by "taking it easy." you never get anything in life by "taking the easy way out" and that's exactly what these guys did and now they are paying the price.
what sparano needs to do is say to the team, "we tried it your way and we have seen the results. now we're going to go back to doing things my way. any questions?"

What about changing the logo to a dolphin taking a poop?

dm1, totally agree. This is a Coaching problem first and foremost. Sparano doesn't have a clue. He's a line Coach who got thrust into this position, had Parcells to help him for 2 1/2 years, now that it's all on him he's floundering. And OBVIOUSLY the other Coaches can't be worth much (especially Nolan) if he can't give Sparano some advice.

I think there's a HUGE difference between nitpicking and fixing problems. This team is showing LOTS of problems. Apparently, Sparano is more concerned about his team's approval to the way he coaches than actually putting in the work to find solutions.

Also, let's all remember, there are only so many practices you can have now (with pads), due to the CBA. So for a team like ours, that needs LOTS of work, that might be a hindrance. Sparano may want to practice more, but can't legally.

Regardless, let's face it, we suck. This team seriously believed they were better than Cleveland, and that was a false belief. This team needs to understand they are one of the worst teams (if not THE worst) in the league. If they don't like that, then it's on THEM to do what the Coaches can't, EXECUTE!!!

if it were any other team they would have said to one another at the beginning of training camp, "we are so close guys. let's stay focused on what we need to do because we can go far if we work hard and work together." every group, d-line, linebackers, o-line, db's, etc. should have had group meetings to solidify their relationships with one another so they were all on the same page. the o-line, in particular, should have had lengthy meetings on their pass protection and run blocking. they saw the time and effort henne put into the offseason and they saw what he did in the preseason and they should have been behind him 100%. they should have all worked extremely hard on their pass blocking. they also should have spent extra time practicing together both run blocking and pass protection. this is how the great teams become great. they realize they have a weakness and the PLAYERS take it upon THEMSELVES to put in the effort to get better. it is painfully apparent that this group didn't do that and it also apparent that NO group did so this year. that says alot about this team.

The difference between winner coaches and loser coaches:

Winner coaches after a big win will tell you about how much they need to improve.

Loser coaches after a big loss will tell you about how many improvements they saw.

Sparano should tell it like it is after the game, slam the team for their performance, not sugar coat it or say he is baffled. It's like he is defending the team, which is at the same time going soft on them, which makes him look soft. He should just blast them in public and make them feel like they totally didn't deliver, give them an edge, make them prove something, instead, at least publicly, he coddles them. They feel the coach is going to have their back even in losses and in turn just keep playing the same way as if everyone is waiting for the next guy to step up.

I can see why the players like playing for him, he is a good guy, and a likeable guy - he is just not a very good coach and never will be.

no leadership. they need a leader on the o-line to step up and say, "guys, face it. we suck. we're not getting the job done. our qb is constantly facing pressure and our run blocking hasn't been great by any means either. if we are going to accomplish anything this year we need to work harder and we need to work together as a unit and if that means staying longer after practice until we get it right that's what we need to do. so, from this point on we will do what we need to do to get things right. is everyone on board with that?"

they need one guy, one leader, to step up and put it on the line for this team. where is that guy going to come from? is it jake long? is it mike pouncey? incognito? one guy. that's all they need. will it happen? i don't know. but, if it doesn't they are in deep.

likewise, they need someone in the other groups to say the same thing. "our tackling sucks. we need to spend extra time in practice to get this right."

will someone please stand up now!

la is pushing for a team
ross has interest in ca.
bills wilson wants more $$$$ from the market.
la dolphins.?
miami billfish.?


Doesn't everybody see the Man just wants outta here?

DA hit the nail on the head. nothing is more frustrating than watching sparano get up to the podium and say, "i like what i saw from this individual, or this group." it needs to be said. "there's a lot of work that needs to be done and it is clear from the way we played today that we are not even close to where we need to be. everyone is responsible for the way the team plays, from the coaches on down and we aren't getting the job done. everyone will need to work harder to make it happen."

unfortunately, it's not being said.

And the worst of all this odyssey, when it ends, will not be for Ross or TS, it is being for Us, diehards.

Bro, 2watt, don't even mention it.

WTH have we ever done to those people but to support the Team!!!

We DON'T deserve this kind of Crap!!!

I, for one, won't let my Self be submitted to this Mess.

Also, it shows how duplicitous Sparano really is. One day he'll talk about somebody making progress, next day they're cut. How's anyone really know if they're truly progressing or if that's what Tony's saying to help them save face in public.

The HC should NOT be worried about saving face. Or somebody's hurt feelings. This is a BUSINESS. He Coaches, players play, and the GM hires and fires. Point blank.

This FO has been so consumed with keeping everything secretive, they forgot to actually do what they are PAID to do. When Belechick keeps secrets, everyone knows it's because he's giving his team a chance to win. He could care less about the players' feelings. It's so no one knows what they're plans are. Sparano is not that strategic. Actually, I see absolutely no intelligence to Sparano whatsoever. He's a worker. He's a front line guy, not the head, not a manager.

I have lost all enthusiasm for these Miami Dolphins.

Fu-k the curses and conspiracies, this is just plain mismanagement!

Here's what completely IRKS me about pro athletes (not Henne in particular). On the radio, Henne was commenting on the game, and he says something to the effect of people miscommunicating (by the way that's the standard line going around the team, at least on offense), and then he says, "..but we'll get it right."

Chad, you had ALL last year, AND the year before, AND 3 games this year. What, you think you have YEARS to "get it right?" What makes you think you CAN "get it right?" You're 7-9 2 years as the starting QB, what is it you CAN get right? Going 7-9 again?

C'mon, we'll get it right is not something you say, it's something you DO. What you say is, "we suck. It's our fault. We have no excuse. If this keeps up then everyone should be fired." THAT'S what you say. If you were a fan, THAT'S what you'd be thinking. If anyone had faith you guys could "get it right," your HC wouldn't be on the hot seat. The NFL talk wouldn't all be around WHEN, not IF Sparano/Ireland get canned.

You might "get it right." And it might be too little too late.

oscar. the phins need andrew luck and the good days will soon follow.
new coach, new qb, new team. new gm.
playoffs every season.
yeah !



Now, Mr. Bill Parcells, how come for you to pick Sparano? Was it because he is of Italian descent? What qualities did you see in him that made you believe he would be a good HC? Elaboration will be greatly appreciated by Us Dolphins diehards.

The answer is not to NOT go to the satadium and support this team, many have been doing this for years.

the solution is to go to the game with signs insisting on Coaching/GM changes.

Funny ones would be asking Marc Anothony and Fergie to teach ross a good decision for this team.

Booing Henne was plain stupid, he worked harder than anyone to get better and is not rated higher than orton for the year and is ranked #12 in the NFL for QBR rating which takes into account higher scores for certain "game situations." #12.

But filling the seats with fans cheering the team for good things, and booing for bad things, with signs demanding changes is far more effective than not showing up.

the commentators and ESPN would be like, WTF, a full stadium of Dolphans? Most holding signs asking for Ireland and sporano's head?

GUARENTEED ROSS could not miss that one!


are you going to the stADIUM ?

DC, however did you see Henne call out Marshall for not catching the damn ball, or "executing"? Looks like he grew a pair.

When in Media sessions they can not just start saying if the team would catch a ball, or we tried to run more... ect...

They have all these politically correct leashes they must follow for interviews.

the funny thing is the players are being more vocal about the problems than the f'n coach. LOL

Forget Luck. Spending your days wishing for Luck is a cop out. Wishing for Luck is saying the organization is so pathetic that only the #1 best player available will save it, but that is not true. First and foremost we need not just a new FO, but a competent FO. Luck on his own won't be the answer. Ross needs to choose the next leaders wisely, if not, no one player will save us.

Aloco. I live in MA, however yes, I plan on attending one or two games this year if we get clearence to fly with my 3 year old from our doctor. I am going to the Giants game which is driveable.

Always wondering, what's our connection with Dallas? Yes, I know, they are "familiar" with the system, those re-treads and outright flats.

If I lived in Miami, and I might be there some day, almost got a job here at work where I would live in boca! I WOULD be a sason ticket holder, and would committ to my idea. But partially because it is mty idea... LOL

We are nobody's fools here.

Devil, I agree with your last post full heartedly. Doesnt happen often... :)

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