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How other teams scored from red zone 41 times Sunday

The Dolphins had three red zone trips on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. They scored one touchdown and settled for two field goals.

So drives that could have been maximized for three touchdowns, 21 points, resulted in only 13 points.

That is a big deal when one considers this game was decided by one point.

So, again, why are the Dolphins not maximizing? Why are they not cashing in?

I've stopped looking to the Dolphins for answers.

I'm looking elsewhere -- like the rest of the NFL. And in the NFL on Sunday the rest of the league scored 41 red zone touchdowns.

Of those 41 touchdowns, 13 were scored when quarterbacks hooked up with wide receivers for the six-pointers. Quarterbacks found their tight ends for 11 of those 41 red zone touchdowns. And quarterbacks connected with running back for three red zone passing touchdowns.

All told, of the 41 red zone touchdowns scored by teams not named the Miami Dolphins or Cleveland Browns, 27 came via the pass. So teams that got into the end zone once they reached the red zone did it by passing 65 percent of the time.

The running scores?

Running backs scored on runs nine times. Quarterbacks had touchdown runs five times.

So what does all this mean?

It's quite clear, really.

The most important player in the red zone is the quarterback. On Sunday, the quarterback threw a touchdown or scored himself 32 of the 41 red zone successes teams had. The wide receiver is obviously the next most productive player for teams in the red zone and the tight end is not very far behind him.

But here's the problem: The players manning those positions for the Dolphins are not delivering in the red zone.

Yesterday, for example, quarterback Chad Henne completed 65.5 percent of his passes for the game. But inside the red zone he completed only 2 of 5 passes for a 40 percent completion rate. He also broke a team red zone rule by taking a sack. (Obviously, that may or may not have been something he could have avoided.)

Brandon Marshall had four catches for 43 yards yesterday, which by the way is not very good at all. Anyway, Marshall was worse in the red zone. He was unable to beat one-on-one coverage from Joe Haden and his lone red zone pass went incomplete.

That pass, by the way, was catchable. Yes, it would have been an outstanding catch, but those are the kind of catches big-time receivers are supposed to deliver. Marshall did not. And don't take my word for it. The pictures, sent in by this blog's rising screen grab specialist Justin Reardon, show the play in all its inglorious outcome:

Marshall redzone1 
Above Marshall has practically no separation, but the ball is headed right to his hands. It's a good throw.

Marshall redzone2 
Now the ball is in Marshall's hands. Joe Haden is still trying to bat it in the air, but it's too late. The DBs only hope now is batting it from Marshall's grasp or having Marshall drop it.

Marshall redzone3 
Well, Haden can stop hoping to bat it from Marshall's grasp because it's in the guy's hands. Now he has to hope Marshall simply drops the ball.

Marshall redzone4 
And that is exactly what happens. As Haden whiffs, Marshall has let the ball go through his hands. Incomplete. No touchdown.

Davone Bess was targetted once in the red zone. He wasn't really open. Anthony Fasano was targetted once in the red zone. Nothing.

Fasano is of particular interest to me. The tight end, you see, is supposed to make his money in the red zone. He needs to be a presence there and that point is made in the stats I related above. Tight ends are supposed to be major red zone weapons.

Fasano is not. Hmmm, this is more evidence the Dolphins need that upgrade at tight end the team still refuses to do.

Finally, I'd say the Dolphins might think of using their RBs more as weapons in the red zone. Their red zone success Sunday came on a screen pass to Daniel Thomas that turned into a 10-yard score. Thomas also carried three times in the red zone for 8 yards. The running plays yielded modest return, but what about using the RBs as receiving weapons?

Isn't Reggie Bush supposed to be this big mismatch with linebackers whenever he's on the field? Why not use him?

Obviously, I'm not a coach and do not pretend to be one. But I have eyes. And what Miami has been doing so far doesn't equal necessarily what the rest of the league is doing.

The positions that are producing the big red zone success elsewhere aren't doing that in Miami. That's a problem.

On many levels.


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We are a solid team---but 5-11 compared to 11-5 is generally Do u have a franchise QB--i think this administration did a good job in a lot of areas adding talent---

Bottomline next year if we get the right Coach who is a good defensive mind--and grab the right QB in next years draft--(Luck, or Foles) I think this team could do what the jets did in thier first year with REX----

Oh yea and the coach we should hire--(not fisher, Cohwer, or Gruden)



I did see that. I have no problem with Henne calling out Marshall, that's a good job. Henne's the leader on offense, Marshall dropped a tough but makeable pass, so Henne was right to call him out.

Allen, there is not one QB in the league that would make this team better this year, with this line. and this alfa receiver playin Halfass.

The QB we have is playing better than everyone on this team except for our Punter.

Of course, secrets have ceased to exist.

Just nice to see Henne growing a sack with this better play also. :)

dc,how many balls do u think marshall will drop now because henne called him out.?lol


i dont think Henne is awful or sucks--but the bottomline is you saw the difference between Colt Mccoy and the Brown and chad henne and the Dolphins----

Colt mccoy didnt play a perfect game---and the browns are a clearly flawed team---but when you have a qB in the clutch that can make those small window throws that Mccoy did---its the difference

Chad doesnt have the confidence to make those type of throws in the red area or on 3rd down---

There are other parts on the team that ned work---but the bottomline is if you totally upgrade that 1 position it disguises your other problems---

Every team has flaws---but the good teams never have a flaw at QB---thats needs to be your strength on your team---its not 2000---you can win with just a defense and kicking FGs

Cant win

WHO WOULD THOUGHT ,THE FINS WOULD BE 0-3 nd hene is the best player on that team .

hope you get that thing from your doctor .

WHO WOULD THOUGHT ,THE FINS WOULD BE 0-3 nd henne is the best player on that team .

hope you get that thing from your doctor .

Thanks Aloco, I hope so also.

As a diehard fan since '73, I've seen it all. Problem is I have no faith in Ross. Fire Sparano, fine, even though I don't think he's the problem, but I fear Ross is just going to make a fool of himself again trying to woo Cowher and Gruden (and I'll gladly take either one) just to end up settling for another Cam Cameron. I think he scares coaches away.

2watt, it's not about what Marshall does or doesn't do. He's a proven star. A Pro-Bowler. Henne is the one who needed to get up to Marshall's level. In a lot of ways he has. But they still aren't both on the same page all the time. And they're both learning a new system. Unlike others, I don't really have a gripe against Henne or Marshall for drops or overthrows, etc. It happens, and isn't the main reason the team in 0-3. I was saying it's good Henne has the confidence in himself as the leader, because your WR CAN'T be the leader of the offense. It MUST be the QB, or nothing good will happen.

I think Ross means well. Look at Jim Harbaugh at SF, 2-1, with a suspect QB.

It's no one's fault, because no one's in charge.

There is no accountability.

They're like a bunch of 3rd graders who's teacher has left the room for too long.

They all need hacks, but, we don't give hacks anymore.

Maybe they need some Ritalin or adderall...and a stern talking to.

Johnny can't score.

OK, so I think the majority would agree that Sparano is out at some point this season or at the end of the year, unless things miraculously turn around and to be honest, I think we're just kidding ourselves now that is going to happen. He's had his chance, he's had his time, the owner has been very patiet, it's just not happening. I've been a Sparano supporter but even I can clearly see that. I think when things are going bad the tendency is just to fire people. That's too easy! It's also not always the best answer. The Giants could have done it with Couhlin but hung onto him and won a Super Bowl. The Browns are probably kicking themselves today for firing a coach that's heading to the Hall of Fame in BB.

What I'm getting at here is Jeff Ireland. Seems everyone wants to fire this guy. OK, fair enough. Who are you replacing him with? Don't say, 'Anyone, 'cause anyone would be better'. That's an irresponsible answer and an answer spoken out of emotion. The goal here is not to fire Jeff Ireland, the goal here is to make this team a Super Bowl winner. I agree there have been MANY bad decision with Ireland here but there's two things about that. Number one, you don't know which decisions have been his and which were made by Parcells. You don't!! You want to bring up Pat White and Smiley and Groves and Turner and Wilford but the reality is that Parcells was steering the ship at that time and it's fair to say that he had final say. Fair enough? So I think we can safely say that Ireland has been making decisions on this team since towards the end of last year and certainly this year. Again, there have been lots of bad decisions. Not going after Zach Miller was a glaring one for me. Now we don't know whether Ross wouldn't alllow then to spend that money or not but that's the guy I wanted. Big question mark on adding Reggie Bush. Question mark on Columbo. Question marks on all the back and forth with guys like Will Allen, Larry Johnson, Edds etc...agreed. But those guys aren't really ythe core of our team. I think he's had a decent draft adding guys like Pouncey, Thomas and Wilson. The others we don't know about. Criticize him for Smith and Davis and Odrick and Misi and Jerry if you want but again you can't say DEFINITIVELY that those were his picks. Criticize him for not drafting Dez Bryant if you want but I think he was right to be cautious with him. Can you honestly say we'd be top of the division with Dez Bryant right now, with all his injuries and off field stuff. No you can't! Criticize him for not adding Braylon Edwards or D'Angelo Williams if you like, as most of you did, but how are those moves working out.

I'll wrap be saying I'm not an Ireland apologist. I'm look warm on the guy to be honest. But what I'm saying is, if you want to get rid of the guy, you better clearly have an upgrade for the GM's job. You don't and most of us don't even know what it takes to be a good GM. If I asked most of you guys now, who are the top 5 GMs in the game you'd struggle to come up with five and most likely they'd all be different. You want to blame Ireland for mistakes? Take a look around the league....there are mistakes being made evey second. The Bills drafting Maybin in the first round, the Jets drafting Gholston and on and on and on...It's fine to say 'we want Ireland fired' but you may get Carl Peterson and I have ZERO confidence that's he's an upgrade. He's been out of the game for a couple of years and I've yet to hear one team saying 'that's the guy we want'.


I'd like to know how you see us being a "solid" team? We were 7-9 2 seasons in a row. Now are 0-3, what's "solid" about that? Do we have a solid oline? A solid secondary? A solid TE situation? You mentioned the QB upgrade needed to be elite. I'd include WRs (if these guys, Hartline, Bess, Gates, even Marshall can't get separation and make plays for their QB consistently, then are they really "solid"?) in that discussion too. How about our OLBs, who in a 34 defense are the pass rushers, they been "solid" in your opinion?

Not trying to call you out, I just think we all need to see the TRUTH for what it is. We were a mediocre to crappy team, that picked up some other pieces and got worse. There's absolutely no FACTUAL evidence ANYONE can point to that says otherwise. The facts are the standings. The facts are wins and losses, not what fans/experts perceive to be upgrades. Like it or not, Burnett is NOT an upgrade. Reggie Bush is NOT an upgrade. Even the new Chad Henne is NOT an upgrade. We're 0-3.

31 out of 32 teams in the NFL. There's nothing "solid" about that.

Rick he hasn't even hired his first coach yet how does he scare coaches? Everyone needs to stop with this no coach will come here nonsense. It is an nfl team, it is a desired destination, it is a challenge because people want to see a winner in Miami again. A good coach will welcome the challenge. They will demand certain assurances before they come on and then they will probably be one of the highest paid coaches in the league. Ross wants a winner because that's how you make money in the nfl. This notion that he wants to lose is absolutely ridiculous.


I think what Allen's trying to say (and I agree with him) is that this team is underachieving. That's my opinion and hopefully his too. To me, most of that is coaching. I see a team that quits when the going gets tough. I've seen enough. The only reason I don't want them to fire Sparano now is that somehow Nolan comes in and the team starts playing halfway decent and maybe finishes .500 rest of the way, screwing up our draft plans. And then Ross says, "OK Nolan's the best guy for the job and doesn't do his due dilligence". To me that would be the worst case scenario.

I'll add also that one of my biggest fears going into this season was that Wake would be double-teamed and shutdown by opposing OL's and we'd have next to no pass rush. DB and others told me, 'Misi doesn't play a prime rush position etc, etc...'. Well it's gone completely as I expected. We don't have guys that are either quick enough or strong enough, in the case of Merling, Baker, Odrick, Taylor and Misi. I might have blamed too much of this on Nolan the other day but it's Ireland who over rated the guys he had on defence. Without a pass rush or secondary is being shredded every game.

lunch ideas PLEASE ,





Pretty funny!! I suppose I could do as you do and butcher the English language?

I was simply saying to DC, that when Allen said he thinks our team is 'solid' that it's not as bad as it shows every week. Yes there are problems (OL and secondary) but every team has them. Pitt is REALLY struggling with their OL right now and NE is struggling with their pass rush and secondary. There are VERY few teams that have it all together right now, with Green Bay, Detroit and Buffalo being some of the few.

What this team needs are more Jimmy Wilson types. The kid took responsibility and I like that. And frankly he didn't play badly and it never should have come to that one play.

Come on Sparano if you're going down at least go down with some fire. Call out your "supposed" leaders, Henne, Marshall, Dansby, JT, etc. I wouldn't mind an epic rant on the level of D. Green/Jim Mora Sr. After all, you've tried it the other way and where has that gotten you? As has been quoted recently, "nut up".

Craig the problems I have with Ireland have to do with the offensive line and lack of talent on offense. That's his job to bring those people in and in 4 years he's failed.

The offensive line should be settled by now. He brought Colombo in and now the team has to use Fasano on 63% of their plays to protect on the right side. They also have to use an unbalanced line times when Fasano goes out for a pass. They are basically baby sitting him over there.No TE, no Vet RB, NO Vet QB to challenge Henne. That's on Jeff and is unforgivable. 4 years!

Kordell Stewart was on first take today which will be replayed in a bit. They have a quote from Jason Taylor saying he's seen both QBs play, Sanchez and Henne and he believes Henne is more talented. They went into a discussion about who is more talented and of course Skip Bayless and the girl there said JT was wrong and Sanchez is better. Kordell said Henne was more talented. He said something that I hear over and over. "If Chad Henne had more talent around him he would be doing very well". Football players and coaches alike say with more frequency now. Kordell went on to say "Put Henne on Rexs team and he would blow away Sanchezs stats including TDs."

So why is it that the rest of the NFL see's the Dolphins offense and realizes there is no talent around the QB but we as Miami fans just blame the QB? Meaning it seems that everyone else thinks our WRs, TEs, and RBs are mediocre talent wise. And maybe we got fooled into thinking these guys are good because they're just the best we have. And Ireland was the one who assembled them.

So to your question who do we bring in as a gm. I don't think that should be left up to anyone but the new coach. The two have to have a good working relationship and the coach should be able to bring in his own guy.

The season, over

All but the incessant whine

Who will I cheer now?

Craig, I can buy we're underachieving. But we've been underachieving for a decade. I agree it's Ireland. And Sparano. But there's something to be said about this group of players. Hartline, Bess, Dansby, Bush, Henne ALL talked about miscommunication and not practicing well and not studying enough. Sure, that's on the HC (and Coordinators) to make sure the team is doing the right thing, but anyone think Brady needs to be told? Or Tony Gonzales? Larry Fitzgerald known as a half-*ss kind of practicer?

I guess what I'm saying is if these guys see problems, and aren't doing anything THEMSELVES to fix them, then they aren't part of the solution. They're probably part of the problem too.

Now I'm not saying blow up the whole team. I'm saying this mix doesn't work. Hasn't worked for 4 years. Worked for 1 season partially as a fluke and part because everyone was new pretty much. Now those new guys are old. And falling into the role of losers.

I don't want to see Yeremiah Bell he next year. He's been on MULTIPLE losing teams, let's try something new back there. I don't want to see Colombo. I don't want to see JT (with all due respect). I definitely don't want to see Fasano (as the ONLY TE). This talent isn't talented enough. We need better personnel with a new FO/HC. And the first thing we need is an identity.


One of the guys I've been most disappointed in this year is Dansby. He's been INVISIBLE! I don't understand it. I can't believe he's not in shape because I've always thought of him as a true professional. Is he hurt? Is his head or heart not in it? Regardless, he's been perhaps the most disappointing when you look the money he is being paid.

Aloco fess up. Who are you? You can't be this make believe character Aloco. Everyone jokes about your misspelled words but I think it's a farce. I think you can spell perfectly and this is all an act. You spell Craig ,,,,,,Graig? Come on dude it's so obvious that you're purposely trying to misspell words. His name is on the freaking screen for you to see, how could you possibly misspell it?! I think you're one of the other posters in here who is having fun and this is just one of your possible MANY characters. It would be fun to see how many people actually post in here. I wish Mando would do a count and just tell us how many aliases there are, no names to protect all of your privacy, just a number. Like, "4 people use 2 names, 3 people use 5 names," etc. Why can't people just be real in here? Calamari, Beets, Cucumber, and Mango?!!! Come on dude.

Dansby has been playing with an injury. I believe it's a hamstring problem. No excuses just answering your question.

JT is right, Henne is more talented and should be the better player. No doubt. But, and this has been said umpteen times, Henne lacks that confidence/moxy whatever it is which leads some QBs to thrive in the spotlight and others to wilt. Sanchez is a type A while Henne is a type B. I like Henne and think he'll have a long career in the NFL but think it will be as a top backup or lower tier starter. I think we're seeing his ceiling and it's not due to his physical skills. Just my opinion.

Okay "Graig"?


It's AMAZING what a guy like Jeff Fisher would change. You get a guy like Sean Smith half-assing it all the time....see ya later!! It's what BB did with Merriweather in NE. Smith gets rewarded with starts EVERY week!! You don't think that has an effect on the rest of the team? Tony's on his way out...no question!!

Phins78, again you blame Ireland for the OL, saying 'he's had four years to get it right'. You don't know that. His boss was there for three of those years. We've got two good guys in Long and Pouncey, the rest are questionable. Take a look at Pittsburgh. The GM has been there TEN years. Take a look at their line this year....dismal!! They've got some real problems there this year and it was exposed in the game against Baltimore and Indy! Keep watching...

I almost want to believe Kordell. I mean of course I do because it would be good for the team. But anyway how would Chad do throwing to WRs that actually create separation on a regular basis and not just one play a qtr? How would he be with a good running game, a real TE, an o-line that can block, and BETTER wrS. I'm just afraid that while we're demanding Henne be better we're overlooking the rest of the problems around him.

Oh yeah, Poizen don't move to Miami. Wade is on ESPN right now talking about how Miami is a poor community that's "not all palm trees and parties" and needs a lot of help according to him.


You're right. It is an average offence and the guy who gets the blame is Henne.




As Ross should know nothing about Football decisions, who advised him to go after Jim Harbaugh? Had to be Ireland. And it appears he was right.

QBs are paid to perform in clutch situations. That's what made Michael Jordan greatest of all time. When it mattered, he was at his best. Same with Muhammed Ali. In any sport, the true stars are the ones you can count on when you need them.

Regardless of Henne's progression (and it's been significant) we can't really say Henne is worth much. Because when it counts, he's never really come through. On that and that alone, you have to say Sanchez is better. He's made the throws when it counted. And I don't think you can really say they have much more to work with offensively than we do.

Also, again to blame the GM, we could have gotten Santonio Holmes, for a 5th-round pick. Who would you rather have, Holmes or Reshad Jones? Is it even close? We could also have gotten Plax. But we didn't, we were happy with Marshall/Hartline/and the fast guy who has caught, what, 1 pass so far (while Steelers have a great thing going with their speedster WR, does nothing but catch long bomb TDs).

That's true Craig, He was under Parcells massive misguided shadow for 3 years. But he was also learning from him which might not be a good thing. But this year he had a chance to bring in a QB, A TE, A RB, and some help on the line. Those were the 4 things we desperately needed going into this season to be competitive. It was talked about to death last year, and even Tony and Jeff said they were going to be aggressive in free agency. None of that happened. He did not upgrade one of the positions he said he would. I just don't know how to explain that away.

This idea that Ross didn't want to spend the money is pure crap. He's a business man and has done everything to try and get butts in the seats, misguided or not he has tried so why would he want his team to be bad. He was trying to buy an NFL team for years and I just don't see him 2 years in saying don't spend any money because we're not making any money. I own a business and that goes directly against any business model I have ever studied. And I'm a small business owner! Ross owns huge companies so he surely knows to make money you have to spend money.

The positive of the possible regime change is we can expect Ross to bring in an offensive "guru". Ross wants exciting football and history tells us when a team fails with a defensive philosophy they usually swing to an offensive one. For that reason I don't see Cowher or Ryan as possible replacements. That is unless Ross believes the star power of their names alone would be enough to fill the seats. Gruden or the offensive minded coordinator/college coach du jour would be my guess.

Craig, I don't mind Incognito either. He's not great but he's pretty good. Carey/Colombo, dead weight. So we're 1/2-way there on the oline.

Thing I don't like about Fisher (and you probably already know what I'm gonna say) he's not an offensive genius. And his style is run-first, conservative offense. I don't want to try that AGAIN. We had 1 true offensive Coach here, but he really had nothing to work with (I still blame him for the 1-15 Season though).

I can't keep watching crappy offensive play. Not when every other team in the league is passing for 300+ yards every game. I just can't do it with another FO. Unless Fisher (or any HC) is willing to have an explosive, pass often offense, I don't want them, they won't bring in a system that can win in this division (just like Fisher couldn't win against the Colts).

DC, you are right, however Jordan was allowed to have him and the ball and a basket, not relying on someone else to "catch" it in the basket. Jordan did not win without Pippin.

Chad put us in position to win games. And in clutch situations put balls in BM's hands inder heavy preessure in the end zone. That is CLUTCH. Chad can not catch it for him.

Last week our first TD was a failed fake reverse, that Chad "made" a play to get the TD where most QB's eat the ball.

His progression is there. Again with a receiver that could catch or get open he is a upper tier QB at this point... really.


Sorry man, I've got to disagree with you that the notion Ross wouldn't spend money this offseason is crap. If Armando says he has a reliable source or two who said that then I believe him. Think about it this way, if YOU owned the team would you open the chequebook up fully for Ireland and Sparano, give than they are probably out the door at the end of the year. They have a really bad track record and they would be making desperate moves. Miller was the move and in my opinion they wouldn't have been alowed to spend the money if they wanted to. They didn't even look at him.

The Buffalo Bills use to kill us with Thurman Thomas..they would send him out of the back field about 4 yards in a slanting pattern and when there was nothing upfield they would hit him and he would get about 8 yards per catch..why not run a double back set.. Thomas and Bush in the backfield. Bush can run a slant and if there is nothing open dump the ball off to Thomas. Every time we are in the redzone I see the same plays over and over. 3 downs equal 3 pass attempts to Marshall. We have 2 good running backs use them!

Top QBs elevate the players around them so those drops and sloppy route don't occur. They hold their teammates accountable for mistakes and put the fear of God into them so it doesn't happen next time. You need only to have watched Monday Night Football to see how a winning QB does his job.

DC not trying to argue I just want to point out that Michael Jordan and Ali played in sports that aren't as reliant on the people around you. Ali was alone in the ring. Jordan used to score at will because he alone could carry the ball and score with it. He had teammates but come on. Ever heard of Luc Longley? I could name 8 other players that played with Jordan that no ones ever heard of. They were space fillers. In no other sport , hockey,baseball,tennis,golf,basketball (to a lesser extent) do teammates so rely on each other in order for each person to reach their personal goals. Football is the ultimate team sport and it drives me crazy when people pick one player to pin a loss on.

The reaction after the Cleveland game was outrageous. Too many people wanting to pin the blame on a single person when the ENTIRE team lost the game. Not one player on that team deserved any credit (except maybe Daniel Thomas and Brian Hartline). They all made huge mental errors. I felt like I was the only one in the world who said it was an ugly team loss. Because I witnessed everyone choose a side, it was the defense, not it was the o-line, no it was the qb, no it was the dbs, and on and on.

Of course Marino used to make mediocre talent look like pro bowlers but we can't realistically hold Henne to those standards. It's funny because with a great QB these players would look a lot better. With better players this qb would look a lot better. So who's to blame? It really is a true team sport.

Monday night football? The game where the top qb through zero tds and the team kicked 6 field goals? If Henne did that we would be killing him but Romo does it and he's a top qb?

As it's players are unveiled this appears like a great Draft for us.

Yeah Romo did great, between the 20's. Sound familiar?

Off to lunch, talk to you all soon.


Not anymore, I'm not buying outright all those commentaries made by Players. As Ricky Williams' "micromanaging" has become the most talked about of them, then, Ricky, what did you mean by micromanagig? Attention to detail only(that's a plus in a HC). Attention to some details while neglecting other areas(that's a negative)? What? Ne need some clarification to your statements.

Yet that Monday Night Football. And I disagree. If Henne put forth a performance like given that situation he would be greatly elevated by the vast majority of fans. Romo put a W on the board stats be damned and that's more than I can say for the Fins.

Craig speaking strictly from a business mans point of view, I would never close my checkbook on my business if it was struggling. That's the time you make one of two decisions. Fold/sell OR invest (advertising, equipment etc.)

That's business 101. If Ross is doing what Mando is accusing him of, (because lets be straight here without names of these sources how do I know there ARE sources, I don't know Armando) then I have no clue how he's become so rich.

And ever since Ross has come in Armando has had a bone to pick with him. He signs in here under different names (I figured that one out easily, it was never refuted and the two names that were being used and helped me figure it out are now gone for the past 2 weeks) and bashes him. Not saying he's wrong, I think Mando Like Huzienga a lot like most of us and it seems that when Ross took over he gave Mando the cold shoulder so if he doesn't like the guy that's fine. But I have absolutely zero evidence that this is going on. I'll believe it when I see it. Not saying it's not happening but all of the evidence is telling me something different.

liked,,,,LIKED Huzienga. Aloco I thought you were going to edit my posts for me!

Nothing could be more true, Phins78@11:52AM.

i hate the jets and rex ryan but there is a huge difference between him and sparano after a game. sparano cant explain, doesnt know,just cops an attitude, has to look at film etc. ryan tells it like it is; alot of times he places blame on himself! ryan doesnt act confused/baffled and gives a clear response to each media question. the media up here in ny doesnt let you off the hook. you are held accountable for all your decisions. rex,as much as i dislike him, doesnt do the "mumble/jumble,figure out what i said".

I can't believe the story I read where the Players(veterans) went to Sparano and asked him to "soften the practice"(from what I understood from that article). Is this true? Not true? C'mon Media and Bloggers, just report the goddarned facts!

I can't believe the story I read where the Players(veterans) went to Sparano and asked him to "soften the practice"(from what I understood from that article). Is this true? Not true? C'mon Media and Bloggers, just report the goddarned facts!

I can't believe the story I read where the Players(veterans) went to Sparano and asked him to "soften the practice"(from what I understood from that article). Is this true? Not true? C'mon Media and Bloggers, just report the goddarned facts!

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