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The early practice report from Miami Dolphins camp

The media window at practice is over for the day. The Dolphins are indeed getting ready for the Monday night matchup with New England.

As I sit in the media room writing this, I can hear the team's piped in crowd noise coming through the walls and doors. (The media room is adjacent to the practice field).

Yes, it amazes me that the Dolphins have to worry about crowd noise interrupting their offense -- AT THEIR OWN HOME STADIUM!

I'll have to listen more closely to hear if there's a Boston accent on the cheering.

Anyway, fullback Charles Clay is sitting out today's practice with an undetermined injury. Chris Clemons, who missed work Monday, was back on the field today.

Yesterday I tweeted that the Miami's depth chart was released by the team. It really isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Clemons was first-team at free safety on that depth chart. I would not be surprised if, in fact, Reshad Jones starts for Miami Monday night.

I cannot tell you why I believe that. Let's just say it's an educated guess.

Frank Kearse, waived on Sunday, has been re-signed to the practice squad and is working with the team today.

[MORE COMING: Interviews and other stuff is coming today. Check back often. You can also follow me on twitter for real-time updates.]


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13-3, brother! Hey Patsies, whatcha gonna dooooo, when Chad Henne, and the Miami Dolphins, run wild on yooooou?!? Brother!!!

A. Luck, No no no the yung Wake chases Brady JT just waits for him with to console him with open arms...

Posted by: OWL | September 07, 2011 at 01:37 PM

jt has got to be amped for this game. i bet he's in brady's face all game. "hi tom, you want me to let you up now?"

Posted by: dm1dolphan | September 07, 2011 at 01:37 PM

Dying, Phinsider did a thing on this regimes draft history. Look in the archives for 9/5 if you're intersted.

Posted by: cocoajoe | September 07, 2011 at 01:39 PM

A. Luck on his way,

Why do you think Crowder was dumped for Burnett? It was to create a little less operating room on quick underneath passing.

It also gave us ability to actually create more big plays on defense. Imagine that?.........

Also, I guess you're a fan of some other loser team. Most likely the loser team that will be getting Andrew Luck. Because it certainly wont be the dolphins! LOL...

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 07, 2011 at 01:40 PM


I dont have to look into the archive because I already know thier draft success could be pitted against any successful fo in the nfl.

Certainly we missed on some early fa moves, but, even that has improved as of late. You only have to look at the last 2 offseasons to clearly see that.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 07, 2011 at 01:42 PM

Clearly this fo's ability to make decisions is getting better as our team moves forward. The only thing getting left behind is some dolfans overly pessimistic stale a*ss attitudes! LOL...

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 07, 2011 at 01:46 PM

Giving some credit to the overly pessimistics, it took over a decade to develop such usless pessimism. So in fairness to them, I guess we shouldnt expect it to suddenly disappear overnight! LOL...

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 07, 2011 at 01:49 PM

Are you talking about the Miami Dolphins? If you're talking Miami Dolphins, you're talking touchdowns, brother!!!

I saw Bush walking down the street the other day. An 18 wheeler ran into him. Bush never broke stride, but the truck was totalled.

Whatcha gonna dooooo, when Reggie Bush, and the Miami Dolphins, run wild on yoooooou? Brother!!!!!


In regards to the safety situation, it seems Clemons offers the opportunity to be "Solid" on our defensive back line. While Jones offers the opportuniy to add another defensive playmaker.

This is what I've been reading inbetween the lines of Sparano's cryptic offseason garble of saying much while the goal is to not say anything at all. Im with you on "the play maker"(Jones) having the greater chance of being the fs starter. LOL...

The noise behind the doors and walls you are referring to are the Patriot's spygate camera crew.

Picture this...

Cam Wake coming from his right, JT coming from his left, they meet at Brady. JT swats the ball and picks up the fumble, Wake breaks about 3-4 ribs. Brady is carted off the field. Is that sweat under his eye, or are those tears.

Booth announcers look horrified. Roger Goddell's office is in complete chaos. BOTH Brady AND Manning out of the NFL indefinitely. Oh no, crisis.

Back in DC, I'm laughing hysterically. I almost choke on a chicken wing. I wash it down with some top shelf Bourbon (Blanton's). I continue to giggle.


If this offense can perform even close to the expected level of this defense we easily finish 11-5 or higher.

This would easily give us a wildcard playoff berth. If on a roll at that time anything's possible!!! LOL...

I think is common practice among Teams at this stage of the prepSeason to come to accords, for instance, "I will let you poach this TE if you let me pick up that LB"(or viceversa).


That's the exact same picture that's been pleasantly haunting my thoughts. Except I see Burnett or Dansby busting through on middle blitzes not allowing Brady to step up, then Wake and Taylor combining to finish him off! LOL...

Nobody has ever accussed Bill Belichick of being a fool; he knows full well that we had them on the ropes last year in our first encounter. I perceive a healthy dose of respect from that Coach towards our present Team.

Nice DC, I will be laughing also with a large bottle of Crystal Head being chugged.


Guess you havent learned to read Belichik yet. Its its usual sarcasm to the umph degree. The good things he said about our team in real Belichik interpretation means:

"SAME OLD DAMN DOLPHINS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We owe his old tarded a*ss a real street type beatdown!!! LOL....

Crystal Head, a good Canadian vodka. Well the proprietor is Canadian anyway. I'm saving a fine Cuban cigar ( partagas series d, #4) for that game!

Yeah is Awsome

The way I see it, IF we get to Brady early and often and break their rythem, we have a hell of a chance of winning this game.

The thing that scares me is if we do not get pressure early on D, they could have 17-24 points on the board mid way through the 1st quarter.

That would be an epic disaster. That honestly is my biggest fear. Especially living here in Mass.

Once again, somebody misspells Belichick. I guess most People can't learn. Armando!!

I like it spelled as Bellyache

Why do you think Crowder was dumped for Burnett?

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 07, 2011 at 01:40 PM

Oh Yes, I forgot. It's widely known Burnett is Brady's greatest fear. If I remember correctly, Brady has had his way against the Chargers (Burnett).

Some go so far out of their way to spin something to their favor they lose touch with reality.

...I'm interested to see how Daboll runs the offense against the Hoodie this week. He brewed up a nice recipe with a remidial offense last year. The fighting Colt Mcoys took the Hoodies to the woodshed last year. Perhaps Daboll knows how to attack the Hoodie D, maybe he has his number.

I'm sure that Hoodie has watched that tape over and over. As that loss was an emmbarassment(and it knocked me out of the suicide pool)The Browns had junior varsity personel on the offense and turned Hoodie miscues into 6(something we were allergic to last year)..Really dominating the game.

This is week 1 so anything goes. Perhaps the Phins, and Daboll have something up their sleeves for the Pats..

Canadian's make vodka? I thought they were whiskey drinkers. Never heard of Crystal Head, is it good? Russian vodka good? Better than Gray Goose? And can I find it at a reg. liquor store or is it one you need to go to the special liquor store to get?

In all likelihood, the great Peyton Manning is done. He is not going to play next week. I'm sure he will be back, but he may never be the player he once was, just like Marino was never the same after his achilles injury. Neck and back injuries are worse, easily re-aggravated, take a long time to heal, and talk of another neck surgery means this is quite serious.

DC, grey goose is the best! try it mixed with alittle cranberry juice.

Dying, you no doubt missed my reponse. Last one on the 1st page of last blog. I said you might be pleasantly surprised. (regarding Phinsider's look at draft history).

You guys and your dumbass dreams of grandeur. Like we are going to get to Brady that easy. Wake up and smell the ball sweat, we will be lucky to get one int much less a sack. We should however squeak out a win by a field goal. Stop sounding like morons.

I wouldn't mind seeing Brady get hurt in the game, not bad, but enough to keep him out of a game or 2. But, not until the final drive of the game, with Brady trying to drive down the field to tie the game. IF he gets hurt at the start if the game, the dolphins team will not get credit for winning the game. The win would be dismissed, with people saying that the pats lost because Brady was out most of the game.

Some go so far out of their way to spin something to their favor they lose touch with reality.

Posted by: A. Luck on his way | September 07, 2011 at 02:18 PM

Last I checked Burnett wasnt paired with Karlos Dansby in San Diego. Youre absolutely correct:

"Some go so far out of their way to spin something to their favor they lose touch with reality".

Could that someone be you? LOL...

I think Armando has gone again. I gotta go too....

Interesting that Joe and others aren't around. I think that tells you a lot right there.....

Posted by: Craig M | September 06, 2011 at 05:56 PM

From the other thread....

Yea, Craig, it's interesting that I have a wife & kids to go home to after a good days work & I don't live on this blog to preach my knowledge to everyone like yourself? VERY interesting indeed. LOL

Once again you go out on a limb of assumptions & come up empty yet again.

Better luck next time!

DC, personally I prefer belvedere. Its Polish. I hate grey goose personally. Think its totally overrated. The french can't make vodka. I never actually tried crystal head although I own a bottle. I just like the skull bottle and have it in my display case. Russian vodka is good if you get the premium, there are a lot of bargain brands that claim to be Russian and totally suck.

Crystal head is owned by Dan akroyd of snl fame. He's a fellow hoser.


I didnt missw the response, I just dont want to go digging around to find it. Just isnt that important to me to find when I already know our fo draft success could be measure amonst some of the best fo in recent years.

The advantage top fo's have had over us, at least the one challenging for SB's, has clearly been at qb position. Just patiently waiting like everyone else to see if Henne takes that next great step this season.

Especially with the weapons now assembled around him.


Dan Henning's offense was never designed for come from behind victories. Once the Pats got double-digit leads on us last season. It was clearly game, set, match!

Duboll's offensive system looks to be one of all weather survival. Viva DuBoll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fair enough Dying but it surprised me. Maybe because I expected more but probably all the FA misses colored my opinion.

I also think that in last season's final game Patsie match, once the defense saw we were behind by 2 td scores. They all well knew Henning's offensive system was totally incapable of catching up.

So in the final game of the regular season, with no playoffs in sight, why risk spending the offseason rehabbing from a final game that was totally fruitless to give your all in. Can you really blame them? LOL......

Ahh, thanks for the info Mark. Now that you say Ackroyd owns it I think I heard of it, but never had it. I'll try. I know what you're saying about Russian, I once got a REAL brand from a Russian friend and it was WAY better than that Stoli and other crap they sell here.

greg z, course I've had that. Actually Belvedere too.

Thanks to all for increasing my liquor knowledge. I'm more of a brown liquor guy (bourbon, rum, scotch) but love to mix it up now and then, helps prevent diabetes.

I guess Armando is back on the bandwagon, when he was the main person jumping ship before it even left the docks. Well I am happy that Henne is doing great. I hope he keeps it up so that I can finally have something great to say about the team I love. Oh yeah I will see you in Jan Miami booking my tickets now, can't wait until monday night, and mando the hater let's see how long you ride with the team. Week 1 is not only a test for the Fins, but for all the haters including the writer of this blog. Go fins, and Henne looking forward to a good game, and a win.

First off I know the reason you believe Reshad will start or at least I think I know. Isn't it simply because Clemons is nursing an injury? I mean this isn't exactly a big secret as it has been reported by many media members. But that's the reason right? Clemons is hurt, pulled hammy or something.

Secondly please don't take offense to this people, if you are a good and loyal fan this does not apply to you therefore there is no need to reply angrily to my post. But the fact that the Dolphins have to worry about crowd noise in their own stadium just furthers my theories and beliefs that the average IQ of Dolphins fans has drastically declined. And it almost seems as if the worse the team gets, the dumber the fans get, there seems to be a close correlation between the two.

Because either they're worried about crowd noise because once again opposing fan attendance will rival our own fan attendance OR Miami fans are too stupid to realize that you need to shut the f**k up when your offense is on the field. Pick one but both prove that we as Dolphins fans on average (not all of us!) are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

LouD from the other thread...was pretty easy to assume you were referring to me because I was mocking Craig about his statements. Simple process of elimination. It sounded like that's what you referred to.

If I assumed incorrectly, you have my apology. Unlike someone else here, I'm man enough to admit an error. At least I don't make proclmations & don't own up to them.

I was in a rush to leave work yesterday & I should have inquired as to who you were directing your comments to.

OR maybe Sparano doesn't realize it's a home game...LOL

Dying Clemons is hurt. I know this. I've read it a few times in a few different places. I don't really believe there is any thing else to this revelation then that.

I would love for Reshad to win the job for different reasons. He's a play maker and a ball hawk but in listening to an interview with Yeremiah I believe that he still needs to bring better knowledge of the game before they fully trust him to take over. Y said Clemons was very smart in the backfield and makes all of the proper adjustments presnap with the DBs.

It scares me to think about getting beat over the top especially with Brady coming into town. Yeremiah can't hold Reshads hand back there because he lines up closer to the line of scrimmage many times and has his own assignments to worry about. I'm just hoping Reshad is spending every waking minute studying up on the Pats.


How much time have you spent in Miami? Even though most major cities have their share of foreigners, Miami more so than most. So I believe a bigger percentage of the population here simply doesn't have roots in American football. Also Miami was hit pretty hard during the recent crisis, many of their average football fans tend to be in the lower class economically. So there are a lot of reasons.

As for dumb, that is most of the country born in the last 30 years, the education system has gone down dramatically. On that note, Florida has always been rated very low nationwide for education, typically in the mid 40's out of 50 states.

Thanks Joe. That was awesome of you. I definitely wasn't referring to you all though it could have looked that way. There was some other weirdo that was going way over board. I would go back and point it out but what's done is done and it's no biggy. But once again way to man up, we need more of that in here.

Brady's worst games were against Miami when they had Surtain & Madison playing man. I think they have the closest thing to that now. Man to man & bring the heat. Wake, Taylor, & Bell...

Dear Fans,
I want you to know that I had the opportunity to simulate the Dolphins vs Patriots game in my new copy of Madden 2012. And guess what? WE WON! You won't believe it but A.J. Epps intercepted a Brady pass in the final minutes to win the game! I have no doubt this will also happen in the real game. This proves we have a great chance to win!



P.S. Thank you to everyone for buying some Dolphins vs Oilers tickets. Only 29,128 to go to sell-out! Buy yours today!

what's happening armando ? we need more

I am looking forward to watching the Dolphins destroy the Patriots - partially because it will be a victory for truth, justice and the American way as well as apple pie and Motherhood . . . . . partially because the Patriots deserve to be taken down a peg . . . . and mainly because I will enjoy listening to the death throes of all the whiner/complainer false fans who contaminate the Dolphin's discussion boards. Go Phins!

Joe Schmoe, you think we have a chance vs. your boys (Philly, just kidding about them being your boys)? It's a home game, plus in Dec, very good likelihood Vick is hurt by then, who knows what VY can do, we'll probably be coming off back to back wins on Thanksgiving (vs. Cowboys) and at home vs. Oakland. Could be a 3-game streak! I'm looking forward to twinkle-toes Ronnie getting sacked behind the line of scrimmage AGAINST us for a change.

Clemmons started last year because we had no one better than him. Period. They tried to get someone better(Clark, Rolle). Had it not been for bad games by opposing QB's, Clemmons would have been burnt ALOT over the top.

DVR'ing every game & watching it back, Clemmons was 1 of the 3 people I watched most because of his youth. But he's like Edd's. Drafted low with high expectations.

He seems stiff & I think he may well be better suited to replace Bell at SS. I think he can handle TE's & playing close to the Line. But I don't think he has the range to be a FS.

Odinseye, you are free to have your opinion, but as a fan who USED to get seasons tickets, I say Sparano does owe the fans something.

He doesn't have to give us the strategy and the game plan. But he should NEVER lie to us.

-This is nonsensicle whinning on your part Finsheaven. SpOrano doesn't lie to us. Your being so overly critical of past statements you can't see the forest for the trees. If you can't come to terms with this you or anybody else(except the obvious troll(s) of course)post some of those lies and let's discuss. I don't claim to be 100% infallable, but on this I think I'm right.

He should be accessable to us.

-Why? Because you say so? He fulfills his contractual obligations with the press. For me, that's good enough. He's alledgedly a workaholic, I'd prefer he concetrates on improving this team. God knows we can use it.

Tony Dungy was and he won a Super Bowl. Rex Ryan is loved by fans and media in New York because he speaks his mind all the time. That doesn't keep them from winning.

-The whole point of your post was to blast me ALLEDGING that I compared SpOrano to Bellicheat, but yet you wrte this? Hmmmmmmmmm........OK buddy, this doesn't even desrve a response! Black Kettles!

Fans pay Sparano's salary. We pay Irleand's salary. Yet Sparano lies to us and Ireland hides.

-We pay them to Coach and secure talent-PERIOD. We're not paying them to regale us with their intellectual prowess(thank God, cause I'd want a refund). I suspect you really do know and understand this. What I do get is your point, Wow!

That is wrong. And a lot of people agree with me because they have stopped going to the games. When it continues watch how Ross reacts. Heads will roll.

-People are not, not buying tickets because SpOrano and Ireland won't tell us their deepest darkest secrets-ROTFLMAO! People are NOT buying tickets because Coach ain't winning enough and Ireland ain't bringing in enough talent to win. You know, the things were PAYING them to do-SHEESH! Bottom line: We start winning, the stadium fills up and all the petty criticisms go away.

Also, for you to compare Belichick and Sparano and utterly moronic. Please tell me the last time Sparano won one Super Bowl, let alone three Super Bowls?

When he does that, then you can compare. Otherwise, you sound idiotic.

Posted by: Finheavenblows! | September 07, 2011 at 10:00 AM

-Actually taking out your problems with reading and comphrehension skills on me, makes YOU look Moronic and Idiotic.

The simple FACT is, I didn't compare SpOrano to Bellicheat in any way, shape, or form. Maybe it was too early in the morning for you and you hadn't had your coffee yet.

Whatever the case may be, there was no comparisons on my part whatsoever. Take a deep breath and try to focus when you read. Hopefully it will help.

Mr. Miami I think Henne still has A LOT to prove before we can take the preseason stats seriously. I want the guy to succeed just as bad as everyone else because it would mean great things for our team. But I just can't understand this 'pick a side and stick to it' mentality the fans have adopted. It's not that black and white. (Actually I blame that mentality on our broken two party political system but I digress).

I'm just saying that the final results aren't in yet. And I've been as guilty of bashing Armando for negative Henne comments as the next guy but after I sat back and thought about it it makes sense from a writers point of view. People don't understand that Armando isn't a die hard Dolphins fan. His job is more fun when the team is playing well. His job is more fun when you have a Dan Marino or Tom Brady to write about. He doesn't care about being patient nor should he. The Dolphins failure as a team directly effects his ability to further his career in his chosen field.

Not to a great extent but if the team were doing better his articles would get more recognition. His radio show would have more listeners and callers. Other media outlets and radio show hosts would be calling the Miami reporters for information and analysis. This would help to further his career.

Right now what is preventing that? Tony Sparano, Jeff Ireland, and Chad Henne for the most part. So in retrospect I'm not a bit surprised to hear anything negative from Mando when it comes to the people who are preventing his job from becoming a dream job that every reporter in the country would envy. And with that being said Armando has actually been pretty darn fair in his criticisms so far this year. I've read just as many positives as negatives. You want to read someone who hates Henne, go over to Omars blog, sheesh.

DC, I'm actually up in Jets territory, not near Philly. I will be going to the Giants game on 10/30 to support my phins! Yes, me, the so called perceived pessimist & Mr. negative! Go figure!

Vicks perfromance last year was more mind bogglingbecause the Eagles have a terrible Oline. YES, WORSE THAN OURS! Being elusive is one thing. That guy was stalked on almost every drop back. He wasn't evading just 1 guy. he was running for his life!

Considering their weakness lines up against our strength(Dline) every snap, I think that's a game we can steal.

I'd caution that too much optimism just leads to a bigger letdown if things don't go your way.

We all want the Fins to win on Monday, just don't count those chicks before they're hatched.

You guys and your dumbass dreams of grandeur. Like we are going to get to Brady that easy. Wake up and smell the ball sweat, we will be lucky to get one int much less a sack. We should however squeak out a win by a field goal. Stop sounding like morons.

Posted by: Odinseye | September 07, 2011 at 02:32 PM

Now your talking my language. Ball sweat and sacks? As soon as I finish off Aloco, I'm ALL in.

Turd, How dare you forget about my man Zach Thomas!!!! Brady used to say he HATED playing the Dolphins when Thomas was there because Zach used to call out the Pats next play to the fins defense before Brady even got to the line of scrimmage! He said it was a nightmare trying to match wits with Zach and have to constantly audible his chosen plays. Don't ever forget Zach Thomas! :)

there are so many foes in the stands because so flo is a huge draw for nfl fans. they plan their vacays around their teams, not just in the 100's but it's in the 1000's.
it's been like this for decades and it will always be this way.
r u planning your vacays to go to oakland or buffalo in dec.?no.
philly has major deals for their fans and yes,the joe will look like a jets game when they play there. get used to it and don't blast the local phans for this...

Sorry it has taken so long to respond.

But IMO, I thought Crystal Head was a terrible marketing ploy in a crystal skull vodka. Pretty expensive.

But I tried it, and I do feel it is one oof the smoothest best vodka's ever.

I prefered Belvedere over Grey Goose

but Crystal Head, blows them both away. IMO.

keysman, I was in FLA for 4 years attending college. I've visited a few times beyond that for vacation. I'm well aware of the make up of the state and know there are more reasons why fans are the way they are down there, but I'm trying to play nice :)

Joe, I might be at the Giants game also. Tiks are expensive, so not sure at this point.

Thank you, Armando, for the breaking news that the Dolphins "are indeed getting ready for the Monday night matchup with New England."

I might have thought they were all trying out for "The Amazing Race" or shopping for dinette sets at IKEA without being informed of this.

Please keep up the hard-hitting journalism!

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