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The early practice report from Miami Dolphins camp

The media window at practice is over for the day. The Dolphins are indeed getting ready for the Monday night matchup with New England.

As I sit in the media room writing this, I can hear the team's piped in crowd noise coming through the walls and doors. (The media room is adjacent to the practice field).

Yes, it amazes me that the Dolphins have to worry about crowd noise interrupting their offense -- AT THEIR OWN HOME STADIUM!

I'll have to listen more closely to hear if there's a Boston accent on the cheering.

Anyway, fullback Charles Clay is sitting out today's practice with an undetermined injury. Chris Clemons, who missed work Monday, was back on the field today.

Yesterday I tweeted that the Miami's depth chart was released by the team. It really isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Clemons was first-team at free safety on that depth chart. I would not be surprised if, in fact, Reshad Jones starts for Miami Monday night.

I cannot tell you why I believe that. Let's just say it's an educated guess.

Frank Kearse, waived on Sunday, has been re-signed to the practice squad and is working with the team today.

[MORE COMING: Interviews and other stuff is coming today. Check back often. You can also follow me on twitter for real-time updates.]


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Yeah but 2 watt, when the Dolphins start winning again, watch how fast our fans fill the stadium back up. How is that explained other than typical stupid loser bandwagon fans? Look man I live in upstate NY and everything is Giants and Jets up here. But the thing is the Jets stunk for well over a decade and fans still went to games. No one EVER took over their stadium.

Not good enough because NY is cold and Miami is all warm and sunny you say? People don't want to go to NY you say?

Then how about Dallas? Pretty warm there, lots to do. Dallas stunk for a long time after Johnson left. In that time did you notice a lot of opposing fans taking over the stadium? San Diego? Ever been there? Beautiful, perfect weather, clean streets, beaches, opposing fans never took over their stadium. I could go on and on.

2watt I disagree that it's been like that for decades. I've spent 4 decades on this earth and not until this recent one did Dolphins fans start being outnumbered in their own stadium. Not once did another teams fans make more noise then the home teams fans like the way the Steelers fans did last season. I'm stating facts here bud.

when the phins played the chargers at asu when the fires moved the game,it was 1/2 phans, again,they have huge pkg's for teams to go to so flo + all of the transplants. in will never change.
get used to it.

"Last year’s starting free safety for the Miami Dolphins was one of only three starters who played in that game, and on a very insignificant play Clemons hurt his right leg."

"The coaches say it. His backup, Gerald Alexander, saw it and started running on the field. But Clemons waved him off, and kept playing. The next snap the coaches tried to get Clemons off the field again, but he waved them off before eventually being sat down the next series."

"The next two practices Clemons sat out both sessions while doing a rehab assignment, but he returned to the practice field on Wednesday as the Dolphins began preparing for the Patriots."

Just read this in another news outlet. Like I said I hope Reshad wins the battle out right but right now it's looking like more of a product of injury and little practice time.

big steeler following down in so flo. believe it or not.

lou,i sat at the 50 yd. 12 rows up on the foes side that mon. niter against the wets at the ob when hampton rushed for 146. the wets were like 10-1. nothing but green but the phins whacked them so they shut up. that was in the 80's dude.45-3 game.

the foe fans will s,tf.u if the o can score points...

good chat. c u phans later.

Poizen, my neighbor has season tix w/a buddy of his. He pays a ridiculous amount for them & the PSL's. It's a joke! His buddy isn't gonna be around for that game so he asked if I wanted to go.

I accepted & told me I didn't have to pay for the $120 ticket. I'll offer to give him the money but I won't beg him to take it. LOL

It's worth it anyway. I haven't been to a game in a couple of years so it's time to endure the snow balls & having beer thrown at me again.

I usually go against the jets so hopefully Giants fans will receive me more politely. I'll be wearing my McDuffie jersey!

Okay 2 watt I believe you. I'll get used to it but unfortunately our team won't. It will mean no home field advantage for the Dolphins. It will mean the Dolphins will never really have a true home field. So I can get used to it, but can any of us get used to 1-7 records at home?

There's nothing like playing in front of a large home crowd who is rooting your defense on. There's nothing like playing at home and being able to call your offensive plays without having to use hand signals and stomps.

Is this something we really want to "get used to"? Because no one is getting used to having a team with a (so far) mediocre QB. Chads young yet people are complaining because they want change for the betterment of the team.

I think this would be the perfect thing to demand change on. There wouldn't be so many opposing fan packages if our own fans bought season tickets right? The team couldn't offer them as freely. There are all kinds of things we as Dolphins fans complain about, why not complain about the obvious lack of homefield advantage?

It's completely embarrassing to have a Steelers player from last year say "it was great, it was like we were playing at home"! That's on Dolphins fans and no one else.

WOW an educated guess huh mando....you might want to check on what Websters wod is on educated....cuz you ain't it! What to bash on the team again mando....Crowd noise at home...boston accent....face it you're a Jets fan...just admit it! just because they are piping in noise doesn't mean the training is just for home games ya DDD! But if it allows you to bash the Phins then by all means have it...what a waste of space......maybe the Herald can hire an actual fan to write the blog.

So actually no, no I won't get used to it. I will complain just like everyone else does about the coach,GM,QB, o-line, and TE situation. All good reasons to complain. All are reasons why we don't win. Just like lack of home field advantage. More people should actually start complaining about this instead of "getting used to it". How can anyone argue this?!

That one I will agree with you on 2watt. If the Dolphins start smacking people around other teams fans will not be spending that much money to fly all that way to see their team get spanked. Hopefully at that time our fans will come back!

Maybe they were pumping in noise so players could practice their run onto the field during intros for starting lineups?

You guys and your dumbass dreams of grandeur. Like we are going to get to Brady that easy. Wake up and smell the ball sweat, we will be lucky to get one int much less a sack. We should however squeak out a win by a field goal. Stop sounding like morons.

Posted by: Odinseye | September 07, 2011 at 02:32 PM

Now your talking my language. Ball sweat and sacks? As soon as I finish off Aloco, I'm ALL in.

Posted by: Just The Facts | September 07, 2011 at 03:31 PM

The lying little mental midgets retardation continues, GREAT!

Fake odin @ 2:32

lol Don Shula wtf? Hahahaha where did Mando bash the team? That was him trying to make a joke (cmon it was a little funny!) when he was talking about the Boston accent in the crowd noise. That wasn't a shot at the team. He's amazed about the crowd noise because they don't have that problem at most other NFL stadiums. Opposing teams fans aren't usually something a team has to prepare for mid-week AT THEIR OWN STADIUM. LOL Too funny. It's actually a bust on the fans, not the team.

The irony here is the the Dolphins have long had one of the largest national followings and usually have FAR more fans at away games than most teams do (including the Jets, despite so many of them being in South Florida).

No question the Packers, Cowboys, and Steelers have the biggest national following. The Browns, too. Miami is in the mix right after that bunch, though. Been to Miami games in about a dozen stadiums and there's always a LOT of fellow fans.

LouD, don't talk negatively about the S. Florida fans too loud. Bobbyd12 will attack you for being less of a fan than him because he has season tickets.

Having season tickets makes yo more of a fan, didn't you know? If I had season tickets, I'd be embarrased that away teams fans drown out the home crowd.

This isn't anything new though. It's been a long time problem, more so since Marino retired. Fans would rather work on their tan than go to the game. Thats why tickets are available in the 1st place.

Just to add to that: Take a good look at the "fake spike" game sometime. Not the play itself, but the crowd.

About half that endzone in the Meadowlands erupted in cheers when Miami scored. The NY rivalry is not JUST about Jets fans traveling, trust me.

Odinseye, seriously don't sweat that garbage. The only people who matter in here knew as soon as they read the fake post that it wasn't you. The only way that person could fool us into thinking it was you or someone else is if he actually wrote something intelligible that actually added to a conversation or started a new one. Don't even give it attention.

For the record, it was not I.

I was in the Meadowlands when we beat Brett Favre and the NY Jets to win the AFC East!

12th row on the 30 yd line behind the Jets bench (free tickets WTF).

Anyway, there were a TON of Fins fans there and one guy was dressed up like a dolphin.

When the game was over and we won...almost every Fins fan migrated towards the first row to help celebrate the victory....in New York!

So there are opposing fans in every city, but some teams travel better than others...but none better than RED SOX Nation!

I hear ya Joe. Yeah guys I think I started a whole thing here. Thinking too much I guess. The fan thing will take care of itself when the team starts winning again. That's probably what happened at the fake spike game. I don't think the Jets were very good for a while there so there were probably a lot of tix available. Went to a Giants Dolphins game at the meadowlands where there were plenty of fellow fins fans. All though I will say we never came close to drowning out the Giants fans and this was when Fassell was their coach.

Joe, I will let you go if I do, I will be with 5 dolphin fans all decked out. The last Giant Game I went to I sat next to the biggest Kenny holmes fan ever, she was so annoying screaming his name. Then James McNight got a reverse hand off and ran the slowest reverse TD I have ever seen with people falling over everywhere, it was histerical. Phins won!!!

I bought club seats a few years later @ pro-player park and he was one of the Verizon allumni to take pictures with. I reminded him of that play and we laughed talking about it for about 5 minutes. Good times!

Belecheat lives off of Brady. Take away Brady and he has no SB wins and probably not alot of playoff wins either. Give Brady to Sparano and he might have a few SB's as well. The one year that he did play without Brady Miami won the division because we had a good QB, so much for him being the greatest coach of all time. Until he wins without Brady (which I suspect will never happen as he will retire when Brady does) he will never be considered the greatest coach ever. He also has fallen down as Gm because his last few drafts have been terrible. Miami is on the rise with young talent and NE and the Jests are on the way down with aging talent.

Miamisam | September 07, 2011 at 12:08 PM

As much as I would love to agree with this post it just isn`t so. In 01 when Bledsoe gets hurt and Brady comes in they ran a very similar style of O we ran under Henning (don`t need to win just not loose), anybody that remembers Brady that Season knows that Charlie Weis paired back the O significantly with Brady into a ball control scheme with alot of running and short passes featuring then T.E. Jermain Higgins.

They get lucky in the playoffs Vs. a high powered Raider O that gets stuck in neutral in a brutal playoff game in the snow up in Foxboro and even with that advantage it`s the infamous tuck rule that saves them. In the AFC Champ. game with Brady dinged it`s Bledsoe that gets them to the dance. In the S.B. playng an agressive style of D by the DB`s they intimidate and out muscle the Rams with Ty Law`s pick six setting the tone. There style of play finally leads to a changing of the rules when Payton Manning and the Colts complain about it after three straight post Season losses were there WR`s were getting knocked around by Patriot DB`s

In 02 Brady`s 1st as the full time starter they don`t even make the playoffs but he learned the C.Weis system and propelled by early success his confidence grew becoming a very good Q.B. in 03. It wasn`t just Belichik the Pats had the best OC in the game in Weis, who leaves to Notre Dame which is hampered by there Academic standards in recruiting top flight recruits and he takes them to the Sugar Bowl making Brady Quin look like the 2nd coming in the process. It`s Brady that I wonder if he is what he is without Belichik, Weis and Q.B. Coach Josh McDaniels.

Hey NHFINSFAN hows the view from down there? Second place baby!!!!!!!! YANKEES coming on strong! DA daaaaaa, da da da da,,da da daaaaa,,, and so on. :) See you guys

wow, pretty smart with the simulated crowd noise. get all those senses in game mode. Good job TS!


Little Willie B (Belichick) NEEDS to focus on the Miami Dolphins! We played them tough last year and now we have an OC who beat him with a crappy team! JT is back with the Fins and he knows how hard it is to plan for him. And, now this Wake kid is making things tough. His buddy, Chowder, is gone! The pats could always put a TE in behind Channing for a first down because he couldn't do anything but stop the run. The Fin's D was good last year and even better this year. (If only the Pats had such a Defense. (Sigh)) Henne looked good in preseason, not like the old Chad he was familiar with. And, B Marsh looks like his old self; dangerous to defend. The R and R show is gone, so no more slow plodding runningbacks. And, OMG!!!...they've got Reggie Bush! Oh Crap! They've kept this Donald kid under wraps and only showed a few glimpses of that Gates guy. Even Hartline looks better. What happened to their sorry Special Teams? They were always good for some points and/or field position! AND, they have ILB's that can cover TE's now! When did that happen? We gotta play these guys at least twice this year? It's gonna be a loooooong season!!!!

I remember the james Mcknight reverse!!! LOL

Hey LouD...you know its Yanks vs. Sox for the pennant....just like old times:-)


The James McKnight play was unbelievable I remember watching it develope and thought It had no chance,it should have made a blooper reel. Poizen you know that K.Holmes is easily one of the top 5 DE in UM history.

Not to beat a dead horse but, every supposed expert cites Miami's front office's lack of acquiring impact players this offseason. Most view Bush as a role player that will get injure from overuse. Ross refused to spend money on a team that could contend with one more impact skill guy, one more Olineman and a safety. He (Ross) had the money but refused to let the front office use it. Sad state of affairs for a team in the AFC East.

I counted 8 "I" or "me"'s in this brief article. Armando still hasn't figured out we want news on the team, not YOU. Nice ego, Napoleon.

I thought I read Carolina grabbed Kearse?


Sorry Joe, I knew you were from the Northeast, always get you mixed up with the other guy I'm thinking of (from South Jersey/Philly area). Can't remember his name, he used to come on all the time.

I might be at the Giants game too (if my brother-in-law wants to take me). Wish we played them sooner, with all their injuries.

Fin4life, it's all about the players you've had, you have or you get. Bottom line is that this FO fell far short of all the chest thumping promises from the end of last year. This team is very deep at all along the oline, at RB, TE, Safety and QB. They are one injury away from being a bad team. That injury could be to Bush, Wake or Marshall. Losing any one of those guys spells disaster. The Pats only irreplaceable guy is Brady. Ireland and Sparano have no clue and what's worse is now Ross has handcuffed them financially. Lastly, if you look at their schedule closely, try to come up with more than 6 wins. It isn't easy.

My main concerns for Mondays game are:

1. Colombo and Carey.

2. Our nickle and dime Corner backs.

The rest I think we can handle. The right side of the line and our coverage on passing downs I think will be keys to the game.

I'm assuming Sapp(groan)will be the nickle. I am curious though if Jimmy Wilson see's any playing time. He blew a couple of coverages in pre seaon that I saw and being new right out of the box, I doubt it. I hope he does see the field throughout the season though, because I can see him surpassing Carrol and Sapp very quickly.

I think Brady will target Sapp and Carrol early and often. These two SPECIFICALLY, if they hold up, I think we definitely win.

You total idiots rapping FLA as idiotville need only reconsiders yourselves and your dummerville states. The U.S. didnt just become loserville overnight by the merits of FLA alone.

Im born and raised in FLA. I attended advanced classes all throughout high school, although all I wanted to do was do just enough to get by. BTW, many of my fellow collegues of high school advanced classes moved on to college in other various states and still current residencies of those various states.

So there could be strong argument that many of your states seem better evolved academically because of smart Floridians relocating there while many of your dummies are relocating here. LOL.....

A very good source tells me he saw Colombo giving Bellacheat a thick brown paper envelope with a note which said,"Here is the cash,just don't run to my side"

Yea, I know Kenny was a Cane, but this girl screaming KENNYYYYY!!! In a high pitch voice wearing an oversized jersey drove me nuts! Then that reverse happened and she was quiet.

I need to try and you tube that play, it is a classic.

You dummy out of Florida idiots may as well move here and join the ranks of your fellow dummerville idiots that have previously moved here before you.

If survey were done the conclussion would probably be that 80% of Florida's illiteracy rate is due to the the loserville losers migrating here from your very own dumberville states. LOL...

Im out, talk to ya all tomorrow.

Go Phins!

LouD: As far as Jets fans, believe me, there were games they didn't show...as soon as they knew they were eliminated from the playoffs there were plenty of seats available at the Meadowlands.
And I went to see the Phins play them in the early 90s and can tell you, as far as taking over their stadium, it was split 50/50 and the prettiest girls were phin fans...
So you may have your impressions upstate, but I'm from Staten Island and can tell you first hand, Jet fans are bandwagon fans that jump off as soon as things get rough...

Grey Goose is made by Bacardi Corp. Look it up. Best tasting vodka in the world is Finlandia. #1 imported vodka in Russia and Poland! Let's hope that Koa and Francis play more than JT. He's lost his speed and edge. Wake is a beast! Rashad for Safety. I hope Clay is healthy to play. Burnett looks very good, Dansby takes some plays off...nobody plays the middle like Zach 54! Best ever defensive player for Fins and that includes his bro-n-law. Zach never took a play off and was a tackling, big play machine!


@DC heres another DCDOLPHAN wishing the JT, WAKE, and DANSBY have a MEETING in the middle as well and Brady takes a trip to the MEDSTAR

I don't think the high number of immigrants to Miami has anything to do with the level of fan support. Having lived in many cities and seen support for the local team wax and wane there is one thing that drives fan support. . . . . . . winning. Winners get support from all races, religions, ethnicities, socioeconomic classes and creeds. While there are always people like me have been fans from the first Dolphins games through thick and thin, that is a minority in every city (except maybe Green Bay and Pittsburgh). People become fans because they like the psychic association with a winner. It is easier for oldsters like me who grew up with the great Miami 1970s teams - that got the Dolphins hook deep in our mouths. I am looking forward to this 2011 team being the beginning of the next run of great Miami teams. Go Phins!

This game is basically a litmus test for the rest of the season.

0-1 will not be a good start. Especially against a division rival. A blow out at home will crush the last remaining "sliver" of respect I have for this management.

We got NE, then Houston on a short week? Houston's D looked pretty darned good in the pre season. We know their offense is explosive. We can beat Cleveland. But then we got San Diego, Jets and Denver.

This first game sets the tone. Let's hope its not the sound of a man's last breath.


We don't match up well against he Patriots WR corps. I guess a lot of folks forgot how many pass interference calls we got last year.

If we get blown out at HOME then you guys need to spit out all the Front Office Jim Jones Juice you been drinking.

That scrub Henne better not throw one pick in this game.

I hope after all the woofin and belly aching that I have done bout our Fins they show me heart, grit and scratch out a win over a very highly rated arch rival.

DC.. as for my dream scenario, I hope that JT turns back the dial, gets 2-3 sacks and snags an attempted Pats screen pass for a TD that seals the game.

JT got vilified for wanting to continue to play football after Parcells turned a cold shoulder. Yeah he played for the hated Jets but every yahoo in here would have collected that fat check for their family as well. Pffft, I hate hypocrits that don't reason out a scenario as if they were in the other persons shoes.

Question: At JT's age, does anyone really think that if he turns the Jets down cold(a fan favorite move that would have been a bad deal for Taylor both $$ and career wise) he would be back with the Fins if no one else offered him a job? I say no way.

JT has been a class act, is a borderline HoF'r and hopefully has some juice left in that lithe frame of his to add some gumption to the team this season.


Henne is not ready for the big Monday Night show.

Brady and Belecheat SOAR under the big stages and bright lights.

If Mando is right, and the dolphins win, the Patriots are done in the division.

I just don't see the Patriots coming out "not ready" to play football on a Monday night opener.

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