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The math of the Dolphins running back tandem

Yes, Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas will play Sunday. And here's how it should be split if coach Tony Sparano has a favorable situation and the game is going along in an orthodox fashion -- meaning Miami isn't down 27-0 to the Houston Texans as they were the last time the team's played in 2009.

Reggie Bush would be on the field 70-75 percent of the time. Thomas would serve 25-30 percent of the time -- at least initially until the rookie gets acclimated to the NFL game.

"I don't know how the games are going to go so that dictates touches," Sparano said this afternoon. "... But from our end, in a perfect world, I wouldn't mind it being somewhere around 70-30. Somewhere to that effect, where Reggie's ability on third down is a factor and we get Daniel going a little bit. And then at the end of the game we see which one has a hot hand."

The issue has been on Sparano's mind because Bush got every carry by a Dolphins runner against New England save two -- both carries that went to Lex Hilliard. That is not the way to keep Bush healthy and fresh.

"Obviously I didn't take Reggie out of the game last game," Sparano said. "So in a perfect situation, 70-75 percent of the time you keep Reggie in there. You use somebody else 25 percent of the time early on in this thing until you grow him a little bit and see how they handle this. That would be good for Reg."

Obviously, the Dolphins aren't comfortable simply thrusting Thomas in there. Obviously, he hasn't exploded onto the scene, suggesting the team must use him as much as possible as soon as possible. So the Dolphins will work him him slowly.

And Sparano, meanwhile, will be on the lookout for other players that perhaps played too many downs against New England but can't keep up that pace:

"I have to do a little bit better job of play counts of a few guys," he said. "We have to get some plays off of them. Otherwise it ends up being a long season."


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Marino was horrified by how badly the organization was being run and quit immediately. He's too classy a guy to blurt it out like that, though, which is why the story there has always been a bit murky.

Well, good thing I looked before I left. My how childish some folks can be. Look you can look up all the computer links that you want to. I really don't care. I know what I saw and heard on television. Check some ESPN clips and look for it. If it makes you feel better about being right rather than being correct...fine.

But, resorting to name calling and childish behavior...well, okay...BITE ME!

There...satisfied? Now, I've got a drain to unclog and I'm not going to spend my evening arguing with an idiot!

You posted a link to the teams official press release.

In it, it says Marino declined 3 weeks in because of the life style changes it presented to his family.

Well, I propose to you that there just might be a coun in the woodpile.

The job was offered to Marino MONTHS before having accepted. I wonder why he didn't consider his families lifestyle changes in those months prior to having accepted?

I suspect there might have been just a little more to the story than what the teams official press release included.

I didn't revise anything bro and I don't know exactly what happened. I do know it was alluded too(boring, figurehead, dead end, etc,etc) in an interview by Marino himself.

Joe Schmoe stated an earlier blog that he post "WHAT HE KNOWS.....

and that many people on here "post what they THINK they know".....

Joe....that stuck with me....because...that is the way I think....I want ONLY the facts as THEY ARE...not as I WANT THEM TO BE....

If the facts back me up the SO BE IT....

If the facts kick my teeth in.....the I whistle my apology....congradulate the victor...and keep moving.....

Very clever of Ross to "buy" his own tickets;
distribute them to loyal customers
promote his team on tv

a bit too clever to say it was "a considerable investment" since unsold tickets would be worthless come Sunday evening.

But that's okay!

Well, good thing I looked before I left. My how childish some folks can be. Look you can look up all the computer links that you want to. I really don't care. I know what I saw and heard on television. Check some ESPN clips and look for it. If it makes you feel better about being right rather than being correct...fine.

But, resorting to name calling and childish behavior...well, okay...BITE ME!

There...satisfied? Now, I've got a drain to unclog and I'm not going to spend my evening arguing with an idiot!

Tracy...please RE-POST the name i called you.....PLEASE...

All I have done is prove you wrong.......thats all...please deal with the FACTS as they are...and not how you may want them to be....

I'll await your RE_POST of my name calling......

If the facts kick my teeth in.....the I whistle my apology....congradulate the victor...and keep moving.....

Posted by: kris | September 15, 2011 at 11:25 PM

I'm just going to assume your whistling then.............moving right along.........

Just kidding ;P

Tracy, If you go in try the "I'll fix that clog" Approach, ask her to hold the flashlight and keep her coming towards you, next..., Will you get the picture, Either give her some of the merlot and if she declines your "Plumber advances" Give her some Liquid Plumber, Either way your gonna get some.(PS, This is advice I got from Mr.Odin, Swore it wouldnt leave you high and dry, and he was correct)


I posted mutiple links...NOT JUST ONE...

Also if you google it..you will find many more.....

One of those should include your assertions......and I will be happy to read it....

Odin....you know me man....no name calling....no insults...only facts.....as they are available....

You and I....regardless of disagreements will always be alias on this blog.....

Besides....if we alwats agreed...then people would thin we are the same person....

shoot...don'y know how to spell allies.....now the conspiricy will really begin......

Though,The police might question you about the Liquid plumber stick to the story that you were only over there trying to unclog her pipes, It's not your fault she dran that glass of Liquid plumber that was in the wine glass cause it made pouring down the drain easier., Right Odin?


I do remember watching Marino himself "ALLUDE" to the fact. I admit he did not use the word figurehead as I recall.

I will stipulate to concede, rather than looking for that particular interview at the moment.

In laymans turn, I'd rather just whistle ;p

If I do come across it though, I will post it for you. I smashed my man cave computer and this one won't let me download adobe flash. I can't play video or stream.

No worries though, I have a brand new one, I just haven't hooked it up yet. I had to breakdown and pick one up for this weekend. The games not on up here and I have to live stream.

Anyways, I don't do revisions, at least not knowingly.

Sorry about the misspellings on my I Phone on my third glass of Liquid..., Ahhh, Third glass of merlot.My Bad

Good Lord Odin, No video stream?, What kind of "Third World" Conditions are you living in up there?, What do you do for P0rn?, Get to a Best Buy ASAMFP.

ODIN...post a link please....

Tracy...i'll translate your last post....

Tracy474 say...i'm full of SH@T on this topic....and I refuse to own up to it"....


You are a solid poster...but BOTH you and ODIN are dead wrong on this one.....

Posted by: kris | September 15, 2011 at 11:15 PM

Tracy...is this the post you call name calling.....while I do say you are full of SH@T....I also call you a SOLID poster....

You can't acknowledge one...without aknowledging the other....that is called selective reading....much like you have displayued selective memory (not name calling...just another fact)....

Tracy...you will soon find that if you tell the WHOLE TRUTH.....then their is nothing to dispute....however...when you tell HALF-TRUTHS.....you will have your back against the wall...

If you give your OPINION...then you should have zero worries...after all it's just your opnion....


Though,The police might question you about the Liquid plumber stick to the story

Right Odin?

Posted by: FP4FGs | September 15, 2011 at 11:37 PM

Always.......ALWAYS stick to the story! I couldn't have said it better myself.

I get a warm fuzzy feeling all over just knowing that I've been a positive influence in somebody's schem............LIFE!

WAIT! The warm fuzzy feeling is just the Morphine and Bourban!

Oh well, Merlot, liquid plumber, it's ALL GOOD!

Bottom's Up!!!!

Vah HALLA Odin, Good night nuts, Gotta get some food.

Ok...I know I've been absent and you guys missed me, so here goes.

Odin, seriously, get over it. Henne had a good game, great #'s, but was he great? He got A LOT of help from his receivers, including FASANO! He also has no idea still how to throw a fade or any other goalline pass as was evident by the Hartline overthrow and the misses to Marshall...that's why he ran one in! With that said he did well considering LONG was beaten like a drum, like the rest of the line the entire time! LONG looked horrible! Wake has been invisible since week 14 last season, missed tackles, SEAN SMITH still sucks, VD even had a horrible game. Nolan Carroll was a HUGE liability and disappointment. Why did we realese Polite again? Clay could have gone to the PS. So, Henne had a good game, wasn't his first, won't be his last, but do I expect him to throw for 400 yards a game? Not likely...let's see what happens in a week or two, regardless, Odin, when you lose by that much at home on Monday it's probably not wise to go bragging about anything!



Odin sure is acting like dying breed these days....hmmm

Well, the first time I wore a dress I was banging your mom Aloco


I don't think you were following the whole ongoing conversation. I never said there was ANYTHING to brag about. That's not the point at all.

For me, it's two fold:

Since Parcells arrived I have not been convinced we have had a Quarterback capable of getting us to the playoffs. With HenningS gone and in Daboll's new offense Henne is starting to look like a QB. That makes me optimistic, that's it, that's all. That's all I said.

Secondly, I pointed out that Mando hasn't used one sentence, NOT ONE, in mentioning how our NEW offense did in week one. Now, Henne COMPLETELY aside, coming into the season, the lowly Daboll and a brand new offense was a big question mark. Don't you think Armando could spare a sentence or two about our offense?

I mean if you look at the blogs he posted since the game, more than a couple were not that important, or more accurately, useless. That's my point-PERIOD! No bragging, no nothing.

Answer me a couple questions honestly if you will.

If we had signed Palmer and he put up the same numbers and circumstances in our brand new offense, does Armando write about it?

Futher, if Henne laid a complete egg, does Armando write about it?

You not stupid Marc and I know you get the point!

Nolan Carrol is the Lieutenant Governor's Kid...


Not as long as there is an opportunity to have the public pay for a Stadium upgrade!


Odin sure is acting like dying breed these days....hmmm

Posted by: Marc | September 16, 2011 at 12:02 AM

You always accuse me of stuff and whine, piss and moan about it. I've been nothing but cordial and you post this?


Whats the matter Marcia, you got a snag in the ole fishnets, or the fvck me pumps just hurting your feet?

I don't have anything against drag queens DUDE, but I do take exceptions with straight up a-sholes!

Why do you have to come on here and start shyt?

I think that receivers are SUPPOSED to help their Quarterback...

Having said that,
We've only seen Henne play ONE REGULAR SEASON GAME.

All we've heard is that he's been practicing well
all we've seen is this ONE GAME.

We all hope that he is transforming....

but honestly guys...

We won't know until week 5 or 6!


Thomas is a Bust! Sorry my eyes don't lie!

Sorry about the serious answer at 12;12 Marcia, I didn't realize you were just trolling by.

Sorta like you do down on 57th, Huh?

Marcia has a mad crush on Armando and swings on his nads like George of the Jungle on a vine.

The thing is, Armando doesn't know he's a thong wearing transvetite!

Mando, if you ever stop to pick up that wierd looking chick hanging around your neighborhood, check her adams apple.

It'll be Marcia-LOL!

Why aren't we popping the poop out of tight Ends on the line? It's 101 D

If your not hitting the tight end off the line and producing snot bubble your not doing your job!!!!!

How long do broken ribs take to heal?

Damn I'm going stir crazy!



Its a tight end pacifying tech...

Wasn't starting anything odin, just has a familiar ' told ya so' vibe. You've been on Mandy's case for a while it seems, whatever. Maybe he's waiting for Henne to have back to back solid performances, which he's never done...no need to get so amped...see, I don't even care that you're talking $git.. Night ;)

Killerdolphin (@ 12:29 AM)

That's not always easy to do that against good Tightends...

The thing that bothers me is why the Dolphins didn't get their OWN good Tight End in the off season...Zach Miller was available !!!

Broken ribs? 6-8 weeks, very painful!

In the meantime, on short yardage needs, run Larry Johnson until and if our new overrated kid (another Ireland/Sparano lapse) can learn how to stay healthy and play in the NFL.

Nice gesture by the Dolphins to buy out the remaining tickets and give them free to season ticket holders. Not sure if it was Mike Dee behind this decision, but it was a good one. I was tired of seeing all of these promos for reduced tickets when season ticket holders are usually thrown under the bus plus forced to pay for two meaningless preseason games. The Dallas preseason game was especially embarrassing. Well Kudos to the Dolphins for finally giving their season ticket holders a break. I suggest in the future that all season ticket holders should not have to pay for ANY preseason games (but we all know that isnt going to happen!)

Yazzi you not gonna stop them all the time that's a given but you will disrupt the timing a hole bunch I'm in my prime I was 6"2 240 D-end and ran a 4.8 and was assigned fast 4.6 quick and Big 6"6 tight ends and was taught how to stop them it's 101 D pop the life out them and stall the timing it has a devastating effect even if he get off 50% of the time its better then were doing now it's like a fat man in a all you can eat Chinese buffet!

It occurred to me that a big part of the reason why we keep ending up with "less-than-optimal" GMs, coaches and free agents , trades etc etc is because nobody wants to come here and destroy their careers. As much as I hated to see Ricky and Ronnie go, in the end, both were done a favor by not being retained and now have legitimate chances to win a ring. You can't help but be happy for them. Wouldn't it be something if they played each other in the Big Dance?

Sean Smith only gave up 1 catch when he was cramping up near the end zone. The only other time he was thrown at he broke up the pass to Ocho. Vontae was burnt 4 times for over 120 yds and had a long pass to Slater dropped. Smith is much better than Vontae. He has taken his job as the no 1 corner and plays the strong side now. Vontae gets beat every week now while Sean doesn't give up anything but Vontae never gets called out for it. Sean missed a tackle along with YB and Vontae on the G-Ellis td and poeple called Sean out. Vontae gets toasted as usual and he gets a pass

Btw I agree we need our own beast of a Tight end

Our GM must Go!

The only one I feel for in the hierarchy of this organization is Mike Dee. The man has been a success prior to coming to the Dolphins. I said it before and I'll say it again, that whole Parcells, Henning drama and especially the Ross/Ireland illegal coach flight/search to CA made Mr. Dee's job a million times more difficult, pretty much erasing all of his goor owrk and progress. I wouldn't have blamed him one bit if he resigned and went elsewhere. Hell ,that's enough to convince anyone to retire! We now see the man having to resort to "unconventional, creative marketing" to try and bail this organization out, sad, sad, sad. Hang in there buddy and I hope they are paying you A LOT for you certainly are one of the only ones deserving of his pay check.

Ireland knows much more than these so called fans.
The same fans who wanted Orton and wanted to give him big money and make him our qb for the next 3-5 yrs when he sucks and is getting booed out of town by a 2nd team.
The same fans who still call S Smith a bum when he was the no 8 rated corner in the NFL and is by far our best cover corner.
The same fans who wanted us to draft Kaepernick who looks like the next Pat White and didn't want to draft a center who has played better than most expected
The same fans who said that Odrick was a bust even though he won the starting job as a rook but got hurt and has come back and is playing better than anyone on our D line
The same fans who hate Henne and did not realize that he wasn't given a chance to be good by Henning and in Daboll's O he looks like a stud.
Ireland found Wake in the CFL Bess undrafted has drafted a deep and talented D and has had 4 good drafts in a row. We are the same team that drafted E Moore B Milner J Avery J Allen all in the first rd

NC FINS GM has many more bad calls than good ones FACT sorry bud

Hell ,we'd be better off with Nervous Norv or Wanny again. We didn't realize how good we had it...heh heh.

No true man, Pat White was the biggest bust but Parcells took all the blame for that choice. Even Grove, Smiley, DT gave us the 2nd best run game in the league for 1 yr it is too bad they couldn't stay healthy. Ireland has drafted better than any GM in Miami history. We were 1-15 when he got here with an old team with no talent now we have young and talented team. A team we got from 4 good drafts, good FA signings Bush Marshall Dansby Incog Starks Burnett CFL Wake undrafted Bess and Carpenter

@ NC FINS - Now really, do you honestly think Ireland was truly pursuing Orton? Puh-leeeeez Didn't you see how out-of-the-ordinary that whole charade was? Even the sports media commented multiple times on how odd it was.

The sports media was saying that we were crazy for not getting Orton when Orton is a loser with little talent who is getting booed out of town by Denver after Chicago booed him out of town and can't even compete in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL. If Orton can't compete with Oak and KC what do you think NE and the Jets will do to him

Ireland knew not to give Orton any money and that Henne will be a better choice for our team. Many fans wanted Orton (why I have no idea) and they were willing to give up draft picks to get him

@ NC Fins - so are saying that the coaches are the biggest problem? Are they the best we can get? Hmmmm

NC, who had Sean Smith rated #8 after he gave up the most yards out of every corner in the league? And tell the front office not to let Sports Center and NFL network talk about us getting Orton for a week. Then u wonder why people boo?

are you serious, Smith was rated 3rd in the NFL only giving up 54% completions and was 4th in yards allowed. Vontae was rated 26th among starting cb's gave up completions 64% of the times he was targeted. You should do some research before you say something that silly. We were the 19th rated pass D when Smith took over for J Allen in the Cincy game we finished as the no 7 pass D in the league and no 6 overall and Sean is by far our best cornerback and the least tested guy in our secondary

JB profootballfocus.com has him rated there and they grade e bloggersvery play by every player in the NFL. They are the best place to go to get real info about a player.

There isn't any facts that you can find to back up what you said because it isn't true. Plus I look at plenty of stats and player info and every real web site or NFL insider considers Smith a top corner except for home and a few Fin bloggers

..I will try and keep from making a real judgement on this team until the body of work warrants an opinion. This is just me. If you already have decided our fate..Thats fine. I want to see what adjustments are made the next few weeks before I go off, and claim this season another waste. If we still make the same mistakes week after week..Don't worry, there will be a change. But perhaps there are some pleasant suprises ahead. Perhaps this regime will make the right choices, and the team will get better.

1 week against a Patriot team that was obviously better prepared shouldn't decide a whole season. Should we have played better? Yes. Were we outmatched? Yes. Can we get better? Of course. Remember, last year we started 2-0. A lot of bloggers-fans were claiming we were"The team to beat" go back and look in the archives. We never got better as the year progressed. This is a young team, with a lot of inexperienced guys playing key positions. This isn't a veteran heavy team used to a system that they can execute with their eyes closed.

I can't tell anyone that has doubts about this season that things will get better. If this is your feeling it is understandable. I will hold out hope that this team will continue to get better. As a fan what fun is it to think any other way?

You're right Darryl...

By the 5th or 6th week we should have a better idea of
how good they actually are.

At that point it will possible to say


........"They 'are' what their record says they 'are'."


MeatSword...it's late and we better win on Sunday....

Also we can say....
"it's definitely fixable"

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