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The math of the Dolphins running back tandem

Yes, Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas will play Sunday. And here's how it should be split if coach Tony Sparano has a favorable situation and the game is going along in an orthodox fashion -- meaning Miami isn't down 27-0 to the Houston Texans as they were the last time the team's played in 2009.

Reggie Bush would be on the field 70-75 percent of the time. Thomas would serve 25-30 percent of the time -- at least initially until the rookie gets acclimated to the NFL game.

"I don't know how the games are going to go so that dictates touches," Sparano said this afternoon. "... But from our end, in a perfect world, I wouldn't mind it being somewhere around 70-30. Somewhere to that effect, where Reggie's ability on third down is a factor and we get Daniel going a little bit. And then at the end of the game we see which one has a hot hand."

The issue has been on Sparano's mind because Bush got every carry by a Dolphins runner against New England save two -- both carries that went to Lex Hilliard. That is not the way to keep Bush healthy and fresh.

"Obviously I didn't take Reggie out of the game last game," Sparano said. "So in a perfect situation, 70-75 percent of the time you keep Reggie in there. You use somebody else 25 percent of the time early on in this thing until you grow him a little bit and see how they handle this. That would be good for Reg."

Obviously, the Dolphins aren't comfortable simply thrusting Thomas in there. Obviously, he hasn't exploded onto the scene, suggesting the team must use him as much as possible as soon as possible. So the Dolphins will work him him slowly.

And Sparano, meanwhile, will be on the lookout for other players that perhaps played too many downs against New England but can't keep up that pace:

"I have to do a little bit better job of play counts of a few guys," he said. "We have to get some plays off of them. Otherwise it ends up being a long season."


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What a Mess.

And I don't believe created only by the politicians in Miami.

I think the fuse that detonated this Dolphins downfall was that "Poll" that forced Shula to resign.

No excuses for Shula either. At that point his Offence had become predictable(run, Marino pass, Marino pass) and the personnel way below his standards.

But, although by all accounts he was not a good Drafter, he was still a proven Great as a Coach. Wouldn't it have been more sensible to reduce his responsibilities and keep him? Hmm..

Poor decisions=poor results.

Unfortunately for Everybody involved, these Miami Dolphins are permeated by poor decisions.

How do you Right a Wrong? You can't. But it is also a certainty that good decisions=good results.

keeping ireland/sparano on board has really set us back. we need a legit NFL GM & NFL COACH asap. a new owner would be nice.






Fins 42
Texans 9

Write it down, brothers. I'm serious. You will see.

How many really good RB's have taken years to develope? I can' think of any

I'm sorry but I don't think using Reggie this way is smart!! Honestly we should have kept either Ronnie or Ricky or drafted maybe Ingram to take most carries and use Reggie sparingly to keep him fresh throughout the game I mean listen wouldn't be better to have Reggie come in real fresh every couple of plays and let him get big yards each time instead of wearing him out the whole game and season?? Now I think the guy who should go is Ireland .mean he cuts guys then brings them back, totally not good about decisions of players!! He doesn't draft well he bad at free agency I mean he just dosent know what he is doing!! He is the first one to be fired!!! Now Ross bought the rest of the tickets with some others and THAT was one of the smartest things he has done so far that's what the fans are looking for!!! Smart move Ross!!! I hope this weeks defense is better well they better be or we are in big trouble!!!

Mondo, you failed to mention one little detail. The Dolphins have never beaten the Texans. The Texans beat the Dolphins at home for there first ever win, if memory serves me correct. And it was a 1/pm start in ole Joe Robbi stadium. The Texans look for real this yr.
Texans 31 Dolphins 10.
I just dont believe anymore.

Kris (and Odinseye),

I apologize for last night. No name calling. My mistake. Didn't mean to throw anyone under the bus either. I had a knee jerk reaction to what was posted. I'm sorry! If I was totally wrong and others were right, I concede to your superior intellect and skills!

On a lighter note...I unclogged both drains; hers and the bathtub's. And, I'm not even a plumber!



if you look back at monday nights game, and envision yourself as the one calling the plays, would you have used reggie the same way? NO! teddy brueski just said on espn yesterday that a reason the pats are so good is that they take a player and exploit his abilities against the opposing team. one would think that most coaches do this, but not us! why was reggie told to run time after time up the middle and into wilfork and hainsworth? that is just stupid! i didn't see reggie get a single pitch or run a sweep, and we might have passed to him twice! that is NOT exploiting bush's talent. and whydoes the FRONT OFFICE release players they should build around? it seems every time we get a leg up, we go backwards. take LOUSAKA POLITE for instance, for two years LOU has kept our defense off the field by converting on short yardage situations thus sustaing the drive, finally we get a leg up, REGGIE is signed and adds the demension of speed to the equation. one would think WOW our 3rd and short might become a HUGE play, fake to LOU throw to reggie, or one might think reggie will draw the defense away from the middle and LOU might bust a big one! but no! we add reggie and SUBTRACT lou... welker, camarillo, these are guys to build around, but as soon as somebody stands out and you start to think now if we can add to this player, they get rid of him. reggie and LOU enhance each other. it's really a terrible thing that the front office can't see what the rest of the world sees. it almost appears that they are intentionally trying to tourcher their fan base. i mean really... david martin was an excellent deep recieving tight end, he now plays for buffalo. why do they release the good players and KEEP the bad ones. it's beginning to seem like a very bad joke.

Hope Thomas protects the football on Sunday..The Texans Defense knows he has been known to fumble. Hope he kicks ass and is the missing link in our ground attack..

Play count. Sparano LOVES this term and practice. How about just coach and motivate. You don't have to "count" the plays if endurance is the issue, just ask the f.cking player this simple question, "Hey, u need a break?" Sparano probably could just take a look at the player and not even have to answer the question. Is Sparano spending 1, 2, 3, or 10 minutes a game conferring with assistants,' Hey, what's Bush's play count?", "What's Taylor's play count?" etc. Seems like a real time-consuming waste of time when you need to be scheming and making adjustments.

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