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Henne-Marshall relationship to be known in tests

The new season is two days away for the Dolphins and one of the storylines that interests is the relationship between Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne.

Remember that dynamic last year?

Marshall talked about he and Henne weren't really on the same page. I guess it was because Marshall often ran impromptu routes based on what he felt or saw and Henne is not really an impromptu kind of guy. Henne is a precise guy that expects a 12-yard sideline route run at exactly 12 yards -- not 14 yards, not 11 yards.

Marshall is more emotional and reacts to the issues as they happen -- spur of the moment.

See the disonnect?

The relationship also was seen on the sideline on a number of times, with Marshall yelling at the quarterback and the quarterback ignoring the receiver's words.

So this year the question of how these two will get along has been important because, well, Henne is still the quarterback and Marshall is still Miami's alpha wide receiver.

Both players say the relationship between them is great this year. But to see how these view things and operate, one need only see how they answered the question of how they get along when the issue was brought up this year.

"I’m so tired of that question," Marshall said, "... how long are we going to go over that question? Maybe if I answer it differently for you guys this time, man.

"Caught a ouple of nice long balls in the preseason ... targeted a bunch of times ... what more can I ask for? He’s spinning it well. We’re communicating great ... I don’t know, is that good enough for you?"

Marshall's had perhaps four media availabilities since July but when he was asked about state of the chemistry between himself and Henne this week, he acted as if he goes to sleep with the question at night and wakes up with it every morning.

Henne also has been asked about the relationship, including this week. And his answer is a little more encouraging.

“I mean it’s going great," Henne said. "I really think Brandon has come a long way; I’ve come a long way.  And I think it’s just a new attitude this year.  A lot of frustrating points last year which kind of created that mis-relationship that everybody saw.  But I believe this year is a new person in Brandon a new person in me. We’re just excited to get back on the field on Monday."


Anyway, I really want to believe. I want to think these two vastly different individuals can find common ground -- at least on the field, if not all the time.

But I believe the true test of this relationship will be the difficult moments, the times when defenses are pressuring and double-covering and confusing the two men. At that point, when the proverbial bullets are flying, will they remain patient with one another?

Will each understand that the other is dealing with difficulties -- Henne in reading defenses and getting away from the pass rush and Marshall in finding open spaces in tight defenses and trying to detach from men named Revis and McCourty and Asomugha?

In the crisis moments when adrenaline is pumping and emotions are high and nerves are frayed, will this duo find understanding? Will they maintain their "new attitude?"

Or do they resort to that "misrelationship?"

It will be interesting to see.



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Armando...the math is simple....

Henne throws the ball to Marshall=a Happy Marshall.....

A happy Marshall=a less stressed Henne...which by default=a happy Henne....

Henne need only remember one thing to keep this relationship on a smooth road.....

On pass plays......

Marshall is option 1
Marshall is option 2
Marshall is option 3
and Bess is option 4

and if Bess is covered refer back to option 1-3.....

Let me help you with these following questions you asked:

"At that point, when the proverbial bullets are flying, will they remain patient with one another?


Will each understand that the other is dealing with difficulties -- Henne in reading defenses and getting away from the pass rush and Marshall finding open spaces in tight defenses and getting away frommen named Revis and McCourty and Asomuhga?

Um, well no.

In the crisis moments when adrenaline is pumping and emotions are high and nerves are frayed, will this duo find understanding? Will they maintain their "new attitude?"

No again.

Or do they resort to that "misrelationship?

Yes sir.

my only comment is this. Columbo at right tackle really. We are doomed on the right side of that line. What a bad bad signing.

D Man Canada Out !

Don't forget that Marshall had a hip issue last year that held him back.

The guy had a ton of catches and 1,000 yards with shabby QB play, a recovering hip injury and a hammy.

I think he will be fine.

Lets not beat around the bush here. The relationship problem is ALL Marshalls doing,,,,,all of it. We knew this before they came out with the diagnosis. We knew he was this way from his days in Denver. But now he comes to the Dolphins and we're sooo politically correct that we have to give Henne half of the blame for the mis-communication. (by the way Mando this is what Henne was probably trying to say and brain farted, you've done it too and you have an editor!). Anyway Henne was known to be more of a quiet leader and I have never seen him get in anyones face but now I'm supposed to believe he was half of the problem? Even he's saying it so to not upset the delicate sensibilities of Brandon Marshall?!

This is what I was talking about before we brought him here. There's nothing wrong with the player but the person is at fault and is causing drama. The players shouldn't be answering questions ABOUT THEIR FREAKING RELATIONSHIPS!!!!!! 2 days before the opener against one of the best teams in the league. But I don't blame the media I blame Brandon alone.



I'm starting to drink the Henne-Aid....

But the ONE guy I can't buy into is the HC.....I still think he is a step slower than probably 25 of the other HC....and most likely is the least qualified in our Division.....

If Henne can win us 10 games....I still think Sporano will cost us 2 games with his decision making...or lack thereof.....

The other 4 games will just be getting beat by better teams....

10-6 is my prediction....and everybody keeps thier jobs...

Posted by: kris | September 10, 2011 at 11:15 AM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/09/my-entry/comments/page/7/#comments#ixzz1XYyWkFTA


Henne's HALF of the problem were/was (past tense hopefully) his CRAPPY play.....

he is as much at fault as Marshall.....

I'm not saying Marshall doesn't cross the line....but to base their problems on personality alone is really only looking at HALF the issue.....

would you agree......

kris Im crazy one the Henneade we go 12-4 with Henne in the Pro Bowl

Also I am very sad to report that Coach Sparano has apparently been taking lessons from Wanny and placed several empty gas cans around the locker room near certain individuals lockers with a note saying," got any gas left in the tank"?

This is akin to Wanny placing lobster traps around the locker room indicating they were playing in a trap game. Okay Tonys thing isn't as bad as that (sheesh) but it scares me. The players laughed at Wanny for that and he lost the locker room. I believe that was his last season with the team or second to last. I just hope todays players had a better reaction to this motivational tactic.

Looks like we'll see the proof in the pudding soon!

My guess that behind all the miss-connections last year, was Henning in the way he rigidly held chad in a box, micro-mananging him in a way that didn't get the best performance, yet he graded well. To me, it wasn't Henne's lack of talent, it was the lack of freedom he had. Now Henning's gone! I think that will make all the difference in the world.

Henne is calling his own game, in part, if you recall last year, he got into fits with the upstairs last year when he did that. And as I recall, even though they didn't like it, he actually did better when he was calling the shots.

This preseason, it seemed that Henne was 'running' the offense for the first time in his short career, able to freely make the last decision on what play is run. And it was very successful. His QB rating was well over 100 when it mattered. His last game was phenomenal, just saying.

Hope that translates to success against the pats defense. Should be. We'll see..

LouD were did you get that info biout the gas cans , thats funny lmao

All Marshalls problem NO WAY...and by Hennes own admission.

Henne said this preseason was the FIRST time he began speaking with Marshall before the game. Huh? HUH?!?!?!

This is your LEADER??? He went an entire season without speaking to Marshall before the game to get on the same page?


kris, no, I respectfully disagree. Hennes crappy play is a separate issue and that's not what I was commenting on. They asked about their relationship. One could say that the relationship wouldn't have been bad if Henne played better. If one did say that they wouldn't truly understand what it is to be an adult and a professional. There are many crappy QBs, I've been watching football for over 30 years and played from the age of 8 to 20. VERY few times have I seen a WR get in the face of his QB and yell at him. Very few times have I seen a player bad mouth his QB to the media and say he likes the backup better. More times I have seen the alpha receiver quietly go about his business in a professional manner. What Marshall did reminds me of what an immature insecure individual does on a team when confronted with failure, point the finger so you don't look like the person who is at fault. It's Hennes fault I didn't have as many TD grabs. Where this may be true it is not acceptable adult behavior in a professional environment.

So it is not normal. It is unacceptable behavior and that's not even debatable in my opinion.

Marshall is on meds now and Henne found his testicle , everything is ok :)

To My Dearest Dolfans.

It is with deep regret, and much chagrin, due to the economy, global warming, outsourcing, and of course HAARP, we are going out of business effective immediately.

There will be no more excuses manufactured as of noon today.

None for Tony.
None for Henne.
None for Marshall.
None for Sean Smith.
None for Henning. (please note: he is LONG gone)

None. Factory closed.

Let me ask you this kris, If Marshall had quietly went about his business instead of letting the whole world know he didn't like Henne wouldn't we have all known the problem was Henne? I mean the only problem would have been "what do we do about Hennes crappy play".

And would Marshall and Henne be answering questions every day about their "relationship"? So Marshall created this new problem all by himself. He had the control, he could have kept quiet. No one made him say and act the way he did, we are adults and we are responsible for our own actions.

Excuse Factory lmfao I agree Henne has new OC and all the weapons, its time we step up with the big boys

just feed the beast. But its not always henne. Marshall also has some bad drops and the fumble in the last game which basically in a real game would turn the game completley around was on marshall. These guys all have to take responsibility and play with more consistancy

lobonoches, it was in the bleacher report. You can sign up for it and they will send you Dolphins info straight to your e-mail. :)

LouD, Have you paid the new invoice yet? We need to know. Please fax it over ASAP so we can continue supplying you without interruption.

As a bonus, we will then also add you to our preferred customers list.

That is just my opinion on the matter and others may see it differently. I'm in no way defending Chads lack of productivity in the TD department (and ints)last season. That is a separate issue that I'm sick of commenting on! :)

And the reason I'm sick of talking about it is because we are at Hennes last chance here. Either he plays well and we move forward or he plays bad and we move on. There is no sense in beating this issue to death, we will know by the end of the season what the future looks like.

LouD thanks , as for Henne I will be rocking his $10 jersey at the game Monday night with pride . I even got a nice cap to wear backwards and a hiphop style Masonic chain to rock too so I can pay tribute to the ood in Marshall lmao


While you do make somne good points....I just can't agree....and here's why.....

-Marshall is a pro bowl caliber wide reciever....and by definition that makes him at the top of his proffesion....

-If anyone is qualified to comment on his QB's play...i'd say its the #1 WR....

-as far as your question....I guess Marshall could have kept his mouth shut....but like you stated earlier...we all knew he woudn't.....when we bought that cow....we knew he had a tendency to give us spoiled milk....

and personally....I would have been dissapointed if Marshall wasn't giving Henne the buisness on the sideline.....

You call it unproffesional....I call it passion......

When Marshall stops blowing up on the sideline then we need to be worried......cause that will most likely mean he no longer cares.....

Oh yeah, not sure if people would ever be informed of this in here while they're being informed of Hennes grammatical errors but he has been named one of the four team captains by his teammates. They put their faith in him and it's time he rewarded them for it by being a true leader on the field. Last chance Henne!

Okay kris fair enough. We will have to agree to disagree on this matter :)

My prediction for Henne this year is 4,076 yards passing 243 yards rushing 37 TD's 5 INT's

lobonoches you lucky SOB! Have fun man, make some noise for Miami and don't let those Pats fans have one second of peace! Make em regret coming to Sun Life! On second thought don't do that, the game might not have sold out if it wasn't for them.

...to be known in testings? Strange phrasing.

I think I misrelationship what you're saying.

Is this a team of men or a team of children? Do we want warriors or crybabies? This is the big mens league, not the little boys league. You need to handle bruises on the flesh and bruises on the mind. This is no place for sensitive feelings and politically correctness. This is a battle, let every man do what he can to make the next guy stronger, push him to his limits, and shed all fear.

Henning and Sparano probably not impromptu kind of guys either!

Nothing to see here folks, move along. The new OC gives everybody the opportunity to start afresh. Everything is going to be fine.

LouD....I agree to disagree ....:-)

This is one of those issues that is not the least bit provable.....all we have on this one is our opinions....and those come from how we view the issue......

I personally hope and expect to see Marshall in Henne's ear again this year at some point....

I also HOPE to see Henne in some OL mens face as well.....that will be far more impressive.....

lol easy there LoboNoches, I just hope your close on the interception numbers.

If I had to make a prediction, gun at head, I say 3,850 yds/ 132 rushing (running for his life because of the right side of the o-line)/ 22 tds/ 10 ints.

LouD....who are the other Captains.....

kris, I hope Marshall WON'T be in his ear because that will mean lots of tds between the two! Meaning he will have no reason to get in his ear. This is what I'm hoping.

To get to 10-6 (my prediction)

Henne ONLY needs to cut down on his INTs....if he had only thrown 14 pics to go with his 14 TDs...I believe we would have wone 4 more games.....

LouD, last year it was "Feed The Wolf". Poor guy is still laid up in the hospital half-starved.

Maybe this year it can be "Strike The Match", what with the gas cans. Could mean an exploive offense, lol.

I'd prefer "It's not how you start, it's how you PHINish!!!!"

Still want a great start, though.

LouD lmao sad but true on the sold out tickets . Yes I'm lucky my dad is a season ticket holder for about 9 years now. We dont always see eye to eye but we love the Phins and its always fun going to the games when he asks me. It's going to be a great game and with any luck Wake and Dansby find a way to sideline Brady for the season lmao. As for our predictions we both seem to agree pretty close on the numbers except for TD-INT ratio . I really dont think he is going to be that bad

I think it was frustrating for Henne because Marshall was telling him the exact opposite of what his coaches were telling him. Henning and Sparano didn't give those two a good chance to succeed together last year. Marshall wanted Henne to throw the ball up and the guys calling the plays would yell at him if he did. He was definitely caught in the middle and it was coaches responsibility to alleviate that pressure. He did not, that's his failure. With that being said it seems as if Tony has learned a lot from last season, can't wait to see!

kris - Vontae Davis, Karlos Dansby and Jake Long are the other captains

Karlos Dansby, Yerimiah Bell, Jake Long, Chad Henne. All voted on by players.

I stand corrected LouD your right I had Bell and Davis mixed

LouD...thanks......all solid contibutors......I need to see more shut-down capabilities from Vontae.....

He needs to play every reciever the way he used to play Randy Moss......

sounds good signal. Except the strike the match thing! And I hated the feed the wolf deal. I wish they wouldn't come up with these corny sayings. Just keep quiet and win games, all of the other stuff is just distraction.I hate to say it but that first Pats superbowl team was exactly how I want my team to be. Silent and deadly. All about team, no individuals, run out of the tunnel together locking arms, one unit against the world. Just awesome. That's the way I want our Phins to be this season and beyond.

All solid .....Bell has seniority I guess......

Have the FINS locked up wake to a long term contract....guess I could look it up....

I think good keys to the game are how effective pass rush and secondary are , no mistakes by Henne and how they utilize the Larry and Reggie show. I say Larry first because thats how he should be used. Let him bruise and batter the D and soften them up for Reggie

The funny thing is Lobo as bad as my prediction might look to you, it's actually a major improvement for him from last season and could most likely mean wild card for the phins.

No Kris and I don't expect they will until they see if he can at least duplicate last years numbers. They might start talking midseason if he's playing well. I would be surprised if they got anything done before that.

Okay guys talk to you later. Freaking house chores, I hate painting. Don't ever buy a house!!!!!!

LouD this is true lol

LouD, the strike the match thing was a corny line tossed out there poking fun at the gas can props you loved so much.

Funny stuff, gas cans in the locker room. What a way to "fire up" grown men.

Just throw him the rock, Chad!!! jezz!!! he might be the leagues best WR, so let him play his game.

Seems like Henne's int. last year are well documented by everyone. But the truth is that 5 of those were on the recievers.. Falling down, tipping catch-able balls, running the wrong routes. So those of us that watched the games realize he really only had 14. Granted he threw some ill advised balls, but he shouldn't be blamed as much as he is for the total of 19!

Socalfan...while I understand what you are saying...let me ask you this...

If Henne throw a 3 yard screen pass to Bush and he takes it 75 yards....do we not count that as a Henne TD pass....is it written different on the stat sheet...

How many yards should the ball travel in the air...minus the amout of yards the reciever ran....multiply that by the number of tackles hthe eciever broke and divide that by a factor of 3 if Henne called an audible.....

Confusing right....and really doesn't make much sense......

Yes recievers made mistakes....but ALL recievers around the league did....If our CB make an INT off of a tipped pass does it make it any less of an INT....

I guess what I am saying is we could argue semantics all day...but at the end of the day....the pick is attributed to the QB....just like the TD pass...and the win or loss of the game....

Misrelationship...that's comical. Nice word Henne. Maybe he should have says ReRelationship (insert Peter Griffin laugh here)

And the iPhone app is messing up again...it does it on my driod too...so I'm guessing it's a backend issue not the user

Marshall is on meds now and Henne found his testicle , everything is ok :)

Posted by: LoboNoches | September 10, 2011 at 11:45 AM

EVERYBODY was frustrated with;
Henning's pre-historic run-first offense
the killing of momentum with the stale wildcat
Sparano's tendency to settle for FGs

There seems to be a general agreement that;
with Daboll, we're going to spread the ball around
BM will get the ball more often in one-on-one situations

If the worst thing that Henne can do is to"check down" to Bush, nobody is going to be bickering.

One of the matchups that hasn't been discussed much this week is the fact that it looks like Nate Solder will start for the Pats at RT. I think Nate Solder is going to become a good pro but is he ready NOW? Vollmer, who has proven ot be a pretty good RT hasn't practiced all game and it looks like he's going to miss the game. I think this is something that Nolan can really exploit and have fun with. It will be interesting to see how the Pats try to overcome this. Do they have a blocking TE or running back who can add insurance should this become a problem for the Pats. I know they recently picked up Gronkowski's brother. It will be interesting to see how much he is in the game to provide added protection.

Craig M, somewhere below is my opening statements in the case of Solder v. Dolphins Front Seven ...

If you spend any time reading anything other than this blog, they you would have seen the Solder issue already has been well covered. It's now on PFT for even the second time. Me? I'd be more comfortable with Solder than Columbo.

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