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The picture of the Dolphins after an 0-2 start

Much to digest this early morning so let us begin chewing:

First, it is now officially ridiculous that the Dolphins have not only lost their first two games at home this year, but are 1-11 in their last 12 home games dating back to 2009. The problem is only one of many questions this team has going on right now.

"It’s not a good feeling," Running back Reggie Bush said. "I always believed that you have to defend home at all cost, no matter what. Home field is your home. I look at as an intruder coming into your home to rob you or something and you have to defend home no matter what at all cost and that’s something we have to work on. That’s something we haven’t done the first two games and we got to correct it.”

Things are so bad for the Dolphins at home that some players are actually looking forward to the next three games because they'll be played at home, rather than at home. Brandon Marshall was asked if leaving town could be a blessing in disguise.

“Hopefully it is, we may be a better road team," he said. "It sucks man because our fans were trying to get things going here in this community and get that spirit back up in our stadium and in our community. You have to win; you have to win at home to do that.

"It hurts when you can’t perform in front of your home crowd because they deserve it, they are loyal. Every day I run into fans telling me they have been season ticket holders since ’72, thirty-something years. You want to play for those people its frustrating when you come up short, it’s embarrassing."

As the Dolphins pile home loss after home loss and fail to taste success, at least one player is worried his teammates are going to start suffering confidence problems -- if they aren't suffering those already.

"Yeah, to be honest with you, I’m sure," Jason Taylor said when asked if confidence is losing confidence. "Not everybody but I’m sure there is a faction of the group that’s kind of trying to figure this thing out, figure out where we are.

"That’s kind of the part of losing sometimes is you start to question, second guess a little bit, question yourself, question what you’re doing as a team. Until you win those things will linger out there a little bit. I think winning cures all ills and we’re kind of stuck in mud right now, trying to figure out how to get everyone in this room to believe and play like they expect to win. Not hoping to win but expecting to win."

The Dolphins have some playmakers. Marshall is one at times. Cameron Wake is one at times. But in the last two games, the Dolphins have proven they simply don't have enough playmakers. And the ones they do have, aren't consistent enough.

That's on both offense and defense.

"Case in point, they made more plays then we did," linebacker Kevin Burnett said. "When you get a chance to get them off [the field], you have to get them off and I think we did a good job of that today. I don’t know what they were on third down, but it was good. In the end, they made more plays then we did. They sustained a key drive and they punched it in the end zone.

"You have to take advantage of, as a defense, when you have your thumb on their throat, you got to squeeze, and when you have them backed up, you got to hold them to three or less, preferably none. There are going to be times when the offense carries the defense, defense carries the offense, special team carries both, and today I think it was a total team loss. You can’t put it on any one facet of the game."

So what is the picture of this team that its players just painted?

Well, the Dolphins are a team that doesn't make enough plays, a team on which some players are losing confidence, and a team that has no idea how to protect its house.



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Dolphins aren't going anywhere this season this year either. No defensive leader (impact player) and Nolan Carroll is still on the team (don't know why?). They have a organization problem from the top on down. Need to clean house and start all over again as a new expansion team. It might take 3 to 5 years to see improvement. To add players here and there to fill holes on offense and defense still doesn't work with this team (if you can call it a team).

Wow 1 and 10 in the last 11 games.., Chances are there gonna lose more in the future....

Reggie Bush 6 carries for 18 yards.

There's so much confusion from the coaches. Daniel Thomas did great and after one fumble they pull him out. That's the part when momentum changed on both sides in my opinion. How secure do you think sporano is with his job at this point. Seems he's given up already..

We did zero this offseason to fix the redzone problem. Sure it seems we amped up the chunk yardage, but what good is it when you cant fully cash in.

We refused to draft our sign a premium fa TE.

Sparano was adamamant Columbo was the answer. Then we have to stick an extra olineman next to him during the game eliminating our TE.

Last season we had more problems on defense than Crowder. The entire secondary under achieved and the d-line failed to get pressure on qb's. Outside of our olb's and db blitzes we're still not getting presure on qb's from anywhere else.

St's still a problem. Trudsnik picked up his 3rd hold in 3 games. Today they give up a 40 plus yard punt return, then Carpenter misses 2 chipshop fg's.

Bottomline: All 3 phases still contributing to losing games. In 3 yrs nothing has changed but some of the faces doing it.

Also if theyb felt Hartline was still good enough to be a starter why draft Gates? If Gates was brought in to replace Hartline why not make a trade before the season began?

On so many fronts this fo seems not to know what the fvck thier doing.

Our biggest issues... Red zone and mental mistakes. Just when we get something going, we shoot ourselves. It seems that Henning is haunting our play calling in the red zone, because quite frankly, I don't see a difference. Smart play calling until we get inside the 10, and now we can't seem to get the 3 point fist pump anymore. This team is not focused at all, and what the hell is up with that stupid wasted time out? Tony.... WTF?

there is no emotion or urgency on defense. period. i know people think henne has improved, but the facts are: 5 deflected passes (still has a problem staring down receivers), 1 interception leading to a touchdown, and woefully inaccurate inside the red zone. he doesn't have the ``it" factor necessary to elevate the team above circumstances and win a game.

btw, in a not so subtle way, bush questioned the red-zone play calling after the game in an interview.



the hero of the dallas game, jessy holley, won a reality contest with michael irvin on spike tv to get a roster spot 3 years ago. maybe the dolphins should hold an open audition.

This team is not focused because our coaching staff is not focused. What was that saying? We are worried about mouse s**t, when there is elephant s**t everywhere. How many plays did Carrol get burned on before giving up the TD to Johnson? I think Tony is too OCD to change things up by moving Smith over to cover Johnson. But then again, you would think he would like to even up the size matchup... Dunno, being a Dolphins fan is a lot like getting a root canal without Novocain, or at least I have the same look on my face. Mental mistakes at the top are killing me!!!!!!

Is it way too early to start bringing up the Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher rumors??????

ScottieC: nope, not too early at all. Especially considering this squad is staring a 1-5 start right in the face

Marshall is not a play maker, play makers catch touchdown passes, and spare their idiot kicker from missing kicks. Once again the defense sucked, once again it appears our guys are out of condition. Once again the o line contributed to at least one turnover and too many sacks. Nice coaching waste of a time out, too sparano. You know< the one after henne got his bell rung? Only bright spot was that D thomas ran well, and henne is still alive.

Same ol' same ol' this year

O-line: mediocre
Sp. Teams; dreadful
QB: better, but not good enough. still lacks pocket presence, i.e. batted balls. gotta find the throwing lanes
DB's: regressing
LB's: non-existent
D-Line: woefully underperforming
WR's; the one saving grace, have performed admirably

Had some optimism, thought a 10 win season was possible.....Gonna be a long year.

Either one of those 2 would be an instant upgrade and give Miami and its fans some excitement and will show how serious they are to getting this team back to a long awaiting top team again. Another note, both coaches are Super Bowl Winners.

This roster has a lot of talent on it. It's not that far off at all. I like Tony, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But it is really starting to show that all of his micro management is getting in the way of the bigger picture. I would love to be a fly on the wall to see just how much he gets in everyones way. I would love to know if he gets involved with the play calling at all. We really need a change at the top. Please bring in Cower ASAP

Austin, Hennes pick was not his fault, he got hit from behind. Carroll was due safety help on Johnsons td. so lighten up on him a bit. It is the best reciever in football he was covering. I am more concerned with high paid vets dropping td passes like marshall, Even long allowed henne to get plowed for a sack. At this rate we will be calling cleo lemmon out of retirement because this o line is trash.

if carpenter hits field goals we are up 3 in 4th...more motivation for D. one more touchdown in the red zone and maybe another drive by an inspired O. momentum shifts are killing us...we can compete.

Just move the team to LA, so embarrassing seeing all those empty seats in a supposed sold out stadium. S fla fans don't deserve a team, bad or not.

We DO have playmakers. We need to give them the ball more. Period.

Please ask Ireland + company why we always have to make do-can't get a TE-Shockey-can't get a WR, RB, corner, safety. Have to get the worst lineman in the league because he was an ineffective Cowboy-can't get someone like Nambdi-but most of all-can't get a rookie quarterback when this years draft was rife with them-and why can't they see what the average fan can see-no talent-no grit-no direction-and No hope until this regime leaves!

2007 Compared To 2011:

1. Needed a qb. Still dont quite have one.
2. Needed an oline. Still dont quite have one.
3. Rb situation still comparative to 2007.
4. TE situation has worsened.
5. Only the wr corps is upgraded


All that can be said is the defensive situation has worsened. So has st's.

All that can be said is the team has improved only slightly in some areas, not at all in others, and worsened in yet others. From 2007 t0 2011 this team still hasnt experienced nfl heaven.

had to stop reading after the reggie quote... AMEN.

Bad teams consistently find ways to beat themselves. Good teams consistently find ways to beat thier opponents.

Which of these best describe our dolphins over the past 3 years?

My analysis of Dolphin Issues:

A. The Ireland Sparano experiment is done. Ireland turned on Sparano and they are a ruptured organization. Sparano has grit but does not think out of the box. He is woeful at picking OL .

B. Trade Marshall for a 2nd and be done with him. He is not reliable.

C. Henne is better but still lacks that "it" quality called pocket presence.

D. The time to make a change is NOW!!

E. By the way Starks, RB, Taylor looked great.

f. Why Oh Why do they not coach up Jones in that game. They should have had a DB coach in his ear each series.

G. Sparano picking Columbo shows Sparano is not visionary and has blinders on.

H. Is Long healthy?

I. Where are you Duhe, Offerdahl, and Baumhower?

Don Shula--get in there and flush that toilet. Not enough vision, tenacity and thought in these Fins. Darn I miss Marino and Clayton and the big play.

They should never had got rid of Amaya. He is playing better than Bush

It's just painful watching other teams superstars do the exciting things they do. Cam Newton even on the worst team from last year gives his fans hope and something to cheer for.

Yeah......Move the team to LA.

Stephan Ross would love that...

He could turn the LA Coliseum into a GIANT HOLLYWOOD SET.
The 'Entertainment Arm' of the business could 'shoot' RAP videos while the Football Games are in progress !!!

Fans would get to watch live movies being made...AND, (every so often,) GLACE OVER AT THE FOOTBALL GAME !!!
Seriously...I'm one of Tony Sparano's biggest supporters...

But there is SOMETHING WRONG with the way this team behaves and responds during games.

I don't know what it is... but they have too many decent players to be good one play and horrible the next.

Gretting rid of the Coach after 5 or 6 games (or mid season) WILL DO NOTHING to help the long term success of the team.

It will only make a Knee-jerk Owner feel like he's doing something.

As hard as it may to believe the offense is an easier fix than the defense. Bring in a vet qb, rg, rt, te, and use a #1 pick at qb to bring in the future at the position.

The defense on the other hand. We need to begin by reverting back to the 4-3 defense. Keep Wake, make Soliai a dt, move Vontae to slot Smith to safety and purge everything else. Rebuild it through draft and fa.

can ruben amoro swich to football? because JI sucks FA and sucks at building a team.

I now believe a huge rift developed between Don Shula and the Dolphins organization after his 1996 forced out. Sure they gave him a virtually powerless position(equates to bribe) to keep it under wraps publically.

There's no other way to explain why Huizenga nor Ross have ever picked up the phone to recieved consultation before making the boneheaded moves both have made.

Plain and simple. Shula's being paid huge amounts of money by this organization just to grow old and keep quiet.


Major rap against Vontae in college was major under achiever. We fully see it now!

With Vontae we see moments that makes us say he has future all pro written all over him. Then we get moments that makes says he has future McDonalds drive thru cashier written all over him.

Just like in college. Major under achiever!

Going to spend the day gathering up large paper bags & cutting eyeholes in them, anybody want one ????

Lose lose lose and draft Luck, if we don't get him, draft Justin Blackmon. They are beasts that are NFL ready. But I know Ireland will figure they're too well known and he has to show off how smart he thinks he is by drafting some unheard of dude. It's not that hard just watch the games and pick the players that kick ass on Saturday's.

Do that for the first 4 picks then try to show your 'genius" with the remaining picks.

what up dying, between shots of whiskey and bud i hear you. aside from the unexpected D problems we're having, I.m feeling good about the running game.

First though get rid of Sparano and ireland




Suck for Luck!

I'm done venting.. Moving on to next week. Wallace or gates need to replace Hartline tho because he is not special in any way. He scares no one. Good player as a fourth wideout but shouldn't be starting. Those other two guys with more experience could become a viable threat that the defense has to pay attention to.

After the game against the Pats, I thought my first optimism for the season was ok. They played well, especially Henne. Thought we could get out 3-2 after the first 5 games. But after the HOU game... damn, I think we'll go 1-15 or 2-14 at best. The schedule brings no team one could say "Easy money, we'll win". Maybe CLE, but hell, they have a decent OL, QB,... The Bills are damn strong as well,... I think the Phins will get the #1 draft pick.
Gosh, it's hard to say it, but this season seems already over!

They used to say Don Shula could beat you with his players, or take your players and beat his. Sparano has a way of always beating his own team with his own players.

They would waste the #1 pick anyway. Man it's hard to say, but we suck

wow this is bad,I don't know how to fix it and non of you do either or else you would be paid to do it.I'm just sad and I don't want them to move but I think thats what ross wants.How else can anyone explain this whole crap?Tuna?think he started it and everyone has to deal with his mistakes and he will take no blame.

maybe he is involved and set this up so they could move to cali? anybody for conspiracy?

Hey Ross,somebody has to be held accountable for the garbage being put on the field week after week,Show some balls,before you lose the entire fan base,if you haven't already.Pathetic.

Fire Sparano! He's had enough time to turn this team into a contender. Make Daboll or Nolan the interim head coach.

The Pats and Texans? Anyone take a look at these 2 teams? The play a lot of great football and have great qb's.

The base of the team that was supposed to be built by drafting behemoths was not the way to go.

How could they know? The problem is that TS and Ireland are under the impression that only giant large people play the game. Nowadays, players are big but also very fast. No speed no win at every position.

Daniel Thomas had a great game. Where is attaboy ya bunch a turds.

I stayed up late here in Germany to watch the game. I had a guy from Green Bay over for some beers too. Its embarrassing. Ive been a fan for 30+, but I enjoy watching the Pats more because they make the most of their talent. And as much as I hate to admit it, I respect the Jets as well because they find ways to win tough games like against the Cowboys. I cant hate on that.

The Dolphins? A team that doesnt execute and that always finds a way to lose, no matter the circumstances.

I will always be a fan, but for self-preservation, the rest of this year I will tune into the real teams in the AFC East. They deliver a better show for me. If Im losing sleep it might as well be watching winners.

i wish there was something for me to digest, not just another empty foodbowl

we keep missing, it's obvious that as one aspect of our play improves 2 others regress fuelling opposing teams confidence

14 games to go i'm still hoping they can turn this round

c'mon guys

We $uck again

Mr Ross please sell this team you don't have a clue

The only team worse than the Dolphins I see right now is the Colts and that is a close call. We could be really bad this season and tie for worst record with the colts, have a coin toss for who gets first pick and Indy would win. Then we would know the fins have no luck.

Look at all the arm chair coaches coming out after the fact with their free wisdom

Have been in a sour mood since the game ended. Thomas did run well though so that's encouraging.

14 and 2 would be a great record! Trying to maintain faith...

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