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The picture of the Dolphins after an 0-2 start

Much to digest this early morning so let us begin chewing:

First, it is now officially ridiculous that the Dolphins have not only lost their first two games at home this year, but are 1-11 in their last 12 home games dating back to 2009. The problem is only one of many questions this team has going on right now.

"It’s not a good feeling," Running back Reggie Bush said. "I always believed that you have to defend home at all cost, no matter what. Home field is your home. I look at as an intruder coming into your home to rob you or something and you have to defend home no matter what at all cost and that’s something we have to work on. That’s something we haven’t done the first two games and we got to correct it.”

Things are so bad for the Dolphins at home that some players are actually looking forward to the next three games because they'll be played at home, rather than at home. Brandon Marshall was asked if leaving town could be a blessing in disguise.

“Hopefully it is, we may be a better road team," he said. "It sucks man because our fans were trying to get things going here in this community and get that spirit back up in our stadium and in our community. You have to win; you have to win at home to do that.

"It hurts when you can’t perform in front of your home crowd because they deserve it, they are loyal. Every day I run into fans telling me they have been season ticket holders since ’72, thirty-something years. You want to play for those people its frustrating when you come up short, it’s embarrassing."

As the Dolphins pile home loss after home loss and fail to taste success, at least one player is worried his teammates are going to start suffering confidence problems -- if they aren't suffering those already.

"Yeah, to be honest with you, I’m sure," Jason Taylor said when asked if confidence is losing confidence. "Not everybody but I’m sure there is a faction of the group that’s kind of trying to figure this thing out, figure out where we are.

"That’s kind of the part of losing sometimes is you start to question, second guess a little bit, question yourself, question what you’re doing as a team. Until you win those things will linger out there a little bit. I think winning cures all ills and we’re kind of stuck in mud right now, trying to figure out how to get everyone in this room to believe and play like they expect to win. Not hoping to win but expecting to win."

The Dolphins have some playmakers. Marshall is one at times. Cameron Wake is one at times. But in the last two games, the Dolphins have proven they simply don't have enough playmakers. And the ones they do have, aren't consistent enough.

That's on both offense and defense.

"Case in point, they made more plays then we did," linebacker Kevin Burnett said. "When you get a chance to get them off [the field], you have to get them off and I think we did a good job of that today. I don’t know what they were on third down, but it was good. In the end, they made more plays then we did. They sustained a key drive and they punched it in the end zone.

"You have to take advantage of, as a defense, when you have your thumb on their throat, you got to squeeze, and when you have them backed up, you got to hold them to three or less, preferably none. There are going to be times when the offense carries the defense, defense carries the offense, special team carries both, and today I think it was a total team loss. You can’t put it on any one facet of the game."

So what is the picture of this team that its players just painted?

Well, the Dolphins are a team that doesn't make enough plays, a team on which some players are losing confidence, and a team that has no idea how to protect its house.



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1. Get rid of Sparano.
2. Get rid of Ireland.
3. Hire someone from the Pats Player personnel dept. to run ours.

Problems solved.

I hate to say it but I am hoping for the worst record in the league this yr so we can draft A. Luck.

Get rid of Ireland and Sparano. Period. They are not qulaity football experts. Everybody around us is improving and we continue on the same path. Sorry personnel moves and recruitment. Come on Ross; do something and do it now before it's too late for this season!

how do henne supporter feel today, still think this bum is a good qb. this guy is a garbage qb period. he sucks. the defense sucks, the owner, gm, coaches hell the whole damn team sucks. this sucks being a fan do to our team sucks. did i mention this team sucks oh i ment this team sucks.

If you think about it the Dolphins get instantly better getting rid of Sparano. We help our chances of future success getting rid of Ireland.

Stop the bleeding now!!!!

Mr. Ross,

You will not start filling the stands until you get a coach that allows the team to unpucker their holes. This team has gone to a spread offense but is still just plain vanilla. And very painfull to watch.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks Bill!!!!

I only have time for a few observations this morning:

1) I don't know who's more consistent: (a) "Yeah!" being first; (b) Me making a bowel movement every morning; (c) the Dolphins losing at home. You can pretty much count on all 3 of us.

2) I'M the one who said multiple times on this blog that Daniel Thomas is a good runner. I'M the one who refused to listen to the "experts" (including Armando) who criticized him. I'M the one who was right.

Craig M,

Please tell us again how NE and NY did nothing to improve themselves and how we did the most?

tony sporano is the head coach! What results are to be expected? big bill laughed all the way to the bank.

Oh well, ride out the season with everything as is while forming a good plan for the best changes possible. Find a young, smart, hungry coach that commands respect, give him 3 years and by 2014 maybe the Dolphins will start a playoff streak.

It's time to show some smarts Ross.

guys, every year is a new year. with new england in our division and the jets and all those lovely draft picks they stockpile, we are always gonna be in the dark. face it- we play in the toughest division in football and while this team is good to very good it is not very good to great and that is what is needed with a little more fan support here. awwwwiiiiight, miami! let's gooooooo!

I said it before and I'll keep on saying it...

Good-Bye Jeff Ireland!

Good-Bye Tony Sparano!

Good-Bye Chad Henne!

I want ALL of the above mentioned OFF OF MY TEAM.

Really looking forward to 2012:D

Highlights - Daniel Thomas, and that catch by Hartline (c'mon he isn't as bad as some say)

LowLight - Shyt-for-brains Sparano attempting to draw them offsides on 4th down deep in his own territory, then wasting a time out.

Maybe the problem wasn't me after all.

I am as frustrated as other Fans here. But I am trying to stay balanced after just 2 weeks into the season. Here is what I see:

The Good:
1) We played two teams who are predicted to win their divisions. We were not supposed to win these games (although I wanted them to win). Lets see how the next few games go. We need to beat Cleveland and the Jets. I know the Jets were predicted to play better than the Fins but we have to beat #2 in the division if we are expecting to improve over last year.

2) Our QB, who 90% of fans on this board wanted off the team, has played pretty well. I would give him a solid B score after two games. He has command of the new offense. He is decisive and he is showing mobility. Good for Henne!

3) Our new running back Thomas, who many on this board was concerned with, played well. He ran and gained yards consistently. He has a quick pop and is a good between the tackles runner. Yes, he fumbled but the shot he took was a perfect hit on the ball and Ronnie & Ricky would have fumbled it too. Good for Thomas!

4) Pouncey is playing well. Again many on this board hated the pick during the draft. But he is coming into his own. He, Long and Incognito are doing well together. Our OLine issues are primarily on the other side.

5) Everyone wanted more chemistry between Henne and Marshall and it has gotten better. But we can't always go to Marshall. We are not throwing enough to Fasano, Bush, Gates and Bess. Spreading it around will help open up Marshall even more. I do like the fact that Henne throws to Marshall and he comes down with it often.

The Bad:
1) Marshall is getting more looks (that is good) but we need him to catch The Damn Ball in the End Zone (too many drops when we need him to score).

2) Colombo is a liability. Ireland made a bad move here. Better off with Carey at tackle and a back up at Guard. That has to be their move but they won't take responsibility for the bad judgement call. Sparano's biggest coaching problem is the OLine which was supposed to be his specialty. Preseason decision to not get McKinney was a really bad move. Also having the backup Tackle hurt in preason was a tough loss.

3) D Line was supposed to be our strength. Some flashes from Starks yesterday but after that nobody was called for making plays. Langford and Solai are not doing much at all. We need more of a push from the middle and we are getting pushed back. Too many running yards gained by the Pats and Texans and not enough pass rush without blitzes. The
DLine is failing so far.

4) D Backs are the WORST I have seen. We can't cover anyone. The only solid player is V Davis but he can't play a full game. Smith won't be physical. Our Safties always hit after the catch is made. Why we don't have Will Allen in a Davis' backup is baffling to me. He is probably the best D back we have.

5) Special teams is a JOKE. It kills me to say as I went to college with Rizzi and was pulling for him. But Carpenter is a liability now. We have holding calls almost every other kick return leaving us with poor field position. Something needs to change here.

I don't recall seeing 1 pass to Bush. Marshall drops a td. All the draft attention on the d-line & no pressure. cb's, safeties & lb's can't cover anyone. I am now onboard with those who know Sparano is overmatched & unprepared.

It's not the QB, Jeez..... O-line is absolutely horrible at pass blocking. It's marginal at run blocking, but it was made to look OK by the skillset of Daniel Thomas, busting arm tackles at the line, making people miss, that Reggie Bush can't do. The problems with the offense in the red zone are o-line and at TE. And Brandon Marshall drops too many balls and none of the other WRs can consistently get separation. Gates will be a star in time, but Hartline is not a speed merchant. We don't have the high caliber TEs good offenses have. Henne is about the same as Shaub, except he has much better talent around him, better o-line, better WRs corps, better RBs and absolutely a better TE. This team is already folding... a coaching change to an interim coach is likely, maybe a fiery guy like Daboll would be a good idea to get these fools motivated.

Sparano is a joke. It's been obvious for a long time now. He is not qualified to be a HC. The guy is as dumb as a rock.

Im saying right now Sparano is going to make it through the season as the head coach. He will be the first causualty of 2011.

Who takes over as the intrem head coach?

Not for nothing Parcells really screwed this organization. Now we are going to have to wait another 3 years to see improvement from another new regime.

Chad was 12 for 30 and had a 56.2 passer rating.

“It wasn’t my best,” Henne said.

“I felt like Chad played a pretty good game out there again,” Sparano said.

I'm still the only one out here calling Trusnick "FP Killa"... I'm going to get t-shirts printed up. Thats field position killer.

Chad had 5-6 batted balls. One or two lead to interceptions. Chad threw the ball to Marshall three times, hit his hands and the balls were dropped. That doesn't help his passer rating.

Henne is NOT the problem. Get over it!

I won't be one to whine about the Fins, we know the mistakes are fixable, and the Browns should be an easier opponent that will help us get some momentum.

Chad had 5-6 batted balls. One or two lead to interceptions. Chad threw the ball to Marshall three times, hit his hands and the balls were dropped. That doesn't help his passer rating.

Henne is NOT the problem. Get over it!

Posted by: JPAO | September 19, 2011 at 07:59 AM

Get real. Henne is 6'4 and plays like he is 5'2. He constantly gets his passes batted down. It's his fault he doesn't find the passing lanes.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Bill Parcells built the Miami Dolphins in his image.

Bellbottom jeans, platform shoes, K.C. and the Sunshine band, Customized Van with waterbed and disco ball, Panama Red, Atari 2600, Schmitz beer

The Rest of the NFL

FuBu jeans, Uggs, Black eyed Pea's, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Blueberry kush, Xbox 360, Samuel Adams beer

Is Hot-tub time machine almost over ?

Soiled :)

This is sad to say but it now looks like this entire thing will be blown up yet again and we start over. This cycle of new regimes every 3 or 4 years is what makes teams in the NFl long term losers. So now who is next up, Cowher, some other hot name that will change everything and we go back to the beginning again?? Sad to say that Sparano and Ireland, even though it is difficult to say, need to go, if for no other reason then because they have not produced a winner in 4 years. They have drafted and signed and still have an o line that looks like day 1. The defense that was so promising last year is terrible this year and overall the team has no confidence and does not play with fire. As for Sparano saying that they will win the crowd, well if he turned around and looked with about 5 minutes to play (when he chose to not got for it on 4th down, when they still had a small chance) he would of seen that there were very few people left to win over. This regime has lost the crowd and I doubt anything short of 3 road wins will get it back. I see at best a 1-4 team coming back to Miami probably with Nolan as the interim coach. Suck for Luck baby, sad to say but that is our only hope now.

Nothings going to change when this team leaves town. Sorry folks. We dont have the athletes or the coaching to beat the next 3 teams. The good players we do have (if you want to call them that) Are getting cramps and getting injured. And we dont have suitable back ups at any position. That all falls back to coaching and ownership. So dont think this team is going to be showered with magic dust when they leave town. Its just going to get worse. With the exception of Kansas City I dont see a win on this schedule :(((((

Que sexy eres, Mandy. Debes tener un rabo grandisimo. Te lo puedo ver algun dia?

This teambottom line is very poorly coached,the player evaluation by Ireland is just as bad we pk up everybody elses retreats and think we can do something with them(wrong)we hire an OC whos offence was worse than ours. It is very sad,so bring in a new caching staff now,even though it wont help this yr but it gives them a good idea for next yr because this yr is shot either way.

Ojala que se le caiga el rabo a Sparano. El tipo es un tremendo SINGAOOOOOO!


Looks like Mike and Mike were spot on regarding the 2011 win total for the Dolphins. Three or four.

I'm sick and tired of watching teams (Falcons, Lions, Rams, BILLS) grow and get better, while we just maintain our mediocrity.

I'm tired of doing the same thing expecting different results (we usually start slow, so we start slow again, we ALWAYS defer on opening kickoff and get behind early in games, we deferred yesterday and got behind early).

Exactly like the players said, this was a team loss. Can't put it on Henne, or the oline, or the defense. But you can say almost the entire team is adequate consistently. They can sometimes do great things, but they are consistently just adequate (that's the entire team). And the Coaches aren't good enough to take a mediocre team and make them play like they're great.

For whatever players want to say about Sparano, they may love him, but he doesn't get them to play great for him. And that's the most important skill a HC can have. Add to that Ireland, who consistently gets more mediocre talent instead of going after PLAYMAKERS (case in point, Jared Odrick, we traded back in a Draft to pick up 2 mediocre players in him and Misi, instead of getting ONE PLAYMAKER) and you see what you get. I can't say it enough, you need PLAYMAKERS, PLAYMAKERS, PLAYMAKERS. Studs. Guys who are consistently good. Even the guys we thought were on the road to being that (Vontae Davis, Paul Solia) don't seem to ever reach that point. Is that them? Or Coaching? Or were they never going to get to that point? That's the question. If we had the same team, but with Rex Ryan, would we be winning? Or does Tenenbaum (NYJ GM) pick better talent than Ireland?

This is what fans need to get to the bottom of, as well as the organization, to know how to fix these CONSISTENT issues that plague us year after year.

This organization has turned pathetic, one end to the other and up and down. Let's REORGANIZE and REGROUP our efforts all over again, that will be the mgmt line at the end of a another miserable season... AGAIN. I do not wish to hear all we need is a few key personnel, well...has that worked out over the past few years?

I believe the front office, coaching and decision makers have no clue. You should ask the celebs to pick players, they may do better than these clowns.

1-12 at home lately. Fans suffer, I wouldn't want to see them play even if it was free. Same old story.....the Dolphins have SUNK AGAIN!!! I've been a fan since '71, I miss the good old days where we use to consistently compete, not flounder around and have teams wanting to play us at our house. THEIR chances of winning are pretty good.

Miami should fire mike nollan and hire rob ryan as new HC period.

Henne is better, but this is as good as it gets from him. Still staring down receivers.

I'm all for this new connection with Marshall, but how about throwing to the OPEN receiver a few timse?

How about the offense actually attacking the middle of the field in the red zone? Watch the Bills game winning TD play, great call.

The defense seems slow and looks to be a read and react defense rather then attacking defense.

Dissapointing so far.

Another question I wanted to pose to everyone. It's sensitive, but I ask for people to really think about it when commenting. And especially S. Florida fans. Let's just say, hypothetically, a Playoff win and consistent good play could be guaranteed (I know, it never will, but just go with me on this) within 3 years, if the team moves to another city (doesn't matter where). Would you be for that move, or do you want the Dolphins to stay in Miami no matter what happens?

Basically, the question is, is the city more important to you than the team actually being good? Yes, it means can't go to the game, won't be the "home" market, will have to watch on DirectTV or at bars, etc. But are you willing to give that up if it leads to the team being good?

I'm posing this as someone with ties to Miami by the way. I'm not just some guy in DC who could care less. My family lives in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, I love Florida and the town. I've supported this team for over 3 decades. It's far from an easy choice for me.

But I'm at the point where I don't know what else to do. How long can you cheer for a losing franchise? When does it get to be asking too much? When do other things take your time away because you don't get much in return for all your fandom? I think lots of others out there feel the same. We're just bled dry. That's what losing does.

Fire Sparano now, no point keePing him around the team doesn't respond to him at all. Somebody please tell me what he actually does anyways? We have an OC a DC who call plays, so basically he oversees it all and makes suggestions and decides when to go for it and trumps them on certain plays? Anybody in the business could do better than 1-11 at home if merely by accident. Mr Ross I refuse to waste money on tickets to see this team until the front office displays a commitment to winning, and when Tony Sparano is our head coach, this team will continue to suck. Losing at home over this long a period of time in inexcusable and action needs to be taken. Should have fired Sparano in January when you first had the urge. Gutless terd of a franchise.

Don't even think about getting Luck, Seattle is doing their best to get that first pick. Carol and organization sabotage the season when they didn't resign Hassleback and signed Jackson instead.

Henne HAS progressed. He's gotten better. He's a MUCH better leader. Him (with Jake Long and Brandon Marshall and Bess) are the guys I trust the most on the offense. But there are things Henne still can't do (and I don't know if he'll ever be able to do them). Like the corner endzone fade. He can't throw a touch pass to the back pylon (Big Ben did it yesterday to Wallace). He can't do that. He can't improvise. There was a play, where he ended up throwing that pass to Marshall. But Marshall had cut-off his route because the defender was playing off him, and turned and started running back. If Henne would have improvised, and thrown a back-shoulder pass or a short dart, Marshall would either have had a TD or gotten to the goal line.

These are nitpicking things, sure. But what I'm saying is, the team isn't good enough to have a serviceable QB. They either need better everything else, or a better QB (one that can consistently make even the tough or improvised throws). They can't win as things stand now.

By the way, Henne won't last too long with that oline.

We looked out coached, and The O-Line needs to get it together asap... Blocked FG, C'mon man.



"Blah, blah, blah" Thats what this team is all about. Why? Because they are simply just not that good. So what is the picture of this team? An ugly one. This is now one of the worst teams in the NFL. Not enough playmakers? No! No playmakers. But there is only one guy to blame for that. This is why we have to demand Jeff Ireland's resignation immediately. This team needs a new, experienced coaching staff and a person with that special quality to pick and bring in talented players. Until then, Ross, you are ultimately responsible for this S**T!!!






The only thing I want to know is when are Ireland and Morono being fired! Had enough of these clowns...


no surprise here,i know this team sux.lol


1-9...............@ HOME..........


luck luck luck

Even though these two losses are hard to swallow, and losing to Houston again, at home is, well infuriating; I don't see a horrible team out there. Save for Nolan Carroll and Marc Columbo the rest of the team seems to be at a tipping point of actually becoming good.

Henne is looking much better and if he just worked on throwing a fade pattern I'd have a hard time finding anything else to complain about in his first two games.

Daboll's offense is aggressive and forward thinking. The play calling has been mostly good and I hope Daboll sticks around for a few years even if Sparano and Ireland don't.

Bess, Marshall, Hartline are rountinely reliable receivers and Marshall is f'ing fantastic. Even though Marshall dropped one in the endzone, every other play he made was brilliant.

Daniel Thomas was much much better than expected. I was expecting a complete bust and Thomas seems to have actual long term potential.

On defense we aren't stopping the run very well and that's a problem, but it doesn't seem like an unsolvable one. The secondary seems better with Will Allen back there now. However Nolan Carroll is a problem, and his time on the field should be limited to a couple plays a game.

Point is last year I saw a purely mediocre team. This year I see a team with promise that just has a few problem areas. That difference hasn't produced different results as of yet, but at least there is some potential and dare I say a small glimmer of hope.




I told you guys in the preseason that this is a 2-14 team due to Sparano and Ireland and I caught a lot of flak for it. I'm a diehard Dolphins fan but I'm not deaf, dumb and blind...I can see and smell what Ireland and Sparano are cooking and I think I'll pass!

I stand by my regretful prediction of 2-14.

There are a lot of good players on this team. But as we have seen time and again, the coaching is horrible. Why was one of your most dangerous players (Bush) on the sideline most of the day? Was it so we can have an extra O-lineman? This folks is a very poor game plan. If our O-line can't protect the QB by now, well it must be the coaching. It's also Ireland's fault for not providing good enough talent when it became available. (McKinnie, or any TE that was a free agent) Just to speak in circles here, its all about the coach! He has players on this team because he likes them, he knows them, but they are past their playing days. This is what happens when coaches like players as people and not as PLAYERS. I really hate it when this FO states they picked a player or free agent because they know him. It's obvious they don't know a lot of good players.
If this team doesn't beat Cleveland then Nolin or Daboll should become the interim HC. At the end of the season fire Ireland, then a new GM can get pick his coach. Good luck Nolan and Daboll, you have a shot at an audition for the HC job.

The only thing as depressing as the team play was the condition of the field.
They are millions under the cap and Mr Ross puts in all these high class booths and celebrity owners but can't spend any money on getting the field in good condition?
And to make it even worse the deplorable condition of the field was most notable right by our proud Dolphins logo right in the middle of the field where it couldn't be missed.
It all starts with the little things.

Also if theyb felt Hartline was still good enough to be a starter why draft Gates? If Gates was brought in to replace Hartline why not make a trade before the season began?

On so many fronts this fo seems not to know what the fvck thier doing.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 19, 2011 at 12:31 AM

Marshall is the only guy defenses have to respect in this receiving corps. They need to play Gates more and take our lumps. The lack of an athletic TE is the main problem in the red zone, plus horrible pass blocking.

This is a very poorly coached team. Two many mistakes in the draft and free agent pick up's. They do everythng backwards, twice the kick returner ran the ball out from the back of the end zone. Sparano's philosophy of run the ball, draft RB's, free agent RB's and o line o-line o-line is killing us. It's going to be ugly this year, another Cammy Cam year.And it's also the owners fault for keeping Sparano.

To JPAO @ 7:38 -- nice post -- a bit of glass half full going into week #3. Yeh, that's all, just week 3, not 13. Everyone just breath damnit.

It really isn't ALL bad. Fins weren't supposed to beat the Pats, and the Texan game has been a tough match-up for Fins since they entered the league, and now they are actually a good team. Yes, the Fins could've and probably should have gotten the W yesterday, but they didn't and need to move on. Getting on the road might be good -- circle the wagons, etc.

My positive 2 cents about yesterday:

Daniel Thomas was a beast and feed that dude the ball and use Bush the way the Saints used him.

Stop blaming Henne for batted passes -- he had the D line in his mug on all of those! And I mean the D line as in collapsing pocket, no where to go D line. At that point the QB is in self preservation mode and DUH, you had better be looking for and finding where you are going to pass that ball.

Clyde Gates is going to make some big plays this year (on ST and running the fly pattern) and draw a bunch of flags too.

Here's hoping they Circle The Wagons this week in Cleveland.

Dolphins can't win at home, and they play at Patriots and at Bills in the winter, plus a trip out to San Diego, a Monday night game at NYJ which they never win, so I figure we could beat Cleveland, Denver, and Kansas City, and maybe one other team like Oakland, and if they get real lucky one other game somwhere will end up in their favor. So 5-11 is likely. Jeff Fischer is available as the next coach. Andrew Luck will be 1st overall pick, why not trade away players like Hartline, Starks, Burnett, and let the young players show what they have, save some cap money and add extra picks for next year.

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