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The picture of the Dolphins after an 0-2 start

Much to digest this early morning so let us begin chewing:

First, it is now officially ridiculous that the Dolphins have not only lost their first two games at home this year, but are 1-11 in their last 12 home games dating back to 2009. The problem is only one of many questions this team has going on right now.

"It’s not a good feeling," Running back Reggie Bush said. "I always believed that you have to defend home at all cost, no matter what. Home field is your home. I look at as an intruder coming into your home to rob you or something and you have to defend home no matter what at all cost and that’s something we have to work on. That’s something we haven’t done the first two games and we got to correct it.”

Things are so bad for the Dolphins at home that some players are actually looking forward to the next three games because they'll be played at home, rather than at home. Brandon Marshall was asked if leaving town could be a blessing in disguise.

“Hopefully it is, we may be a better road team," he said. "It sucks man because our fans were trying to get things going here in this community and get that spirit back up in our stadium and in our community. You have to win; you have to win at home to do that.

"It hurts when you can’t perform in front of your home crowd because they deserve it, they are loyal. Every day I run into fans telling me they have been season ticket holders since ’72, thirty-something years. You want to play for those people its frustrating when you come up short, it’s embarrassing."

As the Dolphins pile home loss after home loss and fail to taste success, at least one player is worried his teammates are going to start suffering confidence problems -- if they aren't suffering those already.

"Yeah, to be honest with you, I’m sure," Jason Taylor said when asked if confidence is losing confidence. "Not everybody but I’m sure there is a faction of the group that’s kind of trying to figure this thing out, figure out where we are.

"That’s kind of the part of losing sometimes is you start to question, second guess a little bit, question yourself, question what you’re doing as a team. Until you win those things will linger out there a little bit. I think winning cures all ills and we’re kind of stuck in mud right now, trying to figure out how to get everyone in this room to believe and play like they expect to win. Not hoping to win but expecting to win."

The Dolphins have some playmakers. Marshall is one at times. Cameron Wake is one at times. But in the last two games, the Dolphins have proven they simply don't have enough playmakers. And the ones they do have, aren't consistent enough.

That's on both offense and defense.

"Case in point, they made more plays then we did," linebacker Kevin Burnett said. "When you get a chance to get them off [the field], you have to get them off and I think we did a good job of that today. I don’t know what they were on third down, but it was good. In the end, they made more plays then we did. They sustained a key drive and they punched it in the end zone.

"You have to take advantage of, as a defense, when you have your thumb on their throat, you got to squeeze, and when you have them backed up, you got to hold them to three or less, preferably none. There are going to be times when the offense carries the defense, defense carries the offense, special team carries both, and today I think it was a total team loss. You can’t put it on any one facet of the game."

So what is the picture of this team that its players just painted?

Well, the Dolphins are a team that doesn't make enough plays, a team on which some players are losing confidence, and a team that has no idea how to protect its house.



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Ross had a chance to do the right thing last year (by hiring Cowher) and he chickened out because he didn't want to part ways with Ireland. Instead he tried to go half way and just replace Sparano. That backfired and then he gave Sparano (and presumably Ireland) a contract extension. Any other questions about why this team will be a joke until we get competent football people in the house?

"Suck For Luck."




Posted by: ALoco | September 19, 2011 at 08:44 AM


Come on ALoco, Berger is already gone!

THE HOT RUMOR .................. JEFF IRELAND WILL BE FIRED ............

I made a post we would be lucky if we win 6 games...... Now we will be lucky to win one!!!

Hot rumor #2.....Mr. Aloco has an English tudor


You CANNOT lose to a team five times in a row!!! That's unacceptable. I don't care who they are and who was supposed to win or ANY OF THAT. It doesn't matter. What matters is you were 1-11 (now 1-12) at home, and you've lost to the team 4 out of 4 times played.


And by deferring the kickoff to a good offense, you're already playing not to lose, instead of playing to win. By not going for that 4th down (WHO CARES WHERE IT WAS ON THE FIELD) with 5min left, thinking you could EVER get the ball back with enough time for 2 scores, you're playing not to lose, not playing to win. By not starting fast, building a lead, making the other team feel the stress of keeping up and hopefully making more mistakes from that stress (i.e., just accepting those stalled drives), you're playing not to lose, NOT playing to win.

In a game of this importance, every single play, every series, from beginning to end, should have been aggressive, played to WIN, not played NOT to lose. That's the problem, and it comes directly from the top, GM, Coach, on down, and it's UNACCEPTABLE. Simply can't be tolerated.

Yesterday's home game had the worst paid for attendance in OVER 20 YEARS! And this is only the second game of the season! If you think it is bad now, wait until later in the season when the season ticket holders decide to not even show up for the games.

Soon long-time season ticket holders will decide not to renew. Why renew when you are forced to play for two meaningless preseason games in which the starters may not even play? (Sure it is the only chance to get to see the Dolphins actually win a game at home!)

This owner is pathetic.

This Front Office is pathetic.

Jeff Ireland is pathetic.

And Bill Parcells is pathetic for leaving us with Jeff Ireland. (Reminds my of when Jimmy Johnson left us with Dave Wannestadt).


What is going on with the Defense. I think they miss Crowder. He was their leader and good against the run. Why did they take Thomas out? Don't blame Henne. Marshall dropped a TD pass and appeared to miscommunicate with Henne on a couple of plays in the red zone. Why didn't they go for it on the fourth and one in the fourth quarter. The defense wasn't going to stop anyone and they needed to score twice. Coaching and playing scared, again.

I think ross should fire sparano now. Why wait. We're not going anywhere. We need to just lose now so we can get luck.
The sooner we rid ourselves of loser sparano the better our future.

HOT RUMOR................. NOLAN CARROL WILL BE RELEASED TO JOIN MR SAPP //////////////////////////

It is time for the Dolphins to find a new venue. We need to seriously consider the LA Dolphins.

...so I figure we could beat Cleveland, Denver, and Kansas City, and maybe one other team like Oakland...

Posted by: wu1sabes


Don't forget we lost to Cleveland at home last year! I think victories over Denver & Kansas City are possible, plus a surprise win over a team we shouldn't beat will likely happen. Oakland is going to smoke us.

It really isn't ALL bad. Fins weren't supposed to beat the Pats

Posted by: NewEnglandFinFan | September 19, 2011 at 08:59 AM

What kind of pathetic loser mentality do you possess? Weren't supposed to win? You are talking about a multimillion dollar professional sports franchise. You damn well better be prepared to play everyone, regardless of who is favored or not.

Not expecting to win is a LOSERS mentality.



It is time for the Dolphins to find a new venue. We need to seriously consider the LA Dolphins.

Posted by: jake


We just need a new owner and new front office. THE PROBLEM STARTS AT THE TOP!

With all due respect to ya DC, it happens all the time in the NFL. Just try and recall when the Fins were a Great franchise; they owned teams for ten or more in a row. ShT happens, you get teams numbers and just beat them.

And by the way, I am not happy with the way things are going, and I cannot say I am a Sparano fan right now (that try to pull them offsides and then waste a TO was um, pathetic). My post was meant to accentuate some positives. You can't deny Thomas was a force yesterday, and to say to ease up on Henne because again, its not his fault that his O line sucks.

Time to circle the wagons.

Worst organization in the NFL. Least experienced. Sparano is a buffoon. Ireland is a child. Ross is out of touch.

Reggie bush, 6 for 18 yards

Instead of getting a great TE, they get 4 3rd stringers and sit them on the bench.


Look, Sparano can't do anything WORSE to the team than he already does. They have such a small margin of error, the better idea is give them every chance available. We're not winning anywhere enough to the amount to keep Sparano's job, so he might as well take every chance to be aggressive. We should NEVER punt. We should make the 1st drive of EVERY game a scoring drive with a pass-heavy attack. We should blitz almost EVERY down. We have NOTHING to lose. Let's see if that pressure leads to us winning more or playing better. Maybe it will, maybe we'll still lose. Point is, we're losing anyway, so the game plan (from the coaching point-of-view) really isn't helping do anything but continuing our losing.


Well, I sure wish they could get this together. Why does it feel like the wheels are coming off after just two games? If we can't manage a win this week against Cleveland this could very quickly turn into 0-4 coming into the bye with San Diego in week 4.

It really isn't ALL bad. Fins weren't supposed to beat the Pats

Posted by: NewEnglandFinFan | September 19, 2011 at 08:59 AM

We now are going to be expected to lose almost every game. Is it okay if we lose them all when we are expected to? Mr. Ross thanks your loyalty. You are the very reason they can continue to make excuses for business as usual.

HOT RUMOR................


Why wasn't Smith, Davis, or Allen covering Andre Johnson late in the game? Instead we relegate our #4 CB to cover one of the top receivers in the game? Thought we drafted Smith to cover the big receivers like Johnson.


I hate to be the Grammar Police, but you need to go back and read what you wrote! Syntax, sentence structure, spelling, etc. is terrible in places, dude. Get a freakin' editor or something.
Reading your blog is almost like watching our defence implode; it has great intentions, but in the end...not so much!

Really hard to continue being a fan of such an unappealing organization. What is there to like anymore when you feel nauseated just seeing your GM and HC.

Looks like Peter King knew what he was talking about after all....dead last in the AFC East!

Tony Sparano?
Jeff Ireland?

Please step forward.


i suppose we need to go 1-15 to get these bums fired. UGH

Team is so far behind the pats and jets it's just disgusting. There is a fine line between loyalty and insanity and as dolphins fans we have just crossed that line. To keep rooting for this miserable excuse of a franchise is insane. They have done nothing to move forward on any level. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. As fans we are insane to keep watching the same lame ass team and coach expecting a different result. In 2 games we have seen 4 drives in the red zone come up with 0 points. That is 28 points that 80% of the other teams in the NFL cash in on.

By the break Ross will be need to clean house. At least I hope hes smart enough to do that. But i doubt it. Hopefully sparano and ireland will do the honorable thing and resign. Sparano maybe but Ireland is a butt kissing yes man doubt he has that kind of honor in him

What is pathetic is looking at the Cleveland game thinking they are suckers and we will win this weekend. You know what they are thinking in Cleveland? Here come the pathetic Dolphins, we should win this won, we beat them last year at their home! Cleveland fans are penciling in the Dolphins as a WIN. We are so pathetic that we don't even realize we are the laughing stock of the NFL.

Numerous media members pick us to finish LAST in the AFC EAST. We laugh at them and state there is no way we are finishing below Buffalo. Who is laughing now? We are two games back with only two games played! There is a reason why everyone says we are going to be bad. There is logic to it. I am sick and tired of our fan base making excuses for this clown of an organization.



and hate to say it, but
When the head coach says he has no answers, it is time to say goodbye. Punting down 2 scores with 8 minutes to go on a 4th and one? And then to make matters worse, BURNING A TIME-OUT?! Are you kidding me?!


I have a bad feeling about Luck too much hype I feel a bust comming on

Charlie Brown, you're clearly just a Hater and you come on here to just spew negativity. That's just what guys like you do. You also assume things about people that you don't know and get into personal attacks. You are a dime a dozen on here. But for your info I have a winner mentality and I am hoping that the Fins want to win every game. Trust me, I went into the Pats game with high hopes. But the reality of it is, when you're talking about the Patriots, they will probably lose 2 to 4 games all season (and yes it is hard for me to type that). Sometimes no matter how well you prepare, it's just not going to happen. Could they have been better prepared, prob so. Would it have mattered? Maybe not.

well good news is only 6 home games left

NEFinFan, there are positives, you're right. I was a true, unadulterated Henne hater in years past. He's impressed me this year. I love Daboll's new offense, and know it will take more than 2 games for players to get used to all the in's and out's. Thomas played well (besides the fumble). You're right about all of that.

And what do we have to show for it? 0-2, 5 out the last 6 years. That's a telling stat. It says basically your team is consistently mediocre. And this isn't just this FO, it's the past 3-4-5 FO's that were here.

There's no easy answer to this disaster. But, IT IS A DISASTER. We can just accept it, and hope against hope it improves, but we've seen, if you don't have the right guys at the top who KNOW how to make it improve, you're just spinning your wheels. And who has confidence in Sparano and Ireland? Where have they proven themselves before? You can't say Dallas, they were carrying out Parcells' orders. You can't say '08-'09, again, they were under Parcells' watchful eyes. Sparano brought one thing to the table, oline Coaching ability. What's he done with our oline? Is it any better than before he got here? Other than Long, it might even be worse. Pouncey looks like the real deal, I'll give you that, but you wasted a 1st-round pick on a CENTER. Other teams get that in later rounds, saving the 1st-round pick for a bonefied STAR/PLAYMAKER. Now, I was all for getting Pouncey, since I didn't see much else (didn't want Ingram) but it's these consistent Drafting mistakes, consistent FA mistakes, that kill a team before the Season ever starts. It's consistently dropping back in Drafts to pick up later round picks, that NEVER amount to a hill of beans here (like other teams seem to get), and then we never get ONE TRUE PLAYMAKER ever in a Draft. Long is great, ProBowler, NOT A PLAYMAKER. Won't score 1 TD in his career.

We have too many Hartlines, ok guys, serviceable guys, NOT PLAYMAKERS.

Circle the wagons? You do that when you're having a bad spell. A few years down. NOT when you're in a 2 decade long rut. That's no longer time to circle the wagons bro. That's time to burn it all down. Keep burning and hope that one of these times it'll come back stronger, come back official. Keep firing FO's, until you find the one that's capable of installing a SYSTEM that can be kept and improved on.

What's our system here? Sparano doesn't even know. First we were a run-first, tough defense team. Then we became a finesse team (under Pennington) that didn't make mistakes/shoot themselves in the foot. Then back to a run team (Wildcat). Now a passing team (which by the way I think we should've been a long time ago). But the point is, we don't have an identity. Therefore, we do nothing well. Pats are a great passing team, they don't care if they're defense sucks. Jets are a great defensive team, they don't care if their QB sucks. We're great at nothing, but being inconsistent and mediocre. Last decade, we've been only great at that. That's not good.

what 2 games will the pats lose? 15-1 is where they are at, I live in NE also, they are a machine. We are not with in 3 levels of that team, we are a c or d team to their A+ team.

Dear Fans,
Fins Up! Or should I say Tails Up! The National Champion Florida Gators will be at Sunlife Stadium to see TIM TEBOW and the Denver Broncos take on your Miami Dolphins! Come see Broncos dynamic QB Tim Tebow return to Sunlife Stadium where he won his second of two National Titles! Come watch your Dolphins continue their Super Bowl run! Tickets are going fast, so be sure to get yours today!

Fins Up!


IrelandSucks -- another Hater.

Your name alone just screams out 'I'm a Hater!' And no genius, I am not suggesting that the Fins should just lose every game in which they are underdogs. If you can't comprehend the logic of my post regarding the Pats, well, I just don't have time to explain it to you. Just keep on hating because I am sure that's how you are in life. People must just love being around you, Mr. Sunshine.

Coach is baffled. Yup. Not a surprise. The fans are strangely not baffled. Dear coach Sparano, perhaps I can toss out a few possibilities for consideration?:

Pourous O-line - after years of tinkering and drafting, we have 2 good draft picks, and a mish-mosh of busts and Dallas discards that are failing.

Defense coaching - Yes, coaching. Where else do you pin the blame for missed assignments, and poor conditioning? And depth.

QB - no, neither game was Henne's fault. But he didn't win them either. How different do things become with Manning, Brees, Brady, Rogers, Rivers, Rothlesberger, Ryan, Vick, Romo, et. al behind center? Significant. Henne is a nice guy, and a good #2. We need a #1.

Bush up the middle - welcome to the 2nd millenium. Coaches design ways of getting their unorthodox stars the ball, avoiding their weaknesses. Bush can't run between the tackles. Stop wasting downs. Design a way around this... you managed an unconventional system in order to get Ricky and Ronnie on the field before, step up and think out of the box to get Bush open field to run in.

Bring back Chowder.

So what if he's a bit slow- we're getting torched in pass defense anyway!

There has to be a point, and i am starting to see it here, where people realize the "beast" is nothing more than average. He goes and get balls that are 50/50, pretty well, but he keeps cutting routes and playing off the cuff putting QB's in crappy positions. He cant catch balls on his hands consistantly.

Our D is terrible. I did not see this one coming at all. Now that Dansby went down, wouldnt it have been better to have Edds vs gates or Wallace? sisnt we as fans say this from day one? How do our coachas f that up again??

Our right side of the o-line is terible. JUST TERRIBLE! Our best player Jake Long got burned twice, by the gy not names Mario Williams.

where the hell does Reggie Bush come off saying someone is trying to rob his house, and he has to defend it? All he tried to do was dance with the guy robbing his house!!! AGAIN, why did we not get Sproles instead? Cheaper, Faster????

Daniel Thomas is a bright spot, sort of, his straight up and down running style is going to cause more fumbles unless he gets stronger.

Vonte is over rated, burned every week, no int's to speak of for the whole secondary.

Our only bright spot is Henne, he had a sub par game I guess, but has shite protection, played his heart out. But he needs some greatness around him to be successful, or a bright coaching staff. He is not Aaron Rodgers, but he seems to be as good as Shaub. We still need to draft a QB next year. Not sure why, but I hope Sporano is fired soon, and somehow Gruden pops in here. At least he has passion for the game, and I hate Gruden. But we need passion.

This Sucks!

Dolphins can't win at home, and they play at Patriots and at Bills in the winter, plus a trip out to San Diego, a Monday night game at NYJ which they never win, so I figure we could beat Cleveland, Denver, and Kansas City, and maybe one other team like Oakland, and if they get real lucky one other game somwhere will end up in their favor. So 5-11 is likely. Jeff Fischer is available as the next coach. Andrew Luck will be 1st overall pick, why not trade away players like Hartline, Starks, Burnett, and let the young players show what they have, save some cap money and add extra picks for next year.

Way too much wisdom for this organization!!!!

I am eating crow this morning. I blasted a lot of haters and you all have proved you knew more than me! This team lacks heart and soul! In the end this comes down to poor coaching. These players are totally unprepared and poorly conditioned. So many huffing and puffing miami players! A good coaching staff will get you at least 3 extra games from the same players! Sorry folks, I have been schooled!

Carpenter makes those kicks and Daniel Thomas doesn't fumble and this is a very different conversation.

IrelandSucks -- another Hater.

Your name alone just screams out 'I'm a Hater!' And no genius, I am not suggesting that the Fins should just lose every game in which they are underdogs. If you can't comprehend the logic of my post regarding the Pats, well, I just don't have time to explain it to you. Just keep on hating because I am sure that's how you are in life. People must just love being around you, Mr. Sunshine.

Posted by: NewEnglandFinFan


Congratulation NewEnglandFinFan on being a sheep. You are the Dolphin fan Mr. Ross loves. Blindly devoted to the team no matter what they do. Never question decisions made, and constantly make excuses for them when they continually fail you. I feel bad for you, my friend. But you are the very reason the Dolphins continue to be pathetic. Mr. Ross knows that he doesn't need to fire his coach or his GM cause you will love the team no matter what. Your lack of apathy towards this team is actually HURTING them. WAKE UP! Marino hasn't been playing for over a decade. The glory days of the Dolphins are LONG gone. This has been one of the worst run NFL franchises for the last decade. That is a fact. If you want to continue to accept mediocrity, then so be it. But other fans like me are tired of this crap. If that makes me a Hater, then so be it!

Hot Rumor, Lil Aloco now on his third tube of glue..........

D, the problem is, Every Monday for the last 3 years, we come back and talk about those "ifs".

If it is not one thing it is another, it comes down to drive of the players and coaching.

Marshall cuts routes impromptu then looks back at Henne and blames hi. YOU CANT CUT ROUTES WHEN YOU WANT TO.

Our special teams as a whole SUCKS! And it has since Ginn left. Who is taking responsibility?

Our D has nothing, but pro-bowl calibut players.

Our O-line sucks dead dogs for 3 years, OUR HEAD COACH IS A O-LINE COACH!!!!!


I am sick of the "ifs", the "ifs" have never been fixed and we continue to lose games!

Was not a personal attack to the poster, just frustration!

DC Dolfan, you seem to be very knowledgable.

Try this one for size.. do you ever just look at the whole picture of Miami and what it stands for---tropical setting,South Beach, relaxed vacation attitude, ocean, yachts, etc etc...This team in general over the last 25+ decades has been known as FINESSE, even with the Great Don Shula, whom I have admired all my life and who is not doing so well health wise from what I saw last Novemeber on Thursday nite football...looked like he was breaking down...he is 81... Our franchise is being run into the f'in ground and we don't need to stand for it. I'M DISGUSTED. D.S. would have been in big trouble if his teams went 1-11 at home . What is going on currently in UNACCEPTABLE, just like u said.

NEXT ISSUE: WTF do we do as FANS??? DEAL with this S>>> or what? I can take this losing crap, if we blow in CLEVELAND , how much more misery must we endure???

Disgusted Fins Fan in MD.
BY the way , I was a B.... last nite and I didnt even want to be with my wife or son I was so disgusted. Even she made a comment on one play why the f... Henne didnt run the ball in for a potential TD instead of overthrowing a WR? This is Killin me!!

DC, I hear ya, and many valid points, can't deny most of them. This is painful for anyone who is a Fin fan. We'll know by the break exactly what we have here. I think one of the hardest things for me to deal with is that this team will be IN every game this year, and will just have to find ways to win each one. And sadly, that is not something that they seem to know how to do for the last decade or so.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/09/the-picture-of-the-dolphins-after-an-0-2-start/comments/page/3/#comment-captcha#ixzz1YPHiCFJ7

Carpenter makes those kicks and Daniel Thomas doesn't fumble and this is a very different conversation.

Posted by: D | September 19, 2011 at 09:54 AM

D, Maybe you missed it but the "Excuss factory" Closed already.....

Tony, my wife said the same thing, I rewound the tape and explained to my wife that the linebacker and the safty at the goal line would have killed Henne if he started up the field. Just FYI. Not that the throw was anything better. just figured I would pipe in on that.

Tony T --- you have every right to be disgusted. You are a true fan.

*Before the season started, I predicted 1-5 by week six, before pure panic sets in. Panic is starting early (glad it has).
*Henne had a good game, and a blah game. No need to make anything else of it yet. I still contend he's a #2. Week 1's "good" game we still went 2-14 on 3rd down convertions. By week 6 we'll know, and can finally put this issue to rest.
*Bush is an open field runner, and I keep saying the coaches are stubborn morons for insisting he keeps pounding his insubstantial weight into the O-line "holes". He's dangerous in open field - figure it out.
*Thomas played one regular season game (only) and played well, and had one rookie mistake. I'll take it. Right track. Hope may be all we have VERY soon. BUT .. one game only. Long season, and no judgements need to be made right now, other than we need to get him the ball some more and find out what he can do.
*Defensive coaches need to check themselves and figure this out. Those players aren't out there by themselves. They are failing as a unit. Bennie Sapp isn't there to take any more blame.
*Coach Sparano - stop being "baffled"!! You're the !@#%& HEAD COACH! Figure it out! Tell your players and the fans "I've got this. Here's the plan." Get a plan. Do we really need to wonder why the players seem lost? It starts at the top.

LOL Charlie Brown. A far cry from a sheep. I scream at my TV as much or more than most (just ask my wife). But after week 2 I have to remain hopeful that the positives will start to overcome the negatives and this team learns how to win. Sorry, not joining your Hate Club.

A good coaching staff will get you at least 3 extra games from the same players! Sorry folks, I have been schooled!

Posted by: dolfnman | September 19, 2011 at 09:54 A

we forgive you.lol

Poizen is right. Henne couldn't have run it in from there. I am not sure how it looked on TV, but at the game you could clearly see he would have been hammered.

-Ross cares about entertainment, not football.

-Stats lie. #6 D last year, MY A**!! TEXTBOOK - Overrated.

-If Carrol's on the field alot, Miami won't win alot

-Sparano is gutless. 2 weeks in a row, 4th & short, losing late & settling for a fg. TEXTBOOK - play not to lose.

-Ireland. 1 elite player (#1 overall) in 4 years. Duds in the same time span? MANY!

Overall - Owner, ALL the way down to the team mascot, SUCKS. Anyone still watching this team needs to have their head examined!

Dear NewEnglandFinFan,

I want to thank you for your support! We know the New England game was a tough game for our Phins, but New England is a great team! And if it wasn't for the missed field goals and fumble by Daniel Thomas, we likely would have beaten Houston this weekend! We are expecting our Phins to bounce back quickly! A 14-2 record is still a possibility! I can definitely see us still making a Super Bowl run! I want to thank you once again NewEnglandFinFan for all your support!



P.S. Please be sure to get your tickets to the Denver Broncos game! Tickets are going fast! And if you are in the NE area, remember, there are plenty of non-stop flights to South Florida. Come and support YOUR team! Thank you!!

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