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The picture of the Dolphins after an 0-2 start

Much to digest this early morning so let us begin chewing:

First, it is now officially ridiculous that the Dolphins have not only lost their first two games at home this year, but are 1-11 in their last 12 home games dating back to 2009. The problem is only one of many questions this team has going on right now.

"It’s not a good feeling," Running back Reggie Bush said. "I always believed that you have to defend home at all cost, no matter what. Home field is your home. I look at as an intruder coming into your home to rob you or something and you have to defend home no matter what at all cost and that’s something we have to work on. That’s something we haven’t done the first two games and we got to correct it.”

Things are so bad for the Dolphins at home that some players are actually looking forward to the next three games because they'll be played at home, rather than at home. Brandon Marshall was asked if leaving town could be a blessing in disguise.

“Hopefully it is, we may be a better road team," he said. "It sucks man because our fans were trying to get things going here in this community and get that spirit back up in our stadium and in our community. You have to win; you have to win at home to do that.

"It hurts when you can’t perform in front of your home crowd because they deserve it, they are loyal. Every day I run into fans telling me they have been season ticket holders since ’72, thirty-something years. You want to play for those people its frustrating when you come up short, it’s embarrassing."

As the Dolphins pile home loss after home loss and fail to taste success, at least one player is worried his teammates are going to start suffering confidence problems -- if they aren't suffering those already.

"Yeah, to be honest with you, I’m sure," Jason Taylor said when asked if confidence is losing confidence. "Not everybody but I’m sure there is a faction of the group that’s kind of trying to figure this thing out, figure out where we are.

"That’s kind of the part of losing sometimes is you start to question, second guess a little bit, question yourself, question what you’re doing as a team. Until you win those things will linger out there a little bit. I think winning cures all ills and we’re kind of stuck in mud right now, trying to figure out how to get everyone in this room to believe and play like they expect to win. Not hoping to win but expecting to win."

The Dolphins have some playmakers. Marshall is one at times. Cameron Wake is one at times. But in the last two games, the Dolphins have proven they simply don't have enough playmakers. And the ones they do have, aren't consistent enough.

That's on both offense and defense.

"Case in point, they made more plays then we did," linebacker Kevin Burnett said. "When you get a chance to get them off [the field], you have to get them off and I think we did a good job of that today. I don’t know what they were on third down, but it was good. In the end, they made more plays then we did. They sustained a key drive and they punched it in the end zone.

"You have to take advantage of, as a defense, when you have your thumb on their throat, you got to squeeze, and when you have them backed up, you got to hold them to three or less, preferably none. There are going to be times when the offense carries the defense, defense carries the offense, special team carries both, and today I think it was a total team loss. You can’t put it on any one facet of the game."

So what is the picture of this team that its players just painted?

Well, the Dolphins are a team that doesn't make enough plays, a team on which some players are losing confidence, and a team that has no idea how to protect its house.



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-We have 6 quality DE's. Only 2 start
-We have 2 quality OL. We need 5 starters.

This Coach/GM tandem are CLUELESS!!!!!!!


though this is a horrible start and it seems that the same problems exist.....some of you need to walk back from the ledge a bit.

i think that by the end of the year, the pats and texans will be two of the better teams this year. we do not need to blow the whole thing up and start again.....we have done that for over a decade and you never get anywhere. if the fins played KC and the raiders, and the bills played the pats and the texans, we'd be 2-0 and they'd be 0-2. its a long season and i still feel we will be a .500 or better when its all said and done

Sometime back many on this blog wanted Vince Young in miami. Now vy is the third string in Philly. Good spot for him.

f the fins played KC and the raiders, and the bills played the pats and the texans, we'd be 2-0 and they'd be 0-2. its a long season and i still feel we will be a .500 or better when its all said and done

Posted by: swedish phish

I'm not sure about that. The Raiders have an excellent team, and Buffalo is much improved and looks to be better then Miami. Sure KC is bad, but if you ask the fans in KC, they would tell you Miami is bad!

Not at all happy with losses or how Fins have played, but can ONE Fin reporter mention we've played 2 powerhouses, 2 of the best teams in the NFL, 2 teams that won't lose 4 games combined between them!!

swedish phish, I don't think we need to blow the whole thing up. We just need to get rid of Sparano and Ireland and get someone that is a real HC in here. I think (hope) cowher will be the next HC of the dolphins.

I can assure you the texans will lose more than 4 games on their own. They looked beatable. The phins just always find a way to lose games and that's coaching. Our coach is a loser. Loser coach == loser team.

I'm a fan in the the west. I was embarrassed when I saw how many empty seats there were in the stadium. If this team ever moves, it will be for lack of fans. Win or Lose, fans show up in cities with a healthy franchise. South Florida should be ashamed. Keep it up and you will be the next Cleveland... Praying the league expands for a chance to land a replacement team.

Let's look at the upcoming schedule:

@ Cleveland Browns - WIN
@ San Diego Chargers - WIN
@ New York Jets - WIN
Denver Broncos - WIN
@ New York Giants - WIN
@ Kansas City Chiefs - WIN
Washington Redskins - WIN
Buffalo Bills - WIN
@ Dallas Cowboys - WIN
Oakland Raiders - WIN
Philadelphia Eagles - WIN
@ Buffalo Bills - WIN
@ New England Patriots - WIN
New York Jets - WIN

I see 14-2 as a real possibility.



Keep it up Miami, and LUCK will be on our side. And a new GM, and A new coach. That would make for a great 2012.

Maybe they're trying to throw the season so they can pick up Luck in the draft? ;)

Are we capable of winning 4 games this year?

Somehow even with the new offense we still look like a slow plodding team to me. We throw the ball a ton more but still need 5+ minutes to score? I think Daboll has the right idea but the wrong personel to get it done. We have the slowest hurry up offense in history and zero no huddle offense. And like DC and others said this team has no playmakers. The only game changing play this season was made by Benny Sapp who just got lucky and was cut after the game.

Losing to two playoff teams, even at home, isn't the end of the world but this Cleveland game may dictate the season. Do we nut up and prove we're a second tier team who beats also rans like Cleveland? Or are we defeated and ready to mail it in? Face it folks if we can't beat Cleveland 0-5 isn't a possibility, it's a probability.

Sing with me everyone...

"...And when you say Miami, you're talking Super Bowl! Cause we're the...


Not at all happy with losses or how Fins have played, but can ONE Fin reporter mention we've played 2 powerhouses, 2 of the best teams in the NFL, 2 teams that won't lose 4 games combined between them!!

Posted by: robbyhernz | September 19, 2011 at 10:37 AM

Since when is Houston a power house? They've never even made the playoffs! IF they do this year, it's because Manning isn't playing.

With the Bills improved, Miami is looking like a last place team. Blow it up, top to bottom. Not much talent here anyone will lose sleep over losing.

I'm a fan in the the west. I was embarrassed when I saw how many empty seats there were in the stadium.

Posted by: Vexxd

They GAVE AWAY 10,000+ tickets to season ticket holders. It was the LOWEST paid attendance in two decades! And this was only the second game of the season! But don't blame the fans. I don't blame the fans at all. They are tired of the same old crap. You can only live off the glory days and Marino for so long. There is an entire generation of fans who have now never seen Marino play. Instead, they have seen this crap. How many games can you go to and not see the team win? How many times are you going to keep throwing your money at this team? And Stephen Ross is an embarrassment as an NFL owner. What he did this offseason was pathetic. Jeff Ireland is a bad GM. Pathetic.

Fed up, u musta watched the game with the mute button on. U also prob don't watch NFL analyst often cuz everyone is saying Houston finally has it together. But whatever man, ur right, the season is over! Why play :-( Waaaaa

robbyhernz, you're absolutely right. We've played the 2 best teams in AFC. We're 0-2, but we were in each game, and we'll win games in the future.

Tricky, dude, I do not know what game you were watching, Our O-line blew last night, and Henne had close to no time, most of the time.

henne had a sub par game to boot, but his line was garbage! Our running game was great on delay carries because their line we trying to tee off on Henne cause no one was getting in their way. you may want to watch the game again.

Hey JIreland, we know you're IrelandSucks -- cmon man up dude.

I watched the game, and whether you like it or not they were in the game through the 3rd quarter. They really should have been ahead in the 3rd quarter had Marshall not dropped a TD pass, and Carpenter not missed a chip shot field goal. You need to watch the game again. They give me that the reason Thomas had a great game was because the Texans were trying to tie off on Henne. They were playing base defense throughout the game, with 1 LB blitzing in their 3/4.


Tony Sporano does not a head coach make... PERIOD

Im sick of what they are doing to this once PROUD Franchise.

Don Shula, wake up and get in ROSS's head..He is destroying this franchise.

Definition of Insanity: Thinking you are going to get a different result by doing the same things over and over!!!

Disgusted Fins Fan in MD

Michael, I was responding to "Tricky" who claimed he had all the time in the world.

Our running game did have success because the D ends were taking outside routes up the field all game, over pursuing our QB, leaving wholes for the delay hand off. Good calls by our O-coord, but that is the majority reason why we had a good rushing attack. Lanes were open.

But honestly, the lst 3 years are full of "if's" Marshall catching the ball, which seems every game he drops something. Carpenter missing field goals. Way to many ifs for a team that should be motivated and concentration. I am sick of having "ifs on Monday instead of "wins".

I think you mistook my comment a bit.

I need to make a correction to my week six 1-5 prediction. I missed the fact that we have a bye in week 5, so I doubt it's possible we'd add another loss there. So 1-4 is a better prediction.
Although I have a feeling if there is a way to lose during a bye week... well...
Ok, that really IS being a defeatist. I officially predict we will NOT lose a game during the bye week. Lead pipe cinch.

Can this team be Homeless? Can the NFL make all the Dolphins games away instead. They seem like homeless people not knowing where they live and that is bad. If one knows not where they live they are taken advantage of and beat like a bunch of wild beasts instead of the smartest mammals on the face of the earth. Can we just relocate this team to a different State that wants a losing team that don't give two $hits about the fan base and start fresh. I've said it for 3 years now, this team is not going anywhere unless the real cause of the problems are resolved. The coaching staff. It all comes down to them for not having the TEAM ready! Simple math, you coach like $hit, you lose period!

When watching a Phins game, I have to think about that movie "Major League". The owner of the team (CLE Indians if I'm not mistaken) recruited just crappy players, most of them too old, often injured, an unknown Highschool coach... just to lose as many games as possible in order to lose the fanbase with the aim to relocate the team somewhere else. As the stadium in LA (Farmers Field) is going to be financed by AEG, Ross would be the winner in this operation. So the rumors of the Chargers or the Vikes eventually moving there would be unfounded (although the SD needs to be replaced/rebuilt). I wouldn't be that surprised to see "Hell-Lay" trying to get the Phins over there: have a 1-15 season, grab Luck, move to LA in 2013 or so, play in the Coliseum or Rose Bowl until the new stadium is finished. Damn...

So, lemme see LMAO Analysts said that Houston has it together so you accept it like it's gospel.

Yet, when every other analyst had Miami rated the 29th worst rated team in the NFL, it's not true?

You can't have it both ways sonny. Either you believe the analysts or you don't. Which is it?

Let's face it. The Texans beat a Manning-less Colts & a bad Miami team. If you're gonna ride the analysts praise of the Texans, ride their lack of praise for the phins.

Enjoy watching this team every Sunday then coming here to make excuses for them LMAO

A once proud franchise has been destroyed by years of horrible coaching, bad personal decisions and a current owner who is more concerned about hollywood talent than football talent. All this has contributed to the downfall of a once proud franchise. I hope the fans continue to not show up for the games, send a message and hope Ross loses so much money he is forced to sell to someone who will actually cares about winning.


I'll take him in the red zone over Henne any day. Henne is plain FKING useless in the red zone. You can go ahead and blame everyone else until you die, but it's all on Henne, that is clear now...new OC, more weapons, same result.

This team will never improve with the owner they have now, this season after 2 games, how ridiculous is that, is done, they are more than a couple of players from being good, let alone competitive play off caliber, if everything went great in the next 3 drafts maybe, but I don't see them turning around in my lifetime.

Yea, Henne needs to catch that ball that marshall dropped. Henne needs to pick the defender for Fasano before throwing it so Fasano can get seperation.

Wait, Oh, Henne should really chip block the rusher to help columbo give him more time, then set up and throw.

Oh yea, Henne should hand off to himself on 4th and inches.

That damn Henne....

Some of you will make excuses for Henne for 20 years. Good QB's make things happen. Henne sticks too close to the written script. Leaders grab the reins and run, Henne plays wait and see.

We've got nothing to lose, then why keep Sparano. Maybe daboll or someone else can produce a spark. We have to see which player(s) on this team are keepers and which aren't. When a coach is fired everyone on the team takes notice because they are playing for a spot on next years team.
The problem is coaching and leadership. Don't waste time and just do it Ross.

Hmmmm... the TD to Marshall in this game was a audible called by who? Henne... Not the set play.


It is not excuses, it is the fact that many of you use henne as your scapegoat, he is the mouse in the building considering he is playing his balls off getting hit A LOT.

there are bigger elephants in the room to be pointing at, and many of you keep going after the mouse. It is getting more and more ridiculous.

Henne had a sub par game I agree with that, but his sub par game was better that 90% of the efforts we got from anyone else. I will never have a problem blaming Henne for being crap when he is, but I am sick of him being the scapegoat for every game!

Dolphins problems:

The Oline: Can't seem to run block and pass block in the same game (mainly Columbo)

Brian Hartline: He should be a 4th WR, there nothing he does great. Anytime white WR your number 2 that's a problem. Im not being racist.

The DLine: no pressure unless we blitz

The LB's: Just make no plays, Dansby is overratted, Burnett can't tackle, Misi is the worst what a bust. He does nothing!

The Seconday: VD is overhyped, SS thinks he's R Kelly, Bell prob needs to play LB, Jones is clueless out there.

Overall the coachinng is by far the worst. How do you line up on 4th and 1 and try and draw the defense offside. That doesn't work knucle head Sparano!

My final analysis is WE SUCK!

Did anyone notice that for a brief time we played like a very decent running team? That our rookie RB had a hell of a first game?

Weird, right?

Citing Henne's 1 out of 20 good red zone plays doesn't convince me. Some of you would rather believe its the receivers, oline, and rb's fault and Henne is golden. I see it just the opposite. Henne has no presence, no aura, he can't get in sync with Marshall because he doesn't improvise well. He can't throw the fade. He can't the throw high to Marshall less than 200 mph. Notice how all of our receivers bobble his passes? All of them. His ball placement sucks.

Tell me who has been more inept in the red zone than Henne since he has been a starter. We've changed OC's, added more receivers, same result.

ahaha shut your mouth fins fans!!!! Jets are ready for lift off and your team is still grounded. ahaha. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS

haha shut your mouth fins fans!!!! Jets are ready for lift off and your team is still grounded. haha. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS

Yesterday was like watching The Cove all over again...the Dolphins died yesterday and there proud tradition died with them.

Henne is NOT the problem...


A once proud franchise has been destroyed by years of horrible coaching, bad personal decisions and a current owner who is more concerned about hollywood talent than football talent.

Wayne Huizenga ruined this franchise. Bailing out after the 1-15 season was the best thing he ever did.

And thanks Dying Breed, I started Henne on my fantasy team and he got me 5 measley pts. Last time I take fantasy tips from you!I guess me being a Homer didnt help.

OH yea Scuab was my backup! LOL

charlie, you can have your opinion, and welcomed to it. The last wo games Henne put a ball into Marshall's hands that he dropped for TD's. If those are caught your whole argument goes to crap. Henne hit Hartline in the red zone for a TD, through a SMALL window.

Henne sucks at the fade, I agree, SO DONT CALL THE F'N play, call something else.

Henne had 3 miserable throws in the red zaone this year. Two overthrows I think both to Marhsall, and the fade throw.

He called his own # for a rush TD, he has been running for 1st deons both games, announcers are talking about the lack of time and seperation the receivers get.

Look man, your agument does not hold as much water as you think. He made some mistakes yes, but in football on timing routes and jump balls, a receiver can not just chnge his mind and do what he feels like. Especially when the QB has no time!!

Tom Brady can improvise, he as 10 seconds to throw every call, that is when a receiver like Marshall can play his backyard bs routes.

Not on this team with this line. Not sure what you are not seeing here.

I do agree...The owners have been horrible and Ross is just driving in the stake to finish killing the franchise that Wayne started to destroy.

As a fan from inception of the Miami team I am getting too old to keep saying maybe next year. I've said that since the Shula - Marino era ended. Some writers say "the Fins lost but there were some good things that happened!" As a fan watching at home and for the fans in the seats - we don't want to hear that - we want a W - my God do you realize how long it takes for those fans to paint their face? It does seem Sparano and Ireland are not the answer and I question how much Ross cares about the team - when has he got on his private jet and flown somewhere to talk to a player or coach ala Hyzinga. Looking around the league I hate to say this but I can't see this team winning more than 2-3 games this year. I believe Sparano and Ireland will be gone next year and maybe some new blood in the scouting department. This team has the talent but somehow they have managed to look pathetic in the past two games. I love the Fins so I hope they prove me wrong, please prove me wrong.

Be back after lunch, always some time for food when your drowning in football misery.

I still have the same dolphins paraphernalia I bought at least ten years ago because it's to embarrassing to wear it. Do ya feel me Ross! Stop worrying about the celebs in the stands and worry about getting some personnel that has a clue about WINNIG FOOTBALL GAMES! This team looks PATHETIC out there. I, for one, am boycotting anything to do with this team.

i can't believe sparano is still the head coach of this team. he likes what he sees from the o-line? this guy is clueless. you can't stand at a podium during a press conference and say you like anything about this team. the defense sucks. the offense sucks. the special teams suck. trusnik should be gone. hartline needs to be benched because he can't hang on to the ball. and, for a guy who is supposed to be the fastest on the team he has a big problem trying to get open.
the whole team is in disarray. i have never seen such a bigger bunch of quitters in my life. in fact, the ONLY player who seems to be competing in the last two weeks is chad henne. everyone else seems to be giving up. when this team gets down they quit. this team has not changed one bit. surprising? yes. these guys need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask if they want to play pro football. everyone wants to play for a winner. well, you have to be a winner yourself to play for a winnner. if you're a quitter you'll never be a winner. these guys are quitters; a bunch of losers. if they don't change their attitude that's all they're ever going to be.
they suck!

Henne sucks at the fade, I agree, SO DONT CALL THE F'N play, call something else.

He called his own # for a rush TD

Posted by: Poizen | September 19, 2011 at 11:43 AM

Great QB's will override the coach sometimes and make the play they CAN make!

Henne did NOT call his own number, it came out in the pressers that Dabol called his number, designed play.

When all is said in done, we have had the worst red zone offense in the NFL since Henne has been a starter. Sometimes the real problem is the most obvious problem.

Sadly this team sux. Time to revamp. Start with the owner, then HC and FO. Come on Andrew Luck!

Phin4Life, don't take this personally, but I am going to correct all of the mistakes in your following post:

This is a very poorly coached team. Two [should be "Too"]many mistakes in the draft and free agent pick up's [should be "ups" - no apostrophe] [Also, the previous sentence has no verb.]. They do everythng ["everything"] backwards, [should be a period, not a comma] twice the kick returner ran the ball out from the back of the end zone. Sparano's philosophy of run the ball, draft RB's [should be "RBs"], free agent RB's [should be "RBs"] and o line o-line o-line [There is an inconsistency in your use of dashes.] is killing us. It's going to be ugly this year, [should use a dash instead of a comma] another Cammy Cam year. And it's also the owners [should be "owner's" or "owners'" fault for keeping Sparano.

Posted by: Phin4Life | September 19, 2011 at 08:58 AM

Thank you.

How did sean smith fair against andre johnson? Did not get to see the game. I read nolan carrol was on him....thats a head scratcher. Anyways...13 points wont win many games, if any. Seems like we have been stuck in neutral for the last 6 years. Just an average team, again.

When all is said and done we hve had the worst red zone offense in the NFL since Henne has been a starter...Charlie Brown

Seems to me we've had one of the WORST offensive lines since that time as well. If I recall, we drafted Long the same year specifically becasue the line sucks. One lineman doesn't make the line and constantly taking rejects for starters (Clownumbo for starters) doesn't fix crap. I don't give a damn who you put behind that line, if he is running for his life almost immediately after the snap, getting plowed as he throws the ball or is flat on his back...he is going to SUCK! Blame Henne if it makes you feel good but it doesn't change the fact that the line sucks and until it gets right this will be a VERY LONG YEAR....

Why is it that many past bad teams are now winning games and the Dolphins still STINK. Well lets see, Henne can't throw a pass with touch, can't throw a fade to save his life, the great O-line has perhaps two decent players on it after years of change and millions of dollars of cap money spent. The defense looks slow, can't tackle and CAN'T cover anyone. What genius plays Carroll against the Texans best receiver? Time to flush again...this is getting old fast. If Ross doesn't make changes soon...he'll have to fill the seats with just other teams fans.

Tony, I don't know what to do. As an organization, we've tried a lot of different things, they all end up the same, mediocrity. I get what you said about Miami being all hot and vacation-like, but these guys are pro's. It shouldn't matter where you are. The most important thing is the top of an organization. Ask any football insiders (business side), they'll tell you teams usually win/lose before a single game is played. It's about how well you draft talent, keep talent, Coach talent. Over a long period of time. We're losing today because of mistakes made years ago. There is no easy answer.

Poizen, I agree, if anyone's blaming Henne is simple scapegoating. Henne has been more the answer these 2 games than the cause of the losses. But put Henne with the mediocre talent he has around him and all you get is mediocrity. Not sure that I agree he's Matt Shaub yet. I think Henne still makes some poor throws (that a Shaub wouldn't miss on). But I also think Shaub has WRs/TEs/RBs that make great catches from bad throws (and while our team has some of that, again, it's inconsistent).

Our offense IS going to stumble this year, we're in Year 1 of a totally new system. But our offense and defense and special teams have NOT played together, getting hot at the same time, in a long, long time. That's a problem. That's what this team needs to win. And they haven't been able to do it.

Therefore, I don't blame Henne. I blame EVERYONE. STARTING with the GM. Then the HC. Then the Coaches. Then the players. EVERYONE.

But you can't fire everyone. How do we fix this? Forget next year, can it be fixed THIS year? Not sure. Don't have answers. I'm just really disappointed. And tired of losing. And tired of mediocrity. And tired of trying to figure it out. Pretty depressing. Not good for morale for the team, community or fan base. Won't bring people to the stadium. Won't bring money to the franchise. WILL force the Owner to make moves based on business and not football soundness. That should worry us all.

After taking a break from this blog because of some of the ninnies, you know who you are, I will say this:

The same problems from last year arise this year. What's the surprise? It's not like they REALLY addressed the needs we had effictively.

Poor oline play? Untimely mistakes? Over rated Defense? Hot & cold QB play? Sound familiar? It should!

This team is woeful in the red zone. Some of it is on Henne, some of it is on the line, some of it on coaches. They all share the blame.

Why the hell was Carroll on Johnson? Where was Smith or Davis? Even Allen? Not that they are great, but they are better than Carrol!

The Texans aren't a great team. People calling them a power house is ridiculous. We kept up for a bit but good teams makes plays to get back in the game. We were making plays to take us out of the game.

Anyone shocked at these results hasn't been watching the Dolphins the last 3+ years. This IS your team. Get used to it.

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