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Monday Night Football stakes are cut, dried

The stakes are pretty simple, really. Win good. Lose bad.

Win ... first place.

Lose ... last place.

Win, and the Dolphins will tie the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets for first place in the AFC East. Lose, and the Dolphins would be the only winless team in the division after one week. And they would be in last place.

No, that doesn't mean they will finish either first or last by the end of the season. But, clearly, this regular-season opener will be a table setter like few have been in recent years.

The Dolphins are 4-6 in season openers the past 10 seasons, but 2-6 the past eight years. The Patriots, not surprisingly, are much better right out of the gate. New England hasn't lost a season-opener since 2003. They are 8-2 in their last 10 season openers. And they've won two consecutive season openers on the road -- those coming in 2007 at the New York Jets and 2008 at Kansas City.

Yes, I get it and so should you, Bill Belichick typically has his team ready to play early in the season.

The question is will the Dolphins be ready?

Or will the table setter be a plate-breaking, entre-dropping, water-spilling disaster?


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Tom Jackson never answered the question about who will win tonight because he is still laughing at the question 48 hours later! Like Armando says, it's only one game. You will be able to pretend you have hope for a few more weeks no matter what.

Or will the table setter be a plate-breaking, entre-dropping, water-spilling disaster?

Or A "Dog kicking,Smashing TV,Punching your Nighbor Disaster?.

All I ask is the team doesn't beat themselves. I can accept losing to a better team. I can't accept losing to yourself. Keep the penalties in check. Win the turnover battle. EXECUTE at the most important times of the game.

That's all I ask for. That's all I expect.

DC, You sound like the HC, Come on man, Let it all out brother, Win the game.

WOW! I made this post and then saw this new blog:

Jets and Bills victories yesterday automatically raised the stakes in this afc east game of division poker.

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 12, 2011 at 11:40 AM

Im really scared when Im having the same thoughts as Armando! LOL...

Herm Edwards: You play to WIN the game!

Trying to recapture the early 70's magic. Just bought the eary 70's edition of the "true aqua blue and orange" Dolphin cap.

Seems we've been jinxed ever since going to the teal green instead of aqua blue. Will be wearing the early 70's aqua blue cap the entire season. Hopefully it brings back the the early 70's magic!

Gotto head off to work,Go Phins, See you all around game time.


Correction to your statement "Win, and the Dolphins will tie the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets for first place in the AFC East."

By way of the first tiebreaker rule, the winner of tonight's game will be in sole possession of first place, having the best divisional head to head record.


Youre absolutely correct! It a division game and automatically places the winner tonight in the catbird's seat atop the afc east.

The winner tonight and the afc east crown is thiers to lose.

LMAOROTF,Pats 38 Fins 9, 3 Fist pump FGs, This game should be over by mid-way through the second quarter.

In an odd way, I think the Jets win last night may have given the fins that watched the game extra motivation. The Jets bent but didn't break. They hung in there, made plays on D and ST to save the game.

Miami needs to feed off that if the going gets rough, hang in and play the full game. Belichek is known for reminding his team when they are up in the 4th quarter, you've got to play the WHOLE game.

If we get ahead, I don't want to see too much celebrating on the sidelines. Too much celebrating is for amateurs and losers. Winners act like its no big deal because its no surprise, they've been there before and fully expected to win.

Pats starting DE's:

1. Shaun Ellis 34yrs old
2. Andre Carter 32yrs old

Both best pass rushing days are clearly behind them. These two acquisitions may prove to be serious flaws in the supposedly "genius" Bellichick thinking late in the season.

Injury or late season fatigue could seriously exposed the flanks of Bellichick's late season defensive perimeter. Both against the pass and run. Beillichick will have to expose himself with lots of blitzes and disguises.

Did anyone say upset? I just have feeling the Dolphins will be ready to play. I just tid worried about the o-line.

The Pats can be scored on with this new offense. Can the d hold Brady to a reasonable output is the question.

Tonite I am going to get a grip on my boyfriends tiny dick and jerk it while dreaming my tongue is up Brady's ass tasting his prostate.

If I were Brian DaBoll I would run right at the Pats "old DE's" to tire them out come late in the game. It would take much of the starch out of them vs both the run and pass rush abilities late.

They have only 2 backup DE's listed on thier 53 roster. Mark Anderson and Mike Wright. Can you say who?

And since Christmas 2009, the Dolphins have lost nine of 10 home games.


Full Moon tonight

Dolphins should look good by the Astronomical Twilight bout 8:46 PM

Miami 31 N.E. 27

have a HAARPy day

This not going to be an upset, we are going to destroy this team and walk off the field like it was a forgone conclusion.

Dolphin Scoring Frenzy will in fact Shock the NFL World

I believe we can do a very repectable job against Brady. We may have the best d-line in the entire league as far as quality and depth. Dansby and Burnett have to be one of the best ilb tandems in the league. Wake's top 5 in the nfl on the outside.

Misi's doing better against the run and JT will be the perfect compliment coming in on passing downs. When they overload protection to Wake's side, JT still has enough left in the tank to beat 1 on 1 matches to the other side.

PHINS - 20
NE - 17

This is an upset week and the heat and humidity plus Cameron Wake will make this happen!

GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!

Pass First Offense

Fast & Furious

Dolphins Love To Play Under the Full Moon

8:46 PM Astronomical Twilight
Expect Dolphin Frenzy

I do believe defensively we have the ability to hold Brady and Pats offense to 24pts or less. Just cant have any pick 6's by Henne or gift td's by the st's.

This Pat defense looks like one that 30pts can be scored on if youre smart, patient, and dont beat yourselves. Especially if you have a high octane offense.

Jason Taylor becomes BETTER than Lawrence Taylor tonight

It is what it is now. NE by 7.5.

Let's deal in whole numbers here...

No longer will I believe in the Miami Dolphins for free. They have to prove it to Me.

The perfect startv for tonight's game would be for the Pats to kickoff and Clyde Gates return 100 plus yards for a td.

What better start would it be than for the st's unit to begin the game with avengence. It would fire up the fans, the team, and could possibly fuel a Dolphin blowout victory!


Tell LV, Freedog.

I would very much like to see Gates return a k/o for a td and have a 50 plus yardage td reception.

It would mark a sensational way for the rook to begin his nfl Dolphins career! LOL....


I would love to see the Fins earn your respect this season. Im sure you would too!


If Bill loses this one the faithful fans in boston will want o fun him out of town. HAHA would be sooo funny to see all those Patriot fans at ESPN make excuses!!! But dont think they will have to sniff sniff!!! Go Phinssss


Youre the kind of fan I dont consider a troll. You're battle cry is basically: "Prove It To Me"!

The trolls say:

No matter what you it'll never be good enough for me!



Im of mindset Bill Bellichick's supposed reign as nfl genius has an hour glass of sand that has almost fully run out.

All supposed good things must come to an end. Not only does nfl history has evidence of it. But also, human history evidences it too!


hey odin,if i start tail gating now, how wasted will i be by k/o.?lol

j-lo to shake her naked booty for everybody who's in the mens room at 1/2 time in section 144.lol


I can tell you are pretty pumped about tonight's game, as we all are. I like the idea of running at the old DEs. The problem I have with that is, with who? It's why they should have had a guy like Brown back in the fold, even as a third-stringer. Johnson might be able to do it for a bit but can we really rely on this guy to do it for the whole game Doubt it. I'm not counting on much from Thomas and I think Bush is too small. Maybe a guy like Hilliard gets to show what he has.

It's a good thing that I never cared People laughing at me, DB. lol

they're certainly capable of upsetting the pats but can they all execute under the mental pressure of big time regular season football, knowing they need a good start to the season, knowing the bills and jets have started well (results wise)

ready and waiting for game

now till kick-off seems like the entire offseason all over again!!

give it to lex.

Do something else, Wolf.

Today: Partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. High 92F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.
Tonight: Variable clouds with thunderstorms, especially early. Low 76F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 40%.

Brady Vs. Henne....Zero Comparison....Belicheck Vs. Morono....Not Even Close...I am hoping that my beloved Phins pull off the upset...but I just do not see it....Phins 14 Pats 27....Please Phins...Prove Me Wrong....Good Luck Boys...


The goal of running the ball, isnt for the sake of just to run it. You run it because you cant pass every single down of the game. You run it to milk the clock in the 4th qtr and protect leads.

Unless playing against an absolutely horrible run defense, running for the sake of running is pointless. It only means youre horrible passing the ball.

I like our chances of being able to move the chains offensively. If it works the way you like it to work, then the rushing avg doesnt mean a whole lot. The run game also serve a purpose of keeping the defense pass ruhers honest and can increase time of possession.

Remember, time of possesion can also be meaningless if you still lose the game. You can have a 2.5ypc rushing average and win if you combine it with your passing game to average 7-10yds per play on offense.

Its not always what you do. How you do it counts too! LOL...

lol Wolf, I feel your pain. I'm going to the gym just so I keep myself occupied until I leave (haven't been able to keep my mind focused on work for 5 minutes straight).

easy for u to say oscar!


The Positive thing is we have "VETS" at nearly every key position on this team. Even the young guys at key positions have nfl seasoning underneath thier belts. So I seriously doubt the stage will be too big for them tonight.

Its not a matter of being mentally up to snuff. Its only a matter of consistent execution.

I simply love our blend of youth, age and experience throughout our entire on the field roster.

db,remember the phins having the ball for 44 min. against p.manning and they lost.?

Most all of our guys on our on the field roster are already big game battle tested. they wont be "dear in the headlights". It only comes down to just executing.


I mentioned that to Darryl Dunphy lastnight. Time of possesion can mean very little against a high powered offense unless you have a 2001 version of the Ravens defense.

High powered offenses against slightly above average defenses can make you pay dearly for time of possession victories. They can make it mean very little for you in the win-loss column.


i know i've been believing that they CAN do it since they hired daboll

way back when i made my first post on this blog having been reading but non-posting for a year just before i woke up (briefly) in icu

i said "no name coaches" there's hope in that in response to all the negative stuff at that time , i saw those hirings esp of daboll as a good thing and of keeping ts as a good thing coz i felt he needed one more season to go better tha 8-8

they have built a very good team and have a much better scheme on offense and defense than 2 years ago but they have one big hurdle to overcome - they have to prove to themselves that they can do, it winning is a habit and so is losing it takes PMA (belief) as a whole team to achieve success

vets will bring leadership but they have known failure, the youth will bring fearlessness, a good combo as long as your not 21 points down!!!


nice pun by the way

My greatest concern is can our secondary play lights out. I believe the front 7 will wreak havoc. But it all goes for null because you cant sack or get intense pressure on a qb every single play.

They wont be able to hide behind a great d-line an lb corp every single play and every single game. Davis and Smith game has to rise to the next level. Sapp as to rise to next level at nickel. The safeties have to make big plays on the back line of the defense.

Spread started @ 5.5, now up to 8. I do not like that at all. As much as it seems it is just numbers, those numbers do not jump without people knowing something.

I want to be optomistic, please feed me more positive stuff please, I am bringing myself down...

Im hoping our defense can lead the way for the first 4-5 games as we develop greater oline cohesiveness and our offense develops greater confidence in DaBoll's system(AKA: learning curve).

I have all faith we can be a top 3 nfl defensive team if we have no defensive backline(secondary) breakdowns. That would be enough to carry us 4-5 games while the offense completely gels.


It only means many uneducated bettor out there think offensively we're still the same old damn dolphins and are unaware Channing Crowder no longer plays in defensive coverage for us.

Vegas is raising the betting line adjusting to the overconfidense of the bettors.

Poizen, home team automatically gets 3 points so if you factored that in, the spread is actually 11 pts.

I guess that isn't the positive "stuff" you were looking for? LOL

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