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Dolphins defense must prepare for more no-huddle

The Dolphins defense showed itself vulnerable to the no-huddle attack last week.

Defensive players seemed vulnerable in their conditioning because players looked gassed as they stood at the line of scrimmage, mouths agape as they gasped for air, their hands on hips.

They seemed vulnerable in their physical preparation because several players -- including cornerbacks Vontae Davis and Sean Smith -- suffered from cramps. Cramps can be prevented with proper hydration, IVs, even fruit. But you have to have a regimen of hydration for long periods of time to ensure it will work.

And finally, the Dolphins seemed vulnerable in getting players on the field.

I want to deal with the last of those today.

The Patriots no-huddle is interesting in that they run players on and off the field before they snap the ball. Traditional no-huddle attacks try to catch you in one personnel grouping they think they have an advantage in and keep that group on the field to wear you out while pressing that singular advantage.

The Patriots are different. The mix and match group as they run the no-huddle. When they get into a rhythm, it's a stunning thing to see because it happens fast, it's precise, and obviously involves a good amount of forethought.

The Dolphins (and any defense for that matter) hasn't the ability to respond with forethought because coaches cannot count on always guessing correctly what group the Pats will scramble onto the field before they actually do it.

Miami did, nonethelss, try to match New England with its own personnel changes even in no-huddle situations. It didn't work out as well as folks might have wanted. The Dolphins were forced to call time out at least once to collect themselves. They were caught with 12 men on the field once. They were caught not ready for the snap of the football at least once and Tom Brady completed a pass to Deion Branch against Nolan Carroll as a result.

"They caught us a couple of times trying to sub and get matched up," safety Yeremiah Bell said. "Look, they do it to us every year. They get into this every year so we were ready for it. We just didn't handle it as well as we wanted."

The problem is no longer how they handled or failed to handle it last week. The problem becomes w]how the Dolphins handle no-huddle operation in the future -- like, oh, Sunday against the Texans. In the NFL, you see, when a team shows a weakness, opponents pick at that weakness like a scab in ensuing games until someone becomes convinced it has been addressed.

"We know we’re going to see [the no-huddle] week in and week out now," Bell said.

It doesn't matter that the Patriots and the Texans run vastly different offenses -- the Texans a West Coast offense, and New England a more vertical attack. No-huddle is universally available to everyone.

So how do the Dolphins respond? I look for them to adjust on several fronts. I assume they've worked on getting certain groupings on the field faster this week. I assume defensive coaches will try to speed up their decision-making to help get the players on the field faster.

And I know there will be some plays where the Dolphins might just have to line up with what they've got and simply ball. That's what Bell thinks should have happened more often against the Patriots.

"We should have just kept personnel on the field instead of trying to run guys off and on," he said. "Sometimes you just got to roll with it."


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Hi odorseye.

Hugs and kisses.


Mike G I agree. The NE WR's are nothing much. Welker is the only one worth anything.

Jam em

Billy? Is that you Billy?

I haven't seen you since.......since.......since those "Crazy Days" back in college ;)

BTW, did you ever get that surgery you were always harping about? I know where there's a party tonight and ah........chicks get in.........um.....

SO, how have you been?


Good the bonfire is on. Listen buddy, can't let you go down on me anymore time without a condom. I need to play safe with you. I'm hearing things about you from a lot of guys over at that other blog. Don't want to catch any nasties.

See ya in a bit.


you mean you have to ask? then you haven't been paying attention. what goes around comes around.

last week it was sap this week it will be Nolan Carroll.Anyone put money on this one!




what is not fair is the way he attacks others without reason, goes way too far. pay more attention.



GOD BLESS YOU................

What up fellow Dolphans! I've reading some of the post and I've come to the conclusion that once again We are doubted! Shout-out to La Brigada. Keep it going man. We Miami Dolphins fans need to ask ? and demand answers! If you're a true Dolphan STOP THE BLASPHEMY of The Dolphins relocating. We need a franchise to once again be proud of. If Mr. Ross builds it WE will attend! No Matter Miami's ethnicity.

IF WE LOSE VS HOUSTON.............

TS WILL BE FIRED OR MIKE NOLAN WILL BE EXILED/////////////////////////////////////////////


I have reaffirmed my conclusion that you(and of course all your other aliases) are an a-shole, DB.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 16, 2011 at 09:25 PM


You guys realize that being called an Ahole. Is a compliment to some people.

Aloco (@ 9:17 PM)

How can we be certain that..He's not just building a giant


Yes be patient. It's only been 4 years. It takes 37 years to build a championship team. We are just 3 owners and 7 head coaches away.

How about the Dolphins just be prepare?

A confidence boost for Miami Dolphins’ Chad Henne

Jeff Darlington jdarlington@MiamiHerald.com

.Quarterback Chad Henne, buoyed by a strong performance against the Patriots in a new offensive system, is stepping up as an emotional leader for the Dolphins.

-EXCELLENT, non biased on the spot reporting.

Darlington just acepted an offer from the NFL channel!

Armando...........has an agenda! ROTFLMAO!

Get down on THAT-Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaalph ;)

Another excerpt from Darlington:

Here’s what he did: Henne completed 30 of 49 passes for 416 yards. He threw five passes for 25 yards or more. He even rushed for 59 yards on seven attempts, prompting wide receiver Brandon Marshall to jokingly compare Henne with Michael Vick.

Who else mentioned Henne's numbers being "Vick Like" Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaalph? You guessed it-yours truly-ODINSEYE!!!!

"RoboHenne was not seen in the season opener"

What? Huh? My ASS-ROTFLMAO!!!!



Mad blog writer experiment gone awry, Armando Salguero will have us believe everry team we face including the Texans will now resort to the same no huddle substitution offense we didng handle well against The Pats.

Dummy Armando, let them bring it on!

What we saw out of the Pats is thier "normal" offense. I would love to see a team that does not do this regularly expect to have the same results as the Pats. It's like thinking I can be a pro qb because I watch them on tv.

We may see the Texans try a little of what they saw the Pats do to us. But it wont be to the degree of which the Pats ran it. They are two entirely different offenses. The Texans cant overnight become the the New England Patriots offense.

But if you dont get pressure on the qb, dont cover, and dont tackle well. The Cincinatti Bengals will look like the New England Patriots did Monday night.


Armando lacks imagination so badly I havent a clue how he was hired as writer period. Let alone a sports writer.

I dont think Armando has an agenda. He's just a pile of dried out dog doo-doo when it comes to writing. I never listened to his radio show, but many say it sucks just as bad too!


What up Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalp?

Let me guess, you getting "busy" with a lot of the guys from over at the "other blog(RainBow Room)"?

Get on DOWN(on your knees)"He She"!


Radio? Just picture yourself listening to a Fran Drescher(The Nanny) "suckng up" for 3 hours straight!

It's like straight pins right in the temple!

The Key To Beating The Texans:

On Defense:

1. Shut down the run first and foremost. Force the Texans to become a pass only offense.

2. Pass rush. Shutting down the run is meaningless if we cant rattle the qb. Coverage alone will at some point yeild big plays.

On Offense:

1. Establish big play pass offense.

2. Redzone efficiency. Have to cash in on the big plays to move downfield with tds. FG's gotta be a bare minimum. Empty handiness absolutely can not happen.

3. Have double digit lead by mid 4th qtr. Close out the victory with the ground game.

There you have it guys! LOL...

Great game between Stanford, Andrew Luck, and Arizona, Nick Foles, two possible QBs for our Dolphins....

DB, if the Defense shows up tomorrow and the offense plays as well or better than last week it's a win, but the D has to show!!!!

Hennes 3rd down efficiency:

Lets not cherry pick.


Are you crazy? You know "our luck" will never be great enough to get "Andrew Luck".

That's why I posted yesterday if Boise St's Kellen Moore is available come our 1st pick. We need to grab him even if Henne becomes a pro bowler this year.


Odin, were you talking about the movie RADIO? Where Cuna Gooding played Radio and Ed Harris was the coach? Are you saying Mando is Radio????? Just asking!!


Most of the problem with this team in recent years has been to get all 3 units to show up for the same game.

The defense shows the offense doesnt. Then vice vesrsa. Then the st's wont show.

Then there are times when only one unit shows and the other two take the game off. Then there's rare occasion when all 3 units fail to show for the game.

What scares me most is will all 3 units show up against the Texans? I fear it could be the offense or st's that doesnt show tomorrow because the D pulled the no show Monday night.


Without placing blame on either side, there’s no question Henne didn’t often mesh well with former offensive coordinator Dan Henning. The system didn’t match Henne’s skill set, and the style didn’t match his personality.

-If we ever get a QB that meshes with a Dan Henning offense and fits his style, shoot em in the head and put him out of his misery!

(Actually, put him in a 55 gallon drum of lye for 6 months and then dump him near the intakes of your local water treatment facility ;)

Odin, that should be Cuba, not Cuna! I might have something else on the brain!

Hennes 3rd down efficiency:

Lets not cherry pick.

Posted by: La Brigada | September 18, 2011 at 12:13 AM

I agree! Imagine what he could do with a running game and an O-line!

Great Point La Brigada!


We have a hof qb that fit Henning's style. Bob Griese. However, had Henning been the oc back then, Paul Warfield would have been a decoy wr.


Canes kicked ass tonite, Dolphins will make it a great weekend at Sunlife Stadium

Uh OH!

She just got out of the shower(she thinks bonfires make you stink! WOMEN-SHEESH!)

Here's to hoping the rest of the team can p[lay as well as Henne!

Bottom's Up!!!!

PS: Armando, Darlington shamed you with his goodbye kiss!

Dying, LOL, yes I am crazy, like a fox, if we tank, which I hope we do not

Screen blanked, test!


I like how Henne was able to get the ball into the hands of his weapons on offense.

On the Negative:

Henne still cant throw an endzone fade to save his mother's life. Also, when you have Brandon Marshall there's absolutely no excuse to be 2-14 on 3rd down conversions.

He seems to still fear throwing to Marshall even when he's not open. Marshall could be an unstoppable redzone and 3rd down threat if Henne ever loses this fear. If Marshall played for Brady, Manning, Rogers, or Brees. Then everyone would know exactly what Im talking about.

Dying got cut off, as usual will try again

Dying, LOL, yes I am crazy, like a fox, if we tank, which I hope we do not

Nevermind I hate this app as much as our FO!


Henne passed for 417yds against the Pats. That's more than enough passing yardage to puit at least 38pts on the scoreboard.

The improved number of big plays on offense is nice and all. But will mean very little if they are not converted into tds on the scoreboard.

417yds passing will never be good enough when they result in only 2 passing tds. Though Henne did have a td rushing and I still give kudos for that because its still 7pts.

As I already stated, 417yds passing needs to equal 38pts on the scoreboard one way or the other.

Brady put 5 tds and a fg on the scoreboard. Basically we can say Henne put 2 tds and fg on the scoreboard when given the option to discount the last garbage time td.

Henne's yardage and the chunk plays were great. But they have to result in more scores!

Is it me or does anyone else think we had a much better secondary before we let our fa db's walk. Then proceeded to grab Gerbril Wilson, and draft Davis/Smith?

Our secondary really hasnt been the same since.

Dying, on the money, good comments!

Our D needs to show up for a win! If Henne puts up 400 yds, we should have more than 30 points!!!


Although many goats can be named defensively against the Pats. Reshad Jones may have been the greatest of all becuase of two missed great opportuities to almost single handidly win that game.

Jones knocked down a pass that was a certain pick 6 had he just caught it and ran with it.

Then, althought Sapp was the goat banished from the heard after the missed tackle on Welker's 99yd td. Jones was late getting to that side of the field and missed another golden opportunity for a pick 6. You could see Jones arriving late in the picture on every replay.

That's 14pts left on the table that could be attributed to Reshad Jones alone. Dont get me wrong, the kid had a decent game with 11 tackles. But good isnt good enough when you see evidence that it could have been great!

Jones has to pick it up. Close only counts in horse shoes. In the nfl close equals a defeat.

Instead both of Reshad Jones' missed pick opportunities ended in 14pts for the Pats. Rather than 14pts for us.

We should have won that game by at least a score of 31-24 had Reshad Jones cashed in on those two missed opportunities. Of course it would also mean Sapp would still be on the team and Will Allen would not.

GN Im out!

Dying, Jones has instinct, shows promise, he'll be great, give him time!

GN DB and all!

Andrew Luck reminds me of Marino and Manning, only more mobile!

His name is Peyton Daniel-Luck ....

Whenever you want to know who is going to win a game, just ask yourself who has the better team.

Who has the better team?

The better team doesn't always win!

Last !

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