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Dolphins defense must prepare for more no-huddle

The Dolphins defense showed itself vulnerable to the no-huddle attack last week.

Defensive players seemed vulnerable in their conditioning because players looked gassed as they stood at the line of scrimmage, mouths agape as they gasped for air, their hands on hips.

They seemed vulnerable in their physical preparation because several players -- including cornerbacks Vontae Davis and Sean Smith -- suffered from cramps. Cramps can be prevented with proper hydration, IVs, even fruit. But you have to have a regimen of hydration for long periods of time to ensure it will work.

And finally, the Dolphins seemed vulnerable in getting players on the field.

I want to deal with the last of those today.

The Patriots no-huddle is interesting in that they run players on and off the field before they snap the ball. Traditional no-huddle attacks try to catch you in one personnel grouping they think they have an advantage in and keep that group on the field to wear you out while pressing that singular advantage.

The Patriots are different. The mix and match group as they run the no-huddle. When they get into a rhythm, it's a stunning thing to see because it happens fast, it's precise, and obviously involves a good amount of forethought.

The Dolphins (and any defense for that matter) hasn't the ability to respond with forethought because coaches cannot count on always guessing correctly what group the Pats will scramble onto the field before they actually do it.

Miami did, nonethelss, try to match New England with its own personnel changes even in no-huddle situations. It didn't work out as well as folks might have wanted. The Dolphins were forced to call time out at least once to collect themselves. They were caught with 12 men on the field once. They were caught not ready for the snap of the football at least once and Tom Brady completed a pass to Deion Branch against Nolan Carroll as a result.

"They caught us a couple of times trying to sub and get matched up," safety Yeremiah Bell said. "Look, they do it to us every year. They get into this every year so we were ready for it. We just didn't handle it as well as we wanted."

The problem is no longer how they handled or failed to handle it last week. The problem becomes w]how the Dolphins handle no-huddle operation in the future -- like, oh, Sunday against the Texans. In the NFL, you see, when a team shows a weakness, opponents pick at that weakness like a scab in ensuing games until someone becomes convinced it has been addressed.

"We know we’re going to see [the no-huddle] week in and week out now," Bell said.

It doesn't matter that the Patriots and the Texans run vastly different offenses -- the Texans a West Coast offense, and New England a more vertical attack. No-huddle is universally available to everyone.

So how do the Dolphins respond? I look for them to adjust on several fronts. I assume they've worked on getting certain groupings on the field faster this week. I assume defensive coaches will try to speed up their decision-making to help get the players on the field faster.

And I know there will be some plays where the Dolphins might just have to line up with what they've got and simply ball. That's what Bell thinks should have happened more often against the Patriots.

"We should have just kept personnel on the field instead of trying to run guys off and on," he said. "Sometimes you just got to roll with it."


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Some pretty good commentaries earlier on. Here's my 2 cents worth. Overall, Miami has better players than Houston does.

the question i want to ask is, "why did they not have the conditioning to go up against the no huddle offense?" yb said they were ready. i disagree. when you look at the lack of conditioning on the defense it was pretty obvious they weren't. if you are ready it means - you are ready! not, "we thought we were ready but i guess we weren't". enough is enough with the excuses. after monday night they see where they need to be and, if they aren't doing what's necessary to get to that point, why bother. they were TOTALLY UNPREPARED to deal with new england's offense on monday. they might think they are prepared to deal with the texan's offense on sunday. if the texan's offense runs up and down the field on them are they going to say again, "we thought we were ready." do what you need to do to get yourself among the elite. practice, conditioning, strength training, etc., etc., etc. the coaching staff is solely responsible for what happened on monday night. they were the people who didn't prepare the team properly for the game and, if they don't know how to get them prepared, i would tend to agree with some others that they will be gone after this season; if not sooner.

Doesn't anyone think the Dolphins will win this game? Isn't there a blind, deaf, guru on a mountain somewhere that might pick the Dolphins against the Texans.

i think aloco got it right with his earlier post. if miami loses to houston ts WILL BE FIRED. no ifs, ands, or buts. just gone.

They were short on conditioning(lockout) as all Defences were last week(inordinate high # of yards allowed).

Belichick took the initiative(no huddle). Tired us out.

Under the best of circumstances, no Defence can withstand a good no-huddle Offence for long. But of course, the opposing Offence might do the same thing to them.

TS might not be a Genius but neither is Gary Kubiak.

they showed how slow their db's are in coverage. couldn't cover any receiver from new england and benny sapp (goodby benny!) couldn't run with the te's.
they could have brought in nhamdi. people argued they had sean smith and vontae davis. well, they really showed up for this game, didn't they.
they had no pass rush. i argued for a pass rusher on the outside, opposite cam wake. people argued that they had koa misi. well, he sure put a lot of pressure on the qb's. instead, they bring in a geritol popping linebacker who can't keep up with the speed in the game anymore. then, cam wake goes up against a rookie left tackle who is playing out of position at right tackle and gets - ONE SACK!? C'MON MAN! ridiculous. no excuses. when they talk to these guys the only thing that should be coming out of their mouths is, "we stunk up the field. we looked like amateurs and we werent' happy with the way we played. we need to get better and we need to get better fast and we need to work hard to continue to improve. we can't give excuses anymore. we're never going to be happy with where we are at because, if we are, we can let our guard down and have another "monday night" happen."
ts, when he gets to the podium, should say, "i take total responsibility for the lack of preparation. we have a lot of work to do and it is obvious we are not where we need to be so i told the team there will be no more mr. nice guy and we are going to get down to business. i let them down by not having them prepared but they also need to understand they need to start working harder to bring their play up to a different level in order to compete with the best teams in the league. if they aren't willing to do that then they won't play." not, "well, i thought odrick played well" or "yeah, we need to work on some things on the offensive line." they sucked! plain and simple. no more excuses. i'm tired of it. i thought this was a breakout year for this team but it's not looking that way.
finally, if hartline keeps dropping balls maybe it's time to give wallace a shot. also, trusnik should have been cut on tuesday for his two stupid penalties on kicks.

In Internet, when you see somebody call somebody else stupid, you know what you are dealing with.

hydration!? this team knows nothing about hydration. how can you have a team from south florida, in the middle of the heat and humidity capital of the u.s. and not have them properly hydrated? the pats looked hydrated. so, you have a team from the north that was better prepared to deal with the heat and humidity and was hydrated properly and a team that is playing on their home turf that had players cramping up. wtf? are you kidding me? hydration should be a fact of life for these guys.

didn't it DAWN ON any of these guys to say, "hey coach, i think we should be hydrated for the game?" or what about the trainers? didn't any of them think to have these guys taken care of before the game? during the game? ridiculous. just excuses. i know how to hydrate properly and i am not a trainer for an nfl team. it's not that difficult. you just need to do it. why wasn't it done?

Here, I'll take a shot for you. If and only if, they are serious about it(there has been a lot of personal things since last year), Miami by 2.

The only solution that I see for attracting Dolphins Fans and getting rid of other Team's is winning on a consistent basis.

Are we going to 0-6 vs. Texans and 0-2 OR show some Life and be 1-1 and 1-5 vs. Texans???????

Every Sunday I have a gut feeling on how the Dolphins game is going to go but for some reason I have no idea this week. I knew last week we were probably gonna lose but this week I just dont know someone help me out please. Hopefully a win but but but I doubt it. :(

So does everybody else, DKM, including LV.

The most puzzling thing to me over the last past decade is if there's a new way to lose a game this franchise seems to find it. We broke new ground against the Pats. Its the first game I remember this franchise ever lost from being totally defensively gassed.

In Miami I might add! LOL...

Seems the greatest issue with this Sparano-led team is he's always too bust trying to find new ways not to lose games. While Bill Bellichick seems to find new ways to win them.

Seems Sparano is far too overly concerned not to lose it leaves little preparation in how to win.

I'm traditionally a lover, not a fighter. But there comes a time when everyone has to stand up. Mine came back in 4th grade. I was in a mixed class (4th-5th graders). There was one guy in the 5th grade side, who was a big, fat bully. Since he had younger kids in his class, he relished PE and play time outside. That's when he'd stalk his prey on the playground and exert his bully nature.

So, he had been taunting me, but there were others weaker so of course he bullied them first. Finally, one day he got around to me. I had always stood up for myself verbally, but knew sometimes with a bully you need to show them by force you're no lightweight.

Well, when the bully tried pushing me around, I stood up. I taunted him back, and when he tried to wrestle me to the ground, I spun around and ended up slamming him down. Like most bullies (all bark, no bite), he started crying and ran to the teacher, with all his friends laughing and making fun of him. That was the last time he bullied me (and later tried to be friends).

Point of this story, Miami has gone 0-2 5 out of the last 6 years. Teams LOVE coming to Miami to play. Not only is it likely a win, but they enjoy the sights of South Beach, and walk around like bullies, laughing at their competition.

It's time for the Dolphins to STAND UP! If you don't want to be bullied anymore, you need to punch these jokers in their mouth. If you don't want to be a loser, then impose yourself and BE A WINNER! It's no harder than believing and concentrating on nothing else.

Until that happens, then don't expect bullies to take it light on you, to have compassion. They're all laughing at our weakness. We're that cute little team from Miami, boys among men.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. DEFEND THIS HOUSE!!!

When playing not to lose. You're also playing not to win. HC's like Sparano fail to heed to this.

Playing not to lose is not playing winning football!


You sound like you have more motivational stories than Sparano. Coach DC!


I so much want to see our Dolphins win this game. But past evidence tells me again Sparano will over prepare not to lose. Over preparing not to lose leaves little time to prepare to win.

This is where we'll most likely again fall short. whether its offense, defense, or st's. We seem to always find way to lose. Usually this is what happens when over preparing not to lose instead of winning.

I can imagine most of these reporters being woken up on a Sunday at 6AM and saying, Fu-k the Fans, Fu-k the Dolphins, F.......


Whatever it is Sparano is selling on gameday. All 3 on the field units are not buying at the same time. It almost always seems all 3 units(offense, defense, and st's) are hardly ever on the same page in any given game when it comes to formula for victory.

If this continues to happen, without a doubt its a huge coaching leadership issue. No matter how much talent is ever brought in it wont solve this insurmountable challenge.

If Sparano wants to keep over preparing not to lose we're looking at yet another 9-7 to 7-9 season. Yes, preparing not lose lose makes you just plain average at best.

DKM, have you ever wanted something, so bad, and refused to take no for an answer? Whatever it might be, in sports, at work, social life, etc. You focused and planned and MADE IT HAPPEN. We've all done it at some point or another. No, you can't win 'em all, but at least with me, I've had just as many ups in life than downs. And that I attribute to will, I WILLED it to happen. I would not be denied. I'm the guy who woo'd a chick for 12 months, just to finally get in her panties. She was innocent, and at first was talking about waiting for marriage, but I wanted her. So I pursued her, entertained her, took her out, showed her a good time, held and kissed her for A YEAR, when all along I just wanted to smack it from the back.

Well, it happened, because I would not take no for an answer. If I want something, usually I get it.

That's the focus we need today. THERE IS NO TOMORROW!! Leave it on the field. DIE OUT THERE IF THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES. Seriously. If you come out of there on a stretcher, as long as you win, it won't be for naught.

Yeah, the heat will slow you down. Your lungs will feel bruised from sucking so much air. FIGHT THROUGH IT! Not for me, or the fans, or the Coaches. For that first ancestor in your lineage, maybe it was an Ape, and it looked up in the Sky, and a thought crossed it's mind: I will be the first in a long line of SURVIVORS. Of Evolutionary WINNERS!! The blood, sweat and tears of ions, to get to this point, where every man on that field is today, top of the food chain. That twinkle in your ancestors' eye, knowing they would create you, it was raw power. Raw force. Sheer determination. This is no time to fail men. This is a battle for yourself. Your soul. There's only 2 sides, the winners and the forgotten. Your ancestors fought too hard for you to disappear now. Some call it a game, I call it an IDENTITY!

Winning season or not, Ross needs to highly consider replacing Sparano. Even if we were 12-4 at season's end I still believe we will be 1 and playoff done under Sparano.

I no longer feel totally comfortable going forward with Sparano. Its very difficult to have sustained success with a coach who prepares harder not to lose than he does to win the damn game.

Bad teams prepare not to lose. Good teams prepare to win!

Bad coaches dont know the difference!

has anyone asked sparano what soliai was doing lined up as a fullback at the 1 yd line???? and if so was the play ever practiced? soliai is 355#'s and didnt block,crash or push the pile?? i'd love to hear an explanation;woodhead plays tougher. sparano also needs to answer why no adjustments when we were off-balance with the "no huddle". he says we practiced it all week. if so,why did we keep trying to get diff personell on the field after each play??? we need a mic LB;channing is missed as we failed to get lined up time after time.


I saw that play with Soliai lined up in backfield too. He immediately presumed to get stuffed at the point of attack. Actually on that play he clogged the run lane.

Soliai looked totally out of his element as a lead blocker. When I saw that goal line played I immediately thought we may have been better served just to hand the ball to the 345lb Soliai and let him crash across the goal line.

You know what, I feel like lying down....YAWNNN

There's 2 types of athletes.

There's 1 type, the guy who can't sleep day before gameday. He gets butterflies in his stomach. He paces, he's sh*tting all morning, he's nervous and figety. He steps on the field and is jumping up and down, still jittery, eyes wide (like Nolan Carroll), deer in headlights.

And then there's the other type, the guy who falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow day before. On gameday, he wakes up, and closes one nostril and shoots snot out the other. He wakes up without a care in the World. All day, up to the game, no emotion, just a cold, gray stare. He needs to be pinched to make sure he's not dead. His heart is barely beating. He gets out on the feel, does a few rolls of the head, and then the fire starts to burn in his eyes. Like a hook, inserted into his back, and now he's incensed. He takes out his anger, his pain on YOU.

We need some of those guys on our team.


Also the defense played so terribly Monday night. I dont think a reporter in America would have thought to ask Sparano about Soliai playing lead fb in that goal line situation.

As I stated, my greatest concern was if you're going to put a 345lb guy in the backfield. Why not hand him the ball?

They would have been better served to put in an extra olineman. At least he's more used to blocking a defender.


What scares me is that the way sparano sounds in his interviews his exactly the way the players him when he's not doing pressers. If I were a player on his team I would feel either overwhelmed or underwhelmed by him.

If Sparano is an awful communicator in front of the cameras. I believe that's the same Sparano the players see when the cameras arent rolling. Ricky Williams has already publically exposed that side of Sparano to us.

Too much nit-picking not to lose, derailing the the real focus of winning.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Its game day where's are new article ?

No excuse's, dont want to hear about butterflies in your stomach or how you've been on the toilet all morning, quit acting all nervous and figety....your like a deer caught in my headlights.

New article NOW

Soiled :)

Sparano is very unimaginative. He'll always only be as good as the coordinators around him. Still taht isnt such a good thing because I believe Sparano will only give them limited creative freedom.

Sparano's only formula for success is playing not to lose.

Kubiak is not a genious, yet he is still 10 times smarter than Sparano. For that matter, who isn't?

Well it's time for Daniel "Sammy Smith" Thomas to show why the Phins wasted a second round on him, if this kid runs for 100yrds I will stop calling him "Sorry Sammy" for this week.

Don't YOU PEOPLE ever sleep?


I'm gonna strap em on like Pancho Villa TODAY!

Wait, I meant to say "I'm strapped" like Poncho Villa!

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees!!!!

The Texans game may come down to 2 things:

1. Stopping the run. If not they'll pass at will.

2. Executing points in the redzone. If not we're lucky to score 13pts this game.

This offense has to score 27 or more points to show me it's really improved. Chunk plays mean very little if you cant cash in.

Either way, I hope SpOrano straps some on today!

Last week...as I read this blog....I read from MULTIPLE POSTER'S....that CAM WAKE....was going to eat Solders lunch....and that our D-LINE would school Solder ALL DAY LONG....and finally...that SOLDER was our key to victory.....

I'll tell you guys this.....Solder stone walled Wake the same way Long shut down Jared Allen....even the sack was kind of identical....one when the QB kind scrambles to the side in which your being blocked...

Last year MIAMI started 2-0...an WE ALL had dreams of the playoffs....

So....if they finish today at 0-2.....it doesn't mean its over....we got Cleveland and the jets next.....both of those teams could be a recipe for momentum building wins.....

Chunk plays are like playing the board game Monopoly. No matter how much you win, you still cant use it to pay your real life mortgage!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Its Sunday and my 2 favorite shows are on TV today...The Miami Dolphins and Breaking Bad.

I just wish the Dolphins were more like Walter White aka Mr. Heisenburg.....he's so bada ss

Soiled :)

Mario Williams launched his career against Miami....

He was fast approaching BUST status.....He went his entire rookie season without a sack....

Here comes confidence boosting Miami......and Williams got his 1st sack of his career.....on the VERY next play he got his second sack.....Williams has been riding high ever since....

Chad Henne throws ONE pass REALLY WELL...that is the 10-20 yard deep in...or square in..depending on your terminology....

He has to hit on that pass 80% of the time.....usually right on the numbers or in the reciever'S hands so they can gain yac....

The rest of Henne's arsenal is HIGHLY suspect....

Out passes that routinely sail out of bounds....

Slant passes that miss their mark....thrown high...and makes the receiver tentative about going up to get it....

The post pattern that usually lands 10n yards in front of everybody...

the fly pattern that some how lands 5 yards on the wrong side of the sideline.....

The touch passes...that are really floaters....he must learn to throw that touch pass over the linebacker...and under the S/CB with some zip....he really left some dangling Monday night.....

Oh...Henne throws the comeback pattern well as well.....Didn't see many of those Monday Night...

DaBoll should look at calling some of those on 2nd 7 or more....those should be almost guaranteed completions (1st downs)...when the "D" may not be expecting it...

I believe I did see some back shoulder passes from Henne on Monday Night....

I think that is new...don't remember seeing those last year....

Of course I can't be entirely certain I saw them on Monday Night either....

What I am calling a back shoulder pass...could just have easily have been one of Henne of target passes....

Guess we will know after 4:15

Let's just hope Henne doesn't play like Henne.


Today is a perfect chance to take a step forward....and prove many who doubt you wrong....Myself included....

2 good games will not make you the Messiah...but it might get you mentioned in the same breath as the Ryan Fitzpatrick's and Rex Grossman's of the NFL....

Both of whom won (btw) last week....

So let's go man....Lets get to that next level....the one just above mouth-breather....

Enter the level know as...serviceable...


we must win today
1-11 at home doesn't work
jets and pats go 2-0
the bills are going 2-0
we start a road trip thats ugly after the texans
we must win today

..Guys I have watched the Soliai play(when he lined up in the back field) a bunch. I thought at first he made a mistake as well. Watching that play I'm not so sure. IMO that play was supposed to go off the C-Gap, and Jake Long. The play was blown up from the start. The whole left side of the line was pushed back into the backfield. And if You notice, Jerrod Mastrud blocked thw wrong guy. His man was the free rusher, the cornerback(can't remember his name)who made the tackle. Back to Soliai.The design of the play was poor. Soliai did what I think he was supposed to do and crash the A gap giving the play the look of up the middle. The design of that play sucked against the formation the Patriots had on the field. We were going to run the ball with one less blocker to the side they had overloaded?? This happened a lot last weekend all over the NFL..Coaches trying to be too cute.

I love my PHINS and been a fan all my life,
But do I really think we can win this game!
I wish I had the confidence to think soo..,
But when we have this head coach TS I just don't think he prepares his team good enough. To play on Sundays or any other day for that matter!!! I just think Texans are just a better team overall!!!! Just my opinion!


Dear Mr. Salguero

Tony Sparano powerpoint highlights

1 - Fixable

2 - Seeing some good things

3 - Not where we want to be just yet

4 - He's young and learning

5 - Not fully incorperated as of this time

6 - Just like Geranimals we are still mixing and matching to get the right combination

7 - Caught us in the wrong package

8 - There was the lockout which hurt us

9 - We had some tough breaks out there

10 - I was looking at the map upside down when focusing on the teams direction.

Its comming

Soiled :)

good to see dying coming around to reality

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