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It's an upside down world some days for the Miami Dolphins

The world is upside down. Bill Belichick's team wins and he talks about how much they need to improve. Tony Sparano's team loses and he talks about how some players -- Jared Odrick, Mike Pouncey, Reshad Jones, Chad Henne -- played well.

The world is upside down. The Dolphins for three years (2008-2010) built a roster made to run the football and now they're throwing on fourth-and-goal from two feet out.

The world is upside down: The Dolphins cut fullback Lousaka Polite because the fullback position apparently is an endangered species thus not necessary on this roster. And then they have to enlist nose tackle Paul Soliai to line up at fullback on the goal line.

The world is upside down: Soliai weighs 355 pounds, which is about what a sturdy American couple weighs. And yet on his one grand attempt to play fullback he moves tentatively. He doesn't really block anyone. He doesn't really create any space. He doesn't really use all that bulk to be at all physical.

The world is upside down: The Dolphins have experienced, accomplished Larry Johnson on the sideline but he does not see one play in a game while inexperienced Lex Hilliard, who is a fine special teams player but hardly an accomplished runner, gets the rushing attempt into the end zone ... and fails.

The world is upside down: The Dolphins have spent a total of $64 million for their inside linebacker duo of Karlos Dansby ($43 million) and Kevin Burnett ($21 million) but the pair combined for eight tackles. That is one tackle less than strong safety Yeremiah Bell had against the Patriots. That is four fewer tackles than Jones had in the game.

The world is upside down. When a free safety has 12 tackles, that's a bad thing, not a good thing.

The world is upside down. The Dolphins are supposed to have one of the better Front 7 in the NFL. That fine front faced a New England offensive line whose center broke an ankle. They faced an offensive line with a rookie who moved from left tackle to right tackle for the game. The fine front faced a strategy that had that rookie, Nate Solder, working one-on-one against Miami's best pass rusher Cam Wake. And yet in 48 pass rushes Monday night, against what seemed to be a patchwork offensive line, the Dolphins managed only one sack.

The world is upside down. the Dolphins have gone 20 games, dating back to December 13, 2009, since they've had a 100-yard rusher. Their starting running back, Reggie Bush, has one NFL 100-yard rushing game. And we expect this to be a coming habit? 

The world is upside down. The Dolphins are on to Houston, as coach Tony Sparano said. They don't want to talk about New England. Except that the Dolphins do not allow their assistant coaches to speak after games until the following Thursday. So today, when defensive coordinator gets asked about the New England game, is he going to do the right thing and answer for the performance? Or is he going to change the subject to Houston?

Hopefully, he does the right thing. Hopefully, the world can tilt back on its axis.



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The world is not upside down Armando, but the Dolphins football team is.

You perfectly described the total mess the Ireland/Sparano put us in.

Couldn't have said it better myself, though I tried a few times. Sums up quite well what a few of us more objective bloggers have been saying here since the game. I wonder if the rest are going to call Armando a troll or a Jet fan.

Good points Armando

You just listed the reasons why there will be maybe 55,000 fans in the stadium. You just listed the reasons Ross is considered such a joke. You just listed the reasons why the front office is so bad. You just listed the reason why this team is in the crapper.
You just listed the reason Tony Sparano is a below average coach, that sees his below average team as playing well.
This is a very hard time to be a Dolphin Fan. Sorry but its the truth.

Mando just described the route to 1-4.

The world is upside down, the officials didn't call holding against the patriots at least 9 times by my count.

and if you invert the upside down world you see we have a positive. A light at the end of the tunnel with the FO and Coach gone, with a chance for really great high draft picks, a new HC with new energy, with the mindset that mediocrity is UNACCEPTABLE and when you beat a team by 21 you still want to improve. I think Tony was jilted by Ross this Summer and will never recover.
Bring in someone young and hungry...not Cowher who is fat and happy (Jimmy Johnson), not a retread HC (wannstache Bumstedt) not a third tier wanted coordinator (Cam Cameron), not a hot shot flip-flopping college coach(Saban). Bring in someone, who conventionaly wisdom says is ready, willing, and able. Stop trying to out-smart yourselves. We had Tomlin in, we had Footy Ryan in...c'mon!
Rob Ryan would look good choking the crap out of his brother wouldn't he?

It’s amazing how many fortune tellers we have on this blog. Will someone please call Guinness Records?

The Dolphins have the some of the worst fans in the league (yes there are great ones too). Ross may consider moving this team out of town.

Yes, the Dolphins need to get better. In NJ where I’m from I have to live with the ugliest fans in the NFL, NY Wets fans. But I must say, even before Hex Ryan, Dirty S., and going to 2 AFC Championships the fans stuck by their team. Look up the Wets stats on wiki prior to their arrival and you will almost feel sorry for Wets fans. They were consistent losers and I would drive by people’s houses decorated in Wets gear like it was Halloween, Christmas, and Easter rolled into one.

It’s been one game and already Nostradamus has predicted our fall. Give this team a chance. Stop “micromanaging” from your computer and let this season play out. Be a fan.

With that said, the Dolphins better F’in wake up! It’s time to beat Houston, at home, for the fans!

Does anyone have any Lotto Numbers?

We'll hang 40 on Houston. And schaub will have his hands full.
Go Phins

Good points Armando, but lets give the fins a chance. It was game 1 of the season.

armando, r u yeah?lol

Attention: The Patriots have a history of cheating. I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt but I live in the real world. When you get caught cheating and there is no REAL penalty the likely hood of that same act occurring again increase profoundly.

Wake up and smell the roses. Patriots are dirty scumbag cheaters.

Warning: Details have just surfaced that Armando Salguero is a double agent. He secretly works for the NY Wets and he is on 2 payrolls. He reports to Woody himself.

He is engaging in a physiological warfare mission to get the fans of the Miami Dolphins to turn on their beloved team.

This is not a test. I repeat this is not a test. It is a joke (or is it).

Mike Nolan blew a big one. We had no pass rush against them and we keep the same scheme? There were no adjudtments made to cover the tight ends or sack / pressure Brady. Wtf? Then, u know he's going against another Michigan QB who he doesn't want to lose to. It's a sad day in Dolphin world when u let the Pretty Boy sit back there combing his hair, completing passes. We better redeem ourselves!

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's all I ever read on this blog anymore. The season has started, so I am done with it. See you guys next April. Vaya con Dios!

I agree too Mando. Tony dumped the entire success of our running game with Ronnie, Ricky and Polite, a mindless act that has more to do with his personality clashes with these players than his ability to select and keep the best. Irelands choices through the draft and free agency has been a joke. Smiley, Wilson, Sapp, Wilford, Berger, Grove and the one and done Pennington.

The draft has been awful too, with busts everywhere, Merling, White, Turner, Thomas, D Thomas, Sean Smith, Caroll and Edds. Im probably missing a few names, but its too sad to go on.

Next the choice of Bush over Keeping Ronnie is insane. Reggie will never be able to run between the tackles more than 7-8 times a game without getting munched. And to the other fans that blast comments like these as negative, your right they are, but its our right as fans to complain when the club we love is being trashed by these muppets.

It's always nice to check in and see what way you're going to rip The Dolphins today. You and your Trailer Park followers are so predictable. Are you Omar's brother?

Fing SCREW running the ball. Who cares if they have not had a 100 yard rusher in so many games. It's a passing league now and I would rather see Henne put up 400 yard passing games than watch a running back get 100 yards OK.

Listen, all you sky is falling fans. There were lot's of positives in that game, especially for Henne. Yes our defense looked horrendous but NE can make any team look mediocre with that explosive no huddle, wear down the opposing defense style offense they have. Plus add in the fact that our defense couldn't find Brady with a seeing eye dog which gave him plenty of time to pick us apart. I believe our defense will play better after this and be more conditioned in time for the Houston game. I believe we can win this game if our D can play the way a top 5 D should play. I am reserving doubt for one more game. We are soooo close in my honest opinion. Let's get behind these guys and let them know we believe in them.

It's a sad state of affairs when we, as a fan base, stop going to games because they are and have been doing poorly. We need to fill that stadium and make some noise. They need to feel the love and the support. That's a BIG part of this game. An empty stadium = Loss. I for one and going to this game and will yell my arse off! GOOOOO PHINS!!!!!!!

Attention: The Patriots have a history of cheating. I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt but I live in the real world. When you get caught cheating and there is no REAL penalty the likely hood of that same act occurring again increase profoundly.

Wake up and smell the roses. Patriots are dirty scumbag cheaters.

Posted by: Dolphin Disciple | September 15, 2011 at 09:02 AM

A reminder to those who missed the initial posting, the excuse factory has been closed since last Saturday and will not reopen. There are no more excuses to make.

Scalzo, you exactly right. All I heard last year was how we needed to be able to throw the ball; ground and pound is so outdated. Yet those same people are now crying about running the ball. To many people, the glass is definitely half empty.

•Dolphins starting corner Sean Smith said he's not worried about future cramping. Smith claims he's never had issues with it in Miami before Monday. Smith and fellow corner Vontae Davis cramped up in the second half versus New England and were in and out of the lineup. "I’m in top-notch shape; I was hydrated," Smith said. "I have no clue what the reason for that was."

Later in another act of denial, Sean Soft .. err Sean Smith indicated that that was actually not him on the field, but an impostor sent in to make him look bad. TMZ confirms this with real footage of of Sean Smith.

Excuse Factory,

Lol, that’s funny, post under a fake name to hide your identity. How many accounts do you have?

Put your glasses on next time, you might see all the holds on Cameron Wake.


Best article from you in quite a while...

I'll sit back and wait for the apologist to bash you for stating facts....

Ok Ontario, you were probalby one of those guys calling for Cam to be kept as coach. Fans should get the sh1ts, you would have us stand there like sheep bleeting in glee to another 7-9 season. Go root for the Eagles please.

The Pats entire team was better COACHED than ours...period.

You could see it on every play on both sides of the ball.

Sure Henne connected on some nice passes, but the Pats responded time and time again...they are extremely diciplined & recover quickly from mistakes.

I'm begining to join the growing ranks of Fins Fans that feels Sparano & Co. are never going to bring us to the promised land.

The world is not upside down, we just have a loser coach that can only coach one side of the ball per season. Get rid of the fatso and we'll be fine. Sparano is the problem. Dansby can't tackle worth s$$t. So many times he was out of position. I think sparano should get the axe by the bye week when we're 0-4. Ireland and nolan will get the axe Jan 1st 2012.


U can't even turn to ESPN 2 without seeing the Dolphins being smoked. We better hope this so called top defense takes that whipping personel and come to kill. And Sean Smith is a bust. He only played corner for 1 year @ Utah. He can't even tackle.

I still stand behind my prediction of 10-6 and playoff berth. TEN and SIX!!

$10,000 tickets left or blackout is coming.

Excuse factory....lol.....

Patriots cheat.....old news....

The real question should be.....Why aren't the Dolphins cheating........

Good point Disciple, I got a feeling this team is going to get better over the season and they are going to be fun to watch, Phins 10-6

I am also on record as predicting the FINS to go 10-6.....but I will make no excuses...nor...accept any excuses if they do not.....

Mando, thanks for reminding us of how much the Fins suck...hoped and hoped through the off-season, hoped and hoped through the lock-out...made it to the first game and they get their heads crushed...just freakin tired of hoping and "next year(s)"....just let ross keep on with his orange carpet affairs, turn the stadium into a night club, and bring in lingerie football...might as well bring in pussycats that are eazy on the eyes.....


The Dolphins inability to run between the tackles is a joke. It will be the downfall of the 2011 Miami Dolphins. And the main person you can blame is JEFF IRELAND.

Nice job Jeff.

you guys are dreaming if you think sparano has the mental capacity to win more than 7 games maybe 8 in any season. 2008 he got lucky because of pennington and the schedule.

The world is upside down when there's no whining and moaning about Henne and Columbo.
When the running-play block by Soliai was actually quite funny in what was a really tragic game.
When we haven't cut one of our spare TE's to resign Polite.

Look as long as these two jokers run the team we are done,Ross will give them enough rope to hang themselves so when he makes the change,I say week 7 or 8 he looks good and Sparanos revenge on ross is then done. Houston is sitting back licking their chops to play us we are 0-5 against them and this is one of their best teams over that time,better stop talking about houston and concentrate on Cleveland.

This isn't hindsight, because I said last year that Dansby was not that good. For the money he is paid, I wouldn't doubt him being a cap casualty next training camp. Zero big plays in two seasons. Zero. He is a steady player but not worth half of what he's paid. The middle of this D is hurting. At least 3/4 of Brady's yardage was down the middle of the field. That's an indictment on the ILB's and Safeties. In any big game from the last 2 years, against decent to good teams, this D has failed. Very overrated. Again I've said this all along so I'm not just reacting to last game.

On the plus side, I must admit that Henne looked very good. I think he could still improve on some of his touch passes but he threw the ball great with all kinds of pressure. What's more is that pressure, for the most part, came up the middle. That's the toughest kind of pressure for a QB because they see it coming right at him. He played very well and looked comfortable. A big departure from how uncomfortable he looked last year. Fasan looked very good as well but a TE with speed would help this O immensely.

Sparano is just way over his head on the field and in making personnel calls. Ireland isnt any better. This team is still deficient in all the areas they were last year. That's a direct reflection on those two guys. To think a weak draft class can solve their troubles in the toughest division in football is foolish. Clay, along with Gates, Thomas are busts. Also,I can't see how anyone can say Pouncey looked great Monday night. Most if not all of the pressure came up the gut. He had to have some part in that. Also, on the short yardage situations, they couldn't gain a foot. Long year ahead......Again.


We supposedly hire an Offensive Line coach Guru and have invested millions of dollars, draft picks and free agency into the OL and it is still mediocre.

Dear Mr. Salguero

In an upside down world

I would be a drug free, sober, employed, pay tax's and have a pretty old lady under 300 lbs

Mr. Aloco would have 1 log in name, use proper grammer and have an anorexic food fetish(what did you throw up for lunch today)

Mr. Odinseye would play the Pan flute in a coffe shop....sober

So there ya go....in an upside down world

Soiled :)


The Dolphins invest Millions in Colombo with a guaranteed contract. He probably should no longer be playing in the NFL.

The real question should be.....Why aren't the Dolphins cheating........

Posted by: kris | September 15, 2011 at 09:30 AM




I THINK ireland said A month ago (( NEXT YEAR ,WE WILL BE FASTER,SMARTER WITH LIGHTING SPEED )).....................

The world is upside down? "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!" To many Chicken Little's on this blog! Fans cried for a more exciting offense, and now you have it. TS stated he has changed his philosophy. Why are some of you surprised? Some plans didn't work out because of injuries(Thomas, Clay). The first week left a lot of NFL teams scrambling to find replacements due to injury. Just because the Phins lost to the Pats does not mean the season is over. Some of you seem to think the Phins won't win a game and will be picking Luck in the upcoming draft.
Its ONE GAME people! The offense showed enough promise to indicate they can be good. The defense showed they have very bad nights, but we all know they still can be good.
It was the first GAME!
Phins have 15 LEFT!
Now its time for them to improve!
Let's see what happens.

I am sorry to say this, but I am hoping this game doesn't sell out. I think Stephen Ross needs to get a message that fans are not happy with the current management and a change needs to be made. The only way Mr. Ross is going to realize this is if it hits his wallet.

Problem is, you have too many guys in the Dolphin organization trying to protect their own butts. Mike Dee will explain to Mr. Ross that the reason people aren't going to the games is the economy. Posts like mine online are not from your typical Dolphin fan.

Marketing studies show:
Dolphin fans are excited about the new offense!
Dolphin fans are excited to have JT back!
Dolphin fans are excited to have Reggie Bush!
Dolphin fans are excited to see stars at the games!

Well this Dolphin fan is pissed off. I wish more Dolphin fans would be pissed off too!

I didn't know TEAM was spelt with multiple I..s. Keep talking about the Slaughter in Miami and feed off of it. Don't ignore what happened.

Actually agree with most of what Armando said. Other than the 100 yd rusher thing. So many RB by committee situations, Miami will prob end up being one of them. Going forward, I think we'll have to look at Bush/Thomas combining for 100+ yards as a good thing.

With all the cramping going on monday night, the Dolphins better go out and by some Midol, its for premenstral cramps, something the dolphins fans on this blog need to take.

The world is upside down? How about the defense had a terrible game against one of the best teams in the NFL and arguably the best QB in history? The offense made a few questionable calls but PLENTY of great ones.

You people are annoying.

We've done a good job this morning indicting the last two years of the Sparano/Ireland regime (with some residual effects of Parcels)...Rightfully so I may add.

We all had high hopes of returning to the glory days when Parcels rode into town after the 1-15 season.

Our 11-5 record the following year was a combination of the players embracing HOPE & CHANGE, a very easy schedule and the arrival of Pennington.

The 7-9 records the past two years reflect the reality of the situation. WE ARE A BELOW AVERAGE TEAM.

Atlanta & NY JETS were at the exact same crossroad as us...they made the correct personnel moves and are now annual playoff teams.

We are not...and the reason is squarely on the shoulders of Ireland & Sparano. Period.

I am all for stability in professional sports teams in order to be a contender year after year, but if the leaders of your team are not up to the task of leading, you MUST MAKE A CHANGE.

It pains me to say this, but I do not believe in either of them... and looking back at last Jan, neither does Ross.


Fans who criticize the Dolphins are viewed as trolls or not "real" fans.

NHFINSFAN --- excellent post @ 9:55 AM

You get it.

Most of the sheep in here do not.

Checklist for Sunday's game against the texans, Water, Gatorade, and Mydol, lots of Mydol, you know, for all the Cramping.

Jeff Ireland, Tony Sporano, we the fans DEMAND your immediate resignation. To be done effectively and immediately this very day in September 2011. The two of you are major failures. Ross, there is a guy out there, his name is Jeff Fischer. Bring him in as our new head coach. There are other guys out there, their names, Mike Mayok, Lombardi, Dan Marino, bring in one of these as our new general manager. Do it now or you will pay the consequences.

Dear FO,

Something got lost in the translation. When the fans were screaming for a more exciting offense, what we really meant was a winning offense.

When we said we didn't want 3 yards and a cloud of dust, that didn't mean we wanted no yards and no dust.

I hope that clears things up.

Jeff Fischer would be a major upgrade.
Bill Cowher would be a major upgrade.

Dolphins would get some credibility, something they don't have now.

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