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It's an upside down world some days for the Miami Dolphins

The world is upside down. Bill Belichick's team wins and he talks about how much they need to improve. Tony Sparano's team loses and he talks about how some players -- Jared Odrick, Mike Pouncey, Reshad Jones, Chad Henne -- played well.

The world is upside down. The Dolphins for three years (2008-2010) built a roster made to run the football and now they're throwing on fourth-and-goal from two feet out.

The world is upside down: The Dolphins cut fullback Lousaka Polite because the fullback position apparently is an endangered species thus not necessary on this roster. And then they have to enlist nose tackle Paul Soliai to line up at fullback on the goal line.

The world is upside down: Soliai weighs 355 pounds, which is about what a sturdy American couple weighs. And yet on his one grand attempt to play fullback he moves tentatively. He doesn't really block anyone. He doesn't really create any space. He doesn't really use all that bulk to be at all physical.

The world is upside down: The Dolphins have experienced, accomplished Larry Johnson on the sideline but he does not see one play in a game while inexperienced Lex Hilliard, who is a fine special teams player but hardly an accomplished runner, gets the rushing attempt into the end zone ... and fails.

The world is upside down: The Dolphins have spent a total of $64 million for their inside linebacker duo of Karlos Dansby ($43 million) and Kevin Burnett ($21 million) but the pair combined for eight tackles. That is one tackle less than strong safety Yeremiah Bell had against the Patriots. That is four fewer tackles than Jones had in the game.

The world is upside down. When a free safety has 12 tackles, that's a bad thing, not a good thing.

The world is upside down. The Dolphins are supposed to have one of the better Front 7 in the NFL. That fine front faced a New England offensive line whose center broke an ankle. They faced an offensive line with a rookie who moved from left tackle to right tackle for the game. The fine front faced a strategy that had that rookie, Nate Solder, working one-on-one against Miami's best pass rusher Cam Wake. And yet in 48 pass rushes Monday night, against what seemed to be a patchwork offensive line, the Dolphins managed only one sack.

The world is upside down. the Dolphins have gone 20 games, dating back to December 13, 2009, since they've had a 100-yard rusher. Their starting running back, Reggie Bush, has one NFL 100-yard rushing game. And we expect this to be a coming habit? 

The world is upside down. The Dolphins are on to Houston, as coach Tony Sparano said. They don't want to talk about New England. Except that the Dolphins do not allow their assistant coaches to speak after games until the following Thursday. So today, when defensive coordinator gets asked about the New England game, is he going to do the right thing and answer for the performance? Or is he going to change the subject to Houston?

Hopefully, he does the right thing. Hopefully, the world can tilt back on its axis.



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chucky chucky chucky lol


the fade in the endzone seemed more of a left-over from the more "prudent" Henning era. It probably wasn't Daboll's call.

Just to clear something up and I've read more than one post that stated this. Being out of shape is not the only cause of cramping.
Altered neuromuscular control
dehydration,electrolyte depletion, poor conditioning,muscle fatigue, and doing a new activity are all causes of cramping.

I will blame the coach and GM for many things and have over the past two weeks but you can't put muscle cramping on them.
Muscle cramping was happening all over the league in areas that were humid. I don't know why the Patriot starters seemed to be the only ones in the league who didn't have a problem with this (maybe because they're f***ing notorious cheaters and found a way to sneak in two a days? Maybe they had a program designed for their players to go to the gym after the first practice to simulate a second practice? I wouldn't put it past them, all though it's against league rules it's smart).

But the NFLs new CBA mandates NO MORE TWO A DAY PRACTICES. I knew this was going to be a problem as soon as I read it and commented but everyone ignored me. We had bigger fish to fry in here like talking about the tightness of Hennes helmet and how that may effect his throws.

So anyway the Dolphins train just as hard if not harder than everyone else. Since these guys got here they have made sure of that. But if your muscles aren't used to two a days it's hard to get used to playing in a full game in humidity. I blame the new cba more than I do the coach on this one. The cramping is more likely due to lack of hydration and "doing a new activity" in that their muscles weren't accustomed to the strain of a full game. 2 a days simulates that!!!!

Add in no OTAs, no mini camps, etc. and why is anyone surprised by this? It also contributed to a lot of first week blow outs and a lot of sloppy play. I bet the league set a record for penalties last week but I don't know for sure. Lack of hydration is on the trainers, lack of two a days is on the players (their part of the cba). We have plenty of things to rag on Tony about, this isn't one of them IMO.

Also, yeah, why is Solai such a wimp? Seriously. Poor Tony's idea that we don't need a 250 pound FB should be correct. One *would* think that one of the 350 pound linemen could do that job. Is there another one we could use who's not so soft? What about JT, even though he's tall and skinny. Also put JT at tight end in that situation, like we used to do. In any event, you simply call a rollout and Henne throws to a wide open receiver in the corner. It works every time. Not a fade.

james, doubt we'd sign Portis. He had multiple concussions in DC, that's why he got cut. He's no better if not worse than Johnson. So stick with what you got there.

like 2 drunken cowboys in a saloon/whorehouse 150 years ago.

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan |

lol,u just gave ross another idea for a club at the joe.


And on that note what kids of pansies are football players becoming? These are men, and they stipulated they didn't want any more two a days. I was freaking doing two a days while going to school full time! WTF? I did it AND got good grades!

And the whole thing with Jason and Ricky saying Sparano was too tough on them and needed to ease up. How's that working out for them?! Remember the 11-5 season? They worked their a**es off in training camp. That's all the players were talking about, how hard a Parcells training camp was and how Sparano was like a mad dog yelling at them all of the time. Then they went to the playoffs and had the least amount of injuries in the league.

And now we're doing it the players way. I hope they're happy with the results.

i hope houston keeps foster out of the game since its not a division matchup. We can double andre and bring a safety down into the box. But if foster plays we will have a tough matchup against houston

Somebody posted Dansby was average last season? Really?? What football were you watching! The guy was all over the field last season. Wake Up!


i understand the concussion thing but for one year i believe he would be useful in the run game and as a mentor to thomas. Plus we could limit bush to the passing game and outside rushes let portis and thomas do the banging.....Plus it would be nice to see a cane on the roster...even though im a seminole fan cane players seem to be lacking in south florida.......maybe just maybe with portis and ohara we could improve on pass protection and get 600 yrds out of the rb position

what about lendell white? i know about the achilles last year but he would be nice on the goal line


If they aren't using LJ, what makes you think they'd use Portis? They were well aware Portis was out there and took LJ, cut LJ, brought back LJ.


"Sturdy American Couple"


Tony Montana:
You're right. That reeked of a Magoo call. I remember one game in the red-zone where it was 3rd and short and Magoo had Ronnie Brown throw it instead of punching it up the middle. Of course it was incomplete and all we got out of a trip to the red-zone was a fist-pump field goal.

What about Daniel Thomas? LOL. Sorry, couldn't resist.

devils advocate

i dunno about the lj thing.........never did like it.....i just think its time for our regime to think about doing something then turn around and do the exact opposit of what they think is right.......then we will see some positive roster moves

daniel thomas will be released by the next coach that comes to town

and they thought crowder had problems covering TEs...haha....ireland is a genius, in the draft and in free agency absolute genius...

Truly nailed it, truly sad, truly going to be another long season for the fans..

Even if we loose alot.........anytime i get to see the dolphins take the field im excited.......id love for us to win but i couldnt imagine life without them (dolphins)
I have the logo tat on my calf and the wifey has it on her hip....we love the fins regardless

Not time to panic yet full season ahead i would put nothing pass those cheating patriots. like kenny britt said a few days ago he was in contact with his wr coach the whole summer and you are going to tell me belichick didn't have someone contact his players. cheaters cheat that what they do.

WE got plenty more games to play and Houston is hitting Miami the wrong time make an example out of them , this aint not soft cover 2 defense the colts play with one trick pony pass rushers. look for henne to have another big game and Matt to get beat up.

Devil's Advocate:

Exactly. Same thing with Allen, they bring Allen back, they cut him, they bring him back again. They did it with JT when I thought they should keep him for pass-rushing downs and as a defensive team leader. They cut him, he goes to the Redskins, they bring him back again, they cut him, he goes to the Jets, they bring him back again. I stand by my comment below:

"Their personnel moves are idiotic. They pull the trigger, than they backpedal and pull it again, like 2 drunken cowboys in a saloon/whorehouse 150 years ago."

....LouD..Great points @11:51.

Also notice the injury reports this week. Look how many players has hamstring injuries compaired to any week last season..Not a coincidence. You just cannot prepare for game speed during practice. It's like being set up on a Bilnd date with a girl that you hear is very hot. If you aren't used to being around hot girls(the Pats) You do not know how to talk to them to have a chance(the Phins)


Jason and Ricky didn't complain about Sparano being "too tough" on them: they were commenting on the fact that Tony was a neurotic, micro-managing, fussbudget, worry-wart who had them terrified of making mistakes, and playing not to lose.

At the end of last season, in fact, Tony announced that it would be fine if the players tried playing as if the game were fun.

Do not look at the film of the Texans game against Indy last week, it's not representative. Look at Our games against Them and please come up with a fu-king serviceable Game plan.

COME ON GUYS ITS GAME...... our fan base is realy thin. wen need to support the players, did you hear what ricky w said about home field atvantage in boltimore? last year Henne was the problem, well he played great. i see hope, goo phins!!!

Yeah, they tried that Monday night, so far it isn't working. We rarely gave up big yards in any game the past three seasons and NEVER that many yards. So lets see if this new approach picks up steam or is what it looks like it is, a failure. A failure of a coach to stick by his guns in a fire fight because the the incoming bullets are getting too close to his head. When you start letting your players dictate to you how you should run the team it's time for a new career.

I wish we had some micromanaging Monday night maybe the players would have looked less confused. 'Lets go have fun,,yayyyy,, the shackles are off and now we can just play,,,yayyyy,, lets go beat the Patriots because we're the best defense in the league,,yayyyy,,,wait a minute,,what's happening,,,,he's throwing the ball to Welk,,,no woodhea,,,,no it's a run,,,,it's a ,,,,WTF is going on?' Tony how could you let this happen, we weren't prepared'!

It's all on the coach. I hope changing his philosophy after 3 years works but like I said, so far,,not so good.

Can you hear Sporano/Ireland now in Ross's office?

"Uhhh we need just one more year to ruin, I mean to make this team Super Bowl worthy!"


Miami is going 0-2 no matter how well Henne plays, no matter how well the pass rush is or no no matter how Miami commits to run in obvious run situations.

This is a incomplete team with average talent across the board. So if Henne shows up as he did against the Pats the O-line will fail. If the D shows any heart then Henne will misfire on one too many passes.

When you are as average as Miami you will beat other average teams but when you play good teams like Pats, Texans, Jets, Chargers, Eagles, Cowboys all of who we play this year we are just out matched one way or another. Miami doesn't have nearly enough talent to compete with any of these teams.

Pats - Brady (best QB in the league), Welker, Gronkowski, Hernandez, Wilfork, Haynesworth (when he wants to play), McCourty, Jerod Mayo and Belichick as Head Coach.

Texans - Schaub, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson (best WR in the game), Mario Williams, Owen Daniels, Brian Cushing, Eric Winston

Jets - Revis, Mangold, D'Brickashaw, Santonio, Plax (still making plays), Rex Ryan as Head Coach

Eagles - Vick, Desean, Maclin, Celek, Shady McCoy, Nnnamdi, Asante, DRC, Trent Cole, Babin, Andy Reid as Head Coach

Chargers - Rivers, Gates, Vincent Jackson, Shaun Phillips, Ryan Mathews, McNeil

Cowboys - Romo, Witten, Miles Austin, Dez, Felix, Demarcus Ware, Ratliff

You Miami Dolphins - Jake Long and Brandon Marshall. And if you want to throw Dansby in there I will give you that. Name one other player who is above average. Im sick of hearing about Vontae and Sean Smith who both think they are great but are average. This joke O-line. More then anything I am sick of Sparano and his unimaginative approach and Ireland missing out on Dez Bryant, Matt Ryan, Clay Matthews, Ryan Mallet etc etc etc!

Andy, Things are not Roses here at all, but we are not "in the shite" as much as you made it out to be.

And I will say it again, just because I am from MA and can not stand it any more.

BRADY IS REAL GOOD. HOWEVER, I dont care if they had cleo lemow, that o-line for the pats should all go the HOF for what they did.

We got to Brady 5 whole times...5!!!!!!!

What did they result in? A Sack, 3 misfires to wide open receivers and a throw away.

My point, if we had pressure all game like we did on those 5 plays, Brady is average at best.

What a bunch of whiny little girls. Led by the whiniest little girl. Pathetic. You people are fans as much as Mando is a writer. Go cheer for bad weather, or another war, you negative dregs of society. But DON'T call yourself fans.

...Here is the gameplan.. Both sides of the line have to play better. Both of these units were dominated. The trickle down effect killed us. The secondary was toarched..Not totaly their fault. When the quarterback can sit in the pocket untouched. Nobody has even mentioned the run-d. The few times the Pats ran it...I don't need to say anymore. The defensive line has to play better if we are going to have a chance.

Offensive line was a joke too. Nobody played great. The only success in the run game came on the first couple of drives when the plays were "on script". When the adjustments were made, again we were outcoched. Sorry. We will not win if we don't establish the threat of the run. I don't care if we do throw it 50 times. Those ten runs need to be effective. We will not win this week if the offense cannot run it..The amount of attempts aren't as important as the success of the attempts..If we fall into this trap again(44 pass tries).

125 total rush yards(imo) gives our team the best chance to win..A much better arbitrary number the plus 35 pass attempts.

Ireland and Sparano have no clue what they are doing. The fact that Sparano focuses on the positives in that dreadful coaching performance and Belichick focuses on a need to improve says all we need to know about Sparano's mindset. He's a carbon copy of Dave Wannstedt, satisfied with mediocrity. Fire him now and bring in Jeff Fisher. Fire Ireland and bring in someone Fisher would be comfortable with as GM.


You are reaching all time new low.

You want to roast the Coaches for moving on. You want to roast them for not giving you guys the satisfaction of grinding it on them. You want to ask them questions they don't want to have to answer.

Yet at the same time you YOURSELF don't want to eat any crow over NOT JUST HENNE, but Daboll, Bush and the offense overall. You don't want to, and haven't written but ONE SINGLE sentence about Henne and his one man show.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...........forget an upside down world, that's some PERFECT world your trying to live in.

Armando is a big peculiarly shaped POT calling the kettle skinny.......in an upside down world of course!

Well written Mando. You stated what we're all feeling.

1.The world is upside down. The Dolphins for three years (2008-2010) built a roster made to run the football and now they're throwing on fourth-and-goal from two feet out.

And they won how many championships during those three years. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Since Jan. the coach has made an effort to change the offensive identity. With no OTA's, Mini-camps and the starters playing approximately 5 quarters in the pre-season and just 4 in the reguglar season, you are already claiming this new approach a failure. News flash were in 2011 and the football year just got started. and also in 7 Quarters Henne has thrown for 862 yds 4Tds

Speaking of an upside down world, is it possible the Pats "conditioning" was due to blood doping or uppers, or something? Is it possible the dolphins defense were slipped a "mickie."

I just can't understand the difference in performance, and we played a (cheater)Belichick team.
Call me crazy!

The world is upside down.

Chad Henne played like a Pro Bowler and made me look silly.

I want to rub Noalans face in it for last weeks performance.

But I don't want to answer to Odin for completely blowing chunks on eveluating the most important position on our team.

Did Armando just type that?

...If you want to be a pass first offense this is fine. This doesn't mean you throw it 40 times a game just because. Very few teams have the ability to do this. WE ARE NOT ONE OF THEM. Everyone is fooling themselves if you think this team is going to have any shot of competing like this. Daboll had months to scheme for this game. Do you guys think that he is going to be able to install an offense every single week that will allow for our team to throw for this many yards? You have to have a very good scheme every week to be able to have any success. With no run game, it will become very easy for the opposing coordinator to figure out a way to stop our 1 dimensional offense.

This isn't fantasy land. It happened week 1 teams threw it all over the place..It's easy, everyone is doing it so we should be able to as well. Yes. the modern game is predicated on the pass. Yes you need big plays to win games, and the pass gives you a better opportunity for these plays. Yes Henne looked good Monday night. But all of this is going to come to an end if we cannot find a way to run the ball. We have to do this if we want to be a threat passing the ball going forward. Think about it.

Ronnie Brown had just one game last year he accumulated more than 94 yds and scored a TD. And Ricky Williams had just two. So in one game Reggie Bush is on pace to quadruple their yardage production on a per game basis . I mean in just one game. Overall the R&R managed to rush for (Wait For It) a grand total of just 9 touchdowns, Reggie Bush in on pace to score 16.

odinseye, 1 out of 10 of your posts are objective. The other 9 are total homer jack off gay cheerleader joozle.

This was a fair, objective post by Armando, all points worthy of consideration. Not every article needs to be about evaluating Henne.

And also he manage to gain more total yds from scrimmage than Ronnie and Ricky combine. Just saying.

Yes, Salguero is right, but is this anything new? This is deja-vu all over again. It has happened since Shula's time. Remember Lorenzo Hampton, Sammy Smith, Ron Davenport? Two first round draft choices and one third round draft choice. They wre the great white hope of our running game. Well, they were not white, and they were no hope. Then, remember that fateful first round draft choice called Eric Kumerow? He was going to be the leader of our denfensive line. Big du du. Then came Jimmy and he couldn't do anything because Shula didn't leave him any money on the salary cap. Then came Wannstedt and that other guy Rich (what's his face?). Fu cked it up royally. Then came the hillbilly son of a bee Sagan. Huizenga kissed his butt, but Sagan didn't know sh it from Shinola. He drafted Jayson Allan and Ronny Brown in the first draft, and then left early without turning off the lights because his wife couldn't adapt herself to live in the Intracoastal in Ft. Lauderdale, but rather preferred to go live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Then came the biggest loser of them all: Cam Cameron. He gave us Ted Guinn Jr. and let Wes Welker go. He won one game in the whole season. Huizenga cried after the game. Then Huizenga got the Big Tuna to win the war to end all wars. He brought Ireland and Sparano. Then Wayne sold the team to the jew, a real estate tycoon. Still doesn't know sh it from Shinola. The Tuna didn't draft Mike Ryan, quarterback. He drafted Henne and the following year Pat White. Then the Tuna left when Katy borrowed the door, leaving behing two idiots and a real estate tycoon to run the team. They also had Henning as offensive coordinator who totally destroyed Henne's confidence and fu cked up the offensive team because he suffered from Alzheimer's disease but nobody noticed. So, tell me Salguero, what else is new? It has been al upside down world for the Miami Dolphins for the last twenty-five years or more. Who's at fault? Who cares? The thing is that fans like me who have paid for season tickets for a loooong time have not gotten their money's worth. When I first bought season tickets in 1985 I paid less than $700 for two seats. This year I paid $1800. It costs me $8.00 to have a beer and $6.00 for a bottle of water. I don't buy anything else at the stadium. I can't afford it. What am I getting in return? But don't tell me this is anything new. This has been the "modus operandi" of the management of this team since Joe Robbie (God bless his soul) sold the team. Many fans like me don't go to the stadium to "have a party". We need to see a good football game. We are not getting it there. I'd rather stay home a watch a good football game on television. I don't think this team can be fixed. The don't spend money to make money. They want to make money with the least amount of their money. Doesn't work well for fans that way.


on a long post, split it up into paragraphs and it's a lot easier on the eyes of the older folks. just press "return" every so often. Thanks!

Just beat the Texans!!!

AndyNJ ROMO? ROMOOOOOOOOO?! The guy that single handedly loses every big game the Cowgirls play in? Did you not see the fumble and interception that cost them the game the other night? There is talk of the players losing faith in him in that locker room. Friggin Henne had better numbers than he had. And DEZ? You condemn Davis for having a bad game with cramps but give a pass to Dez who couldn't run in the second half because of cramps? "Haynesworth (when he wants to play)" Now you're reaching. What has he done exactly?

"Name one other player who is above average."

Cameron Wake

Andy I agree that the team needs more but we're not lacking in talent. You named the 5 best teams in the league and their players, of course it looks like their talent is better, because they win (except the Cowboys, still scratching my head as to why you included them in your list). That in my opinion and many others as we have been talking about this all week is not the issue. The issue is coaching. IT HAS TO BE.

You want talent, Jake Long, Karlos Dansby, Cameron Wake, Reggie Bush (used in the proper role), Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess (the best slot receiver in the league behind Welker and not being used in the proper place) Yerimiah Bell (pro bowler), Randy Starks (pro bowler), Kendall Langford (statistical leader in NFL for 3-4 defensive ends last season).

There's nine players for you all with above average talent. So my point is I disagree that the Dolphins have no talent and I counter that they have a pi** poor excuse for a head coach and a clueless GM when it comes to personnel moves. This is what is holding this team back right now. Give me one of the coaches from the team you listed, I'll even take Garrett from the Cowboys, and I'll give you a winning Miami Dolphins team.

From the TEAMS you listed. Man I need an editor. Aloco edit my posts for me please.

Armando dont you mean BACKWARD.... I love Sparano and his passion. But hes just not the right man for the job!!! He should have been gone last year. Thats why I blame ownership!!! They both have to go in order for this team to recover. We can fire all the coaches we want (and we have) but yr never going to win with incompetent ownership. It started with huizenza and has continued with the current. So Folks fire sparano fire ireland but if yr gonna kill the losing snake you gotta cut its head off. We need new ownership all the way down to the towel boy.

Just beat the Texans!!!

-------------**BREAKING NEWS**---------------

---------Odin FINALLY Figures It Out----------

It took 30 years on the road in the most drug infested juke joints on the planet, but I've EARNED my degree "OF" Pyschology.

Actually this is a classic example of a knee jerk reaction, complicated by extreme closet Phin-FANaticism.

These guys that are posting about the sky falling aren't really the trolls and wets fans that they're being accused of being. On the contrary(with a few exceptions of course).

These posters here are EXTREME hardcore Phins Fans that were in the closet about expecting us to challenge for the division and going DEEP into the playoffs.

Sure, on the surface they were predicting a 6-10 season or maybe 8-8 at best, but only because they were in the closet with their hardcore Phin Fan belief that we would at least challenge for the AFC Championship this year.

It all makes sense now, think about it. Deep down in their "closet" they were actually believeing that this team was ready for prime time. Ready to show the best teams in the league that WE ARE BETTER. I applaud your extreme FANaticism!

It's crystal clear now! No trolls, no negative ninnys, just straight up hardcore closet Phin FANatics that simply don't know how to deal with any type of setback whatsoever. Other than massive spasmodic knee jerking, their extremism offers no other alternative. To them, 1 loss with 15 games remaining is unacceptable. Deep down they PRIVATELY EXPECTING another PERFECT SEASON! That's even too extreme for ODIN, but it is FREAKING AWESOME on their part.

Finally, I get it! I feel sheepish now and have to apologize, I thought I was a hardcore Phin Fan, but WOW! You guys are awesome and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I'll never call you guys trolls or wet fans EVER AGAIN! You are knee jerkers, but still, from now on you'll have the utmost respect and I shall call you all The Hardcore Overtly Right fans. Or I'll affectionately use the acronym "THOR" fans ;)

Having said all that, I would like to help you knee jerk........er.......ah.........I mean THOR Fans out. It's perfectly fine to mask your extreme hopes and expections behind a wall of short sighted negativity, though I'm not sure it's healthy. I myself prefer to get it all out at once. Sometimes it's .44 mag to the flat screen, sometimes it means demolishing a computer tower and monitor. On rare occassions, it means bail money, court costs and fines. The point is, I get it off my chest so to speak, so as not to hinder and cloud any future judgement calls.

Ultimately though, instead of being erroneously perceived as negative Nancy's, trolls, etc, etc. it's OK to "Come out of the Closet". It's worked wonders for many in the past. Don't be afraid of how you're really feeling deep down inside. Go ahead, give it a try! Say it PROUD and say it LOUD:


AwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI FANATICS!!!!



re: your previous post on Pouncey pulling (does that sound awful?). He had one play pulling to the right on a toss to Bush- he looked agile, but he was a bit late, and apart from that, the whole play was generally a bit of a dud.

Any comments?

Armandos reaching as well. He's pointing out Burnett and Dansbys tackle numbers and comparing them with the guy (Jones) who let up some of the biggest plays in the game. He's acting as if Jones getting that many tackles is not a good thing and he's right, if he were tackling the running backs, but he wasn't, he was tackling the receivers that he and his db mates allowed to have a field day all over them Monday night. He was partly responsible for creating his own tackles by misreading plays and over pursuit of play action fakes to the rb. I'm sure Dansby and Burnett would have had more tackles if they were playing at the DB spot but many times they were running into the wall at the line trying to get pressure on Brady. So that point is a total reach.

He complains all last season that they need to pass more and when they pass from the goal line he complains that they built a running game so why don't they use it even though we had two injuries to our backs (Thomas,Clay). Short sighted.

Complains about Solai being tentative at FB. Ummmm Solai is a nose tackle. So now it's his fault that he doesn't understand the FB position or is that on the coaches? hmmmmmmmmm

I understand the complaint about cutting Polite except for the fact that they did it before Clay was injured and had no idea he would be injured. They said "FB is an endangered species". Yes that's an excerpt from the conversation but the point was that a FB WHO ONLY PLAYS FB is an endangered species. Clay is an H-Back. That means he can play both FB AND TE exactly like Granikowski for the Pats.

Larry Johnson is a good point and I agree. But many in here have been screaming for Hilliard to get a chance. the screaming has stopped.

The world is not upside down because our d-line had one bad game. Now he's just being dramatic.

He's right on about the rushing attack. They shouldn't have relied so much on Daniel Thomas and failed to get Bradshaw,Sproles, or anyone else who might have mentored D.T. and become the perfect compliment to Bush.

And the whole thing about going over the New England loss with the coordinators,,,,what's the point? Please someone tell me the point of having everyone on the Dolphins remember a game that is over and done. Nothing can be changed from it, it happened it's over. Fans don't want to hear excuses about last week we want a win this week. Those are the questions to be asked. How are you going to win this week? Will Clay and D.T. be back? That's all we care about. Asking about New England seems to be more for the reporters than us. Anyone else have any questions they needed answered about New England or do you want to move on and forget about it?

I write this in response to a post that said Armando was just being objective. I write this because that is false. I write this because for the love of God I wish people WOULD be more objective in their judgments and evaluations. But everyone has to reach, constantly with the reaching. And EVERYONE is guilty of it, Glass half full people reach for reasons why their team is good and glass half empty people reach for reason why they are bad. As if there isn't enough real evidence and facts to base your conclusions on. We need to embellish and make things up. Not necessary when there are real reasons to be mad AND happy.

Real fans will recall that Ronnie Brown's horrific knee injury--which, we have seen, essentially ended his career--happend while trying to make a *tackle* during the 1-15 season under Cam after a pass was called from the one yard line. At that time, in game 4, Brown already had about 600 all purpose yards (he was a big receiving target that year too) and was tearing up the league. That stupid play call cost Brown everything. It's the reason he's now a slow, washed up backup. Poor Ronnie. Look it up. Look up Brown's status for the 1-15 season. He had like 800 yards after in 3.5 games-was on pace for a monster season, and was at like 5.5 yards per carry too. He was about to come into his own that year and ruined his knee making a tackle after an interception after a pass call from the one yard line after we had marched up the field by running.


WHY DIDN'T WE, put reggie back to recieve kick in third quarter when game was still close?
WHY DIDN'T WE, notice the conditioning was NOT up to snuff?
WHY DIDN'T WE, let larry johnson try to run up albert and wilfork's gut, and use reggie more on sweeps and the passing game?
WHY DIDN'T WE, notice that the secondary was so lacking in the offseason when we could have addressed it?
WHY DIDN'T WE, practice red zone offense more in the offseason?
WHY DIDN'T WE, have an answer for the 3 tight-end set for the pats?
WHY DIDN'T WE, look for bilicheat spies at practice?
WHY DIDN'T WE, draft or sign bigger and more physical DB's knowing that the trend is to have big physical recievers?
WHY DIDN'T WE, get reggie into the open field, instead of trying to put a square peg(reggie) into a round hole(wilfork,hainesworth), play after play?
WHY DIDN'T WE, sign namdi awsomewa?
WHY DIDN'T WE, complain to the refs about all the holding the pats were doing?
i loved the fins since the age of 5, now i'm 40 something and it's turning into a love/hate thing. our secondary is to small, out of position, can't tackle to save their jobs, and in trouble. the front 7 need to step up in a big wayto pad the defense and we need to use reggie strategically, he doesn't run into a wall very good, GET HIM INTO SPACE! and when the game is close, let him field a punt. i'm afraid we won't see the need for LOU POLITE until a couple more losses or until the pats sign him. sincerely,
an embarrassed fan
ps. time to bring the bags out.

Sparano/Ireland would NEVER get hired for same position elsewhere, only lower, that says it all


YOUR quote > It's not about the management, it's about the team and that fans SHOULD go to the games and not protest by not attending <

It IS the owners fault for rewarding the management aka GM Ireland and HC Sparano and the rest of his kids.

When we fans don’t go to the games it hurts the owners bottom line.

Remember... The players are all millionaires and were the ones crying over not making enough.

I dont feel one bit sorry for the players as THEY are the ones not producing.

Perhaps the NFL union needs to be busted once and for all. The Union is screwing the fans by holding guns to the owners heads as well as to all of us.

We get held up by the high costs of tickets, the higher cost of popcorn, chips, soda, beer , Dolphin apparel and TV and cable costs.

Believe me the players don’t give a rats ass about the fans when it comes to $$$ which they proved during the past lockout.

The players showed up unconditioned and unprepared to play Monday night. This is not only the management and HC fault but the players as well.

During the lockout "some" of the players didn’t keep in shape and keep conditioned which was all but evident Monday night with cramps and exhaustion.

GREAT leaders and GREAT management and the players will WANT TO BE GREAT also.

The Pats have it all and our team sucks and the players just want to collect a paycheck and shake hands and smile after the game they just got their ass kicked.

This team needs to purge itself from ALL the crap left over’s from Parcells aka Tuna.. Start with Ireland and Soprano and ALL that those two brought in as part of their staff.

Hire a PROVEN leader and HC like COWHER or another proven coach with experience.

There is nothing to look forward to in the next draft unless the GM and HC are fired first.

If not and lets project that we lose all 16 games and have the @1 pick.. Don’t smile because 100% guaranteed that if LUCK is available at QB... Ireland will trade the #1 away for more VALUE picks and ACORNS.

We are DOOMED until the GM, HC are gone. I hope each day that Ross sells the Dolphins to an owner that wants’ to win and is not obsessed with somebody singing Babalu on the stage.

Does anyone think the dolphins missed the defensive play calling of Channing Crowder?

I though the defense got helmet signals from coaches?

LouD said (also applies to like it is):

"So my point is I disagree that the Dolphins have no talent and I counter that they have a pi** poor excuse for a head coach and a clueless GM when it comes to personnel moves. This is what is holding this team back right now. Give me one of the coaches from the team you listed, I'll even take Garrett from the Cowboys, and I'll give you a winning Miami Dolphins team."

Our 2 geniuses are clowns. I have been saying it (like you) for 2 years. They are clueless with personnel moves and how to put the ones YOU HAVE in the best position to succeed. Can someone tell me of oyher teams that constantly "churn" the roster ny cutting a signing a player, then cutting the player, then signing the player back, all in the space of a few weeks? My example (again) and please try ot picture this in your mind and tell me if it's a good analogy:

"Their personnel moves are idiotic. They pull the trigger, than they backpedal and pull it again, like 2 drunken cowboys in a saloon/whorehouse 150 years ago."

These are our leaders in action. Useless. Period. If they were fired tomorrow, can anyone honestly another team would be interested?

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