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Garrard availability may test Dolphins' Henne faith

These next couple of days will be very interesting around the NFL's quarterback-hungry teams because for the first time in nearly two months, a solid quarterback talent is available.

It should be interesting to watch how the Dolphins react.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will soon announce that quarterback David Garrard is being released. He becomes a free agent, able to sign with any team he wishes, any team that wants him.

Do the Dolphins become involved?

Two things are clear: Garrard's first choice is to remain a starter in the league. So he'll likely first deal with teams that will give him some sense he can take the starting job once he gets up to speed on their offense.

The second thing that is clear is that only teams with a relatively weak starting QB situation will be at the front of the line for Garrard. Washington might be an option. Oakland, maybe the Colts might also be interested. Perhaps Seattle, Carolina, Cincinnati and San Francisco get involved.

It will be interesting to see if the Dolphins test the waters on Garrard at all. It will be much more interesting -- as in seismic shift interesting -- if they jump into those waters head first.

I don't know if the Dolphins are going to do that. The next 30 hours or so will be telling.

I do know this: Garrard's availability may be a sign of exactly how truly committed and certain the Dolphins are on Chad Henne.

The club has been swearing up and down that it is putting its faith in Henne. Fine, we get that. We also get this faith grew a whole lot more ardent after the team tried and failed to draft a quarterback, then tried and failed to add a possible Henne replacement in free agency and the trade market. So let's be honest here.

The faith in Henne felt akin to a man with no money for shoes extolling the virtues of going barefoot.

Now Miami's faith will be tested.

Here is another thought: If the Bengals jump into the Garrard sweepstakes and actually sign him, they just might feel comfortable enough with their QB situation to loosen the shackles they have around Carson Palmer. It might be their way of breaking clear of the past and the shadow Palmer still casts over the franchise.

This scenario is purely speculation, but if it were to happen, there would be little doubt the Dolphins would then become players in the Palmer availability. On that, I'm certain.

So watch the next day or so. Watch how this all plays out.

The Dolphins may not be a player in the least in the matter, which would show their faith in Henne is more than just talk. But if they are even casual players in the derby for the available QB, we'll know that strong faith is having a forbidden fruit moment.


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you sure would save the blog tons of trash posting about bs if you left your hunting and party stories off the blog. as far as i can tell, not a single person cares about them.

Makes no sense for the Dolphins to get invovled on Garrard at this point. Henne has shown good signs in the preseason and to go out and snatch Garrard up at this point accomplishes nothing. What would he take the Dolphins to, an 8-8 season at best? At least wait until after week one until we see what we have in Henne. I'd rather they live and die with Henne this year and if they tank then draft that first round QB next year.

Pretty sad franchise!! Would hate to be a Jags fan.

Posted by: Craig M | September 06, 2011 at 03:47 PM

Thats just what they say about us!



I don't see Garrard as being a QB to test their faith in Henne. He has been under performing for some time now.

definition of insanity: using the same approach and expecting different results.

Miami with Henne = insanity


you sure would save the blog tons of trash posting about bs if you left your hunting and party stories off the blog. as far as i can tell, not a single person cares about them.

Posted by: jim beam | September 06, 2011 at 03:35 PM

Real clever "Just Exposed" no one would ever suspect you to change your name once you were caught red handed.

I posted a three sentence sign off(I know, I know, I'll have to wait for Armando to read it and then explain it too you). 3, count them, sentences-Period.

You followed up with the lies, the trash and the BS.

Whats even more pathetic is this absurb tactic you're trying here. Your not fooling anyone, as I and many others have already pointed out to you.

You are accusing someone else of posting tons of trash? The trash, the lies and the BS that you yourself have posted just today? I was defending myslef from YOUR retarded lies!

Dude, Armando should just fire you because you are seriously eff'ed up on the Meth or SOMETHING very bad. Besides, the strikes over and the season is about to start, there's enough good posters here now. If anything you're costing the blog hits and more importantly, GOOD CONTRIBUTORS.

Buh Bye Tweak!!!!

If this was early July, that's one thing, but its too late. Ride out Henne and hope he steps up. I have faith...albeit a little.


It's NOT the same approach. Maybe you haven't been paying attention but we have two new running backs, a new OC, new WR, new TE and a couple of new OL. There's nothing the same approach about it at all, other than Henne.


Craig M is right.
This offense is radically different from 2010.

Brandon Meriweather is a bust . along with David Garrard ... how come the paties mess up on their draft all the time and no one cares ! , but miami cuts a 5th round draft pick that hasn't even played in a reg. season game and everyone makes a big deal about it ? Edds can move on .. we drafted him because we wanted to replace Channing.. but ej edds got hurt last year so it didn't happen... but now we have Burrnet so there is no need to keep EJ edds ... he isn't a bust !!! we just got someone better to play the position that we had in mind for him ... hope EJ edds does well with another team , only hope that he does it with some other team in the NFC is all ... if he joins a team in the AFC east , I hope he sucks !


Posted by: ALoco | September 06, 2011 at 03:39 PM

Aloco, ahem, Just exposed, ahem, Cuban Menace, ahem, whatever the F you are calling yourself at the moment. It's been posted and reposted.

You saw it and everyone else did as well.

You got caught lying through your teeth, deal with it and leave me alone, PLEASE?. Lie about someone else or something.

See my post to you at 3:59 and stfu please. I'm trying to talk Phins Football with some fans.


If this happened a month ago I would have said that the Dolphins should go for it. But, this close to the season....not worth it. Garrard is an okay QB...more athletic than Henne...but at this point in his career not really an upgrade. Besides, Garrard will want starter money and the only way he gets that is if he has a real shot at being starter. I think San Francisco or Cincinatti are more likely spots for him. Maybe, Seattle though that would mean Pete Carroll will have given up on two QBs he has acquired already.


That would be great....I would love to see that!!....hope you're right.

By the way....this is going to backfire on the Jags. They had a chance to be decent with Garrard. Now I see them being amongst the worst in the league and Del Rio being fired. Not a good move for them....especially, so close to the season..

Management (includes coaches) has been passing up on QB's (draft and FAs) for the past 3-4 years now. WHY WOULD IT BE DIFFERENT NOW. DOLPHIN MANAGEMENT HAS HELD THE TEAM BACK FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS. It's unbelievable how friggin stupid the people who make the decisions have been. WHO TAKES LINEMEN OVER A FRANCHISE QB (long over ryan and pouncey over name any of them) AT THE TOP OF A DRAFT TWICE IN 3 YEARS?!?!?!? DOLPHIN MANAGEMENT THAT'S WHO!!! Say hello to another 7-9 year while henne make decisions that puts the defense in bad positions all year, AGAIN, and they won't have an ABLE QB to come in.

Guys we need to get a real backup. Whether it is Garrard, Palmer, or whomever; Moore is not good enough. I agree we shouldn't be paying starter $ to the backup. But get somebody please!

Love the Miami with Henne= insanity!Garrard is now better than Henne.Our Dolphins should stay away!
Carson Palmer should be pursued...please Mr.Brown answer your iphone,please!!!

It's a no go. They've been working on this team's chemistry during the pre-season, and they're not about to cut the offense's rythim. You gotta give the trust to Henne and go from there. Maybe another RB to complement. Let the season begin!

My guess is that Garrard ends up with a team like the Colts or the Bengals. I have a feeling that the Manning situation is worse than the Colts are letting on and I don't think that Collins is the answer. Maybe he ends up with the 'Skins. Who knows.

Please god no Garrard to Miami.

Aside from the PR disaster, he would not be a better QB than either Henne or Moore (at least in my view).

Garrard will not improve the offense more than Henne. Henne is a top 12 Quarterback potential and Garrard a top 25 potential. Mcnabb was a better choice and we passed on him. Palmer would be a great pick up.

LMAO At Odereye, Your starting to unraval, No Iam not the simpleton Aloco, Nor Cuben Menace, Just Admit what you posted And ask for forgiveness for all that you have bullied on in this blog and You'll never hear from me again. I Promise.

over the past several years I lived in jax, watched Garrard play, dolphins should not waste any time on this. Garrard played well at times, stunk it up a lot of times, there are reasons why they are letting him go. as a back up, I can see the possibility, but only as a back up. im not nor have I been a big Henne supporter, but there is no need to disturbed a rythem he seems to have found..hopefully found.

Gerrard had a good year last year in U know the (regular season)---clearly better then Henne---last year

Saying Henne has turned it around b/c of preseason games is rediculous---

Bottom line is Chad Henne doesnt deserve to have the starting QB job Handed to him for what he did last year

Garrard would give us a Leginimate option if Henne struggles, and i fully believe once Garrard learned our offense Henne would be in trouble---Garrard is proven Henne isnt

Our weapons would be the best Garrard has ever had at Wr.--He is more mobile than Henne bottomline Henne needs competition and the dolphins need to uprade total talent at QB

Henne and Moore for the season, barring injury. If it doesn't work out most of you will get your wish and a first round QB next season but at least we'll know for sure what we have in Henne.

Gerrard has been a very up and down player since taking over for Leftwich in Jax. The only places he gets a legit shot to start are Oak or Cinn. I think the other places mentioned outside of Seattle which might be a dark horse here considering there going with Tavaris Jackson and have good Offensive pieces will be going with what they have and letting the chips fall were they may be it with there Rookie Q.B. like Car. will with Cam before going the Gerrard route or there own cast off like Wash. with Grossman/Beck waiting out a strong 2012 Q.B. Class

I will say though that all things being equal he would be a great back up like the guy he replaced Leftwich became for Rothlisberger. Would feel tons more confident with him instead of M.Moore and Henne would be on his toes knowing there is indeed a player behind him. In that scenario he could work for us but only really in that scenario unless Henne falls flat with loads of egg on his face and then who really cares once were 100% out of the running let Henne or Moore ride it out and draft the future next Season. If teams like Carolna, Jax or Tenn. (already drafted there future this year) are at the top of the draft order next year you can start to make a case for trading the house on the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.
Unlike the Jets which were a Vet heavy team when they essentially traded away there entire 09 draft (1,3,5,7) for Sancheez we are a very young nucleus with our most important pieces under contract and could afford to mortgage one draft for a TRUE FRANCHISE TALENT.

..Signing Garrard wouldn't neccessary mean curtains for Henne. If we could aquire Garrard at a reasonable price the move would be a prudent one for the Phins. We need a backup plan if the Chad Henne experiment blows up. If you are comfortable with Matt Moore fine. I'm not. Chances are good whoever the backup is(on any team) will see playing time.

With Garrard you get a proven Vet. Is he gangbusters...No. But he is competant, and has played at a fairly high level throughout parts of seasons(consistancy for a full 16 games...not so much). If he would come here with the understanding he was the backup..I would think that he upgrades a position that is a HUGE question mark.

Vegas line on Moore starting after the bye week is 50/50. Not good. Seems like there are only about 8 fans in the whole country that think Henne can be a starter.

To late, Gerrard is a backup, nothing more, nothing less. He will not get a starting position here, even if there is interest. All you Henne haters are gonna suck it by the end of the year.

LMAO At Odereye, Your starting to unraval, No Iam not the simpleton Aloco, Nor Cuben Menace, Just Admit what you posted And ask for forgiveness for all that you have bullied on in this blog and You'll never hear from me again. I Promise.

Posted by: Just The Facts. | September 06, 2011 at 04:15 PM

Everybody saw your lie. Put down th pipe and face reality.............ALocoCubanMenaceZig..........Just Exposed(AGAIN) ;)

Why does Del Rio pull this crap? Why does Jax wait right before the season begins to do this?

I wouldn't go after Garrard. We're stuck with Henne and Moore, unless Garrard goes to Cincy and it frees up Palmer.

Garrard - 23 tds, 15 ints, 65% completion---rushed for 300 yds and 5 TDS---he is 33 which means to me he can still be solid for 3-4 years--

He had a good year last year on a team that lacks WR weapons other then theIr TE Lewis---and has a horiific Defense---

Bottomeline Jaguars got rid of him b/c they drafted a young QB and Garrard making 8 mil this season---and b/c U Kno THEY ARE THE JAGS

Im absolutely shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dolfans not interested in scum huntingting the bottom of the scum bucket? This truly is a first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To Freedog,
YOU just don't want Palmer for personal resentment towards him. Carson has dealt with prima donnas has much tread left on his tires!

The Dolphins will do>>>> NOTHING!! They are too conservative to make that move this close to the season opener. Its a shame too because we need a player at QB and Henne is no more than a second string on any other team in the NFL. :(((

LV Knows, thanks for visiting and making up phony garbage. Proud of yourself??

Something to be optimistic about: of the two losses last year, the Pats lost 14-34 to Brian Daboll's offense and the Cleveland Browns. To be last in the NFL in points per game and put up 34 against the Pats is no easy task, maybe he knows something about how to beat the Pats.

Gerrard is obviously better then Moore, so why not check into it? If Henne plays lights out great, but if Henne plays lights out and gets injured do you really want Moore in there for a long period of time? And if Henne bombs, at least Gerrard gives you a chance if you make the move quick enough(Like bye week with a 1-2 record quick). I would def bring him in as a back up and possibly more depending how the season goes.

A report from the National Post this morning says that the Pats will cut Ocho and/or Haynesworth before the season starts. Show of hands from all those guys that lauded these moves from the Pats and how Ireland never does anything special. Hands up nice and high so we can all see them fellas....

On the same note....how's Plaxico Burress working out fellas? Yeah I thought so....try a little hot sauce on your crow....it's easier to get down.

Posted by: Craig M | August 14, 2011 at 10:43 AM

Was it Garrard in the Pro bowl in February??

I agree with ericatl. The from office is too weak and wishy washy to make a decision like that.


Please step away from the Garrard garbage and no one gets hurt.

I would take Garrard as a 3rd qb only. But Im sure at present his pride and ego wouldnt have him even sniff at an offer not putting as a #2 qb in the least.

At vet minimun I would sign him in a heart beat, otherwise stay away from the dumpsters.

I live in Jacksonville PLEASE DO NOT SIGN GARRARD he is overrated...


What does the Jags having a horrible defence last year have to do with Garrard's numbers? Wouldn't a horrible defence HELP his numbers, in that he's behind a lot and needs to pass?

Craig M you are BUSTED @ 4:27, nut up now!

Maybe I'm wrong, but couldn't Miami have picked up Garrard earlier and didn't even try? If they weren't in it a month ago, why would they be in it now?

can't believe im saying this but if henne flops, i have full faith in matt moore. he has more than proved he is a capable back up maybe even a starter.

Tom, Gerrard is not that good bro, Just Saying., Stick with Henne, They have so far if he bombs he'll be gone(Didnt mean to ryhme, but it just came out that way)

The dolphins have put their trust in Henne but can lose it after 1 interception and no touchdowns. Phins need Henne to earn trust, 3 touchdowns monday night will help even with a loss. I will bet that Henne will have a better season than last year, which should get them to the playoffs and maybe a win.

Zing and your multiple names,

Really no point in talking to you because nobody has any clue who or what you are. Any time you want to come clean ad start acting humna on here I'd be happy to converse with you. While you keep acting like a moron, there's no point.


I brang up thier defense because alot of people will point to his 42-40 record saying that is a sign he is just mediocre---

And what im saying is he is a guy that never played on a team with a defense and had WR weapons---

When you get a chance to play in those ideal circumstances guys like Mark sanchez have good records and win playoff games

Everytime a player gets cut we're having this same dumbass discussion in this bad luck blog.

Do you idiots think other teams fan blogs are having the same dicussion everytime we cut loose our garbage? Geesh!!!!!!!!!


Just Exposed,

Are you doing what you just got done accusing others of?

Other than lie about me, you've not posted one single thing about football of the Miami Dolphins.

Well, at least not under the misnomer Just Exposed anyways.

You got caught lying through your teeth right here in front of everybody-ROTFLMAO.

And yet you go on yapping away with tons of trash nobody cares about-Dude you're making yourself look even more PATHETIC-LOL

I didn't think that was possible ;)

I don't see why the Fins shouldn't try to get Garrard. He is a good qb not saying we should let him start, but if Henne starts to play bad or gets injured we have someone out there than can win some games. Sounds like a win, win situation to me. Not gained nothing lost if he is a backup. I dont think Moore can do it, but if we dont get him. I still like this team to be very good this year. Go Fins

I was reading the ESPN article, Garrard lost his starting job to Luke McCown.


Luke McCown... really!!!! you guys really want him!!!!

I'll stick with Henne!

Craig M you are BUSTED @ 4:27, nut up now!

Posted by: Zing | September 06, 2011 at 04:29 PM

Zing, That's the second time today I've heard that phrase, Never heard it before. I'am on the West coast, What does it mean?

Maybe as a backup, but even still, can the guy move anymore? Isn't he banged up? At this point, it is what it is. He definitely isn't as good as Henne now (with how far he needs to catch up) so he won't start. Question is would you rather Garrard or Moore come in? I don't know, kind of a toss up for me. I'd probably say Moore since he knows the offense. Anyway, if Henne goes down, there's no chance of anything, so probably not worth it.

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