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Garrard availability may test Dolphins' Henne faith

These next couple of days will be very interesting around the NFL's quarterback-hungry teams because for the first time in nearly two months, a solid quarterback talent is available.

It should be interesting to watch how the Dolphins react.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will soon announce that quarterback David Garrard is being released. He becomes a free agent, able to sign with any team he wishes, any team that wants him.

Do the Dolphins become involved?

Two things are clear: Garrard's first choice is to remain a starter in the league. So he'll likely first deal with teams that will give him some sense he can take the starting job once he gets up to speed on their offense.

The second thing that is clear is that only teams with a relatively weak starting QB situation will be at the front of the line for Garrard. Washington might be an option. Oakland, maybe the Colts might also be interested. Perhaps Seattle, Carolina, Cincinnati and San Francisco get involved.

It will be interesting to see if the Dolphins test the waters on Garrard at all. It will be much more interesting -- as in seismic shift interesting -- if they jump into those waters head first.

I don't know if the Dolphins are going to do that. The next 30 hours or so will be telling.

I do know this: Garrard's availability may be a sign of exactly how truly committed and certain the Dolphins are on Chad Henne.

The club has been swearing up and down that it is putting its faith in Henne. Fine, we get that. We also get this faith grew a whole lot more ardent after the team tried and failed to draft a quarterback, then tried and failed to add a possible Henne replacement in free agency and the trade market. So let's be honest here.

The faith in Henne felt akin to a man with no money for shoes extolling the virtues of going barefoot.

Now Miami's faith will be tested.

Here is another thought: If the Bengals jump into the Garrard sweepstakes and actually sign him, they just might feel comfortable enough with their QB situation to loosen the shackles they have around Carson Palmer. It might be their way of breaking clear of the past and the shadow Palmer still casts over the franchise.

This scenario is purely speculation, but if it were to happen, there would be little doubt the Dolphins would then become players in the Palmer availability. On that, I'm certain.

So watch the next day or so. Watch how this all plays out.

The Dolphins may not be a player in the least in the matter, which would show their faith in Henne is more than just talk. But if they are even casual players in the derby for the available QB, we'll know that strong faith is having a forbidden fruit moment.