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Five things on my mind this morning

Let me give you a piece of my mind (not that I can spare too much) this morning:

1. The Dolphins are stunning in their defensive fall from grace so far this season. They got lit up by New England. They improved somewhat against Houston but still, it wasn't good enough. And then, most disappointing to me, they gave up a game-winning drive to Colt McCoy and a Browns offense that was without running back Peyton Hillis and the club's starting right tackle Tony Pashos this past weekend.

So the Dolphins defense is ranked 30th in the NFL so far this year. Terrible, right? Team can't win until they get better, right?

Yeah, well, the Patriots have the No. 32 ranked defense in the NFL this year. That is dead last.

The difference is the Patriots have the best QB in the NFL so having the worst statistical defense in the NFL is not quite as painful as it is in Miami. It's vexing. But season-killing? Not when you can light up the scoreboard.

For the record, the Dolphins averaged 17 points per game last year and that was obvioulsy not good enough. This year the new, revamped, rebuilt, refurbished offense is averaging 17.6 points per game through three games.

2. As you might know, I reported Monday that the Dolphins are in money-saving mode. I've been told this by very high ranking sources within the football side of the organization. [UPDATE: Another high-ranking and annoyed source within the organization says the team is not in big money-saving mode, it's just going by a budget and there is no big deal afoot.]

Anyway, I got a call from yet another source within the organization Monday explaining that the team's salary cap space -- estimated between $7-$8 million under the $120 million -- will eventually be used this year.

I was told the space was left with the thoughts of using toward signing extensions with certain players whose contracts expire after this year. Among those players are Kendall Langford, Chad Henne and others. The team might even visit the idea of signing Cameron Wake before his deal expires after 2012.

Except, I asked this source, why such a need to save cap space for players who are basically taking you to a winless record? What's so great about them?

"That's a consideration that we might have to re-examine," the source admitted.

I would think so.

Yes, Langford is nice player. But he's not great. He's basically a space eater. He's got two tackles in three games so far this year. Igor Olshansky had two tackles in one game against Cleveland. Jared Odrick has four tackles. Randy Starks has 10 tackles.

Look, the Dolphins can sign Langford to keep him from hitting free agency. But the hope is the deal is modest. Because his playmaking has been modest.

Henne presents another interesting situation. Do the Dolphins sign him to an extension now? I say if the season continues on its present course, I would absolutely not do that.

Simply, if the Dolphins continue to stink, they will be in favorable position to pick a quarterback very, very early in the draft. Andrew Luck, Kellen Moore, Landry Jones and perhaps Robert Griffin III might all be available next draft.

So why invest in Henne now?

Now, if Henne goes crazy the next 13 games, absolutely, you re-sign him. Why? Well, if he goes crazy, he will have proven his worth and at the same time would have probably played the Dolphins out of the top rung of the draft anyway.

But again, you don't do that anytime soon. You let it play out until late in the year or  even after the season when teams have an exclusive negotiating window with their free agents.

So again, that cap space now makes no sense.

And while we're on the topic, Phillip Merling is out of contract after this season. Two words following his one tackle against Houston and coming off what was apparently a healthy scratch last week: Bye. Bye.

[NOTE: By the way, I'm thinking I've got to start cutting down on sources particularly when they all work for the same team and they're not all on the same page. Sheesh.]

3. I wrote in my column that coach Tony Sparano struggled to walk out of Cleveland Browns Stadium, moving gingerly and stopping once to, ahem, adjust because he was in obvious pain as he continues to recover from double hernia surgery.

I'm told by a source close to Sparano the coach was told his surgery required a short hospital stay followed by 10 days of bed rest. Sparano was in bed for one day and walking the next. While in bed, 75 minutes after the surgery, he was breaking down tape of the team's final preseason game.

Does that make him a great coach? No. Does it make him one very tough and dedicated dude? You betcha.

4. Thinking back to No. 2, there are other players who are likely in their final years with the Dolphins:

Vernon Carey, Will Allen, and possibly Paul Soliai because he's expecting a big payday after this year and the Dolphins might not be willing to meet his price -- as they've not been able to do in three separate contract offers since last October. Yup, three total offers aside from the franchise tag tender is what the team has put in front of Soliai's agent.

5. I like Jimmy Wilson. He's a rookie. He's a seventh round draft pick. And he took responsibility for "losing the game" against Cleveland Sunday. For the record, Wilson gave up the catch that resulted in the winning touchdown.

But he didn't lose the game.

Football is a team sport. It's won by teams. And lost by teams.

You have to admire Wilson's view anyway. He's a no-excuses guy. And he didn't much mention the interception he had earlier in the game, which happened to be the first of his career. Wilson, by the way, has one more interception than either of Miami's starting cornerbacks -- Sean Smith or Vontae Davis.

That means Davis and Smith have zero interceptions.

I cannot decide which is more disappointing: That Smith and Davis had trouble holding on to balls that would have been interceptions last year. Or that this year they haven't had any passes in their hands that they might have converted into interceptions.



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I don't think the fins are lacking so much talent that they should be 0-3. ALL 3 have been winnable games. It's been a lack of conditioning, lack of preparation, lack of mental toughness that has cost this team these wins.

Has anyone in the press made any attempt to run down the cause for this team having so many hamstring issues?

This enquiring mind wants to know.

keep henne as a backup. We have to draft a QB in the first round next year. The new FO will want this.

Armando you are spot on again. Greg Cote wrote something good too. Henne cant make a play when it matters, cant convert in the red zone and cost us that game on the weekend. On Cleveland 47 for four downs and between henne, the offense and dabol they cant move 15 yards. wow. I told you this was going to be a bad season. And as for our defence. What a joke. Koa missing ? bust. wake, burnett, dansby, nothing. our secondary nothing. This team has the pulse of a dead man. Now we go to San Diego to face Rivers and that defence. Thats funny. 0 and 4 here we come.
D Man Canada Out !

But dropping a game to get a complete look at accuracy stats is smart. Lets take all henne's bad games out. What is that about 65% of his games? Then he'll have some good stats. AND comparing to Marino is just pure idiotic. I am not saying henne is the whole problem but he's a part. the other is coaching and we need to start fresh again there is no doubt.

And like someone mentions above his red zone, two minute, and 3rd down stats are off the charts BAD real BAD.

If you say Luck (even as a rookie) doesn't make this team better you have not seen him play. He's better than any QB that has come out of the draft since P. Manning.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I wish we can model our team after the Oakland Raiders, they have athletes all over the field and just play real physical and tough. Mcfadden is the perfect RB!

Lastly, when is someone going to start calling out Jeff Irleand. He put this team together. Nice talent search. Miami Cowboys suck. Ireland should be the one answering questions right now. Sporano can only coach what he has !

D Man Canada Out !

Craig, don't be surprised if you get a call for the GM position. I might nominate you. I have faith you'd be better than Ireland.

(Yeah, Suck for Luck) said:

"Trade Marshall And Dansby Now They Have Value At The Moment,I'm Sure Philadelphia Will Trade For Dansby , Next Year Will Be A New Head Coach ,And A New Rookie QB Hopefully Andrew Luck , Get Draft Picks For Those Players And Get A Stud Rigth Tackle On Free Agency,And Rigth Guard , And Most Important Suck For Luck , We Need A Franchise QB For The Next 15 Years , We Need To Be Competitive Again ,We Need To Be The Proud Franchise Again"

I hope that is just what you wish would happen, rather than what you think will happen. C'mon man!!! Why would Sparano and Ireland, who are in "job-save mode" do anything like that? To help out the next regime? Get real, they are not going to do any smart "for the future" moves. They are going to do whatever they think will help win "now", even if it is detrimental to the team's future.

when something is broken, human nature compells us to fix it, when your fans are relying on it and your job depends on it, then even more-so. now i know that confidence plays a role, so sending mixed signals is detrimental, but when the whole football world can see that reggie cannot run it up the gut and knows he is more effective in space, specifically the passing game, why is it then that we insist on using him as our primary back between the tackles? why is it that miami repeatedly rids itself of players who provide consistancy,(welker, camarillo, polite) how do you just get rid of players who are quintessential componants of your bread and butter plays. are the coaches and front office that detatched? these are the things that are mostly on the minds of dolphans of late, this offseason provided a variety of upgradable options at tight-end, this was another obvious need, but fins brass didn't quite see it that way. so fans are left wondering why? the only comforting explanation that i can come up with is detachment and Luneacy. is ross that broke that we cannot even resign the good players(if any) that we have? other more noticeable things that require less work to remidy, and are fixable without involving the front office are answers to the following questions:
1) why is it that the other team seems to play harder then us? is it that the players on the other team feel more pressure to do so?
2) why is it that dolphins players(body language, and effort)seem to suggest that they are totaly O.K. with the score being even? are their team goals set to low?
3) why is it that dolphins players and coaches seem to be O.K. with loosing games until it comes down to being eliminatated (mathematically), when every other team seems to feels the pressure to win every SINGLE game starting with game 1.? why can't we play every game as if it were the last game? is it that the coaches CAN'T make the players play with intensity until the players infact know that it is actually the very last can't loose game? ... this is the main culprit! mark my words, as every year the fins do this... squander the season away until there is no more cushion, no more room for error, then and there we see a dolphin team playing up to it's potential, but it's to late, because at that moment they need to be perfect, and that word is only synonomus with winners, as in the 72 dolphins. WAKE UP!

Dear Mr. Salguero

"[NOTE: By the way, I'm thinking I've got to start cutting down on sources particularly when they all work for the same team and they're not all on the same page. Sheesh.]"

Thats just Mr. Aloco and his alias's... he does the same thing on the blog....sheesh

Anywhoo I was watching TOSH.0 on comedy central last night and Daniel Tosh woar a university of Miami T-shirt and gave props to the U....then made a joke about the Dolphins

Thanks Bill, Jeff and Tony....we are now the butt of jokes on national TV.

Soiled :)

TOSH.0 favorite team is the Dolphins, he's just frustrated with the team like all of us. That dude hates Nick Saben like all of us.

I think we have red zone issues because, not only does the field get shorter, but defenses know that we have pass protect issues with the line, so, they bring a lot of pressure. There just isn't any time.

Daboll & Henne are going to have to figure it out, or teams will continue with the jailhouse break mentality.

IF, and I am saying IF, the fins are going to use the wildcat, the red zone might be the place to do it. Seriously. If Thomas really can throw, we've already seen that he run, then put him in the shotgun and let him read the defense. What...things are not bound to get any worse. We're 0-3, and have line problems. So, put the ball in your athlete's hands and make him make a play.

Do it, do it now.

So its a team sport huh? So why did Sapp get fired and Carpenter didn't?

Luck is not the answer id rather win 5 games and draft Trent Richardson or lemichael james ion the first with robert griffinn the 3 in the second.............that woiuld be a nice draft

"So its a team sport huh? So why did Sapp get fired and Carpenter didn't?"

Race card.....anyone....race card ?

Lets pput it to rest then

Soiled :)

Henne has accuracy problems yet a high completion percentage with receivers that create little to no seperation.

I get it, that makes sense.

Oh yea, and Henne has a great o-line giving him time along with the no speration... hmmm.

Look, Joe Schmoe/DC are not Henne supporters, yet he will be the first one to say you can not blame him, as some of you are. (Sorry to use you as an example

Henne has flaws, but none of the flaws are impossible to work with or fix.

Every QB has flaws of some sort, they all dont have the same one's. so to think you will find a flawless QB... Good Luck, because Luck will have at least one also.

I agree we should draft a QB next year, but I think keeping Henne around to compete is a very good idea for the new coach coming in.

Henne is much better than some of you give him credit for, it is to bad you cant see that.

3 games in and already the fans are looking to the draft...wow!!!

Look at it realistically. We are 0-3. The chances of making the post season are less than 10%. In my mind that means winning out right now just to make the playoffs. I just don't see the Jets, Pats and Bills imploding the rest of the season.

The season is already over guys. Its going to be hard to beat San Diego with this secondary. So we're looking at 0-4 then 0-5.

This seems to be a recurring theme with Tony and Ireland.

i’m not afraid of the fo.
i’m not afraid of the players.
i’m not afraid of the fans.
and i don’t care about the media.

i wonder if he can coach football.
he’ll be available in 4 years when his new marlins contract is up.


An Ole School thought - I remember when the Dolphins were associated with Excellence, Pride..
Sad the only thing Dolphin fans have to look forward to is the NFL Draft, hoping for another Coach, Front office.. Very, very sad!!

I am a die hard phins fan and 1st time writing on Mando's column. Is there any friggin way, Marino can buy the team?? We need Ross to sell the team period! he is clueless! I agree with the other fan in trading Dansby and Marshall for 1st or 2nd round picks! we need ammunition for the next draft!

I don't know a GM I'd pick specifically, but, I have zero issue with letting Cowher pick his guys or take on the GM duties himself.

All this talk about dual GM coach/duties being too much, is speculation. Especially if a coach wants control, it contradicts the perception that it's too much. No one knows except those individuals if they can handle it.

All I know is Ireland is not good enough. Aside from the draft, where HE HAS TO pick non cowboys, almost every dud he's brought here has been. Anyone can pick former players & call themselves a GM.

Lekkerkerker? Berger? Columbo? Procter? Mcquistan? Burnett? Polite? Anderson? Jones? Ayodele? Fasano? Fergusen? And more!

Ireland ONLY knows what Parcells found him before. Why do you think he keeps recycling the trash heep?

As far as our drafts, especially at the top, they've been poor. FA acquisitions? Worse. The results speak for themselves.

As much as YOU don't wanna say it, DC is right. Anybody but Ireland(or something similar) won't hurt.

At worst, the new guy is as bas as Ireland. A push. At best, he is much better than him. Either way, we really aren't losing. The odds that the new GM is worse is remote, but you can't live & run a team in fear.

This team is owned, managed & coached in fear. It all needs to change.

and another thing.....

If we never see Fasano out on pass routes because he's trying to save Henne's life (blocking next to Columbo)...... why are we stockpiling TEs? And what happened with Clay?


Too funny, on your last post to me...LOL. As you say like to say on here, 'don't be praising me. People will be accusing me of trolling'....LOL.

I'm not as down on Ireland as you and others. He's far from perfect but I defy anyone to show me someone who is. Even Bill Polian who has been praised for being one of the best in the business ahs made his share of mistakes, including first round picks Joseph Addai, Donald Brown and last year's linebacker (I'm forgetting his name right now). He's also being criticize for not having an adequate Manning replacement ready to go on the roster. Even the best in the business can be scrutinized.

As I've said DC, I'm not an apologist for Ireland. For all the bad moves you can look at, I think it's also fair to look at the moves he DIDN'T make, such as D'Angelo Williams, McNabb, Burress and Braylon Edwards. It's also looking like good moves to take Pouncey in the first (instead of Ingram) and Thomas in the second. My problem with the whole thing is I don't know how much of the blame rests with Ireland and how much of it is coaching. As Phins78 said this morning, when you look at how many players have gotten worse since they've come here, it makes me think that most of it it coaching. I think I would like to see Ireland's players play for a coach like Fisher before I decided Ireland wasn't the answer.

Poizen -- Yes, I would keep Henne as a viable backup but that's it. Watch this next game and watch his reads and progressions. He just doesn't have the poise. He has smarts (knows the offense well) and a decent arm but he breaks down too soon.

that being said, i would now like to thank coach shula, and all the players on that perfect team for playing the game with all the intensity they had, for giving their maximium effort week in and week out, for all of their hard work and sacrifice. i was only small, but i remember, it seems so long ago, that it almost seems as if it never really happened, and after all these years i am still a fan, and like most of us watching the games, we see a team consistantly lacking the desire and intensity that coach shula instilled in our players, year in and year out. and so i ask you coach shula, is there anything you can do, is there anything you can say, to anybody willing to hear that can return the pride and culture to miami? maybe the question should be ... IS their anybody willing to hear?
go fins.

You fire Sapp because you've determined that he can't do the job and that you can replace him.

You keep Carpenter because you've seen him do the job well in the past, and don't have an upgrade waiting in the wings.

I'm sure Carpenter would be replaced if they thought they had a better alternative.

Anybody remember that the Giants lost their entire defensive backfield before the season even started? THE SKY IS FALLI...but wait, they're 2-1 now.

Saban would say that they persevered to overcome adversity.

I wish we would.

Dolp_fan Luck.

the one thing you can be sure of is that I watch the QB more than any other position no matter what game I am watching.

some what required to do so, but have a passion for it.

I will just agree to disagree on your evaluation of Henne.

Let's just hope a W is on the horizon either way.

Poizen, no worries. At least you understand what I'm saying! hahahaha Unlike the ninny riding my tip yesterday not having a friggin clue about what I was saying.

Some people here are so sensitive to it. Either your all for him & avoid the bad or you're not for him & ignore the good. Why can't people be objective & discuss & accept the good and bad?

He's not the major problem. However, that also doesn't mean he's not part of the problem & immune from critcisim.

Guaranteed contracts.

If you make $5 million whether you perform or not, how much motivation do you have? It is all about the money for many of these players and it seems we have most of them.

No rookie will save this team. End of story.

Rob Ryan for HeadCoach. Someone (anyone with half a clue) for General Manager.

You guys dont see it do you? As fans we get our heads so far up, but look at the facts:

1. SR wanted to replace TS and JI went for the failed little trip that was supposed to secret or under the radar to get then hot sensation JH.

2. When the secret visit was known to all man kind and was televised on prime time on all interplanetray channels, then what happens;

3. SR gives a 2 yr extension to TS out of being,,,what,,,humiliated? Nahhhh for being a rookie at the NFL and not having a better option. Put it this way, SR woulr have taken any criticism (or humilitaion) if he would have broughthis trophy home.

4. Shalp I repeat the Orton Saga in detail? No. But remember SR words about someone out there not being an upgrade over Henne, and oh I recall him saying he liked how JI was not. "reacting". Reacting really? To meit sounds like SR gave up before the season started.

The point here is not if he failed at bringing a replacement coach or QB, the point is that SR is a business man and expects to make money out this investment and he cant if stadiums are not full, if TV ratings are low, if fans are not buying Dolphins Stuff
of some sort,

Do you see it now? Ok, maybe not.

I do not know how The financials work in the NFL in detail. But I can gurantee you that if we had Orton and Jim Harbaugh as head coach and if we were 0-3 as today's regime we would be well, patient and guess what going to the stadium and buying stuff ajd oh, dont forget many people woukd be curious about the "new dolphins" which in turn and in addition to all the new hype makes money.

Judge for your self as I already have done so.

Joe (from your earlier post),

I'm fine with Cowher as coach but I'm not prepared to turn all personnel decisions over to him. He doesn't have the track record you talk about in Pitt. In fact, if you dig furher you'll find that Kevin Colbert has been the player personnel director there since 2000, brought the same system with him they used for ten years in Detroit (before you slam it, they made the playoffs 5 of those ten years) and is actually credited more fro putting those teams together in Pitt. Cowher's been out of the game for 5 years now but the team hasn't dropped off at all since he's left. You're going to tell me that's because of Mike Tomlin but I'm going to suggest it's because Pitt does a good job of replenshing their talent with guys like Mendenhall, Wallace and Pouncey.

Again, this idea of change for the sake of change doesn't work for me. I'm not saying Ireland doesn't have a hand in this mess but to say everything he's touched hasn't worked isn't just on him. The coaching has a lot to do with that. The fact that you and others talk about the Dallas retreads, most of these guys aren't the nucleus of the roster, they're depth guys. Yes, Colombo's starting and yes Ayodele and Fasano started but the rest of the guys are bottom rung, depth guys. Hard to criticize going with guys that you already know, don't you think?

DC--just saw your post

I understand your fustration but the bottomline if u look at every single weakness---from a passrusher opp of wake---to having new starters at both safety spots (Laron Landry), to a legit starting TE(draft), to a starting RT----Incognito at gaurd has played worse this year---There are clear Holes---

But u have to relax and understand every team cant have all stars everywhere---and the best teams are never complete---

This league Now is about Your QB and the weapons you give him---We have solid weapons, We need a TE, and RT---but if You gave Sam bradford these weapons He would be balling---

Bottomline if you get a new coach who every1 would view as fresh Air---(Rob Ryan) and you finally use a top 10 pick on a QB

Which by the way we have never done since Marino--so dont think its impossible to find that guy when we never really tried---Journeymen guys and 2nd round picks usually dont get it done at that QB position---

Andrew Luck
Nick Foles

Lukewarm on Landry Jones

there is at least 2 maybe 3 studs in this draft---

New QB/Coach will take this team from solid---to very good---Just like the Jets didnt make the playoffs and then went to AFC championship when they added Sanchez and REX

I am passionate about it Joe, but your right not sensitive (all the time)... I have my moments. :)

Henne has not proven he should be a staple of our future, but also does not deserve "some" of the beating posts that he gets here.

Guys, I think you're nuts if you think Henne is just going to sign back here if he knows the team is going to draft a guy like Andrew Luck. If you know anything about Luck, he's going to start from day one. He's a much better QB than Newton or Dalton and they started from day one. Think about it for a second. Your boss just brought in your replacement to do a job you've had for the last three years and he wants you to sit on the sideline while they new guy gets all the praises and successes. There's not a chance you would sign back. Debate it if you want guys but Henne will have shown enough by the end of this year to be a starter somewhere in the league. He's better right now than anything they have in Minny, Seattle, Cleveland, Jacksonville and SF to name just a few. I'm not saying he'll be here next year but there's no way at 27 he'll sign back to sit on the bench. It's the same thing that happened with Brees in San Diego. He bolted because he saw the writing on the wall.

Craig, Joe and all others,

I am hoping for a fresh start. Period!!! Front office and coaching staff. I would be extremely thrilled if A. Luck was a part of that fresh start. We can discuss right or wrong long after. (if it happens) I am a Dolphins fan and will be here. I love my Dolphins no matter what. We are in frustrating times right now and I am sure we all hope change is coming soon.

Mediocrity Begets More Mediocrity!!! We are stuck in this cycle of medicrity and need to take some risks to break out. IMO.

This idea that people look at records and then say oh we have no talent and we suck its rediculous----

Detroit lions w/o a healthy Stafford won how many games?

5 or 6

there whole draft this year has been hurt--and they added tulluch OLB---nice player

they are now everyones darkhorse and they are 3-0----Why because now they are loaded with talent.........

No, there QB is healthy---If you have that type of QB i believe you are 5 to 6 game better squad----we have been a team that has won 7-10 games w/o that type of QB--- And most of the time when we lose it close games that a Legit QB could take over.

We arent far away we just need to land that guy at QB---(and i hope we finally do) Top 10 pick

Don't beat up Henne, don't beat up Tony, don't be so hard on Jeff...

godammitt.the team is gonna be at best 6 - 10... is that the future..?????

...these guys are the future????

Resounding NO!...so what should the critics do? fall asleep and pretend..???

That is head in the sand stuff...and not the answer. They deserve the criticism.....they are paid to perform ...and to take the heat when they fail......plain and simple.

Isn't that how it works at your professions?
It's called the world....so own it!

Henne will be the starter in Miami or he will start somewhere else for a lot more money. Kolb had done nothing and Arizona grabbed him for big bucks. What is he doing in Arizona? Costing them games.

Henne still needs to grow just like every other QB that has played the game. He will improve and provided consistent weapons, will be a very good QB with poor branding.

My prediction: new front office and new coach. They decide they want their guy. Henne goes on to start elsewhere and reaches the playoffs. We draft Luck. The Dolphins go 6 and 10. This blog is filled with posts from the same guys saying Luck sucks as soon as he throws his first two interceptions and the Dolphins settle for field goals to lose the game.

Henne will be the starter in Miami or he will start somewhere else for a lot more money. Kolb had done nothing and Arizona grabbed him for big bucks. What is he doing in Arizona? Costing them games.

Henne still needs to grow just like every other QB that has played the game. He will improve and provided consistent weapons, will be a very good QB with poor branding.

My prediction: new front office and new coach. They decide they want their guy. Henne goes on to start elsewhere and reaches the playoffs. We draft Luck. The Dolphins go 6 and 10. This blog is filled with posts from the same guys saying Luck sucks as soon as he throws his first two interceptions and the Dolphins settle for field goals to lose the game.


You're right. Good coaching can make all the difference in the world and I'm sad to say we don't got it because I was always a backer of Sparano's. But you can only judge a coach on his results on the field and they're not there. We'll find out soon enough under a different coach what the talent level is like.


I been a backer of Saprano too--I think he lost this team when he put all his chips in on Henne---if you fail at QB its gonna be hard to win in this league now---and when these losses keep piling up--you naturally lose your team---

The only other legit problem i really had with Sparano that i think you def can rip him---is that we used a lot of signings and picks on this Oline--- and we really onle have 2 players in Long and Pouncey to show for it in his 4th year

Allen....right on observation!!

That's the O-Line guru remember......

Sparano hasn't lost this team. The team praises Henne. They have confidence in Henne.

Don't put the feelings of fickle fans on the team. I listen to all the nuts screaming it is all Ross's fault, before that they blamed Huizenga, before that they blamed Joe Robbie. Heck, I remember when all these "QB guru's" blamed Marino. They have called for the "next great thing" with every QB we have had. Luck will be no different.

The Dolphins simply don't have the talent or coaching to succeed. I am starting to think the problem isn't the Dolphins, it is their "fans."

The Dolphins aren't getting Luck, we will not have a 1-16, 2-14 or 3-13 record. More like 6 and 10. Think more Nick Foles!

Again, this idea of change for the sake of change doesn't work for me.

Posted by: Craig M | September 28, 2011 at 03:08 PM

That's where you need to reconsider & look at our mistakes & the overwhelming burden of proof going on with your own team.

Change last year, when Ross wanted to, was justified. You didn't think so then, but, what do you say now? What are we talking about? CHANGE? Go figure!

You being Ok with it now & not last year, is the kind of short sighted thinking that is costing us a wasted season this year.

This lack of vision is why we suck as a franchise & are always a step behind other teams.

If we do it again with Ireland, the same thing will happen. You don't coach or manage a team in fear. If you do, this team is what you get.

You seem to be OK with that. That's great. But, the overwhleming majority of fans who can see farther than what's in front of their face, don't.

Craig, one move Ireland was right about was not getting Orton, I'll give him that. That move would have killed us in CAP space (though we're not using it anyway, as of now, we'll see if Mando's story comes true). I was wrong, he was right. Now, on Pouncey vs. Ingram, thanks, I was right about that.

Allen, Allen, Allen, yes, we have some talent (ok, I was exaggerating for affect saying everyone is expendable). An elite QB will help (those don't fall off of trees though). A TE and RG/RT should make us productive offensively.

But our problem now (more than offense) is defense. Our front 4 aren't good enough, I'd like a new NT in the Vince Wilfork mold (am I asking for too much?). Also need another pass-rusher comparable to Wake (since he's getting double-teamed and taken out of most plays). Also need a true free safety, a new strong safety (or maybe move Reshad to strong) and at least one TRUE shutdown corner (let Sean Smith and Vontae fight it out for other semi-corner).

Doubt we'll get all that in 1 Draft. Then people need to gel together, get the new system down from a new Coach.

It's looking like a 3-4 year process here bro. I hope I'm wrong and you're right, but I don't see a quick turnaround. The Jets didn't stink as much as we do for as long as we have. They've been getting better awhile before Rex came. I think they're different. But, again, I'd rather wish for your scenario.

The offense cant get it together in the red zone, the defense is dead last in the NFL (30th). The players play like they're wearing diapers. The Dolphins are only 8mil under the cap. No one knows jack sh*% about whats going to happen next. This is a five course mess.
And last but not least, not one word from Boss Ross. This if very disapointing since the Browns were the only winnable game this yr. From 14-0 to 0-16. Man,,,,this sucks. No win-ee, No tick-ee

You're right Joe....it's all MY fault the team is 0-3 this year!! If they'd done things you're way the team would be SO much further ahead this year.

Get over yourself man...

Henne will be the starter in Miami or he will start somewhere else for a lot more money. Kolb had done nothing and Arizona grabbed him for big bucks.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | September 28, 2011 at 03:31 PM

On the flip side, this will be the reason he doesn't get paid. If Arizona paid mega money for Kolb & he flops, what makes you think another team will run out & make the same mistake with someone else?

Teams learn from other teams mistakes, not duplucate them.

Vontae Davis and Sean Smith suck! Two more wasted draft picks.

I agree the Fins need a new GM. But I don't think that is going to happen until the team changes ownership. I agree with Armando - the owner is most to blame here. I also agree that Sparano is a good coach, but the owner and GM haven't given him the parts he needs to build a successful team. Sad thing is that Sparano will be the fall guy, while Ross and Ireland continue to lead us into the abyss.

I agree....Jimmy Wilson did not lose the game...the team lost the game. Kudos to Jimmy for being willing to take the blame. The rest of the team needs to step up like he did.

You're right Joe....it's all MY fault the team is 0-3 this year!! If they'd done things you're way the team would be SO much further ahead this year.

Get over yourself man...

Posted by: Craig M | September 28, 2011 at 04:09 PM

That's not what I implied. Good to see your reading comprehension is up to snuff. God, trying to talk to you here is IMPOSSIBLE!

You took everything I said personally instead of understanding 1 lick of it.


Instead of re-signing some of those players, why not think about trading them for picks at the trade deadline? Maybe not Solia or Henne, but guys like Langford, JT, Merling, Carey, Bell, Will Allen should net low to mid round picks. That's better than letting them walk for nothing right? I'd also consider trading guys like Dansby, Starks, and even Marshall for the right price. Detroit suckered Dallas out of a 1st, 3rd, and 6th for Roy Williams. I think you could get a 1st and 2nd for Marshall from Jerry Jones or Al Davis. Miami would then have a huge amount of cap space, and multiple picks in the first 2 rounds to rebuild or trade up or down with. I think that situation would be attractive to a lot of potential coaches

Excellent post by Boulderfinfan. Let the NEW regime decide who to extend and who to cut.

You being Ok with it now & not last year, is the kind of short sighted thinking that is costing us a wasted season this year.

This lack of vision is why we suck as a franchise & are always a step behind other teams.

If we do it again with Ireland, the same thing will happen. You don't coach or manage a team in fear. If you do, this team is what you get.

You seem to be OK with that. That's great. But, the overwhleming majority of fans who can see farther than what's in front of their face, don't.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | September 28, 2011 at 04:00 PM

Joe, take a look above at what you said to me. I'm taking it personally? How should I take it? Your comments are nothing if not condescending..

The bottomline Joe, under the circumstances, in a shortened off-season and preseason, there is no evidence that had the team done what you'd wanted they'd be aony further ahead. Call it short-sighted if you like but the team needed to figure out if Henne can play under better circumstances than what he showed last year. Looks like he can. We needed to see if Ireland and Sparano could make it work better. Looks like they can't. This idea that Bill Cowher would have jumped at the change to be here last year is complete hearsay and nonsense. None of us have any clue if he's even interested in Miami. Pretty soon we're going to find out cause Sparano will be gone but nobody knows from last year.

To win a football game, one must score more points than the other team.

I like that idea I think trading Marshall Merling Bell even Davis and Odrick Lankford also!! Let's get the first pick overall
And it will be nice to have like three number two three number three and three Number 4 draft picks will be nice if and that's a Big if we can land a bill Cowher or the GM of Green bay give him the president position of the team and let him do what ever it takes to turn this thing around!!

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