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Five things on my mind this morning

Let me give you a piece of my mind (not that I can spare too much) this morning:

1. The Dolphins are stunning in their defensive fall from grace so far this season. They got lit up by New England. They improved somewhat against Houston but still, it wasn't good enough. And then, most disappointing to me, they gave up a game-winning drive to Colt McCoy and a Browns offense that was without running back Peyton Hillis and the club's starting right tackle Tony Pashos this past weekend.

So the Dolphins defense is ranked 30th in the NFL so far this year. Terrible, right? Team can't win until they get better, right?

Yeah, well, the Patriots have the No. 32 ranked defense in the NFL this year. That is dead last.

The difference is the Patriots have the best QB in the NFL so having the worst statistical defense in the NFL is not quite as painful as it is in Miami. It's vexing. But season-killing? Not when you can light up the scoreboard.

For the record, the Dolphins averaged 17 points per game last year and that was obvioulsy not good enough. This year the new, revamped, rebuilt, refurbished offense is averaging 17.6 points per game through three games.

2. As you might know, I reported Monday that the Dolphins are in money-saving mode. I've been told this by very high ranking sources within the football side of the organization. [UPDATE: Another high-ranking and annoyed source within the organization says the team is not in big money-saving mode, it's just going by a budget and there is no big deal afoot.]

Anyway, I got a call from yet another source within the organization Monday explaining that the team's salary cap space -- estimated between $7-$8 million under the $120 million -- will eventually be used this year.

I was told the space was left with the thoughts of using toward signing extensions with certain players whose contracts expire after this year. Among those players are Kendall Langford, Chad Henne and others. The team might even visit the idea of signing Cameron Wake before his deal expires after 2012.

Except, I asked this source, why such a need to save cap space for players who are basically taking you to a winless record? What's so great about them?

"That's a consideration that we might have to re-examine," the source admitted.

I would think so.

Yes, Langford is nice player. But he's not great. He's basically a space eater. He's got two tackles in three games so far this year. Igor Olshansky had two tackles in one game against Cleveland. Jared Odrick has four tackles. Randy Starks has 10 tackles.

Look, the Dolphins can sign Langford to keep him from hitting free agency. But the hope is the deal is modest. Because his playmaking has been modest.

Henne presents another interesting situation. Do the Dolphins sign him to an extension now? I say if the season continues on its present course, I would absolutely not do that.

Simply, if the Dolphins continue to stink, they will be in favorable position to pick a quarterback very, very early in the draft. Andrew Luck, Kellen Moore, Landry Jones and perhaps Robert Griffin III might all be available next draft.

So why invest in Henne now?

Now, if Henne goes crazy the next 13 games, absolutely, you re-sign him. Why? Well, if he goes crazy, he will have proven his worth and at the same time would have probably played the Dolphins out of the top rung of the draft anyway.

But again, you don't do that anytime soon. You let it play out until late in the year or  even after the season when teams have an exclusive negotiating window with their free agents.

So again, that cap space now makes no sense.

And while we're on the topic, Phillip Merling is out of contract after this season. Two words following his one tackle against Houston and coming off what was apparently a healthy scratch last week: Bye. Bye.

[NOTE: By the way, I'm thinking I've got to start cutting down on sources particularly when they all work for the same team and they're not all on the same page. Sheesh.]

3. I wrote in my column that coach Tony Sparano struggled to walk out of Cleveland Browns Stadium, moving gingerly and stopping once to, ahem, adjust because he was in obvious pain as he continues to recover from double hernia surgery.

I'm told by a source close to Sparano the coach was told his surgery required a short hospital stay followed by 10 days of bed rest. Sparano was in bed for one day and walking the next. While in bed, 75 minutes after the surgery, he was breaking down tape of the team's final preseason game.

Does that make him a great coach? No. Does it make him one very tough and dedicated dude? You betcha.

4. Thinking back to No. 2, there are other players who are likely in their final years with the Dolphins:

Vernon Carey, Will Allen, and possibly Paul Soliai because he's expecting a big payday after this year and the Dolphins might not be willing to meet his price -- as they've not been able to do in three separate contract offers since last October. Yup, three total offers aside from the franchise tag tender is what the team has put in front of Soliai's agent.

5. I like Jimmy Wilson. He's a rookie. He's a seventh round draft pick. And he took responsibility for "losing the game" against Cleveland Sunday. For the record, Wilson gave up the catch that resulted in the winning touchdown.

But he didn't lose the game.

Football is a team sport. It's won by teams. And lost by teams.

You have to admire Wilson's view anyway. He's a no-excuses guy. And he didn't much mention the interception he had earlier in the game, which happened to be the first of his career. Wilson, by the way, has one more interception than either of Miami's starting cornerbacks -- Sean Smith or Vontae Davis.

That means Davis and Smith have zero interceptions.

I cannot decide which is more disappointing: That Smith and Davis had trouble holding on to balls that would have been interceptions last year. Or that this year they haven't had any passes in their hands that they might have converted into interceptions.



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All you Dol-fans can go eat a dick! Your team sucks

For a team that is trying to save money, why would you give Sparano a guaranteed extension last year when the odds were you were going to have to fire the guy anyway? You just paid Tuna a couple million when he retired and collected his guaranteed severence.

We need to fire Ireland and Sparano immediately. They are the only two guys in the league who could possible screw up our draft next year. Luck, Landry, Taneyhill, and Moore are going to make a terrific QB class next year. Knowing Ireland though, he will most likely get another OL or backup DL. I can't believe those morons haven't figured out yet that QBs, WRs, and RBs are the guys who win games in the NFL. Not linemen.

Sorry Jet-man, with all of your team and fans around there are no more Diks or toes to go around.

Condescending? They are factual, please don't confuse the 2. I was making the observation.

Here goes:

- Last year you wanted to keep Sparano because change for the sake of change is not good
- After 3 games you are now OK & agree change is probably a necessity

What did I say that's untrue? It wasn't meant to be mean or condescending! Nothing that's transpired this year hasn't happened before. Nothing I said in my previous post was a lie.

You could have seen this last year, you should have seen it, like many of us did. This was a lack of vision. That's not an attack on you, it's a pretty spot on oservation.

- Ross did not make the change last year even though he considered it
- He probably knows he will this year

This was a lack of judgement, more so than vision, but didn't act out of fear. A lock out looming, less time to change the playbook etc...excuses!

Now the Point:

I used your lack of vision & compared it to Ross. Ross saw the need to change but was scared. The result? Our 2011 Miami dolphins

That's what my last post was about.

If people could have objectively put their fandom aside last year & saw this train wreck coming, like many of us did, this year would not be a waste as it is now.

Understand it better?

I didn't mean you specifically, I meant in general.

Sounds like loser talk Poizen. Who listens to losers?

Craig, stop reading into things. I never said my way would get us to be better. All I ever wanted last year, was Sparano & ireland fired.

I'm not talking about Henne, our O our D...I just wanted them fired.

I never said cowher or ANYONE would make us better. What I have said is that if we had a new coach & GM, we'd be on our way to potentially better things.

Where are you even coming up with this stuff? Your talking about what I haven't said & not what I have said.

You must be from NY...because jets fans are not the brightest and educated or intellectual people on earth, and you just showed us what we all ready knew!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Robert Griffin III is my guy! He had more TDs than incompletions last game!!! the guy is absolutely phenomenal!!!!!!

New Coach Wanted -- Henne's completion % is at 56%. That puts him at 26th in the NFL. Not good enough!!! He is part of the problem. The other part is the folks that drafted him and the coach.

Posted by: Dolfan_Luck | September 28, 2011 at 02:05 PM

The ignorance here continues to be astounding. That's why I hardly post here.

Anyways, Henne is part of the problem. You could accurately say the least of the problems.

He needs to improve in the 4th quarter and the red zone. What a coincidence. It seems in his first two seasons as a Starter The Brain Trust constantly pulled him out in the red zone for the wildcat. Especially in the 4th quarter.

Geez, I just can't figure out why this is where he needs the most work, Duh?

But ah, to point to his completiong percentage as proof of anything. Psssssft! Add in Marshall's drops ALONE and Henne is above the league average.

Brilliant, Lets Suck for Luck!

Or Quinn, or Vince Young, or Garrard, or Kold, or Orton.......etc, etc add nausem............

PS: How is it that all these new sign in names show up and know all about the posters and conversations dating back to previous seasons?

It couldn't be because their proven flavor of the month knee jerkers and they don't want anyone knowing how hard they were swinging on Quinn and Youngs nads..............?

Anywhoo, I'm a real Die Hard Fin Fan, but I want us to lose ALL our games! Yeah, lets lose one for the Gipper! Let's Suck for Luck!

Playing 10 yards off the receivers makes it tough to intercept one

Tired of the old bend and don't break crap

Everyone is ignorant except Mr. Eye.


Getting Slaton is "PROOF"?. You're the worst drama queen ever, Mando. Seriously, closets are for clothes. it's called DEPTH, moron.


If we get Rob Ryan the defense will be fine---are biggest issue is safety play---the lack of playmaking and talent there is causing problems and handcuffn what mike nolan can do---
If we can add a proven comodity (Laron landry)and draft a talent at the saftey spots i think it will be ok---the bottom line is the defense will def be good enough if the offense can score in the red zone---

This isnt a league anymore where a defense isnt going to allow you to move the ball---you just hope your defense can make the other team kick FG, and force turnovers---

OLB is an area where we need to upgrade---
I would keep soliai, starks,oderick Mcdaniel---

Langford can walk---and we are solid at corner

Rob Ryan/ draft Nick Foles--would be mmy move--

Rob Ryan and Mike nolan working together--thats a scheme i would be excited bout

I like Henne, but I feel the observation Steve Young made about him is dead on. He said that Henne is too stilted in his reads and too slow and mechanical in how he runs the offence. He equated Henne to Drew Bledso. This observation would mean that Henne would mature to be an OK QB, but never a great one. And frankly when you are trying to build a championship team, OK does not cut it. I like the idea of gutting this team now and try to hoard as many draft picks as possible. Go ahead and "Suck for Luck", and try to bring in a host of other 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks and then try to follow the model that the Falcons used to build their team.

Draft picks will not save this team. You are attempting to resolve everything by banking on unproven players. How did that work out with our last 6 drafts? How many Pro Bowl players have we selected with all those drafts?

The truth is this team is NOT that far away. God only knows how but Ireland did hit on Thomas and Pouncey. I think Gates is a helluva player as well. So offensively, if they actually played Gates enough, he and Henne would learn each other and long bombs would be successful. The offense does need a superstar receiving TE and 3 more linemen and the offense would be set.

The defense is a problem. We obviously need a playmaking safety, two cornerbacks, an outside linebacker, and a couple of great linemen. Our defense is mostly made up of mediocre guys while the guys who demonstrate more potential sit on the bench.

A new GM and far more importantly a new coach - Rob Ryan - would resolve these issues without much problem. Most of the personnel issues could have been resolved in the last free agency period but it wouldn't have solved the coaching problem.

All I have heard all pre season is how Ronnie excels running outside, yet they primarily run him behind the center. Go figure!

henne sucks period. it doesn't matter who you surround the loser with. marshall and bess should be enough to get the ball in the endzone. after last season it was henning was handcuffing henne and holding him back, well in comes daboll, well same old story, still can't get the ball in the endzone. different oc's same result. it's the qb, bottom line.

dolphin 77 - I'm with you - Henne sucks. You either have IT or don't have IT. He doesn't have IT.

Henne sucked in college playing for a crappy team and he sucks in the pros playing for a crappy team - it can't be a coincidence that every team he plays for blows. Although Michigan usually blows anyway.

Is Henne supposed to catch the balls too? Amazing you guys blame him for receivers dropping the ball. Wasn't that Marshall who dropped a TD? Wasn't that Bess who dropped the ball on the final drive?

What do I expect from guys who don't even know what IT is.

um no, the ball was tipped by haden, and the only thing that really matters is henne couldn't even gain 15 yards to get into fg range instead he did what he does and threw a pick.

You have to be kidding me new coach - Henne blows. I'm not saying he is the only problem and that he doesn't try hard. Some QBs have IT and some don't. He doesn't. What would Marino have done if he got the ball on the Cleveland 47 with 30 seconds left in the game? Or Rogers or Brady or Manning or Brees? The Cleveland fans would have left the stadium because they knew they were losing. This guy just doesn't have it - nice backup but thats about it. If you want him to QB your team in the future, have at it - I'll hold out for a replacement.

NO ONE ever mentions Henne when talking about the elite QBs in this league - he isn't even mentioned when they talk about young up and coming QBs in the league. He is the pure definition of what we call around here a "ham and egger". Thats all he'll ever be is a "ham and egger" a try hard guy but a guy who just can't quite get the job done.

Of course the Dolphins defense blows right now also so......there you go.

Though Henne has improved, Like fatty said, Come crunch time, He's got nothing.

Its almost like the QBs who do have IT almost know intuitively who is going to make the tough catch in the clutch situation - they look for the right guy. The ham and eggers just throw wherever the play is supposed to go. Marino always went to the right guy - Elway always went to the right guy, etc., etc., etc.

Every one of those players including Marino have failed exactly the same as Henne.

Marino had so many interceptions returned for td's that they stopped counting. Brady just threw 4 interceptions. Manning threw 4 interceptions in a game multiple times. Brees the same deal. Rogers as well.

Romo failed to get in the end zone last weekend 6 times.

You guys can't construct a real argument to bash Henne with; its all just BS claims with no factual support. Can Henne improve? Yes. Would I like to see him play more like Rogers? Yes. But Rogers weapons make Henne look like a guy showing up at a gun fight with a cap gun.

Either of you guys play QB at the collegiate level or above? Didn't think so. No need for me to point out the error of your arguments. It makes you feel better so have at it. Henne is one a dozen QB's that have been less than stellar playing for Miami. Hmmm. Maybe it is Miami.

no one ever mentions the dolphins or henne period. if you watch nfl network nothing about the dolphins at all, none of the sucky teams are talked about.

I think Henne is a good QB ok...but with the sucesses of the other sport teams in Miami ...he doesn't have the personality to be the QB of this team or city...Fin fans want a Mike Vick type QB..NOT A BORING OLD SCHOOL TYPE QB...Fin fans are tired of the DOLPHINS not winning so the QB..Henne' is never gonna have support here so he will be gone and become a good QB for lets say the Jets..as for LANGFORD he stinks ...players like him are no longer needed in the new NFL,,he's a stiff with no closing speed!

Browns signed WLB Chris Gocong to a three-year, $16.8 million extension through 2014.

if or when henne goes to another team he would be nothing more than a waterboy.

Henne playing for the Jets? - my dream come true!! We couldn't be so lucky.

Armando, I see you like Jimmy Wilson but you didn't mention anything about Nolan Carroll's third bad game in a row, so I guess you like him to huh?

"Except, I asked this source, why such a need to save cap space for players who are basically taking you to a winless record? What's so great about them?"

This organization has four NFL drafts with this team and they haven't drafted one great player.

Aaron Rodgers is best QB in NFL, not Brady. Saban could have drafted him.

Yes. If only we had drafted Rodgers. I was never a Henne fanboy. However, he does have talent and it has been mismanaged. If you say, we need to replace Henne with a guy with a gunslinger mentality with bravado... ok, I am fine with that. I want a QB who will throw it 50+ yards into double coverage rather than throw a 2 yard pass like he is told. But don't claim Henne sucks as a QB and he is the reason the Dolphins have been in the cellar for 10 years.

I like QB's that are brash and in your face - see Romo when his center kept snapping the ball at the wrong time. Aaron Rodgers with his belt thing is fantastic. Henne ain't that kind of guy. He has played more emotionally and he has been more outspoken but he won't ever be the guy who gets in a fight with his own linemen or receivers or drills someone with a ball for screwing up. However, if the choice is Henne for 3 million a year and we have money to spend to fill out the team or Luck for 15 million a year and we are stuck with the crap players we have, I will take Henne.

Sparano will have plenty of time to recover very soon. I am waiting for the owner to give him the dreaded "vote of confidence" which means he will be fired the next week. Tony has lost this team!

Please get the new Head Coach from some one who learned the offense from either Andy Reid or Mike McCarthy.

I have been a Dolphin fan my whole life but I no longer watch the games because I already no the outcome! SAD.

I would offer henne very good back up qb money at this point because that's how he has played so far.

GO HENNE GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good stuff Armando. You know what is funny (actually sad) I really can't think of 1 player right now that we absolutely have to hang on to! OK, maybe Jake Long - but that is it. Sad.

I'm glad you mentioned our corners...I am not sold at all!!! What in the world are they seeing that the rest of us don't, including every O coordinator in the league???

The only thing more idiotic than calling Tom Brady an "OK" quarterback is making excuses for dumb as a brick Henne, who throws hard, inaccurate passes game after game. The same receivers that drop his passes didn't seem to have that problem with Pennington's passes, did they?

Players need to play and Coaches need to coach the fist Pump is only to be used win you win a game or score a TD you Guido!

The Dolphins had a good defense last year but don't this year. Hmmmmm! What has changed? The Dolphins cut Clamming Chowder, who was the defensive signal caller, and while he had no big play capability, the defense always seemed better when he was on the field. I think he is still around and the Dolphins should talk to him.

Hopfully next season we will get a Franchise QB.

Next Sunday, I will be happy to see Matt Moore start. Give the kid a chance Miami.

At this point we have NOTHING to lose.

Who knows, Moore might actually throw catchable td passes to Marshall, Bess, Hartline & Fasano:D


That's what ya get when you're at working... typing fast.

I've been saying all along! It's the Quarterback stupid! That is the spark plug! Henne is not an elite quarterback and never will be! The Tuna picked him and quarterbacks NEVER were important the the tuna's thinking! It was his "system" that won, control of the line of scrimmage, not the quarterback! p.s. Sparano comes from the same mold it appears! Ouch! Watch!

How dare you speak negatively about Smith and Davis! Didn't you hear that they are the best cornerback tandem in the NFL? (Oh, that was Davis that said that, wasn't it? :)

It's funny how u say one person don't lose the game but u blame one person henne for the dolphins. Problem. It's a team game u said so how is one man cause he plays QB makes it worse for the team he showed he can call plays take control of the offense call audible n against the blitz he been good
The O line is where the problem is samething on Deffense the D line is the problem one allows pressure the others is not getting enough pressure u figure it ou....


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