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Vontae Davis out vs. Cleveland, Will Allen injured again

Pick a cliche: When it rains it pours. Or perhaps, the hits just keep on coming. Or how about kicking a man when he's down.

They all fit the Dolphins right now.

You'll remember they are winless after two games and need good news, right? It didn't come this afternoon when the team announced cornerback Vontae Davis is indeed out of the Sunday's Cleveland game with a hamstring injury.

It gets worse.

Will Allen apparently tweaked a hamstring (again) sometime between practice Thursday and the end of practice Friday and was limited in practice Friday. He is now on the injury report for the first time this week. He's listed as questionable.

Did I mention free safety Chris Clemons was limited in practice all week for the second consecutive week because he's nursing a hamstring injury? He is listed as questionable.

So where does that leave the Miami secondary?

Sean Smith and Nolan Carroll are expected to start at cornerback. Reshad Jones is expected to start at free safety. Yeremiah Bell is the starting strong safety.

Miami's nickel and dime packages get a interesting if Allen cannot play or somehow tries to play but cannot finish. Allen is the nickel cornerback. Jimmy Wilson is probably the dime cornerback.

If Allen drops out, Nate Jones would probably be the nickel cornerback. Jones was signed Tuesday.

Oy vey.


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Maybe I should forget buying a bunch of meat for the smoker and just get a lot of booze instead.

Danggit yeah!


Wasn't Vontae talkin' somethin about being part of the best tandem in NFL??

I'm a fin but they are just not good, not healthy not exciting not not not!

Armando, keep writing about how 1 game isn't the whole season and the 2nd game isn't the whole season... on Monday you'll write about how 3 games isn't the whole season.

How about 16 games?? Do we really need to get through 16 games to find out how good these Dullphins are?

We're going to be the highlight of C'MON MAN!!

Fortunately Cleveland doesn't have the most dangerous receivers in the game.



If it were raining pu**ies the Phines would get the only one with a d**k in it. lol.


Are we in the process of finding out how good we are, or how bad we are? To be determined, I guess.

The team lacks inspiration.

Look on the brightside. Maybe Jimmy Wilson will improve? Maybe Carroll and Rashad Jones will blow less coverages. Maybe the D Line will generate a pass rush. Maybe I'm desperate...

Not sure what will be more entertaining, the game or watching Sparano in the presser after 0-3.


#1 draft pick 2012.........it could be worse

Not that any of them have been very good, but cant we catch a break?

Chris McCallister is begging to come back to football due to child support payment issues. Go get him. LOL

All part of the grand "Suck for Luck" plan.

Perhaps we'll re-sign Sapp next week? Carroll is not starter material. Period.
Anyway, we'll win if we can stop Hillis.

Not to pile on TS, but every time NE, or any other contender, loses a player, their backups always seem to rise to the occasion nicely. I'm not seeing that with this staff.

Nothing like being in playing condition...what a joke this team is.

...This is an opportunity for some younger players to step up this week. I have been tough in my opinions about Vontae Davis..even going so far as saying I thought he should have been traded for an upgrade last offseason..This didn't happen, and people called me names...Whatever...Can't win em' all

So Davis is out, and we have a kid in Nolan Carrol who can't cover a bed with a blanket. We will see this week just how important Davis is to the secondary. The Steamer recieving corps isn't world beaters..where they have an advantage is they use the 2 tight end set as their base. The Steamer tight ends are both big bodied, and get down the seems, aexploit the middle of the field very well. This seems to be our achilles.

Jimmy Wilson should have a chance to get some PT this week. I wouldn't get to high or low on him..He may make some plays..But he will probably give some up as well. Rememvber, he hasn't played a whole lot of football in the last 3 years..When he has it has been at the saftey spot..

Cleveland is no joke either

arent bill parcells created teams always conditioned to avoid injury?

Browns 24
Dolphins 17

Were in for another tough week!

Cleveland has a strng run game, plus a QB that is improving with the play action pass.

We have a secondary that bites on........well......they just BITE!

This means even more pressure on Henne to produce! Look for him to try and force things!

Implosion imminent!


Reshad Jones at free safety probably the scariest of all.

If were going to depend on Sean Smith this much, then Nolan better have a lot of MIDOL on had!

PS: Don't forget Nolan Carrol's vagisil either!


Bad Boys, Bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Watcha gonna do when Colt comes for you?

Wilson is gonna shock ppl.
Calling a forced fumble

Does anyone know how we are with the salary cap? It would be unforgivable if we were under the cap with this secondary.

My friend with the small di-k has always told me, "I don't want to kill anybody". Neither do I, really.

Some observations:

1) If Jason Taylor gets to be called "JT," I want to be called "ND." Unlike JT, ND never abandoned the Dolphins for Washington or the New York Jets. Unlike JT, ND never married Zach Thomas's sister. Unlike JT, ND never played a game of tackle football in his life. Unlike JT, ND never displayed any real physical courage or ever played athletics through pain. Unlike JT, ND likes to build football and baseball stadiums out of Lego. Unlike JT, ND is kind of a man-child.

So take that, JT.

2) I think we've too quickly forgotten how good the Miami defense played at times during Wannestedt's early years here. I remember one year, well into the season, Miami actually had a defensive rushing average of 2.9 yards per carry. Astounding. Of course, the problem with that defense was they never seemed to come up big when they really needed to at the end of the game.

3) So I was watching the Roast of Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central, and enjoying the hilarious routine of Jon Lovitz. And the next day, my co-worker accuses Lovitz of being gay. It never occurred to me he might be gay. I've always interpreted his foppish mannerisms as a form of eccentricity and comic delivery. Could I be wrong?

4) The greatest myth I was taught in school was that communism and Nazism (fascism) were polar opposites on the political spectrum. This is hogwash. They are both movements of the left. While fascism permits some private enterprise, the fascist state only permits private enterprise to the degree it believes those companies can further the interests of the state. Meanwhile, the fascist state reserves the right to confiscate any private property at a whim and to engage in boundless confiscatory taxation and regulation. Hitler didn't hate communists because of their economic philosophy. (After all, Nazis were "National SOCIALISTS") Hitler hated communists because they believed in internationalism. Communists thought a worker in Moscow should care about a worker in Warsaw should care about a worker in Detroit. Nazis were nationalists who believed in the supremacy of the "Aryan," and thus thought workers in Germany should have no allegiance or exhibit any fidelity towards "inferior" Slavic workers.

5) I wonder why Bob Kuechenberg maintains that Nat Moore was the greatest Miami wide receiver of all time when Kuechenberg also played with Paul Warfield.

...Even with VD on the shelf. This is a game we should win. For Sporano, this is a game he has to win. Good choice or not. I think he gets his walking papers if we lose this game.

We have an advantage in the fact that Daboll was McCoys Oc last year. And is very familiar with what he likes to do, and what his weeknesss are. Sure the Browns also have familiarity with Daboll. But in these situations, the advantage usually favors the coach, not the pupil...

I know in every game for both teams you can play the what if this happened, or what if this didn't.. What happened happened(very deep insight if I may say so) This said we are a drop, and a fumble away from a total different outcome(IMO) and looking at going into this game to get to 2-1..We aren't so we need to crawl before you can walk..I even went so far as to take the Phins in the suicide pool this week...Gotta put my money where my mouth is..

Talking painkillers on ESPN now gotta go take care of something..

But in these situations, the advantage usually favors the coach, not the pupil...

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | September 23, 2011 at 05:20 PM

Well in that case, Holmgrem knows Daboll better than Daboll knows McCoy.

I would rather VD miss this game than next game imho

Geez, it seems like just last week we were talking about this.

I posted why did they cut Sapp and keep Carrol to resign Allen? Allen being oft injured.

I then asked what happens if Davis, Smith or Allen gets injured. Then I answered myself by saying Carrol will be starting. I have to admit, I didn't actually consider Davis and Allen BOTH being injured, at least not this quickly!

This week I can't even ask what Tony and Jeffy were thinking! All I can ask is "WHY DON'T THEY THINK"!!!!

I'm a degenerate drunk Viking wannabe IDIOT and I could see this coming a mile away! My job ain't even on the line and I had enough foresight to see this!

Seriously, this is just worst than junior varsity retardation!

Have no fear, we have fvcking Cowboy castoffs ALL AROUND!!!!

Colombo's a "regular" starter and now Igor and probably Nate Jones at nickle will be as well! AwwwwwwRiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

These are ALL guys that couldn't even make other teams rosters!


Hey Frank, Mike & Carol are hiding something...ever wonder what kind of architect designs a home with 2 bedrooms for 6 kids?

There's something going there.

Nathaniel, I remember Shula once said about his core SB players, "not only were(they) good players but also had forceful personalities", or something to that effect. I believe it. Count them, Buoniconti, Csonka, Warfield, Dick Anderson, Jake Scott, Mercury Morris,Bill Stanfill and maybe some others that I perhaps forgot.


Once again Armando deletes my homosapien posts about women with no curse words.

Yet he allows Oscar's gay humor about his little d_cked "FRIEND".

Hmmmmmmmmmmm.............Mando still doesn't like the women eh? He sounds eerily similar to............Oscar, Heh, heh!

Devil...Good point. I may sound ignorant. But is Holmgren the HC, or just the GM at Cleveland?

My friend with the small di-k has always told me, "I don't want to kill anybody". Neither do I, really.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 23, 2011 at 05:14 PM

Not that there's anything wrong with THAT, Oscar........Just sayin...............

...even that little Hungarian, Garo, had some attitude. You wouldn't want him running the wildcat for you though. That guy couldn't pass to save his life...


Holmgren isn't he coach and he's never even worked with Daboll.

He knows nothing more about Daboll than any other Coach/GM.

Daryl., Homgrem is the GM only, but still...always a coach at heart.

By the way, he spoke down of Dabolls offense after firing him. He said it was too inflexible, that you couldn't change any part of it without breaking another part. He also said Dabol's game plan generally avoided long balls to WR's, which Holmgrem wanted to see more of. Hmmm.

Charles Leigh? Was he a forceful personality?

Holmgren isn't he coach and he's never even worked with Daboll.

Posted by: odinseye | September 23, 2011 at 05:39 PM

He was only his boss for a year. Do you believe Holmgrem didn't know who he was or watch the tape of all of Dabolls games 1000 times? I don't.

I already know what you're going to say, but he didn't work with the guy.

He already had his plan in action. To Holmgren Daboll was a Dead Man Walking! PERIOD!

Didn't fit his system.

Heh, heh!!!!

Odinseye, please list your sources beyond your imagination.

Holmgrem fired Mangini too. I guess we can expect him to show up around mid season 'in some capacity'.


If you know all there is to know about Holmgren, just answe me this:

Who was his coach in Cleveland?

BTW, who is Cleveland's HC?

Oh, did I say I know everything about Holmgrem? I only quoted an interview I knew about.

Holmgrem fired Mangini too. I guess we can expect him to show up around mid season 'in some capacity'.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 23, 2011 at 05:46 PM

Huh? Talk about an imagination, Heh, heh!

I know everything about most people walking, but not so much Holmgrem.

Shurur is the coach in Cleveland now. Mangini was there for 2 seasons prior.

What has Will Allen done for the Dolphins???

Not much yet he seems to be getting attention.

Since he joined the Fins in 2006 here are all his great accomplshments.

191 tack with the Fins, 4 sacks and 5 Int in his 4 years. 2010 he was out and 2011 just begun.

So those fantasatic numbers come out to be??

Who gives a rats ass if he's going to play or not, I mean REALLY folks...

Am I missing something here???



Let me help you out. Will Allen's numbers are fantastic indeed, for a dolphins secondary player that is. Even if the best you have is not very good, its still the best you have.

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