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Vontae Davis out vs. Cleveland, Will Allen injured again

Pick a cliche: When it rains it pours. Or perhaps, the hits just keep on coming. Or how about kicking a man when he's down.

They all fit the Dolphins right now.

You'll remember they are winless after two games and need good news, right? It didn't come this afternoon when the team announced cornerback Vontae Davis is indeed out of the Sunday's Cleveland game with a hamstring injury.

It gets worse.

Will Allen apparently tweaked a hamstring (again) sometime between practice Thursday and the end of practice Friday and was limited in practice Friday. He is now on the injury report for the first time this week. He's listed as questionable.

Did I mention free safety Chris Clemons was limited in practice all week for the second consecutive week because he's nursing a hamstring injury? He is listed as questionable.

So where does that leave the Miami secondary?

Sean Smith and Nolan Carroll are expected to start at cornerback. Reshad Jones is expected to start at free safety. Yeremiah Bell is the starting strong safety.

Miami's nickel and dime packages get a interesting if Allen cannot play or somehow tries to play but cannot finish. Allen is the nickel cornerback. Jimmy Wilson is probably the dime cornerback.

If Allen drops out, Nate Jones would probably be the nickel cornerback. Jones was signed Tuesday.

Oy vey.


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Shurmur. Typo.

Holmgren took over as GM, NOT the coach.

He wasn't keeping Mangina or Daboll, PERIOD!

Daboll didn't/doesn't run Holmgren's type of offense and that's all there is to it.

He wasn't keeping Mangina, Daboll, nor there style of offense.

Holmgren didn't try to work with these two, he was waiting for his own people to fulfill prior obligations. That's all there was to it.

Lame Ducks!!!!

If you could catch him in an absolute moment of truth I wonder if Ross is hoping for a tank job, #1 pick and a new administration. That way the fans would be excited again coming into 2012. Probably not but it makes me wonder.

But...he DID keep Mangini. Gave him a chance, then said...goodbye.

Stick to the facts please.

Shurmur? Who the hell is he?

Pat Shurmur (born April 14, 1965) is currently the head coach of the Cleveland Browns

Nolan Carrol is starting? I wonder where McCoy will be throwing at?Big trouble in secondary on Sunday.

Very reflective on your part, Chris--623.

WTF.. Throw Reggie Bush into the secondary at least he can run and jump and keep up. Resign Larry Johnson (for the 4th time?) and let him carry the ball.

But...he DID keep Mangini. Gave him a chance, then said...goodbye.

Stick to the facts please.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 23, 2011 at 05:55 PM

Magina was ALREADY in PLACE.

The people Holmgren wanted and eventually hired were already under contract.

As soon as they became available, Magina and his entire crew were let go. This was no secret or last second move. It was expected and It has been documented.

I'll stick with the facts.

You go ahead and stick with the revisions-LOL.

I looked him up(Shurmur)and he seems to me to be more of an OC, NYG. Probably Holmgren is calling the D shots.

Send links to your facts and then maybe I will believe them.

Pat Shurmur was the OC with the Rams but the Browns gave him the HC job.

Holmgren is the Browns President and DICK Jauron is the defensive coordinator

Isn't it ironic that the Suki Browns have a better record then the Fins... And THAT'S after they purge themselves of Brian Daboll!


So as bad as Sapp was, tell me again why we kept five TE's on the roster and chopped him? Crazy!! It's just another sign that's this FO is grasping without any real idea of what they are really doing.

Is Marty Schottenheimer dead? We need some old school dudes to come in here and shake things up.

Looks like Tony is already at the bottom of the coaches ratings.


What's that? Three years running he's been at or near the bottom?

dude sucks!

At this rate, maybe it's best we go back to Henning's slow, plodding, time-consuming game plan to keep the defense off the field.

I can't believe I just said that. I'm gonna go wash my mouth now.

I have this figured out. I think I said it last year and the year before that.

This management thinks they can do no wrong. And everything that has gone wrong is someone elses fault but theirs.

They are ARROGANT!

So we're playing a serious Luck contender KC on Nov. 6. Should we suck it?

Tony Suckrano-

Reminds me of Obama and all his peps. He NEVER takes any blame and takes all the credit.

They BOTH suck and I look forward to them BOTH being FIRED.

Send links to your facts and then maybe I will believe them.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 23, 2011 at 06:11 PM

Naw, I was "Kind of Yanking Your Chain". I don't really know these are the facts or maybe more accurately, I can't prove it.

I think I got most of that from listening to the Talking Heads. I don't know if they had any factual basis or whether they were just tossing things around like we do.

Just the same, it's nice talking with you ;)

Amen ny g

Mando deleting a post by odin is like destroying beautiful painting or kicking a puppie its just a assh*le thing to do IN ODIN WE TRUST

draft a cornerback with the 1st round pick.

Make sure you guys lose as many as possible so that I can be coaching Luck nest year, otherwise I ain't coming.

By the way, be sure to remind coach Spumoni to clean his ear hair out of the sink in the executive bathroom.

Yo, coach Fisher. I am currently unemployed and plan on applying for the job here next year. I will work cheaper than you and I will clean the ear hair from the sink myself.

Hey Fisher and Tressel:

I will be running the show here next year and neither one of you clowns are on my short list. I will be courting the game show host, Herm Edwards, instead. Good luck with your job searches.

P.S. Don't you just love my plastic hair?

Tony Suckarno,

noticed the Colts coach at the bottom of the espn ratings- WHAT AN IDIOT, HE SUCKS! The Colts should also fire their gm and suck for luck. LOL...

Si' Ortega!!!

Hey, who the hell is parked in my parking spot?! Now I will have to park on a meter while Mr. Ross goes into his office to plot next years front office/coach overhaul. Thanks a lot!

Hey Nose:

You can park in my spot. I'm leaving now. Just make sure you give Carl a ride home when he's ready to go home. We drove separate but he's too drunk to drive home and I'm too tired to wait for him.

See ya.

"If you are born a Pu#$% you will see D#$% in your dreams"

This may be the most dramatic game 3 in fins history. This is no comparison to the 1-15 season. This is year 4 of the regime that was hailed to save the franchise, and here we are with a do or die game in week 3.

Sparano has to do everything in his power to have this team pumped up and ready to play, and win. Otherwise even he will have no choice but to doubt himself, if he is not already.

There is only 1 man that can save this game for the team and the fans.

The fact we are going against a team that has been a bottom dweller for some time, leaves no wiggle room here. It's not the Pats or the Pack, its a team in only their second year of rebuilding under Holmgrem. A win should be expected by all means. We should win this game. The drama is in if we don't. There can be no rationalization for it. There can be no excuse for losing this game. There can only be a win or it becomes an undeniable admission that this team simply has not progressed, at all.

Look up and down the roster.
Look from one end of the bench to the other.
There is only 1 man that can give us a chance.

Lex Hilliard?

It's just a math problem really:
Let's say Cleveland drives the field 5 times and puts up 35.
If we're scoring 50% of the time then we have to get the ball ten times to put up 35.
If we get it 10 times then they get it ten times.
But in order to get the ball ten times the game has to last long enough.

I forgot is Koa Misi real good covering receivers or rushing the passer?

we will never win again

31st redzone offense

31st redzone offense

Anyone see a pattern here?

We're gonna get well this weekend.
Henne is gonna go apes h i t on Cle!

He should. But I heard all that last week. I have a hard time believing we will lose this game really, but I need to see a win to believe it now.

And that Fitzpatrick guy can go f u c k himself.

Clinical Depression is the worst of all illnesses because it destroys your Self while you being aware of It.

Chronic Depression is hereditary and inborn, People that suffer from it carry it throughout their whole Lives.

The feelings of helplessness and hopelessness cannot be described.

Many Depressed, prefer Death.

I want to die.

I'm thinking they have a lot more fun in hell than in heaven.

Heaven is picnics and Mozart.
Hell is jazz bars and wild women.

One. Good. I can tell that DevilsAdvocate does not suffer from Chronic Depression.

0 and 3, Just as I've seen it, With a trip to San Diago(According to Ron Burgundy, San Diago means a Whales Penis)..., Good luck picking up a win there...., But Hey the fins Play the chiefs Oct 10....

I can tell Cuban Menace might have Endogenous Depression traits.

The Highly Gifted and the Mentally Retarded do not suffer from Depression.

So the sabotaging of the current season begins for a ticket into the Luck sweepstakes!?.

Man I've got the best job on earth! I hope the next regime keeps me.

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