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Vontae Davis out vs. Cleveland, Will Allen injured again

Pick a cliche: When it rains it pours. Or perhaps, the hits just keep on coming. Or how about kicking a man when he's down.

They all fit the Dolphins right now.

You'll remember they are winless after two games and need good news, right? It didn't come this afternoon when the team announced cornerback Vontae Davis is indeed out of the Sunday's Cleveland game with a hamstring injury.

It gets worse.

Will Allen apparently tweaked a hamstring (again) sometime between practice Thursday and the end of practice Friday and was limited in practice Friday. He is now on the injury report for the first time this week. He's listed as questionable.

Did I mention free safety Chris Clemons was limited in practice all week for the second consecutive week because he's nursing a hamstring injury? He is listed as questionable.

So where does that leave the Miami secondary?

Sean Smith and Nolan Carroll are expected to start at cornerback. Reshad Jones is expected to start at free safety. Yeremiah Bell is the starting strong safety.

Miami's nickel and dime packages get a interesting if Allen cannot play or somehow tries to play but cannot finish. Allen is the nickel cornerback. Jimmy Wilson is probably the dime cornerback.

If Allen drops out, Nate Jones would probably be the nickel cornerback. Jones was signed Tuesday.

Oy vey.


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Oscar, you're right, in a pure form communism cannot exist, it goes against the very grain of human nature. But variations of communism exist in many countries, socialist, Marxist societies are pervasive.

Jose Lezama Lima, a great Cuban writer, narrated a Story about one of the ancient Chinese Dynasties that was absolutely authentic. And he never got out of the confines of Prado and Neptuno, in Cuba.


Who, me? Not I. But definitely there had to be some land bridges for the Aborigines to get to Australia. No?

I can feel those were Peaceful Times.

If I had the gift, I could write a Story about those Times. But I can only write commentaries on Armando's Blog, and other's.

NE released TE Dan Gronkowski today..is his family genes enough to pick him up..oh yeah and now his hatred for NE...should we sign him Mando and guys?

This is a joke right? They're really gonna start Nolan Carroll?

Thanks C63-AMG for getting the conversation back to football and off topics like Pangia and aborigional migration patterns.

I like the TEs we have. However, if we have room on the team, I would agree to pick up Gronkowski and try to use him against the pats.

I for one, redsky, do not equate Socialism with Marxism in pure form. You are right, there have been many Governments that have proclaimed themselves "socialists". But in RealPolitiks is all about them getting $ and Power.

That's just the way we are.

I guess I was wrong about Nolan Carroll. I thought he would be a very good player in his 2nd year. Seems like lots of mirages around here.

It doesn't matter if he's a good player........He's the LT Governor's SON !!

(...and... the Dolphins need a new stadium)


F the Fins sideways and six ways on Sunday!!! This gonna be a longgggggggggg season!

Oscar, thanks for the intellectual exchange, we could debate the topic of socialism and Marxism over drinks sometime, let's get back to football and the fact that Mando felt the need to spank us for suggesting TS' ouster!

Whats with all the hamstring issues? Is that not a conditioning issue? Stretch for Gods sake. I also think the Dolphins need to put some time into the field for the next home game. Get rid of that cheesy "Miami" end zone logo and put the classic multicolored "Dolphins" logo back into action

I didn't miss a THANG! LOL!

Hey Armando, you know that post you deleted about the Young, Tall, Beautiful, Blue Eye'd Blonde-WOMAN?

I'm SPENT! Six ways from Sunday! All is well in the NorseMAN's world ;)

PS: Nolan Carrol, Igor, Colombo? ROTFLMAO!


Mando...get out of bed and find out what's up with the illegitimate Gronkowski, why NE released him, and are we looking to grab him up? Even from a strategic point of view it would be a good grab...Bellecheat always does it to us once per year at least. And being he us a Gronkowski he's got talent man... NE is stacked at TE and I bet they would have kept him I'd they only had one of the two good TE's already... Time to get up Mando, please report back to us as soon as possible about this issue and what went down at practice today...

Mando, wake up..either you are sleeping or you are finishing up at Chi-Chi's happy hour...either way we need some info please. Feed your wolves man!

Ok guys I'm out, my dishwasher is broke and I need to go slap her. Have a good one fellas

I was starting to get over the losses and focus on the postive that we played with the Pats just as good as San Diego did, and they are considered good. An wih beer conditioning, that game would have been even closer. I can also build on the fact that Houston is a good team that we had a good chance to beat if we don't leave plays on the field. Then I remembered that Sparano is still the coach and wil not ne able to gameplan and adjust properly to beat good teams. Notice how Green Bay played last year without several key players including their top corner. They got rings. We don't have the leadership to overcome mistakes and injuries that other teams have.

Remember when Marino got hurt. Shula kept that team competitive and almost got the phins in the playoffs that year. With this regime, the slightest bad luck dooms us cause we can't adjust.

The Dolphins seem to love stringy hams!

Franchise of clowns.

Franchise of clowns.

Franchise of clowns.

Fact: This has become one of the worst franchises in the NFL.

Fact: This FO has NO idea how to right this ship.

Fact: While other teams seem to make it work through injuries, the slightest injury here decimates the team.

Fact: Even with the better playcalling by the OC, better play by the QB, we're still 0-2.

Fact: Dolphins have the longest losing streak in the NFL.

Fact: Cam Wake didn't get drafted FOR A REASON. Sure, he went to the Pro Bowl last year. Sure, his physical talents make him a great pass rusher. But there are other roles of an outside LB (like setting the edge), and Wake hasn't yet perfected that part of his game, therefore is not a great all-around LB.

Fact: NO ONE on this team is good enough to light a spark, to will their team to a win through good play, offensively or defensively.

Solution: Fire the GM! Fire the Coach! Make the change sooner rather than later to show the league that once again...WE.WILL.NOT.ACCEPT.LOSING.HERE!!!!

this is what happens with loser coaches. get rid of the loser sparano.

Give Sparano Peyton Manning, Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Peterson and we would still stuck in the redzone.

Single biggest mistake in Parcells career was choosing Sparano.


Happy belated birthday man. I think you're still hungover from too many margiritas! There's no need for somebody to get fired right now. How about we focus on getting ready to beat Cleveland see where we're at after that. Let's see how the team looks and feels after being 1-2 or 0-3. If the team wins this week and somehow miraculously pulls off a victory over San Diego next week, all bets are off. This isn't the day to be calling for firings.

Incidentally, the talk is the team worked out Rod Hood and Fabian Washington yesterday. I'm not sure what the team is waiting for. Sign BOTH of these guys. They are better than Carroll and Allen. Run don't walk to get these two guys added to the roster.

Gronkowski got in a argument with somebody, could be Brady.

Hey Joker, I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

Is it a franchise of clowns?

Thanks Craig. Fabian Washington? Haven't heard about that. Has he come back from his knee injury? But, at this point, we should be trying anything to change the chemistry, it doesn't seem to be potent.

If we somehow won the next 2 games, then it'd be up to the S. Florida fans to obstruct play in Sun Life, it's obviously cursed.

I hope we lose to the Browns. We don't really need to prolong what is obvious. TS is not HC material. Do we think that after four years the light is going to come on and he is going to get it? This has never been the case in the NFL, with any successful HC. Has anyone noticed how TS blesses himself after every play call? Doesn't seem to show confidence. More like hope the play works. Dolphins need to move on from him. He is a nice enough guy but he doesn't prepare the team properly. The team has talent but it is miss-managed. He has had more than enough time to develop a competitive team. Time to move on from him. The sooner the better.

I don't want to talk about tomorrow's Game. Does anybody here know that when BP signed with Miami, did he know/not know that Huizinga was going to sell the Team the following Year?

I haven't the time or patience to read all these today... But I must say I am always entertained by this blog and it's posters, sans the inevitable immature punk that appears from time to time.
This Browns game is one that will truly test the intelligence and coaching ability of Cleveland. If they have 2 brain cells to rub together, the will come out with a hurry up offense and a single back spread offense, alternating tight ends with extra wide outs. Our 'phins will be totally incapable of stopping that this week. As much as it hurts to say, the only way we win is if Henne and receivers have the best game of their careers together, or, the Browns implode with stupid mistakes.

Then again, the Browns have been a loser organization for so long, they may be dumber than we are and not take advantage of the gaping holes in our D. After all, they Fired Belichick.


I will dedicate this afternoon to attend to my son and beat LV as usual, in Horseracing.

It seemed possible that Huizenga would want to sell after running the franchise into the ground and that the Fat Tuna was merely a lure to entice a future owner. Parcells had it written into his contract that he could leave before his contract expired - but with all the money- if there were a new owner.

Ross found himself in the position of having to suck up to Parcells, hoping that Parcells didn't take advantage of him. No such luck.


DC @9:10,

Good post and agree with it for the most part, I would however leave Sparano in place till years end while firing Ireland on the spot. My reasons are simple,

1) Ireland is directly responsible for the team, no excuses this time he hand picked this bunch with glaring holes all over the roster were one injury seems to spell gloom as you stated. He really only answers to Ross making him the defacto head of the FO and their ineptitude. He is what he always was a decent scouting dept. chief nothing more not the man responsible for putting together a complete NFL roster.

2) Sparano gets no pass but if you fire him and make Nolan the Interim HC then at seasons end you either give him the position out right or he walks as is usually the case in those types of scenario's and while not really inspiring after having watched some of him as S.F. HC he does know his D and with all do respect to a post Mando put up a few days ago abour Sapp covering Welker on Monday night were he out right questioned Nolan's thinking. I believe with Nolan it's more about the holes in the backend of his D than about his playcalling, who was he going to put in there, Nolan Carroll!!! who had been smoked up and down the field to that point??

This team has been taking on a festering stagnant culture dating all the way back to the end of the Shula era and sinking deeper ever since. I say find a young hungry NFL exec. and build on down thru the Coaching staff and players all the way to the equipment manager!!!

By the way happy belated Birthday Bro!!!

It's too bad we aren't allowed to post links here. I'd like to post a couple about hamstring injury prevention. And about conditioning. Maybe they'd be read.

My son has not arrived yet, so, who is ultimately responsible for all those firings and personnel moves that has left our bench thinner than an onion skin? That, fin4, has to be answered with Authority. Is it strictly a Coach's decision(the firings), or is it the GM's lack of confidence in the Personnel. That needs to be crystal clear for Ross if he decides to make a move.

Haven't been here nor posted since Sept. 9th. Something about that Monday Night opening loss to the Pats just disgusted me.

Many here know that I have been one of the more ardent supporters of this organization during the off-season. Sometimes to the ire of a few. Sorry if I pissed anyone off. I admit that I stood behind our team, even through the rash of dysfunctional decisions (that continue). I could see the writing on the wall, but like the Lone Ranger, I couldn't bare the thought of shooting my horse, Silver, even when lame.

In a last ditch (futile) effort, I even threw in a chunk of willpower at kickoff in hopes THAT would help the Fins beat the Pats. That first TD sent chill bumps racing. Then, the reality...

I wish I could lay a finger on precisely what was to blame that blistered me most. I finally figured it out.

If the franchise's problems could be traced to a single (or reasonably few) specifics, I could see hope and promise on the horizon. However, when making a list of this teams deficiencies, I now understand why we are 0-2, and likely finishing the season as losers yet again.

I have never seen an (non expansion) NFL FO reshuffle and pool together as many losers and inexperienced staff members as Miami did in one off-season. True, Henning is gone. But the insueing FO revamping did little if anything towards improvement.

The o-line is no better than it was last year! It is one injury away from a total collapse. Sheesh, at which point we'll be scrounging around dallas (or others) third stringers and practice squads. Although Sparono is the supposed O-line guru, let's not forget Dave DeGulielmo, our Offensive line coach we rescued from Dallas in 2009. He's starting his third season. He's another clueless dunce. He should have been fired.

We still have to face rookie Nate Solder again. He pancaked Wake like a vet. Brady had alllll night in the pocket. Poor Henne. I still say he'll throw 4,000 yards if healthy. Our o-line will be his ruin. If he had the pats o-line, he'd have thrown 500 yards too, not 416. The comparison in our two o-line's is dispicable.

Special teams? They are once again incapable of making a positive difference. Not as long as we keep Special Teams Coorinator, Darren Rizzi. He was here a couple years as ST assnt. coach, and was PROMOTED this year. We freakin' promote and reward those that should be replaced!

Fields is worth his contract, unlike Carpenter, who last week sails WL on a 22 yfg! Oh, yeah, and a 34 yarder too. He was accurate beyond 50 yards until late last year. Now he can't be counted on with the game on the line for even a chip-shot. Our return teams are embarrasing.

Then, as soon as a player earns his keep, we hand out a generous contract, only to see the same player bloat and bust. Or we cut a player because it is obvious he wasn't going to cut it, to rehire the dummy again and again. Or cut an acorn/sapling one year too soon.

I try and picture Irlands office. And sitting on his desk next to his hot-(pink) phone is his rolidex. With only a half dozen phone numbers to call.

Unfortunitly, the franchise is a freakin' plauge that's gone rampant. Once rampant, there is little choice but to let mother nature run its course.

It has been said, there is dysfunction at the very Top. Why?

You can rest assured that in Time(short now) we will get to the bottom of all this.

Sorry to have to say this: Will Allen can not play football any more. We love the guy, but his bones and muscles can't take it any more.
Good luck to him.

I have a bad feeling about tomorrow, I think it ends up 42 to 3 Browns. Just saying...

Our defense looks nearly as bad as THE U's defense.

I think Hialeah High could score on the Phins D. I think they could actually grind out a 10 play drive against the Phins D. And probably make 5.6 yards a pop doing it. Of course the kickoff return would get them to the 44 yard line.

Glad I don't play on the Phins D.

Henne will lose the game with a turnover.

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