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Note to Dolphins: You must defend this house

Whatever happens tonight, it is only one game. OK? Repeat after me: It is only one game.

If the Dolphins win, the victory is not a guarantee they are going to the Super Bowl or even the playoffs. If they lose, it is not an omen that the season is lost. It is only one game.

And having said that, there is at least one conclusion we will be able to draw based on the outcome of tonight's Monday night matchup between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins:

Who's home field is this, anyway?

Last season the Dolphins lost seven of their eight games at home. That was as bad as their home record in 2007 when the team was 1-15.

When you consider the Dolphins also lost their final two home games of 2009, Sun Life Stadium has been the venue where Miami is 1-9 in the last 10 games. And you wonder why the home fans are angry?

The Dolphins have to show they can defend their house. If they lose at home again Monday night, what has changed in that regard? Nothing. It is another home game where the fans go home unhappy.

How would that make them want to come back next week for the Houston game?

Now, a victory over the Patriots and suddenly a bolt of energy will strike the organization, it's players, and fans. Ticket sales will pick up. Player confidence will pick up. Everyone's mood picks up.

We'll know which way things are going by the end of the night. No doubt about that.


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This game is all about making me happy or Po'd....for next year's playoff chance

In this league being good is only half the battle to victory. You also have to be very lucky. Just see the jets game from last night. Being good had nothing to do with what happened. Jets are always lucky.


Pressuring Justin Beibers' dad is obviously key, but we probably won't see too many all-out blitzes. The "pressure" is all on our D-Line men!

On a positive note, half of all the teams playing have lost. Yes, it's true! Even "better" ones like the Saints, Steelers, Vikings etc.

LOL odin, yes, I do think that, almost every day of my life.

By the way, I see I'm getting into the trolls' heads. LOL!

Think I care what goes on at THEIR blog? SUCKAZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Got to give credit to Sanchez last night hanging in and coming through when other QB's could have quit. Rex knows what he is doing that is for sure.

Posted by: DC Dolfag | September 12, 2011 at 09:55 AM

Well, in all fairness, it does help when the QB that quits is the one your playing against, as in ROMO-Dooh!

Rex and his Gay Beret's LUCK WILL RUN OUT!


It makes me sick. The Jets get another game handed to them, that I truly do not feel they earned. Back to the same ol' as last year.

Now the Phins and the Pats, Please god, no more same ol' as last year. tonight.

I hate living in MA, already have the trash talking jabs coming from 7 different sources this morning.

Also, Mando, per odin's repost @ 10:05am, you delete my post (due to I'm guessing a gay slur made with all due respect to gays), yet you allow an enemy post with a WORSE gay slur.

Stay classy Mando!! Stay classy.


Do what odin and I do....LOCK AND LOAD!!!

Well tonight's game is either the start of something good or the continuous of what we have been used to for the last five years. I want to see the dolphins come out and show the world that we can beat any team on any day if we play our game. We have watched them put in a new OC which should give the Pats something they have never seen. Our D is good enough to limit big plays and we should go after Brady every single down.
I just want a win hell with the losing close. I want to see them win and make Miami a proud organization again. Go Phins


Carlitos, agree with that. But I was actually thinking just normal stunts and or all out motoring over the starting OT's replacement. Whoever that is. I don't think we need all out blitz' from the 4 part of our 3-4 defense to fluster Bieber's dad. But once we do, and the potential pick 6's get to flying, we need to convert.
That being said, I think Jimmy "I kill you" Wilson will make the most of his opportunities at DB. Kid can flat out play.

DC, I hold my own, but come Tuesday IF we are on the wrong side of this... ugh, I just can not deal with it this year.

the loser of theis game is all alone in the basement.

what they hell is up with the bills?

I hate living in MA, already have the trash talking jabs coming from 7 different sources this morning.

Posted by: Poizen | September 12, 2011 at 10:10 AM

That just makes for more targets! Your chances for a direct hit are optimal!



Posted by: ALoco | September 12, 2011 at 10:12 AM

This reminds me of a GREAT STORY!

Man says(to woman): What did you say?

Woman: Nothing.

Man: That's right because that's what I TOLD you to say, NOTHING!

Dear Mr. Salguero

You ever see that Movie "Home Alone" where Kevin McCallister played brillently by Macaulay Culkin had to defend his Home against Burglers Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern ?

I think the Dolphins will use all sorts of booby traps to outwit the hoodied boston burglers and defend our home.

Soiled :)

DC, I did not delete any of your posts. I've not deleted any post today (yet).

In case you don't know, I'm on the radio 6-10 am and do that every morning. I don't have time to come here until after my show.

So perhaps you didn't hit post or whatever. Anyway, you can always do it NBA style and re-post.

I think the 'Phins are in tough tonight. It's going to take a COMPLETE game to beat these guys, the type of effort they showed against the Vikes in the second game last year. Can they do it? Yes. But the thing that scares me with this team is they very rarely bend but don't break. When they get a bad break or make a mistake they usually fold like a house of cards. The Jets don't do that, as we saw last night, in a game they had no business winning. For the Dolphins to win tonight they have to play an almost perfect game.

I think it was Carlito and/or Finsome that mentioned pressuring Brady(everybody else too).

Anyways, my question is, how does Nolan keep from getting over aggressive?

If there's a Coach-QB combo that can make you pay for over aggressiveness, it's Bellicheat and Grady!

What kind of pressure packages were the wets and lions using to get after Brady?

yeah dc, apologize to armando.lol


Tom Brady told the head of a auto memorabilia company this weekend that Jason Taylor has lost a step, and they have enough to hold off Wake. Also said our corners are the least threatening in the division. Brady is real happy the game is on Monday night in Miami because they are determined to show the world they are the top of the NFL, and to own a team on National TV is a great step.

Wes Welker also called Miami, The Pats home away from home.

Can you let any active player of our D this information ASAP?

So perhaps you didn't hit post or whatever. Anyway, you can always do it NBA style and re-post.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 12, 2011 at 10:27 AM

WHAT!?!? This is an NFL BLOG!

What are you, some kind of NBA TROLL!!!!

poizen. i am going to repost this on the ss if you don't mind.?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Did Coach Tony Sparano do the Macaulay Culkin face guesture.....you know the face I'm talkin about.

Soiled :)

It's interesting a get a shot on here from a coward earlier today who can't even man up and identify himself talking about Plaxico. What he doesn't mention is that Plaxico was held without a catch until late in the third quarter and his TD came against a third string smurf DB for the Cowboys. If you actually watched the game Mr Coward, you would have seen he was a non-factor. I hardly think 73 yards receiving is anything impressive.

Thank you for the response Mando. Please accept my apology for doubting you. Must have been too excited and something messed up.

What makes home field advantage? Players who work and preform with intensity, fans who support them by making the opponent uncomfortable( in a respectful way) and making the opponent feel that they are far away and have no support, and finally front office/owners who focus on the product on the field and make sure that the home team feels welcomed and supported by allowing fans to focus their attention and dollars on the field. I'm not talking about coddled, but rather the feeling you get when you are welcomed into the living room by friends who are expecting you. That's the reason places like the Orange Bowl, Fenway Park, and Duke's Cameron Fieldhouse give(or gave) their teams HOME FIELD advantage. It's really hard to play/work when you are in an unsupported environment. DOLPHIN PLAYERS HAVE TO TAKE BACK THE FIELD AND DOLPHIN FANS HAVE TO TAKE BACK THE STANDS!

Ok Everyone,We all know how to Beat the Pats, Get in Bradys face and punch him in the nose(A pretty boy hates to get dirty), But Like Odin said, How to do it without getting burned?, Top notch question.


My biggest fear about tonight is that the Dolphins don't typically play well in Prime Time. If you look at the games last year they self-destructed against the Pats, lost to the Jets and played AWFUL against the Bears. I'm probably missing another game or two there too but for whatever reason this team plays tight and makes mental mistakes when they are in the spotlight. That can't happen tonight or we're done.

I also think that tonight will be the start of another dynamic in our backfield. Our new rookie FB Clay is out, and IMO opinion this opens it for Lex to break through, which you know he can when given the chance. Either that or we really see how much letting go of Polite and his 90% plus 1st down conversion rate is going to hurt us.


Im not taking sides. However, I much rather have a player who gets the job done when you need it most over a guy who's just a stat machine. Sta machines usually put up great numbers but falter when its needed most.

Plaxico got the job done when it was needed most, Romo didnt. But Romo put up nice numbers.

Also did you see the block Plax put on a Cowboy db. Bet he doesnt think Plaxico is plack.

Craig, the trolls are out in full force, you just need to breathe and keep your eye on the ball (DOLPHINS v. PATRIOTS).

Also, to all on the site, today is game day. I have ONE group of enemies and ONE group only (Patriots and their fans). Therefore, I will not be responding to friendly fire (even though those people are the worst kind of sellouts there is...AND THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE), a la Pat Tillman (one of the greatest American Heroes EVER), I will not fight those who CLAIM to be on the side of the angels (I mean Dolphins).

There's plenty I'll have to say to you Benedict Arnolds in the future. But today, I am keeping the enemy in my sights, like a sniper. All I care about is wind direction and staying on the mark.

I implore others to do the same.

Yea Craig, That is what really scares me for tonight.

2watt, I do not have that comment in writing or in transcript, but if you think it can get to players to pump them up... Don't let proof get inftront of helpful motivation. :)


That's only part of it I think. If the TEs get open tonight it will be a long night for the defence. Brady, Welker and the two TEs are the only part of the offence that scares me. He's very good at finding his safety valves when he needs to.

This Pats team needs to make a statement tonight too. They had a pretty ordinary pre-season, as shown by the fact that Brady played half the game in the last preseason game. He and the team were rusty and needed to work it out. I hope Nolan has a bunch of looks to confuse Brady tonight or it's going to end up being a long night.

Easy DC, Getting to excited before the main event is a No-No, Rember, Before you get "To Excited" Think about the Marlins starting Line up, This should help for your, Ahummm, Premature Excitment.LOL

I cant agree with the post who rather get beat by three then by 30. A loss is a loss no matter how close it is. Having said that, I wish I could show more confidence but I cant. I dont see the cloud with the silver lineing. I see Carey and Colombo manning the rith side and the only good thing is, its not Henne's blind side. We wont be able to run or throw the ball and thats not a good thing. Whos gonna be the blocking tailback? Bush? Our b ig fullback is gone, Thomas has turned into a weakling. And I dont believe the wife beater is the answer either. Go Dolphins!!!

First 2010 game against Pats we were close and seemed to be in position to take control of the game until the st's went far south of the border signalimg collapse. Game 2 against the Pats was virtual no contest from start to finish on both sides of the ball including st's.

New team. New culture. New identity.

DC, love the passion! I have the bullets flying over my head, oh and got hit by a Tom Brady stress ball... lol

Miami 31 N.E. 27

have a HAARPy day :(

Haha the jets are terrible. they won't get so lucky most of the time

Nate Solder is dead.

My biggest fear about tonight is that the Dolphins don't typically play well in Prime Time.
Posted by:

Craig M | September 12, 2011 at 10:42 AM

Do you believe that uniform colors, astrology, voodoo, price of gold, or phase of the moon have an effect too?

911 was an inside job

The NFL 911 game was rigged

have a HAARPy day :(

like a sniper. All I care about is wind direction and staying on the mark.

I implore others to do the same.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 12, 2011 at 10:44 AM

Only in the DC area..LOL, But not really.

N.E. will be in last place in the AFC East by 11:00 PM Sept 12 2011

have a HAARPy day :(

Miami 31 N.E. 27


You're make me laugh this morning...good stuff!! I'd also caution you, I think you're setting yourself up for big failure tonight. Like someone said earlier, don't get too high on these guys quite yet. I'm like you, I LOVE to see my team play, especially on a National stage but I'm going to reel my enthusiasm in just a bit because I don't want to be hugely disappointed tonight, as we have many times before. I don't want to see what happened to KC yesterday, happen to us tonight. That would be tough to watch and maddening.

DB, I did see the hit Plaxico threw and kudos to him. He alsmost killed Jenkins, I think.

FP4, if there were ANY time to get excited, this would be it. No one knows what the team will be this year. We have our guesses, we've seen tidbits to give us an idea, but nothing is etched in stone yet. After tonight, people will have evidence with which to make future predictions/opinions. But today, it's sheer faith. Like religion.

I can't tell anyone with the facts to back me up WHY my team will win tonight, I JUST BELIEVE!!! Tomorrow, I will analyze the game and reality will bring me back to Earth. But today, up until 7pm, I'm riding with my faith. It's the only option for a phinatic!


Cutting Crowder for Burnett was pure and simple a level the playing field against the Pats move. Dansby cant cover all of thier TE's alone.

Burnett's addition doesnt mean totally shutting out the Pats TE's, though I would love to see it happen. Its just means limiting thier overall damage. Last season our defense against thier TE's was like 2 kids in the sandbox and they owned all of the toys.

In Burnett, hopefully we added a Tonka dump truck! LOL...

full moon tonite.
hooooooooooooooooooooowwwl !!!

To answer the "over aggressive" danger in tonights game, again after watching this preseason, I really think our front D Line will have Brady sweating and moving out of the pocket, like I said without the need to sacrifice more than one LB at a time in coverage. We need them to cover the underneath flat. Woodhead and Welker territory. Brady will have to go to a maximum 3 step drop. Zone coverage should keep Brady looking to his checkdowns (W&W again) and Dansby can straight dislodge someone's cranium there. Wake will be frothing at the mouth tonight. Biggest glare and fear for me? Brady identifying and picking on Sean Smith. The above doesn't work if we can't cover/tackle/and/or intercept errant throws.

"They would infuse the stadium with so much energy. Spend a ton, too, since they are generally a lot better educated and wealthier that the "straight" crowd."

I think there are some limitations at the stadium for flannel shirts with the sleve's cut off and wallets with chains on them or somthing like that.

Soiled :)


Good point on Burnett. He's a better linebacker but yes, he's also better in coverage. One of our really glaring problems last year was covering TEs. They owned us. We'll find out tonight if we've improved in that area.

Ref's came through again for the jets and there foot loving coach, the big toe. But I enjoyed seeing the Buc's and Steelers lose. And give me a break with the Scam Cam talk, he went against a weak defense. He'll still be another Russell or Young.

soiled. he means the good looking ones.lol


Your point is well made. I'm all for being aggressive tonight on defence but one of the things we have to watch out for is being overly aggressive and having Brady play action with Woodhead and simply drop passes over the charging defence. That type of stuff could yield big plays against us. I'm all for getting in his face but I think we have to be selective when we do this or Brady and BB will adjust and it will kill us!

I still dont think very highly on Albert Haynesworth. I believe Belichick's decision to commit commit to a 4-3 defense because of his addition couild backfire. Especially late in games when the overweight Haynesworth tires.

Also, just like a zebra who can not change his stripes. Haynesworth will take plays off and play hard hard or soft when he wants to.

I second the Burnett is better in coverage and he and Dansby will do awesome tonight.

The only downside to Crowder not being here is who is going to jump on the pile 2 seconds after the play is over and celebrate insanely?

Guys, BOOG.COM coming out(I love these guys)(They'll make a bet on anything) With a list of bets for tonights game, I'll check'em out and posts some.

CraigM, hopefully you and others have noticed the self-respect with which I post.

I'm a grown-up, not too big to apologize if I'm wrong (as I was with Mando this morning), nor am I ashamed to eat my words if they did not come to pass.

If we lose, I'll mark it in the appropriate column, and move on to next week, and lay blame where it lies (most likely not with the refs or the other team, but with my team).

Also, I'm not saying, "We WILL win!" I'm not saying, "there's NO WAY we lose."

I'm saying, "I BELIEVE WE WILL WIN!" That's faith, like believing in God. The unshakable-ness of the comment coincides with how much faith you personally have.

In my case, as has been exemplified this morning, my faith is unshakable (again, that's TODAY only, 1st game of the year, I have nothing to base the season on yet). That's what I give to Henne and Sparano and Daboll and Dansby, the CHANCE to prove me right or wrong.

After today, I will be able to criticize because I will have a factual basis to do so.

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