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What's up with the Dolphins' 2nd round picks?

Starting off today, the Dolphins have signed Will Allen to a one-year deal according to a source, thus surprising no one. There you go.

Running back Daniel Thomas missed the Dolphins regular-season opener on Monday and coach Tony Sparano made it clear Tuesday the decision to make the rookie inactive wasn't that difficult.

“It didn’t end up being too close," Sparano said.

Thomas was limited all last week. He'll likely be eased back into practice this week but his status is not at this moment certain for Sunday's game against Houston. That may or may not be a big loss because what we saw of Thomas in the preseason and training camp wasn't exactly eye-popping awesome.

He was there. Just there.

And while that does not suggest Thomas will be good or not going forward, it does say he hasn't gotten off to a fast start. The makes me ask the question that you saw in the headline:

What's up with the Dolphins and their second-round picks?

This team has done very good work with its first-round under the current administration. This team has done good work with undrafted free agents under the current administration.

The team's second-round picks under this administration? Not impressive so far.

Phillip Merling was Miami's first second-rounder selected under this administration. He contributes on the team's defensive line shuttle but he hasn't exactly had a great career so far. He missed most of last year with an Achilles' injury. He didn't meet expectations his second season after a solid rookie year. He's sitting behind players the Dolphins drafted after him.

Chad Henne was also a second-round pick in 2008. He's been a starter for three years and has a 13-15 record in those three years. There are big hopes he can become a good, consistent quarterback. But can he be considered anything but a wait-and-see pick yet? We have to wait and see.

In 2009, the Dolphins picked Pat White with the 44th overall selection. Everyone knows how that turned it.

The club also took Sean Smith with the 61st overall selection. He is a starter. He is solid. But is he great? Is he a difference-maker? Not yet. He had the opportunity to be that last season but struggled to hold on to the seven passes in his hands that he could have converted into interceptions had he held onto those passes.

Last season's second round selection was Koa Misi. Starter. Solid as a rookie. We are in wait-and-see mode with Misi.

So the summary of Miami's work so far in the second round?

A backup defensive lineman. A quarterback about which everyone is hopeful but hasn't arrived yet. A bust quarterback. A staring corner. A starting outside linebacker. And a running back that still hasn't get his career started.

By the way, I asked NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger what he thinks of Thomas. Baldinger a former NFL offensive lineman studied all the draft picks this year.

"Is Daniel thomas going to help this football team? I don't think so. I think they missed on him," Baldinger said.


"He's a point of entry back which means he needs a hole to make yards rather than be good enough to make the hole himself," Thomas said. "He runs too upright. He's not going to give you anything on third down and he doesn't run with power. He has to build speed to get power. He's not going to push the pile. So I think he's going to be a very limited back for the Dolphins."


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Let's not call Thomas a bust until we see him in live action

long year fellas, lets get through it as quickly as possible and finally rid this franchise of the garbage regime and henne

It's still early. But if we start off 0-2 at home, the hot seat is going to be heating up fast. Tony may regret his luncheon speech. Smart politicians know to never say anything on camera that can come back to haunt you.

lets hope hes fired by week 8, not end of year

the coaches of this teamm need to have their heads hannded to them on a platter for the performance we saw on monday night; especially that of the defense. why is it, that a team that should have the homefield advantage because of the heat and humidity was the one that looked like they came from the north and the pats looked like the heat and humidity didn't bother them one bit. it all comes down to preparation and the coaches on this team didn't do that. they should have had this team prepared for every contingency and they FAILED MISERABLY to do so. how could you not take into account the effect the heat and humidity would have one your own team to perform on the field during the game. camera shot after camera shot of cam wake gasping for air showed how much the defense was struggling with the weather. didn't they give the guys iv's before the game? didn't they hydrate them? don't they know that one of the best things you can give them during the game is wheat grass juice and not gatorade? gatorade does nothing in that type of weather. you need to stay hydrated. when you drink wheat grass juice it keeps the water in your system a lot longer rather than sweating it all out and having to replenish it constantly. i know that and i don't work for an nfl team. why don't their trainers, etc. know that? there's no excuse for it. if this continues i am in the camp that the team find a new head coach and gm to run this outfit. yeah, i said it takes time and they are making progress but the lack of preparation is inexcusable. had the defense been properly prepared to deal with the heat and humidity they probably would have performed much better. they were all standing around with their hands on their hips.
finally, cut carroll. the fact that he let a pats receiver line up uncovered and jogged over to cover the receiver says to me he's not good enough to play for my team. get rid of him.

Been saying it for awhile now. All of the misses at the top of the draft have set this franchise back. It's why we aren't on the same level with the other teams in our division.

With the Sapp, Edds, Spitler, Mastrud, Yeatman, Rosario, Berger, Thomas, L. Johnson etc decisions, I think we're all starting to realize what a mess these clowns have put this franchise.

Why were they cutting Criwder & others to save cap space & NOT use it? I'll tell you why....ROSS has told them to not spend because of their track record of wasted money.

We are razor thin at CB, RB, oline - except LT & C, FS.....ALL AFTER 4 YEARS? But, we have 4-5 TE's, with only 1 of which being of starting caliber??

Sparano realized he needed to change & get a more modern offense? That's great, but you're running that new offense with SLOW personnel that you have amassed over the last 4 years for the old system.

I could go on for hours. But, I'm just hoping the phins show SOME life this week. If this game turns out ugly, I'll have to find something else to do Sundays.

My daughter who knows nothing about football could make better personnel decisions than this bunch

Me thinks the cramps Vontae Davis felt when he asked to be taken out in the third quarter were due to Tom Brady taking Vontae to the cleaners because of his long tongue. The same roasting given to Sean Smith resulting in his cramping. And Nolan Carroll? Oh, please. Let's not talk about that! Is he still on the roster?

baldinger is a tool with that crooked finger of his. Mando you can have more inteligent people on your show than baldinger. Well maybe not.

This regime under Parcells identified talent acqusition as a vital part of the business. I would give the regime a c- in that area. Look at the other NFL teams that were as woeful as the Dolphins when the Parcells administration took over. Detroit, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, New York Jets, St. Louis Rams and Kansas City. All have more talent now than the Miami Dolphins.

promichael, hmm when parcells took over we were 1-15 with the wors record in the league so your argument that those teams were as bad as us doesn't fly. We were in worst shape per our record.

"he needs a hole to make yards rather than be good enough to make the hole himself."

It's obvious that Thomas needs a few yards to get into top gear, and that he's not Lousaka Polite, but Baldinger could have said something just as stupid about Chris Johnson! Even a human bowling ball like Mark Ingram needs some help from the OL.


Not to be picky, but proof read your article next time - I see many mistakes. It's not as sloppy as the Dolphins D on Monday night, but it aint gonna win you any pulitzers. ;)

This is just great, it gets better every year under this regime. We give up a solid WR with pretty good hands, G.Camarillo, for B.Sapp? That was a move based on desperation. Now Sapp released. Will Allen's days are long gone. He was average at best and now post injury? WE'LL SEE. Now it feels like desperation mode has hit once again. Sporano is not head coaching material period! And Ireland is the worst GM in the league!! He has no skills/talent for picking players. Why not listen to analysts during the combine that its their primary job in evaluating players?? This defense is not that good enough yet. It won't stop elite teams like the Pats. And now the Texans who have are number (we are winless against them in 5 meetings). Ample opportunity to have made this defense a lot better was there in free agency. But of course these cheapskates didn't make any worth notable moves. Vontae Davis needs to keep his trap shut because he and Smith are average CBs at best. Sorry my friends but until Cowher or Gruden or Jesus Christ himself come here, its gonna be another long and boring season full of tears for all of us.

Asogue, yes Nolan Carroll is still on the roster but the team decided to sacrifice Sapp as a way to show they are not happy with our secondary. Carroll should be out on the market beggin for a job right now as well.
And don't think that Sean Smith isn't getting analyzed now as well. Dude cannot tackle! He isn't that great at covering either.
Also, know who else should be on a Palmetto entrance with a will work for food sign? The conditioning coach! How is it that the Patriots can run the no huddle offense on us for the majority of the game and ram it down our throats whilst Brady stands up, does his taxes, texts his wife, brushed his luxurious locks, and then dumps it off to Welker in the flat? This is our house, our home field advantage has a lot to do with the humidity and heat; AND OUR PLAYERS ARE THE ONES CRAMPING UP AND SUCKING WIND! Epic fail on the part of the conditioning coach.

if were another team i would say houston would be in big trouble on sunday. after suffering a loss like this at home another team like pittsburgh or green bay would shut down the next opponent coming into their stadium but i don't have any faith this will be the case.
it has to be extremely disappointing for the fans who purchased tickets and went to the stadium to see the game to watch this defense allow brady to just carve them up and not be able to stop him. had they played like the top five defense they are said to be miami probably would have won. henne performed extremely well and you have to give him credit for hanging in there under pressure and making some nice throws even as he was getting hit. but, you can only get hit so many times before you start to feel it. the grades:

defense F
couldn't stop anything.

o-line D-
pass blocking was subpar. henne was under duress most of the game and they didn't no run blocking whatsoever.

receivers C
although they caught a lot of the passes henne threw their way they should have been able to get open more on the new england secondary. henne should have had an easier time finding an open receiver than he did and hartline dropped a pass that hit him right in the hands that could have put them in scoring position.

te's B+
i have to say, anthony fasano made some nice catches including a one handed grab in the red zone.

qb A
henne did everything he possibly could to help this team. he was extremely accurate on his throws and he used his legs well in the game when he needed to pick up yardage when he had nothing. he missed on a few opportunities and that is why he didn't get an A+

rb's D
reggie bush did little to gain yards on the ground or yards after the catch. the o-line blocking didn't help when he was running the ball but he made some bad choices on where to run with the ball. didn't see the explosive ability on the screens to make some yards in open space.

They bring back Allen after game one so his contract doesn't have to be guaranteed. So it was all to save some petty cash. It does not take a trained eye to see Sapp has always been terrible in coverage. So in order to save a few bucks they foolishly start the season against the best QB in the league with Sapp back there, it was just plain dumb and they paid for it dearly. Did they think for one second BeliBrady wouldn't tear that up? Never underestimate your foe!

The FO is severely lacking in just plain common sense.

Maybe the off ssason practices were too easy and they needed a real game to get warmed up. We'll see soon enough. What I still don't see is how we will have any threat of a running game. It looks like 3rd and 1 is going to be a challenge to convert the whole season. And that used to be our 'automatic' play.

team is awful, there is no other way to spin this no matter how hard some of u try

Dusty bottoms, you are right on. They outsmart themselves all the time, trying to outsmart everyone else. A waste of 4 years.


Jesus Christ is staying in Notre Dame for now. More job security.

the fins are left with no options to beef up their wimpy secondary. there are no options out there. i think ross, in an attempt to address the SECONDARY and save money bought a cloning machine and davone bess was the only one to volunteer, why is everyone 5 foot nothing and long hair? this isn't a physical secondary by any means, not intimidating, and certainly NOT in comparison to brock marion, sammy knight, madison and surtain. how do you release POLITE, EDDS, and ALLEN to retain carrol and sapp? wow! and this wasn't after the fact, i blogged this in the same shocked fashion as i did for welker. you know, the fins have to nip this in the bud as our defensive backfield was exposed, one interesting option that might be totally do-able is... ROBERTO WALLACE! he is looking more and more like a pat surtain to me. what could it hurt to look into this as an option? the results might be favoring. dude has good size, decent speed, knows tendencies and routes, and has better hands then most defensive backs. he might even LIKE the idea. if deon sanders did it then it shouldn't be a knock to wallace. i kinda really like the idea....

dm1, good analysis.

Seems to me I remember reading a bunch about how great the Phins were going to be when Parcells and crew were brought on board...now they are a bunch of idiots. The smartest of you "fans" at least recognize Henne isn't the problem and that without a line it doesn't matter who the quarterback is. Give him time and a little support and he is more than adequate.



i know it's only one game but henne had 416 yds passing, completed 61.2% of his passes and had 59 of the 98 yards rushing with and 8.5yd/pass and 8.4yd/rush avg. HE WAS the OFFENSE IN THAT GAME!

Yep, genius...let's take a receiver who probably has no experience since high school and make him the solution to poor CB play simply because his build reminds you of Patrick Surtain....

maybe ROBERTO WALLACE who wants more playing time doesn't stand out as a reciever, maybe he can excell as a defensive back. he does have surtain like size!

I am glad we resigned Will Allen...Hope he can just stay healthy for the season. Good signing for the Fins though. Much needed.

We gotta hope that week 1 was a freak incident

We have to hope this defense isn't over rated like it was last year. I think alot of fans, Ireland & sparano drank the kool aid into believing this unit was better than it is.

We have to hope Henne works on his red zone passing but, more importantly for him & the entire offense...

We have to try to create a goaline running game to take the pressure off him & make defenses at LEAST have to consider that running is an option

budtki...Takes a lot more than size. It is a whole different mind set. It MAY work but it would take putting him on the practice squad for the rest of this year and all next training camp season just to get him capable of competing for a position on the team. Maybe that is...


Armando- you might have ran your title as "What's up with the Dolphin's GM?"
The picks are what they are - stretches. This team has been abysimal for so long because of poor personnel decisions. In my opinion,Jeff Ireland has proven to be a very poor evaluator of talent. I see this franchise being in a sad state of affairs until new ownership takes over. I guess the only thing in our favor is that Mr. Roper err I mean Stephen Ross was already 71 when he took over. Lets hope his heirs don't get their dirty ape hands errr share of it on it and the next owner is a lover of football not entertainment. Someone who isn't a meddler yet holds people accountable and actually fires incompetents. I hope they buy out that fudge packer Marc Anthony and his entourage too as minority shareholders.

The reasons why Carroll is still on the team is because he's young, he was a draft pick by them, and they are still grooming him... Did he stink out there..yes. But you won't see him gone unless he continues to suck into next year...simply because he was a pick by our FO. Doesn't hurt that his mom is who she is either. Do I agree..I'm not sure yet..if I waited this long for Henne, I'll give Nolan one more year too...

you've got to want it. i watched the pregame show on espn and the one thing that teddy bruschi said stood out in my mind, "when they were getting ready to be introduced at the pro bowl, he, tom brady an anoter teammate were the only ones in the locker room and tom brady looked at them and said "no one has ever won three in a row." you have to have the competitive spirit, fight, drive, hunger and never quit. you have to want to be the best at what it is you do. if you go to work everyday and go thrur the motions and just show up to do your job that is not the answer. you need to do what it takes to be the best at your position. that is what seperates guys like brady from the rest of the qb's in this league. he lives football. he never stops thinking about it. he never stops thinking about how to be the best at what he does. he is a rare breed. i know it's a tough pill to swallow for a lot of phin fans but were are guys like this on this team? are there any? vontae davis talked the talk but he didn't walk the walk. he looked like a fool (with his pants on the ground) trying to cover the pats receivers. if you want to be the best you have to pay the dues. otherwise, you'll never be anything but mediocre.

i said the short yardage game will suffer with the loss of LOUSAKA, and there you have it, 4th and short at a critical juncture and there we were... one demensional, no other threat to defend, this will hurt us all year long and yet, NOLAN CARROL is still on the team. bring back LOU POLITE to give defenses another threat to defend and our short yardage game will return to the EXEMPLARY conversion machine that it was, the alternative will NOT be good! if POLITE was down on the goal line with us during the brady show it might have had a different outcome! how could the front office not see something as simple as this. the stats don't lie! i used to look forward to 3rd and short, this used to be be MONEY for the fins, but for some UNKNOWN reason we threw it away! how could you say nolan carrol is more important then a first down, or 4th and goal TD! i beg to differ. in fact i begged and begged the day i heard polite was released. there are my answers... re-sign POLITE, cut CARROLL, re-sign WILL ALLEN, and move ROBERTO WALLACE to the secondary!


A 1-15 team has all the advantages to get better; lower draft picks, easier schedule etc...This regime has draft picks that they just end up cutting; Pat White, Patrick Turner and others. The 2nd and 3rd round should allow for excellent players. Many have become pro bowlers. Why could the Dolphins not recognize how slow Benny Sapp was. The coaches did not hydrate the players so both Davis and Smith cramped.....that is bad coaching and decision making that cost a game against a division rival. How can professionals not sign Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, draft a player like Daniel Thomas instead of picking up a good defensive right tackle in the draft. Then run around like crazy looking to find a good retread running back.....and so it goes

Got too cute on goaline, Polite needs to get resigned, i Formatio or strong fromation & down teh middel with hill.iard or bush. Passing on teh one is dangerous

CRAMPS?!?!?! that happens in high school. Not the NFL where you should be conditioning all day everday. Thats why you have 7 figure paychecks!!! COMON MAN

Yes Dolphin fans, although your team is losing you can have some top flight entertainmenta and some beautiful people to look at. Marverlous. Its the old bait and switch- you thought you were going to a football game? Ha hah hahha (all the way to the bank)! Suckers.
Steven Ross


god I missed you yesterday mando. sat here all day waiting for updates doing no work

Anyway I'm outta here -maybe check back when they're 0-16. In case I haven't madse it clear - yeah, your damned right - I think Steven Ross is a @#$$% ah**& of an owner.

i know it's only one game but henne had 416 yds passing, completed 61.2% of his passes and had 59 of the 98 yards rushing with and 8.5yd/pass and 8.4yd/rush avg. HE WAS the OFFENSE IN THAT GAME!

Posted by: dm1dolphan | September 14, 2011 at 10:42 AM

Just to give you an example, Cam Newton, in his 1st NFL start had more yards & better completion % on fewer attempts. When you're getting carved like Miami was, & not running, it's not hard to rack up 400 yards when you throw almost 50 times. With that said...

Henne had some good momnents & certainly looks better than last year, no question. But, let's not be delusional here. 2 of his drives, which netted at least 100 yards, came in the last 6 minutes, down 17 when the game was out of reach(after the failed 4th down pass to hartline).

The Pats played soft & gave up yards. He played well but also left plenty of points on the field. In a game that usually boils down to a few plays, he kept 14 points off the board with bad red zone throws. As well as he played, & he deserves credit, those few plays he didn't make are the ones that counted most.

Also I'm surprised NE didn't scoop up Allen just to be azzheads

Their third-round picks haven't been so good, either.

Should have brought back polite too...I wouldn't be against trying to pry Edd's back because he wad good on SpTeams and he's better than spitler and crew...too late for that though..

Thomas is a bust!... Mirror Image of JJ Johnson Hamstring and all!

So according to BadFinger, RBs don't need an Oline to create holes for them.....and this guy is an ex-player and an "expert" on tv....WOW!!! Don't get me wrong, Thomas hasn't showed anything, but BadFinger's comment killed it....

Speaking of Ross, did JLo attend the game? Too humid? Is she really getting divorced? How many times has she been married?

I'm losing trust for the football leadership of this team.

That statement is misleading Armando. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I don't know if it was done on purpose or if it was a mistake but how can Henne be a "3 year starter" if he only played in 28 games. There are 16 games a season. 16 plus 16 equals 32. He hasn't even started a full two seasons according to those numbers. Just sayin..

Anyone else notice Omar Kelly has gone off the deep end? The guy apparently wants to become a preacher or something. He's constantly tweeting bible verses or quoting bible verses as answers to questions asked about football. It's getting annoying. Don't need to be preached to by a sports columnist.

The Cowboy players were cramping up as well during the Jets game. No wonder why they love Cowboys players, they're just as out of shape as our guys, they fit right in!

Omar Kelly knows more about rap / r & b music than the Dolphins. If he's getting biblical, get someone else to report the phins news.

How long does this crap have to continue? I for one am glad if this Sunday's game is blacked out. That means fans have stopped buying tickets to the games. This will effect Mr. Ross's pocketbook, and make him realize the fans are tired of this incompetence. The biggest mistake we as Dolphin fans have made is to continue to buy tickets to this team.

Stop settling for this crap.

P.S. This administration now makes decision based on $$$, not on trying to win football games. They no longer spend up to the cap, and make poor decisions such as cutting Will Allen so they don't have to guarantee his salary.

Why not bring in Larry J on the goalline? He made a living between the tackles and given 3 tries would have put it in the zone. Love the game Bush played because with him in the game it gave us an option but the one thing I noticed is as soon as he was touched he hit the ground! No power at all but still I like what he gave us!

No issues with bible verses and I had not even noticed.

Just a shout-out to Joe Schmoe and The Big Kahuna. Well said about putting Henne's MNF performance. Big Kahuna... the JJ Johnson retort was a helluva burn!!!

Hear It Here First!!!!!.....Fins not selling tickets plus an 0-2 start equals.....Your New LOS ANGELES DOLPHINS!!!!! Ross will be in heaven with all the stars and orange carpet affairs...

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